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  1. Eli

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    Maybe one day labels will be replaced with emojis. (I am being stupid)
  2. Eli

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    I just noticed that the world as we know it has an expiration date. Maybe someone will make a movie. There is also some room for more options on a second column.
  3. Maybe using the Distort this effect.
  4. Eli

    Paper Effect

    There is a tutorial for crumpled paper but the images are missing.
  5. Eli

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    @BoltBait Would it be possible to add a choice of font types and colors? For example Lines: primary color and Text: Secondary color.
  6. Eli

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    Thanks for this tool @BoltBait. I can now organize my things to do .
  7. Hi MadJik, i just wanted to report an error:
  8. It is a good idea! It could be a starting point for a new effect. One that can for example import some values (words, numbers) from a tex or other format file.
  9. 1. Create your grid on a transparent layer (without a background) 2. With the selection tool choose the first cell. 3. Use the Text tool and type "01" 4. Use the Object Alignment effect. (Vertical: top and Horizontal: right) 5. Repeat the steps for cell 02 and so on.
  10. Another way to do it is using MJW's HSV Eraser.
  11. You do not need any colors to use Curves.
  12. Have you tried changing the Curves under Adjustments?
  13. Dear @nitenurse79, I love your tutorial. It is short and I learned how to add horizontal stripes/noise to an image. It was not my intention to overtake your tutorial and upset you by adding the Dents step, I just wanted to look like the polished moroocan wood texture "thuya". Thanks again for the time taken to create this tutorial and share it.
  14. Thanks @nitenurse79 for this tutorial. A great use of Auto Chrome effect. Here is my try: I first applied the Autochrome effect to an image. I gave it a little distortion with the Dents effect. Blurred it with the Surface Blur effect. Converted it to black and white. Added a new layer and covered it with the color brown. I changed its blending mode to Overlay.
  15. If you need sharp edges you may want to use Inkscape.