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  1. Image Battles

    It looks sleek, but More Apps needs to be more prominent and placed further from the Youtube thumbnail to be clickable (especially on phones). The icon next to More Apps took real scrutiny to notice; perhaps it could be changed into a right-pointing white arrow or omitted. As a splash screen The design is nice, but I would place the More Apps button front-and-center, with the NFL, Netflix, and Youtube icons in a line below it. The main function of the splash screen is to handle transitions to a website where you will scroll through apps, so having a big button to get there is expected. In this design, I would not have a paragraph about the NFL. As an interactive design Assuming this isn't a splash screen, since thumbnails hug the sides of the screen, I don't expect to scroll through apps on this site in a left-right fashion (there isn't space to place indicative arrows). Scrolling up-down could work, but I would place other icons behind the black silhouette (so they're slightly darkened still, preserving focus on the center line of apps) to indicate that there are off-screen apps to scroll to. I would also expect that the NFL paragraph has been expanded by e.g. clicking or hovering on it. If that's the default, it would currently be awkward with the placement of More Apps. If the paragraph is always visible, it's visually unbalanced unless there are generally paragraphs on the left-hand side.
  2. This post is off-topic and should be moved to the Grand Theory of Everything thread (or deleted). If it isn't by the time you see this, here's an arbitrary list to keep you entertained: A flying castle overcome by moss and vegetation A colony on an alien planet with buildings highlighted in the crimson glow of the nearby unstable star A realistic rendition of the old electric chairs used in skid row A hand drawn with 8 fingers curled like the legs of a dead spider. Hyper-realistic, of course Children in London on a playground tire swing Fan art of your favorite character(s) from your favorite videogame and/or cartoon An owl sitting at a desk with assorted wizardly goods and a nearby pet human in a cage A prehistoric bubbling tar pit with a thrashing T-Rex whose right foot has plunged into it A perspective shot of a child standing next to a fence and reaching such that it looks like they could pick up the Sun Another perspective of the grown adult looming evilly over a ball of energy in a laboratory that looks like the moon A rusting bucket on an abandoned porch All the things you have ever witnessed in your life on the same piece of paper. Due tomorrow A landscape drawn with increasing age left-to-right so the left side is 0 years passed and right side is 1000 years passed
  3. "Free Form" Gradients

    Save configuration is visible only when you attempt to actually save the image. It will not appear if you save over a file that you've already saved to since Paint.NET has been open. And as Welshblue just reminded me, this one is only visible for PNG files.
  4. "Free Form" Gradients

    You might be merging the layers down if you have a white layer below, since you can't preserve layer information when saving to a regular picture format. Any layers that would be visible are left visible when saving. If you can view the transparency up until you save the image, you might be saving it in 24-bit mode. There are 4 channels in common use (RGBA) describing red, green, blue, and alpha, each of which take 8 bits to store. 24-bit images only have red, green, and blue, in which case Paint.Net mixes transparent pixels with white to make them opaque, creating the exact same look as the image you have above. When saving the image, ensure that you're saving for 32 bits.
  5. "Free Form" Gradients

    They still do not work for the rest of us. Try dragging those files to the clipboard icon area just under the editing textbox (for attachments), then click each attached image to visibly include it in the message. It sounds like you're asking about how to make a transparency gradient. Set the primary and secondary colors to have no alpha (fully transparent), then set the gradient tool to transparency mode and draw gradients. How to set transparency mode for the gradient tool Making both colors fully transparent (for full-strength with the transparent mode) Drawing a gradient
  6. Object of the Fortnight #11 – Knight Shield

    This is my first competition entry! Here is my kite shield.
  7. Brush Factory v1.5 (August 10th, 2017)

    Excellent, TrevorOutlaw. I'm glad that issue has resolved itself. I bet it was when I rewrote the maximizing code so that it remained in a windowed mode instead of actually being maximized.
  8. Image Battles

    Nope. Two people agree to compete and you vote up to 5 stars for each of them until one of them hits 15 stars. The rules are started in the first post on the first page.
  9. Image Battles

    I'm pretty sure this thread is dead, but I mean I'm already here... Analysis Wartrac you have an interesting... helmet adornment? The lighting directions for the left and right pieces don't match. The center of each piece is shaded in little centric rings, but they don't match the style of the lighted segments, so I don't think it was intended, in which case you should apply dithering. On the bright side, I like the way the lighting fades to a red hue at the edges. StarYoshi yours involves lots of nice grass (which reminds me I need to distribute a brush pack for my brush factory plugin). I think the grass clashes with the mosaic of dirt and water though. I think I'm looking down into a pond that has a portal in front of it, which is showing me the fish at the bottom. The artistic style of the water at the top and the way the portal edges fade are pleasing to me. I think both of them are fairly even because I recognize that both of them required a reasonable amount of effort, and this thread is probably dead, so I'll rush it along at 5 stars each. Rating Wartrac: 5 stars StarYoshi: 5 stars New Tally Wartrac = x5 StarYoshi = x5
  10. How to curve a font?

    I like Grid Warp.
  11. Josh's Gallery

    Face A face I created first in Brush Factory to test my own skill with it, then meticulously clone-stamped highlight zones until they were reasonable before applying high contrast. Took a little over an hour. Started 8/10/2017 and finished today.
  12. Malfunction - "Paste Alpha"

    The image you have posted is not enough to tell what the problem is. Please state which layers should be enabled to produce the intended result, what is wrong with how it works and why it doesn't produce the result you're looking for, and which layers exhibit the problem. As it stands I see a collection of layers, some of which have Gaussian blurs and some of which have paste alpha applied to them.
  13. Lighting overlay images

    Take the gray chair image. Use Switch Gray to Alpha to remove the white base color beneath it. Use Alpha Threshold to adjust the opacity of the resulting transparent chair. Takes me about a minute. Switch gray to alpha is available here. Alpha Threshold is available here.
  14. Brush Factory v1.5 (August 10th, 2017)

    Version 1.5 is released. I added radial symmetry by request. (Well, these requests aren't requests for Brush Factory per se, but they were requests for Paint.Net that were fairly easy to implement, so I went ahead and did it anyway.) Radial symmetry options are under the Other tab, in the Symmetry drop-down. Drawing with high radial symmetry may be slow. See the cool rendition above for an example of what it can do.
  15. Mandala/Symmetry plugin?

    I had some free time and I already had other forms of symmetry, so I decided to go ahead and give you exactly what you asked for @raeanana. See Brush Factory to read about the plugin, or download it directly here.