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  1. Just an idea using Cuboids and Wobble to achieve some distortion. I used a mask as well and Paste Alpha. You will need to experiment until you have what you want.
  2. @xod Thanks! This effect is a great addition to the text tools. I am dreaming of other paths such as waves or an ellipse.
  3. Where are you hosting your image? perhaps the host is changing the DPI and the size and when your printer downloads it, it is no longer the same file that you uploaded.
  4. You need to stop judging. There is no logic in your assertions. There is no need to accuse or cry foul just because your abilities to create are not to the level of one of our all time best users of Paint.net.
  5. Yes, @Pixey . I saw a skull on the net but it did not have the pattern so I decided to make one. I printed it probably ten times before I got it right. It is just a cube but those angles gave me a fight .
  6. I agree, @welshblue has been for years one of the incredibly talented users of Paint.net.
  7. A great effect to add flow and motion.
  8. Happy Birthday @Ego Eram Reputo! 🍩🎈
  9. I did not carve a pumpkin. I made a paper skull for the Mexican celebration "Día de Muertos".
  10. I am sad. A great loss of a member of our community. Beautiful work produced and shared all his years.
  11. Thanks for this effect @Reptillian It is what I requested and more The offset works pretty well. The rounded corners are great but a bit jagged.
  12. @Reptillian Yes, it is an old effect that needs some refreshing. If you can recreate it may I suggest two improvements: bricks with adjustable rounded corners and an option to offset the bricks to the left or right.
  13. @jchunn A neat effect. Thanks! it would be great if the width and height size were not limited to just 200.
  14. I love it . Wooden spoons have a nice sound too.