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  1. I can not think of a tool to automate it. I think you would need a grid as a guide to place your circles.
  2. On the Menu, under Adjustments, choose Curves... Choose RGB and move the lines to the upper left corner.
  3. @Xhin Thanks for this tracing tool. I find that it works great on images with high DPI. And for me, it works better if I use Surface Blur before running the Trace effect. I used the same settings for both traced images.
  4. It makes my head tilt to the left.🙃
  5. I just realized there is no keyboard command to repeat the last action applied to a layer when using the tools under the Adjustments Menu. Maybe there is one but I did not see it in the documentation. I hope it is in Ricks' the to do list.
  6. Because of your shape, you wont be able to fit it inside by just resizing. I think that you will need to draw your shape on a new layer. Use the lines tool to do this.
  7. There is something but it is not inside the selection. It is outside.
  8. Well, in my case the bubbles bring extra oxygen to my brain 😋.
  9. @dipstick The beer and the glass look great but the foam needs more bubbles. It looks like whipped cream . You do great thinks with Blender. Out of curiosity, I went to see a youtube video and I found it so difficult to use. It would take me years to do something.
  10. ¿Does it work when you use the SHAPES tool? ¿Is the OPACITY-ALPHA set to 255 or 0?
  11. That is your fault! You have changed the fill pattern from SOLID to HORIZONTAL.
  12. I think there is a plugin made by @MJW that does that but I can not find it. Edit : Object Pruner or perhaps Unselected Rectangle Keeper.