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  1. You should place each image on different layers. Paint.net Documentation: Layers Menu Edit: And then follow @HyReZ instructions.
  2. I am amazed on the way you combine light and shadow. ⭐
  3. Could you use the Print Screen option on your keyboard to show us the border you are talking about?
  4. I must be an abnormal user. If you keep using paint.net you are in danger of losing your normality. 🤪
  5. All plugins should be placed in the effects folder unless stated otherwise.
  6. Go to settings and change the Fluid Mouse Input.
  7. You can not move selections between layers. You need to copy to the clipboard the selected area and paste it on another layer. Of course, you also need to delete the selection from your original layer.
  8. I colored the flower and then used the Pixelize effect. Created one cross stich the same size as a pixel block and copied to the clipboard I added a layer Used Boltbait's Fill from clipboard. I started messing with the layers modes and got lost.:) I ended up with this:
  9. I do not use my scanner anymore. Instead, I take a photo of the image and I end up with an image that does not show the screening dots.
  10. Using Paint.net Ch'tis a good way to relax
  11. I found a video that shows the cutout effect. I do not remember seen a plugin for paint.net that does that.
  12. @xod Thankyou for the Text Distortion effect. Some trapezoid distortions would be also nice.:)