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  2. ^^ this has been said many, many times. To say nobody cares about it is rude and insulting.
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  4. I'm guilty of not really playing with this 🤨 Now I'm a convert because it can make a great edges for text. Thanks @ReMake
  5. @welshblue! Your new avatar picture my lovely colors.
  6. I agree with some of those ideas ^ but belatedly adding this complaint/suggestion to a 5 year old thread and expressing it in a way that can be read only as criticism isn't the best way to make friends and influence people here or anywhere else for that matter.
  7. And a Thank You to "HyReZ" for the link for printing. I print from my computer to my home printer 1st so I can see the quality to see about changes that needs to happen.
  8. Thank You "welshblue" for the link to David's tutorial. It was "Very" informative.
  9. I'm a regular Paint.NET user and I see that after many years of development there are still few issues which nobody seem to care about. One of these is actually the default file format proposed for saving new flat images which is PNG. Since PNG is not a Paint-NET specific file type, it makes no sense to keep it as a fixed setting. A simple configuration setting would make things easier if one could just save his favorite default file type for future use. Another good option would be to just remember the last file type used for saving a new flat image, as well as the software actually remembers the details of any file type used for saving. Whatever you choose, it costs nothing in development time. Actually you're wasting a much bigger time by just explaining why it's not been done yet. Regards.
  10. That option was removed to maintain consistency with the built-in FileTypes when the plugin was bundled with Paint.NET. Quoting @Rick Brewster‘s reply on GitHub: It sounds like WhatsApp may have a metadata processing bug.
  11. Where is the Disable Metadata? i was using Paint.NET for creating Stickers for whatsapp, now stickers don't work anymore because metadata is saved on the file without asking. Please allow the user to not preserve Metadata.
  12. Here is a link to a current work of mine on:
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  14. Love both of them @Vagabondi, especially 'Coffee Rose'! Great outcomes! 😀
  15. What you love is called Armada Pirata (letter "t") - highly recommended They glow thanks to @Red ochre's Tone Gradient Angle (Gold) and because the author of this thread kinda makes things glow. (Including ropes.)
  16. It's a simple math problem. Assuming you want to create an 8x10 template @ 300dpi.... 8x300= 2400 pixels 10x300= 3000 pixels Make your template 2400 x 3000 pixels. Adjust as needed for various dpi requirements.
  17. Wow! That is gorgeous @Vagabondi I love those little images; the boat, the star, the palm tree and Tiki hut - they positively glow 😮
  18. Yay Thank you @Icegodes posting those 2 new step images, which made me realize why I got step 47 wrong. I didn't realize that it was @BoltBait's HSVGradient, so I was using the wrong one. Now I've managed to get it right and I'm a happy bunny. Those textures are super, each one quite remarkable in their own right 🤗
  19. Interesting solution. Thanks for sharing, @Vagabondi.
  20. @Vagabondi, and @TrevorOutlaw! I thank you very much that you like my some work.
  21. Using stock is easy. Having a Rope of One's Own is cosy. Learning from @Pixey is cool.
  22. How precious is this line... Predicting the reaction and explaining the trick Here is a Coffee Rose for you. It's fuzzy because ROOKIE. Can't du without messin'... And here is Variation 2 I think for that one I used Negation blending on top - with transparency about 199 - but who knows now...
  23. It can be used for making two-colored things as well. 2 layers - 2 colors, then eraser on top and/or transparent gradient. Thank you @ReMake
  24. @Ima Learnin If you are printing from within Adobe Photoshop; it has its own printing utility. If you are printing outside of Photoshop you are using the printing utility of Microsoft Windows. (Unless you printer has its own printing utility or you use a proprietary printing utility) Within the Windows printing utility it has a check box to: Fit picture to frame. If this box is checked and your image was not cropped to fit the 8 x 10 aspect ratio (2.4:3 ) before printing; it will be distorted upon printing. Paint.NET has a printing utility plugin that works great. It is the Print It (Tools Effect) by Martin Osieka. Here is the link: (You don't have to sign in, just clink on the download icon next to the sign in icon) BTW: A cropped 8 x 10 image optimized to print at 300 dpi should be ~2400 x 3000 pixels (7.2 Megapixels)
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