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  1. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    It looks like Nombots BoxFitting mosaic effect but with circles. Cool!
  2. Maybe this: ASCII Art file. or 1. Type your text using a black color on a transparent layer. 2. Copy the layer to the clipboard. 3. Use BoltBai's Paste Alpha on any image.
  3. We can not see your images.
  4. A sunset is more beautiful than an eclipse.
  5. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    It must be a chameleon trying to look like a zebra.
  6. Soap bubbles have not change since.
  7. Thanks AndrewDavid, I thought about selecting small areas and using some type of blur but as you said it takes patience. I also want to keep the dark outlines as dark as possible that is why I used "Sharpen +".
  8. Hello community! Is there an effect or a better way to reduce the moire patterns from scanned images? So far I have tried using "Surface blur" followed by "Sharpen +" and seems to work but if there is a tool or you know better ways to remove the moire l would like to hear. Thanks!
  9. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    Great planes. I have a question : Do tourbins work in space?
  10. Do not worry. It happens very often
  11. Those apples look tasty. Congratulations to everyone!
  12. There is another effect " Shapes 3D" that also generates specks but those specks go away when I use "Anti-Alias". Perhaps if you add an "Anti-Alias" option?
  13. No, no, it is not me, otherwise it would not look that great.