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  1. What color is your dragon? Where did you get it ?😊
  2. I also use the line tool a lot and as @MJW said, it is difficult aligning end points. I would love a poly-line and a polygone tool.
  3. I had to try it after seeing all the amazing creations. Thanks @ReMake.
  4. I can think of a few options: 1. display the entire canvas 2. size 3. shape 4. color 5. outline 7. font
  5. Shadow and highlight recovery is old but efficient. You may need to use different layers to focus where the effect should be applied. But if you do not like it there is also a more recent tool that has color, temperature, contrast, shadow recovery and brightness controls: Boltbait's Combined Adjustments effect.
  6. The red plastic looks like gummy jelly candy.
  7. @toe_head2001 Good luck from me too. I hope you can recruite many coders.
  8. @MJW Do you know of a tool to create an equirectangular from a regular picture?
  9. Try Genially. You can add photos and the notes you need.
  10. Every time there is a Paint.Net update I fear that some effects will no longer work and be lost. I think of TechnoRobbo's, midora's, Red Ochre's effects for example.😥
  11. @Reptillian Take good care of your health and thank you for all the efforts put into the filters.