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  2. The Primary Color is used for text. You can select the Primary Color with the Color Menu. If the Color Menu isn't currently displayed, click the little color wheel icon in the upper right corner of the main Paint.Net window.
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  4. The currently selected color(s) are shown here (the icons numbered three). If you click on a shade of green at 6, the black box at 3 will turn green. Does that help?
  5. Welcome to the forum @Onii Chan Hentai If your image has clearly defined edges, you might be able to use the Magic Wand to select the background then press the Delete key on your keyboard. Transparent areas are shown with a gray and white checkerboard - this is not part of your image. It's just a representation of where the transparent areas are. Once an image has transparent areas, you will need to save in a format (like PNG) to preserve the transparency.
  6. Hi @lynxster4 Very nice tutorial.😀 Here's my effort. I've been messing about a lot with the height map plugins and getting some nice results. Will post something more original in the next day or two. Cheers.😉
  7. I fixed it by attaching the dll directly to the first post instead of having a link.
  8. There's no reason to try to pre-distort the image in that way -- that's what the plugin's Scale and Height controls are for.
  9. Make sure you use it on a good size image. It does not work so well on small images.
  10. Hi @Fiz, Out of curiosity I tried to achieve the effect you want with your image. This is what I got: And this is how I got it: 1. Open your file (as it is). 2. Image > Canvas Size > Width = 1200 Height = 1200 Anchor = Middle (so you get a 1200x1200 pic). 3. Run the plugin: 4. Add new layer > Paint Bucket = White. 5. Merge that layer down (so it becomes the white background for the Music spiral). Play with the plugin options - it is possible. Mine is only a rough attempt. Good luck. 🎵
  11. I've really not yet had any success. The plugin seems to stretch out the original where I'd like to just bend the original rectangle into a spiral with the height and the length being in the same proportions as the original. No doubt a lot of this is my ineptitude with PAINT.NET. I am immensely grateful that @MJW has done this work. Hopefully I can make it work well enough, ultimately. Here are some images of what I've tried so far. This is what I started with: That's a rectangle and it was on a square canvas. I couldn't even get anything worth pasting here to show, b
  12. When selecting a color from the current palette dialog box the individual color highlights on mouse over: (white box under cursor) However when the mouse is removed the highlight is also removed: The feature request is to have a highlight on the MRU (most recently used): I realize the numeric value is displayed in the RGB and Hex boxes but having a persistent visual reference to the MRU would make it easier when the palette has gradient values that are nearly identical. Especially useful for those whose eyes are fatigued
  13. Good hunting, you busy beast. Thank you @barbieq25! 🌹 I'm pleased that the Three Queens of PDN all liked 'Queen of Spades'.
  14. Hello @shinian I recently purchased an XP-PEN Deco 01v2 graphics tablet and will confirm mine does work with Paint.net under Windows 7. As Pixey mentioned there is no 'pressure sensitivity' available but as I am a newbie to graphics tablets it's not something I miss or know how to use. If @Rick Brewster does incorporate it in the future it will be an ah-ha and oh-wow moment for myself. Hope this helps.
  15. You ask for help, yet you ignore the advice offered. Like @toe_head2001 wrote above, this is the topic you want and the link you need:
  16. Not to nit-pick but the sepia-toned palette and electric blue palette are identical. BTW, thank you for sharing your palettes. Rick
  17. English only, please. Try this tutorial: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/13796-cutting-out-images/
  18. Sorry, but we need discussions on this forum to be in English
  19. of my picture I want to delete the background of my picture, so I just want the picture to appear. Is there a plug-in or a way around it?s
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