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  1. Eli

    Reptorian's G'MIC Code Workshop

    Using Paint.net Ch'tis a good way to relax
  2. I like the Polar Transformation effect
  3. I found a video that shows the cutout effect. I do not remember seen a plugin for paint.net that does that.
  4. Ladies can not help you?
  5. Eli

    Unfinished plugins

    @xod Thankyou for the Text Distortion effect. Some trapezoid distortions would be also nice.:)
  6. Eli

    Symmetric Mandala Creator Plugin

    Thanks @High Resolution.
  7. Thanks @toe_head2001. Very nice tiling tool.
  8. Eli

    Format or size of paper

    I do not understand your request. Do you want to create a sign to tell the postman or someone else that you do not want publicity flyers? You can buy "No junk mail" plastified sticker signs in Amazon. They are more durable.
  9. That is because you are flipping the IMAGE. You need to flip the LAYER.
  10. @Red ochre Beautiful paintings. A few years ago I visited the Portsmouth area. I am really amazed how you captured the sky light and how it reflects on the sea water and the pebble beaches. The luminosity looks like the colors of the opal stone. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  11. We are back to the Transparency effect πŸ˜„ @toe_head2001 Thanks, that is a neat trick for sharpenning edges.
  12. Do as I said before but do not run the Transparency plugin. Save your work as a BMP file. Paint.net will flatten your layers.
  13. I think your bmp files are not transparent. I think that the GARMIN software is just using a workaround and everytime it sees FF00FF it converts the color to display as transparent.
  14. You need two layers. You will also need Boltbait's Tranparency plugin. The upper layer is your image with transparent background. Use the bucket to cover the bottom layer with color FF00FF. Then run the Transparency adjustment plugin and bring the slider down to -100. Save it as a PNG file.
  15. Check only the layer without the background and save it as a PNG file.