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  1. Joshua Lamusga

    Josh's Gallery

    Island An island I made to see how much detail I can put in something with Brush Factory. Seems decent. 11-11-2018, made in 1 hour. Air Elemental A haphazard attempt at an impressionistic style I don't do. Not great. 11-11-2018, made in 2 hours.
  2. Joshua Lamusga

    Select tool plugin

    That's called magnetic selection, which currently doesn't support. Gimp will have that feature and you can use it for that job.
  3. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    All scenarios I could think of passed. I think my .abr file was unsupported. Lets hold conversations in PM or elsewhere so we're not bumping this thread all the time
  4. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Can you upload the .abr files you're using?
  5. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Thanks for fixing those bugs, Null54. There are a couple more since I git pulled: 1. In subsequent runs, if I have moved or deleted a folder from the custom brush locations that had successfully loaded on the first run, it will crash with DirectoryNotFoundException. 2. It seems that it no longer loads .abr files.
  6. Joshua Lamusga

    Josh's Gallery

    I've drawn many fireballs, but never kept or uploaded them. This is supposed to be a magical fireball (as indicated by purple/blue hues). Thought it looked cool. Added a quick background and called it a day. Done in 1 hour on 11/10/2018. Inspired by the fireball, I decided to make a lightning ball. Done in 6 hours from 11-10 to 11-11 in 2018.
  7. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Turn off rotate with mouse (which is off by default), and you can click around without problems. Just clarifying in case you weren't aware and for silent readers. @null54 I pulled your changes, but I got some interesting errors: 1. When settings were moved, my .xml file ended with "settings>ings>" which caused it to crash, We should try...catch and regenerate the file if it fails to de/serialize. 2. Default brushes only load on subsequent runs. 3. On subsequent runs, custom brushes are appended to the first run's brushes, so it's custom brushes, default, custom brushes. No change observed with further runs. 4. The brush I had selected in a previous run is selected, but as brushes load in, the selected brush changes to the last one. All errors reproduced within two consecutive runs and are fully reproducible. Both folder paths are included in my .xml file, so I'll share all those contents in a .zip for you to try and reproduce. Non-reproducible error: - The brushes failed to load after deleting a folder that's listed in custom brushes at one point; clicking crashed because I didn't have a valid bitmap, but I couldn't reproduce the error. Other things I noticed: - Since the brush icon I made was for the list view, I created a 24x24 one that should fit the size of the button. Haven't committed it anywhere yet. - Your changes to the inherited RenderArgs code and undo/redo fixed the long-standing transparency bug for the most part; drawing is still a problem. If you can find the fix for that, I'll be pretty happy.
  8. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Awesome for performing migration of stuff from registry, @null54. I was going to add that if you hadn't. You discovered a design choice, actually. I need two points to determine the direction to make the image face, and since I don't track the previous mouse position until you start drawing, I only have one point. In experiments where I did track previous mouse position at all times, I discovered I'd get some bad results because there was almost no space between the two points because I slow down a lot when I start drawing the line. Reducing space between the two points has the interesting effect of reducing the accuracy of the direction of the image, so it was frequently pointed in the wrong direction (slightly, or sometimes substantially).
  9. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    XML is fine.
  10. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    I want to support portable mode, so it's a good idea to store in an .ini file or something. I don't think the add folder change will be necessary due to infrequent use, like you say. Thanks again for taking an interest.
  11. Joshua Lamusga

    Draw a straight line

    Ignore most recent instructions. If you're still unsure about it, choose the line tool or just press O to switch to it. Click and drag to create a line. You'll see four circles on the line; you can drag those to curve the line. Press enter or click away from the line to stop editing it so it becomes part of the picture.
  12. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Thanks, I attempted to test the image scaling by calculator and testing and apparently didn't notice it.
  13. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    Rendering a bitmap from vector? I'm in no hurry . Maybe after everything else and when I feel good about the code being neat and concise, but I wouldn't usually feel that needs incorporation. If I wanted to do it right, I'd want to treat vector-based bitmaps differently so I generate the bitmap when selected or when brush size changes instead of how I use bitmaps. New points: - Maybe, just maybe, vector-based brushes
  14. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    @Eli Out of scope. If I add a line tool, where do I stop? I don't want to make inside I can do it as a separate plugin. @null54 I added a review comment on the PR if you want to look at it.
  15. Joshua Lamusga

    What's next for brush factory?

    @welshblue My last message was in response to what seemed to be some confusion about which version was in use. Testing is always useful; I don't have the changes in source code yet and null54 is making a lot of changes, so I'm waiting for him to submit a PR to test it all independently myself. I'll just fix whatever isn't working at that point. Your intermittent testing helps, too, I'm just really busy this week and didn't have a lot of time to contribute yet.