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  1. Eli

    pointy line

    @Red ochre Hello! Love those pointy ears .
  2. It would be very nice if Paint.Net had an effect to create those word clouds. Taking advantages of the fonts in your system, the colors from your own palet...
  3. Trippy! Does learning code makes you see that? 😄
  4. Eli

    Circular text

    Thanks @xod. Great effort. Wish for this effect: - adjustable line thickness
  5. Eli

    Double Sided Print

    The best thing to do is follow your printer's instructions. But I doubt the faces will be aligned.
  6. Maybe the Wobble effect.
  7. pencil, brush, chalk, coal?
  8. Try using Boltbait's Gradient effect.
  9. Eli

    Happy Birthday MadJik!

    Happy birthday! @MadJik 🍩☕
  10. You should ask the person who emailed the picture to remove it. The watermark is there for a reason.
  11. If you can write an effect that can accomplish it do not be shy to publish it. I am sure it could be used as a nice photo effect.
  12. I do not think there is a plugin that does that. There is a "Graph Paper" plugin that can create isometric grids. You may use the grid as a guide to cut the tiles.
  13. All you need to do is copy the layer with the circle to the clipboard , create a new document and paste your on this new layer. Now you can crop your circle as you want (without affecting any other layers). If you need this cropped circle in your previous document, just copy it to the clipboard and paste on the original layer. By the way cropping the circle will result in a square layer. Round layers do not exist.
  14. Use the selection tool to constrain the lines to your specific part of the image.