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Air Bubble Stained Glass

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Thank you @lynxster4 for taking the time to show this old dog a new trick B)




I tried it with a pattern I found on the internet rather than a shape. Took many liberties on getting the whole thing just right. My color shading didn't work as well as I hoped. Tried 3 different shades of red and you can only see two. I'm still very happy with the result. Tuts are so great to learn different plugins and methods. Saw many things during the process I hadn't seen before. Always learning. 

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@AndrewDavid   I think that is very cool looking!   <3   Tuts can teach you more than you know...;)


Thank you @ingwer!   I hope the tut proves useful for you.  :)


@welshblue   both of your examples are wonderful!  <3   Yes, I have the isolate lineart plugin installed and it would be very helpful for coloring pages!  But I keep forgetting about it because it's in the Adjustments menu!!   :lol:    I think if the 'glass pieces' are too small, the air bubbles will disappear.  Thank you for the comment on the green one!  :)

I'm going to post slightly bigger versions of the last two images...I may had made them too small...detail does get lost.


@Seerose   that is just perfect!  <3   A purple rose.....:cake:


And a 'thank you' to @toe_head2001   @dipstick   @Eli  and @Ego Eram Reputo  for reps!   <3

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That is just wonderful @Pixey   <3   Love the subtle shading!  That could hang in anyone's window for Halloween.  :D



:lol::lol::lol: @welshblue   Don't become OCD about this like I am!  I'm fascinated by stained glass.  I now have 10 different techniques to make stained glass.

I really like your above example; awesome lettering.  My 'air bubble' technique, I'm sure, could be used in a lot of different ways!   :)

Please take a break and pay attention to your wife...;)


Reps tomorrow...I'm always out....:(

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17 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

A beautiful merging of textures!


Thank you EER.  I'm so glad you like it!   :)


3 hours ago, Seerose said:


This is for you. I hope she likes you.


Seerose, Seerose, Seerose.....I love it!!   <3   Bart and I go way back.  It's an inside joke between me and my oldest son.  Thank you for sharing it!   :cake:


And sincere thanks to @hippiechos and @Djisves for reps!  <3


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