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  3. I appreciate the workaround but this is still a worthwhile suggestion. For convenience itd be better to offer a blank palette option/creator without any need for user setup. Something as simple as an empty palette shouldnt be something a user has to set up for themselves.
  4. An alternative way to Pixey's, using the plugin Paste From Clipboard (by MJW) Edit/Select all , Copy , New layer , Deselect - make new elliptical selection , Run Paste from clipboard, Deselect. Outline the object and draw the arrow however you like. No select all emoji/icon? 🙄
  5. Find any existing palette file and delete the color information. Save the file as Blank.txt in the same location. If you don't fancy that, copy this into a text file ; paint.net Palette File ; Lines that start with a semicolon are comments ; Colors are written as 8-digit hexadecimal numbers: aarrggbb ; For example, this would specify green: FF00FF00 ; The alpha ('aa') value specifies how transparent a color is. FF is fully opaque, 00 is fully transparent. ; A palette must consist of ninety six (96) colors. If there are less than this, the remaining color ; slots will be
  6. Under the Cylinder tab, find All Face section & uncheck Body and Bottom leaving just the Top face. In Texture map section, choose either of the bottom two options.
  7. So it's a void property not providing a value.
  8. I submitted a PR to fix that crash. The only thing that can be configured for the UriProperty is the URI: new UriProperty(PropertyNames.LinkLabel, new Uri("https://www.getpaint.net")) As far as I can tell paint.net does not use that property anywhere, it may have been added but never fully implemented. I am not sure what it was intended to do, display an image in a PictureBox?
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  10. Ive had this issue happen to me when trying to copy a transparent background image into the clipboard in Paint.NET. You actually have to save the image as a PNG file and then open it in your respective output. This is more of a Windows issue than a Paint.NET issue and thus cant be fixed
  11. To refine criticism, I feel like the flip horizontal and vertical tools are essential enough in some applications to need an easier access than just the Alt menu. Not sure if its a matter of keyboard real estate but especially in drawn art, you will be flipping your art around hundreds of times to ensure that it looks right from both sides and isnt off balance. If it is keyboard real estate then I think there are quite a few tools that would be less deserving of ease of access shortcuts than the flip tools. Id understand if you dont want to radically change someone's workflow by removing a h
  12. As an occasional creator of pixel art I feel like Paint.NET could learn a lot from software like Aseprite. In Aseprite you are free to change the two colors that make up the transparent checkerboard in options, or opt to have it as a single color. Its not at all an unreasonable request as changing this also benefits graphic designers who need a darker color to balance their eyes Of course a workaround background layer is always possible but why settle?
  13. Adding a new option to the palette drop down to make a new palette with all blank transparent colors would be nice. Technically this can be done by manually picking and changing all the colors to transparent white and then saving that as a template but I feel like the amount of work going into that warrants a better alternative within the software itself. Below is a rough and simple example of what it would look like and what it would do. I feel this would be valuable to people who like using specifically made color palettes for all of their different works.
  14. I spent some time to figure out an easy way to invert a PdnRegion but failed. Assuming there is a selection containing the whole image with a hole in it. How can I get the PdnRegion of the hole? Tried Xor and Exclude but the results are strange. I checked the Bounds of the inverted region. Typically they show x/y=0/0 and width/height=right and bottom of the inverted region. Any ideas?
  15. Such a plugin may be possible (a little bit tricky). Plugins can not create new layers but this is not an issue because you can duplicate the layer in a first step. I will think about it...
  16. How was the CD Made, in the first post, in the examples?
  17. Thanks for your quick response. I was familiar with this process. I was looking for a quicker way to do the same thing. iPhotoDraw has a tool called the image magnifier that does this with just a couple of clics. You select the tool, you drag an ellipse around the area you want to magnify, and the tool creates a new layer with a magnified view of the area. You can even modify the focus area and the magnifying value afterwards... I was hoping there would be an equivalent in PdN.
  18. I suspect that your virus software is being too aggressive. Try white listing Paint.NET.
  19. Hello @Gilapoin and welcome to the forum 1. Have your starting image on its own layer. 2. With the Ellipse Select draw around the area you want to enlarge, and then Ctrl + C to copy it. 3. Make a new layer and paste the selection. With the selection still active, pull the nubs until it is enlarged. 4. Deselect the circle and then use an Outline Object Plugin in red. 5. Make a new layer and then draw out with the line tool for the red line. I hope I understood you and that this is what you were looking for
  20. UriProperty The UriProperty crashs paint.net if only the basic constructor is used: new UriProperty(PropertyNames.UriProperty) Is there a list what can be configured? I just like to complete OBL so that it supports all the new property variants. Suggestions: - Show a focus rectangle if keyboard is used to tab to the property - Add a contextmenu to copy the URL ImageProperty There is also this ImageProperty. Any info available? I couldn't get it to work. new ImageProperty(PropertyNames.ImageProperty, ImageResource
  21. thanks pixey. will try out. and no, the pics are not large, they were given just for illustrating what kind of aura i need. thank you
  22. Hi all, I'm fairly new to PdN and I was wondering if there is a plugin that would allow me to build this kind of effect. I've browsed the forum and found how I can build this with many steps but I was wondering if there's a plugin that would llow me to build it faster. Thanks.
  23. thanks. will go through what is already available on paint.net the ones which were very flexible were speechable and bubblesnaps. thanks again for pointing out.
  24. You can use a website to separate your subject from the background. https://photoscissors.com/ Then have your original image as bottom layer, the halo as mid-layer and website provided cutout as top layer.
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