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  1. Paid for the software, still incredibly laggy

    Try turning off hardware-accelerated rendering. Open, click the gear icon on the far top-right of the window. The first checkbox in the dialog that pops up will be Hardware Accelerated Rendering (GPU). Try turning that off and restart to see if it improves performance. I did this with an old computer for once.
  2. Colors Adjustments -> Sepia for a good sepia tone. Adjustments -> Posterize will decrease the amount of color information available and can be a good touch after sepia. Texture Effects -> Photo -> Sharpen to increase the contrast of things. You can make two copies of the image: one before applying sharpen, and one after. Keep the "after" image on a layer above the original, erasing sections as desired, then merge them down. This lets you decide where you want to sharpen the image. Or grab TR's Dodge and Burn or the Brush Filter plugin to sharpen selected areas in one step. Effects -> Noise -> Add Noise to get some grain. Use low intensity, no saturation. You can do the same two-copy trick talked about above if you want to decide where the noise should be. Effects -> Blur and Effects -> Noise -> Median can change the grain in interesting ways. Effects -> Render -> Clouds on a separate layer and choose an interesting blend mode like multiply, then merge the layers down. You can lower the layer transparency or do it using plugins before merging down in order to reduce the effect a bit. Use the eraser as desired. Touch Up I prefer TR's Dodge and Burn or Brush Filter to illuminate and darken areas of the image, which can be good for faded pictures whose edges are darker than the center. You can also use Effects -> Render -> Vignette with low transparency and some extra lumpiness with e.g. the eraser tool to get edge fading. Don't forget to lower the saturation of the photo if it's too vibrant (mostly when you don't use Sepia tones).
  3. Brush Factory v1.5 (August 10th, 2017)

    (comment responding to Toehead before realizing Toehead was responding to fluxdeity)
  4. Josh's Gallery

    A more realistic rendition would look very pretty. Light would still shine through the formations, despite being colored with dirt. Off-topic: ...and if you think caves are scary in general, try Timpanogos cave or the Jewel cavern system in South Dakota. So many calcite-aragonite formations. Here's an image of Timpanogos, where a tour guide illuminates the "heart of Timpanogos" with a flashlight. The calcite looks pink-red due to manganese inclusions.
  5. Josh's Gallery

    An adventurer carrying miscellaneous gear explores a cave. Created in 8 hours on 1-16-2018. I created stalactites first to define the perspective, then torch for lighting, marking where light would shine on the floor and ceiling. It could be better for a number of reasons, but it's not terrible. I could be drawing this every time if I could only grasp the unwieldy powers of high contrast as I draw rather than trying to adjust afterwards. These stalactites, since I actually drew them like stalactites, look great under high contrast.
  6. BlastWave's Gallery - Metropolis

    @BlastWave The sprite editor is nice; I used it for the small Halo gun drawings from 2009 in my gallery (back when I used GM for 6 years and knew everything about GML). Good times. Oh, and I think that animated scene is a perfect example of a good-looking scene with drab lighting and no gradient, bi, or tri-color scheme. Well done, you already beat the challenge.
  7. Semi-OT: Windows 10 & Paint Dot Net

    I used both 7 and 10 for a good while. There's no dire need to upgrade. Upgrade if you like the pros, the novelty of newness, and know how to customize stuff in the control panel, since you'll want to. Pros 1. Start menu shows recent apps and lists apps in alphabetical order. 2. Searching includes more options from the control panel, which I find useful. 3. Virtual desktops and app store. I don't bother. 4. Pinning apps to the left/right sides of the screen, which was introduced in Windows 8. 5. "Fast startup", though hibernate in Windows 7 does that too. 6. You can change the startup programs from the task manager. 7. System stability. Cons 1. Updates were forced until a system update just before Fall Creators' Update. It will nag you, though. 2. Searching includes web results unless disabled. 3. Tiles in the start menu. You can remove them all to stop it. 4. Feature stability. History and my experience of 'stability' The first attempt to upgrade failed and corrupted my product key, so I suggest a clean install of Windows 10 with a USB install if that's what you want. My second attempt, which was on a different computer, passed. I later re-installed it to eliminate some strange behavior. List of strange behaviors: 1. After upgrading, wordpad randomly opened itself at any given time. Clean install, it sometimes opens wordpad recovery after closing wordpad. A rare issue. 2. After upgrading, I couldn't view or create new users. No idea why. Clean install, there is no problem. 3. Many upgrades caused associated file types to be forgotten. A fairly common issue. 4. One of the updates locked users out of their accounts until it was patched. Get your updates late, not early. 5. I have lock screen image disabled and to date it always displays a lock screen image. It also displays it after the login prompt. 6. The Fall Creators' update fails to install on my comp. and has to rollback, which makes the upgrade nag annoying. 7. On 1/2/2018 the upgrade prompt forgot to allow me to delay it, so I had to switch users to make it go away. It included the delay option the next time. 8. I've gotten explorer.exe to freeze up before such that it restarted itself or I restarted it. 9. A number of other transitory issues I faced and conquered at some point. The one major pro in stability is that the system itself hasn't fully crashed on me, which did happen to me on Win 7. Things to change on switching If you choose to switch, here are the things I did to change my experience. I don't like Windows 10 out-of-the-box, but finagling will make it comfortable again. If you don't know what the registry is, for your own safety please ignore these points or follow a step-by-step tutorial for them at your risk. - To disable Cortana and Bing search results in the search menu, define a key called Windows Search with DWORDs called AllowCortana and BingSearchEnabled set to 0. The GUI option to do this was removed in the Anniversary update for some reason. - To disable games and other MS bloatware from (re)installing itself, define a key called CloudContent if it doesn't exist, then a 32-bit DWORD called DisableWindowsConsumerFeatures set to 1.
  8. runs too slow

    I had an older Toshiba Satellite laptop that ran a bit slower on and disabling hardware acceleration made it faster on that computer. Open, look at the top-right corner for a gear icon, and click it to open settings. Untick the first checkbox which says "hardware accelerated rendering". Restart and see if it makes a difference. If disabling hardware rendering doesn't work, try opening task manager, find and click "go to details", then right-click it and set priority to Above normal or high (realtime is too intensive). See if that helps.
  9. On the main forum, second to the top is a link to the documentation for You can press E to switch to the eraser tool and erase those lines. Eraser in documentation Alternatively, you can use the lasso tool. Lasso in documentation Flood mode in documentation These are the important union functions: - union: Hold Ctrl while making a selection. The new selection adds to the existing one. - subtract: Hold Alt while making a selection. The new selection de-selects instead of selects.
  10. Josh's Gallery

    Thanks welshblue. Is that a D&D-themed comic?
  11. installing

    To install the .net framework and, you'll need admin rights. Install .net framework first and wait for it to finish, then run installer. You can check to see if the .net framework is installed under Add or Remove a Program in the Control Panel (which you can get to by typing into the start menu). If you finish both and don't see, look in C:/Program Files and C:/Program Files (x86) for a folder called If it's still not there, describe how far you got in the installation and paste any error messages you encountered (exact wording).
  12. Must know things to New Users

    15) Get comfortable with transparency quick! 16) Magic wand tool is love, magic wand tool is life 17) Magic wand + gradient tool = shading for almost anything 18) Switch Gray to Alpha or Channel Operations plugin for drawings
  13. Drydareelin's gallery [29/12/17 update] - 'Kin'

    Very realistic asteroids. Also, they are enormously large and would probably collapse into a spherical shape, but critiques are beside the point.
  14. I wrote a visual answer for you below. Usually I don't bother with forum questions that pose tons of mini questions, but I was bored tonight. Click it to see the larger, more legible version since this is a thumbnail. I didn't address beveling (where?), didn't make the buttons 'pointy' and didn't do much with the marble picture, but I think you'd be able to figure out the rest after this. Good luck.
  15. Yep, that's the bug. I think snipping the selected region according to the physical canvas bounds is the solution. Then you don't have to worry about weird behavior. Rotating would probably also cause that issue in step 6.