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  1. Unfinished plugins

    Yes, it is working OK now. Thanks BoltBait.
  2. Unfinished plugins

    I have a little bug. The text is truncated when making a selection :
  3. Unfinished plugins

    Thanks xod and Boltbait. The gradient fills are great. Can other fills be added?
  4. Text Pluggin

    @Greeneyes There is an Outlined Text effect but it is not finished yet. You can visualize the outline as you change the fonts, size and color. Some fonts are not outlined correctly but some fonts produce very neat outlines. Boltbait's Outline effect: xod's Outline Text effect:
  5. Unfinished plugins

    I love this text effect. Really nice results with some fonts. I hope you get help to solve the problems.
  6. Yes! It is much better and as I see you drew the mountains and the details. I think KenA needs to decide what is important for the logo. Does it need to have the trees, the kiosko, the lake or the houses on the background?
  7. You can add bad eyesight to motricity problems. I can not live without glasses anymore. I still think that the landscape should be simplified for a logo.
  8. Layer Masks

    Well, on the other hand, we can not say that he is not an active member. And he is very polite for letting us know that he received the messages. Welcome back @Rogerious !
  9. I meant to draw it using the tools inside Paint.Net The LOCHABER logo is very simple, there are no details, there are just four or five strokes and it is monochrome. On the other hand, the image to be converted into a logo has lots of details but very low contrast(because of the lightning conditions) and no matter what software it is used there will be lost detail. This one has some greys : This one is black and white and many things are no longer recognizable. That is why I think that drawing should be considered. That is to draw some lines that will represent the mountains, a few trees and the little kiosko.
  10. I would just draw it. There are very few details so it should not take you long.
  11. Fill plugin?

    I did not see any problems either It was just that Gedaante was trying to fill a rectangle using the paint bucket and the blue color was bleeding into the dark shape
  12. Fill plugin?

    You need to Disable Antialiasing.
  13. Have you tried bottles of rum? As toe_head2001 said, tolerance is the key.
  14. If you type some text and then slide it outside the canvas the text remains visible on the Layers' preview.
  15. RIP - Felix the cat.

    Sorry to hear that. I have one that is 7 years old and if it gets to live as long as yours I won't get another one. I am afraid a new one would overlive me.