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  1. This is The Bug Reportâ„¢ with your host, Josh. Tonight we've got a special report. And oh, it's special. I've known about this error for almost three years. So without further ado, I give you: Description The color picker does not switch to the previous tool when it is set to do so after switching layers. Steps to Reproduce 1. Start 2. Create a new layer 3. Switch to the color picker 4. Use the "Switch to previous tool" option 5. Switch layers 6. Pick a color with the color picker
  2. Render effect when its dialog changes

    I can't plunge through the Form and register a handler on every control. I've loaded this effect from a completely different assembly; I have no access to its source code. I depend on the effect API to work with it. The "confusion" is the only reason I found a working solution. So by a happy accident, the original problem was solved. Do you have thoughts on the three questions I posed?
  3. Render effect when its dialog changes

    @toe_head2001 Ah, I didn't know about that event. It all works perfectly fine, except that I have to replicate the things that usually passes to effects in order for them to work, including Selection, EffectSourceSurface, and so on. //Creates and displays the dialog. using (var dlg = customEffect.CreateConfigDialog()) { dlg.Selection = new PdnRegion(Selection.GetRegionData()); dlg.EffectSourceSurface = Surface.CopyFromBitmap(bmpCurrentDrawing); dlg.ShowDialog(); } So now the issue becomes: how do I pass in Services? The dialog's services are null, as seen by the fact that any time I try to instantiate one of Pyrochild's dialogs, he tries to use services to search for updates, which crashes. If I call brush factory from brush filter, I also get that the static bitmap for brush factory's rendering is "in use" somehow; of course that never occurs in normal usage of the plugin. So now I have three other questions: 1. How do I instantiate Services or in some way get the dialog to use it? 2. Is there an explanation for why I'm hitting concurrency errors when calling other effects? I pay attention to the EffectFlags. 3. How can I shield my program from these exceptions? I tried registering at the AppDomain level; no luck since it's in another assembly.
  4. I've instantiated an effect from an assembly and displayed a dialog so the user can tweak the effect settings. I then stored the effect token and used it to render the effect later without re-displaying the dialog. The effect is of type Effect. The effect token is of type ConfigEffectToken. Therefore, the effect can't make use of properties. I would like to know if it's possible to render the effect whenever a control in the dialog is changed, or alternatively, when the corresponding effect token changes.
  5. How do I make the illusion of a sphere?

    @RMSTITANIC Please include all details of the question at once so we don't have to guess and be surprised
  6. I don't expect this to save any serious person's work, and you're not in trouble LionsDragon unless your entire image is a single pixel wide when you apply Frosted Glass to it, which is pointless. But, as I've proved, obscure corner cases can be hit and it's always good to report them.
  7. I perform rigorous tests on my plugins. This one is basically brush factory for filters. For that matter, AA's Assistant, 1px Expansion and Blend Seams also have that problem, but they're plugins
  8. Description The built-in Frosted Glass effect always hangs indefinitely when applied to a 1x1 pixel image. Tested on Windows 10, version 4.0.19.
  9. Hello tome10 and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you're asking for a button in that you could click to create a magnifying glass circle that follows the mouse and displays whatever is underneath it in a zoomed-in view. However, you can already zoom in and out easily by holding Control and either scrolling the mouse wheel or pressing the plus or minus buttons. Rick Brewster is the only developer for and the work required to implement this feature outweighs the benefits. He has a lot on his plate and it's fair to say this will never happen, unfortunately. But we love ideas, so if you have any other ideas that would bring a lot of missing functionality to (and hopefully aren't too hard to do), then we'd love to hear them. Tell me if I misinterpreted anything.
  10. How to get "cold cloudy day" colors ?

    There's a common process to matching identical images in lighting. Find the target lighting and the current lighting. Set the primary color to a pixel in the first image. Set the other color to a corresponding pixel in the second image. Blur the images by the same amount if it's hard to select pixels in the same area. Let's say the first image is what you have and the second is your goal. Measure the lighting difference and make corrections. Measure the difference between HSV and RGB of those pixels. Use Hue/Saturation across the image to adjust saturation and lightness. Don't shift hue. Use Channel Ops across the image to adjust color channels. Make other corrections. Auto level the images to see other visual differences. Undo afterwards. Change contrast as needed. Make hand adjustments. Clone Stamp and TR's Dodge and Burn come to mind. Example I made the lighting corrections, then manually corrected the lighting of the post, but forgot the wall. Just magic wand the post with global and low tolerance so it selects everything that's lime-ish in color, apply lighting corrections, and clone stamp the edges.
  11. Josh's Gallery

    @Eli Oh, I don't feel bad at all. It was a compliment to Welshblue's mastery. I'm sure there are styles he can't yet do, but he can do quite a lot of them. @welshblue My 3D skill outweighs my PDN skill which outweighs my drawing skill -- by a long distance. We all have things we're better at. And thanks for the compliments. I created the highlights on the water avatar's muscles by shading it all, then erasing in veins to make stark white. My drawings are never much like the final illustration. By the by, I'm cooking up a plugin called Filter Brush based on Brush Factory that lets you configure an effect to "uncover" by drawing over the original image. Parallelization lets this plugin run almost as fast as Brush Factory, far outperforming TR's Dodge and Burn. It supports built-in effects and token-based custom effects. Too early to make a plugin release thread, but this plugin is very close to being done. Okay, end of irrelevant point
  12. Josh's Gallery

    The demonic kite shield I entered for the shield competition; it was my first competition entry. Then I quickly learned nobody can outperform Welshblue. Done in 4 hours on 8/27/2017.
  13. Unresponsive brush width selection

    Thanks for the compliment Welshblue. I like to report bugs with any software I use, if possible. Keeps the developers on their toes . (And I often run into bugs that are much more serious on a variety of websites, but lots of them have no bug reporting outlet!)
  14. Unresponsive brush width selection

    I believe the first menuitem in the dropdown that .StartsWith() your brush width is selected, hence "1600" is selected when your brush width is 16.