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  1. Eli


    This looks like a "Low Poly" effect. There is no plugin for paint.net to create it but you can draw it as Bolbait suggested. One way to do it would be by drawing polygones on an empty layer above your image. You would use then each polygon as a guide by selecting it with the magic wand then going to your original picture and applying MJW's Average Color (RGB) effect.
  2. It is best to ask the copy shop for their specifications. You can then make a template with the information provided by the copy shop.
  3. Eli

    Text outline

    I do not think there is plugin to do what you want (pointy outlines). You may want to use ShapeMaker to create a W shape and use it several times to create outlines.
  4. Do you have a printer that prints all the way to the bords (margin zero)? You may want to try Xod's Guidelines...
  5. Eli

    Error diffusion dithering

    Thanks for the "Black and white 2-color palette" addition. The result is very close. I think that you should integrate in the effect contrast and brightnes sliders that way you should have better control over the results. If you find out what other actions were applied in the Github example and add them to the effect would be nice too. The "wavy dithering" is very interesting. It looks like the ones used on the presidents' portraits on the dollar bills.
  6. Eli

    Error diffusion dithering

    @pavlik1307 Sorry I did not see it. I have tried but I can not get the same result as un Github.
  7. Eli

    Error diffusion dithering

    Thanks for this effect @pavlik1307 . I found in GitHub some interesting dithering results. There is one that I like the "Sierra Lite" . Do you think that it could be added to your effect?
  8. There is a Dispertion Effect tutorial than can give you a start.
  9. Eli

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Thanks EER. I will give it a try. If I understood I have to chop the larger image into smaller ones (ABC) and treat each piece as a letter.
  10. Eli

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    That is funny Seerose. I am still trying to understand EER's Last comment.
  11. Eli

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Thanks @barbieq25, @Seerose, @Ego Eram Reputo. I would like to place a larger shape in the middle but I do not know how to proceed.
  12. Eli

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Hi! EER and barieq25, The only thing I added is the word SPAIN from top to bottom. SSSSS PPPPP AAAAA I I I I I NNNN I can not see any artifact in the middle. Maybe I did too much texturing. This one is easier to see. I used some shapes and moved them around.
  13. Eli

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Hello Mr EER, after 25 years or so, I have finally been able to see a hidden image inside a stereogram . So I decided to create one. Thanks for these tools. I am trying to create one of my own. This is my first try. The hidden ofject is the name of a country. I hope you can see it.
  14. Do not worry for French people. It is vacation time in France and French people have left France. On the other hand, you will see many tourists from all over the world.
  15. Making an outline as aguide can help when cutting those words.