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  2. Hey John, welcome to the forum. The error message "File not found" indicates you're trying to overwrite something that already exists. Perhaps the original file? This shouldn't occur unless you're specifying the same file name & location. Which of these are you using? File > Save As... or use the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + S? It might help if you post a screenshot of the error message.
  3. Download the zipped DLLs (gray button in the first post). Unzip the file Copy & paste the DLLs to the \Effects folder you have created.
  4. Try this tool to identify the file type:
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  6. No, plugins cannot change the behavior of the Paint.NET UI.
  7. Now before you go at me all crazy like "Rick can change that himself it is his program he gets to do whatever he wants >:(" I would like to say, I love and it works like a charm. It is just that I think it should be dockable or in one window at least. Until Rick adds this, are there any plugins I can download?
  8. When I try to save an image uder a different name it won'r let me, and gives a message "File not found.) Same thing happens when I try to save a new file. Why?
  9. When I run the installer it tells me that is not installed and will not finish the installation.
  10. It's just aliasing. Nothing harmful. The cure would be worse than the cold.
  11. Does Windows recognize the scanner? If Windows can't recognize it, then it won't be accessible from Paint.NET. What DLL are you talking about?
  12. I have a similar problem. Looks like many have had over the years and yours is maybe the latest post? For me the Acquire>Scanner is greyed out. I have installed (copy and pasted) the DLL into the right place, I think. (Not completely sure on that because initially it was showing I didn't have needed admin permission, MS has really made things harder and harder to just use the computer, dammit! Anyway...) I have restarted the program and the computer to no avail.
  13. Idk how to describe this but yeah... Just watch the video. This bug appears only with this image (? not sure mby also with similar ones) with a zoom of 150%. The image is attached.
  14. The "Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Installer.dll" file is not an Effect, and doesn't belong there. You can run the installer, and it will extract the Effect files into Program Files/... And then you can manually move the Effect files into Documents/...
  15. I am using the latest Windows app version 4.2.12 (Final 4.212.7454.35665) Not the classic version. Running Windows 10 OS. I have followed the instructions on this page and created the folders "Effects", "FileTypes", and "Shades" in documents. Then I add the "Vandermotten.PaintDotNetEffects.Installer.dll" to "Effects" folder. When I open I get this error message. Kris Vandermotten's Effects installed incorrectly. Please run installer. I can't run the installer because that is for the classic version. So what am I doing wrong?
  16. Thank you @lynxster4 (and also for your shapes .. again)! 🥇 Well, it's not that bad - like, your own private "beach" where you're in control. Da Lynx 😏
  17. This isn't actually a new issue. I've had a bug filed for awhile. Thanks though!
  18. Welcome to the forum @testy31 You would have to tell us more about the steps you used, i.e. canvas size and steps/tools used, so that we may try to re-create this before we know if it's a bug.
  19. Excellent pixel art you are creating @CsyeCok The Soldier I know how time consuming it can be. Keep up the great work
  20. Hello! This tutorial was locked, cause there weren't any pictures. But he added them. Please unlock this post i really want to comment on it. Ty


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  21. I would like to show you something i made with my friends in one thing. A thing I'm very passionate about. But I'm not ready to show this right now because it's not ready
  22. Very detailed pixel art @CsyeCok The Soldier. To quote Welshblue, Well done!
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