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  1. I guess it could be called the "Shigeo Fukuda Monochromic style" 😁. It was made in 1970 , I wonder what software he used? 🙃
  2. The more I look at this type of line art the more it looks like a halftone / engraving effect but with more possibilities because the line pattern can be created by the user.
  3. @Djisves Go for it. Does anyone know the name of this type of effect applied to illustrations?
  4. Yes! This is a much easier method. Mine involved several layers using Paste Alpha, Gaussian Blur, Color inversions, Changing layers modes to Reflect, Overlay, Level adjustments... It was a trial and error method, that is why I got lost.
  5. Hi Carla, That is a cool effect. I think I managed to achieve something that looks like the art effect you need but the thing is that I do not remember how I did it ( I am getting old and my short memory is not good anymore).
  6. @MJW Thank you! I like this effect. It is exactly what I requested a few years back. 🍎
  7. Thanks, that is a big improvement. The new version renders much faster
  8. Thanks @Foxxey, It works pretty well now.
  9. @mparada What website did you use? I will see if I can help.
  10. I also had a "Preview Timeout". Perhaps because I have a very old PC it took over 5 minutes to render once I pressed the OK button. I am very impressed by the final result but frustrated by the time it took.
  11. Stay safe, stay at home if you can. That is good news, you are our only G'MIC coder on the forum. (I did not forget @null54)
  12. Never too late, 😊 Happy Birthday @nitenurse79 🌈
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