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  1. Did you save it as a png file? if so make sure you did not save at 8 or 24 bits. JPG files do not support transparency.
  2. Josh's Gallery

    Yummy! I have my plate ready.
  3. Josh's Gallery

    @Joshua Lamusga Do not feel bad. @welshblue has almost six thousand posts and he even took some time off. I agree, weshblue is a paint.net master.
  4. Unfinished plugins

    @MadJik I tried and it works. That is a neat Madgick trick.
  5. Unfinished plugins

    I understand xod. Thanks anyway. But if someone could figure it out would be a great addition to the alignment effects. When I need to align an object inside a selection I usually use MJW's "Paste from clipboard" effect which will align whatever is in the clipboard. It does center the object inside a selection but it does not have other types of alignments though the object can be moved around.
  6. Unfinished plugins

    @xod This plugin is very promissing. I just tested it and I liked it. There is one feature that I like and can be a great feature for this effect. Look at my example : I made a "Top left" alignment for the apple at the top. Then I selected another area in the canvas and repeated the alignment (Ctrl +F) and the apple was correctly aligned in the new selection. I wonder if the "Repeat alignment" could be applied to several selections so that the apple would be placed in several selected areas and not just one. (the grid layer is just for a guideline).
  7. Because it is sunny there is too much contrast. I think you should start by reducing contrast. You may want to reduce the warm colors as well, There is an effect called "Color Dimmer" that can help you do that. Play with the layer's opacity adjustments until you are satisfied. It looks like your first photo was already processed. Somehow it does not look natural to me. To make it softer you can use one of the Blur filters. I did not do it for my example.
  8. Well, I no longer have the memory I used to have. I forget very quickly the steps I did and the effects I used. Thanks to the Plugin Browser and the Plugin Index I get around. Thanks @toe_head2001 and @Ego Eram Reputo.
  9. Quick Sand

    @Seerose I placed the skull on the lower layer with clouds before using the noise effect. I do not think @welshblue did that for the tiger and Elvis. His examples look more natural. They look like little dunnes.
  10. Quick Sand

  11. Woven Photo

    I love birdies too @Seerose . But I do not have any.
  12. Templates : If you mean creating templates as in Powerpoint or Publisher the answer is NO. Paint.net does not create text or image boxes. What I mean is that you can not just change the image or text by clicking their boxes. Alignment : What alignment pluging are you using?
  13. PixelCounter 2

    A screenshot can help to understand your problem. Perhaps you downloaded an earlier version or a variation of the effect.
  14. There is a great tutorial by the Queen of orbs @HELEN : There is another tutorial that may be what you want to do :