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  1. Joshua Lamusga crashes on startup.

    I see it for memory, sure. Don't know how to tell how many plugins are loaded or other programs are running.
  2. Joshua Lamusga crashes on startup.

    You've got tons of plugins, lots of programs, or very little computer memory, methinks.
  3. Joshua Lamusga

    Make background transparent

    You can convert black-and-white photos to have transparent backgrounds with 100% accuracy using the Switch Gray to Alpha plugin.
  4. Joshua Lamusga

    Help with Gradient Tool

    Nope, because doesn't support channel locking. But you can use the alpha mask plugin to essentially overwrite the alpha of another layer.
  5. Joshua Lamusga

    What music are you listening to?

    At the moment, this
  6. Your brush factory transparency setting doesn't work. If you change it from 0 it just resets back the moment you click. Pls fix.

    1. Joshua Lamusga

      Joshua Lamusga

      Hey Vedo,


      I can't reproduce that behavior. Drawing is additive so it will quickly become opaque if you scribble over the same area. Try 98 or 99% transparency and see if it comes out dark black without having to scribble. If not, then it's working as intended.


      The behavior I think you're expecting is that no matter how much you scribble over an area in the same brush stroke, it will be at most x% transparent, where x is the number you chose in the transparency setting.

  7. Joshua Lamusga

    Average Edge Blur

    Oh hey, don't think I've seen this before. Default settings are basically Fragment with count 50, distance 5. However, you can avoid affecting alpha in this one, which I've found myself needing for the couple times I'm on a translucent shadow/highlight layer.
  8. Joshua Lamusga

    How to make a very simple wood texture - deleted

    I think you've got an unhealthy outlook. It seems everyone here has been courteous and the so-called 'hijacking' was only an attempt to reproduce the same results. Three people had trouble reproducing the same results, but nobody said you wrote a bad tutorial.
  9. Joshua Lamusga

    How to deep-fry an image

    Of course, @lifeday. Trix was great when I was a kid. I guess it's not just a breakfast cereal anymore. And @Seerose Great application with the lantern image.
  10. Joshua Lamusga

    How to deep-fry an image

  11. It's difficult to guess you could click off-screen to switch to the previous color picker color, which is not intuitive for design. MJW's idea seems more in-line with maintaining usability. I think if clicking off-screen did that, somebody would log it as a bug
  12. Joshua Lamusga

    BlastWave's Gallery - Outpost-34

    Awesome @BlastWave. It looks like the light's coming from the left, and you may want to increase the left-side highlights on the astronaut, his ship, and the other ship silhouette. I really like the news HUD; looks realistic. They must be going really, really fast to orbit that close
  13. Joshua Lamusga

    New image size = clipboard image

    Ctrl + V to paste Ctrl + Shift + X to crop No extra image tab this way.
  14. Joshua Lamusga

    Levelling destroys image

    I'd imagine. It probably falls out of scope once you're working with an image larger than 65k pixels in any direction; I don't know what utility you might acquire from such a large image.
  15. Joshua Lamusga

    installation problem

    You can try some solutions listed on Google; maybe the stack overflow suggestions if you're on Windows 10 and you think your .net installation might be corrupt somehow. It's a thought, anyway.