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  1. Joshua Lamusga

    BlastWave's Gallery - Scrapyard

    Really liking the way you do detailed clutter, as seen in the automated wagon driver in the foreground. Always creative and you have a refreshing artistic taste. No complaints to give.
  2. It seems like a useful feature, but I'm not sure how it'd be done without either making surprising UX or doing some work, and I know what time Rick can afford on this project he's spending on higher-priority items. I'm not sure about setting the size by clicking on it, since the size is also displayed for other contexts and unless the click-to-resize behavior is made ubiquitous, it would segment the UX. I like the way Blender would do it, which is to type X or Y for the axis, followed by a number and enter to confirm. It's super-useful, but since that's not an established pattern here, it would be no better and probably worse than setting the size with a button in the tooltip area.
  3. Joshua Lamusga

    What music are you listening to?

    Nobody seems to know Second Coming, so here. It's unusual rock. Look at Soft, Vintage Eyes, and The Song as well. Closest to this is The Song, furthest from it is Soft. This particular song is downbeat, and I tend to prefer "sobering" music, so I posted that. Most people would probably prefer Soft.
  4. Joshua Lamusga

    Looking for a Font

    Never seen anything like it. Search with words like "weaved" and "folded". If you don't find it, then there is software out there to create it from raster or vector images, with the bonus that you don't have to worry about copyright and usage when it's yours.
  5. Joshua Lamusga

    What music are you listening to?

    Pink Floyd's Learning to Fly was my favorite song out of 2600 on my computer for 3 months (after which it was Silent Lucidity by Queensryche for 3 years; now I'm undecided). I know 15 good Pink Floyd songs if you consider all parts of Shine on You Crazy Diamond and Another Brick in the Wall as single tracks.
  6. Joshua Lamusga

    High Res Icons

    I like the idea of an official palette for color conformance to improve consistency and future icons, whatever that palette is. I dislike the office icon color palette used here, though. It seems a little washed out with pastel colors, and icons that pop are easier to identify at small sizes. So I would generate a palette from existing icons in Before, then change other icons with near-colors to match the palette. There are improvements here, though. I appreciate the RGB curves icon instead of green blue purple, and the green is easier to see on bright backgrounds. I would keep the dark outline for the eraser from Before, but use the white interior shown in After. Both of these choices are because it has better contrast in my opinion.
  7. Joshua Lamusga

    BlastWave's Gallery - Scrapyard

    The picture I posted is actually just a photograph I found on Google, for side-by-side comparison.
  8. Joshua Lamusga

    BlastWave's Gallery - Scrapyard

    It's good. I would remove the aurora that extends between the mountains (on the immediate right of the peak shown in the center) because it's too low to the ground. I couldn't find any of the locally-intense flecks (middle right) in pictures of the actual aurora borealis, if you're trying to go for realism. I would thin the top of the main bands you have in the picture; here's a photograph to show what I mean. I like what you did and it looks great to me
  9. Nah, because it's out of scope for a tiling algorithm to fix this: Notice the spacing after rotation between the images. I've shown how an algorithm might attempt to solve this, but the problem is that there are two angles: the image rotation angle, and the angle of the line. The smart algorithm on the bottom right would only work if image rotation matches angle of the line. "After rotation, 0 degrees" is what it would look like if the line was flat, showcasing why it's an undesirable algorithm. So just leave it to the user. Two options after drawing a line: - User wants X images on the line, spaced evenly - User wants to fit images on the line, which is this algorithm It doesn't matter if it overlaps; leave that up to the user to decide on aesthetics. Just give them options to make it possible. Default to a clean fit. Track previous image location and bounding box. In a for loop, apply scaling and rotation, storing new dimensions for each transformation. If the user ticks a checkbox to compute before rotation rather than after, use the scaled bounding box dimensions instead of scaled+rotated bounding box dimensions when computing offset to draw the new image. Include an arbitrary offset or percentage offset. Then update previous location and bounding box and go to next image. Modifications to that algorithm for location stutter, rotation/scaling jitter or progression are simple enough.
  10. Ctrl + Alt + V to paste to a new image, then resize the canvas to the dimensions of the other canvas, setting the anchor to center, then copy to a layer over the original image. You should be able to get reasonably fast at it.
  11. Joshua Lamusga crashes on startup.

    I see it for memory, sure. Don't know how to tell how many plugins are loaded or other programs are running.
  12. Joshua Lamusga crashes on startup.

    You've got tons of plugins, lots of programs, or very little computer memory, methinks.
  13. Joshua Lamusga

    Make background transparent

    You can convert black-and-white photos to have transparent backgrounds with 100% accuracy using the Switch Gray to Alpha plugin.
  14. Joshua Lamusga

    Help with Gradient Tool

    Nope, because doesn't support channel locking. But you can use the alpha mask plugin to essentially overwrite the alpha of another layer.
  15. Joshua Lamusga

    What music are you listening to?

    At the moment, this