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  1. I see, you have used the Pentagon plugin to create a guide and then positioned the individual images on the corners. Assuming you have placed them correctly, you can use xod's Align object plugin.
  2. To align all other images you need to place them on a single layer and use your alignment plugin.
  3. I see that you are trying to center the black image on layer 8. You need to remove the selection and use your alignment plugin.
  4. To have a better understanding of your request, can you post that image?
  5. I do not know if this can help but @Joshua Lamusga did some work on pixel replacement.
  6. Happy extended birthday Pixey. 😁
  7. It may help if you explain the purpose of your quads.
  8. @Pat L Thank you for this effect. It looks awesome for what I have read but I can not test it on my very old PC.
  9. A really wild effect. I love it! Thanks for this tutorial. @welshblue
  10. The error went away when I changed the Line mode from SOFT to HARD. I have tried to make it crash again but I can not reproduce the error. Perhaps it was just my PC.
  11. Hello @Reptillian, While using Autofill Coloring Book I have this error.
  12. London burning! Great and scary effect.