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  2. I picked up a hitchhiker the other day. He seemed fine. After a couple minutes, he thanked me for picking him up and then asked me if I was afraid that he was a serial killer. I told him, “No. The odds of two serial killers being in the same car at the same time was incredibly small.”
  3. For transparency try changing the opacity of the layer or there's BoltBait's Transparency Wrapping - all depends what you want to do - to put a shape on a coffee mug for example - use shape3D. Tube Oblique in Madjik's pack can be good too. Or there's Distort This ... amongst others of the same ilk As Remake says scan through the plugin index Grid Warp can be useful for warping/ wrapping Sometimes just playing with Blend Modes can do it for you. I just used Multiply and lowered the opacity on the flag on the hand If it's anything specific posting it here will get better answers
  4. That's weird. It doesn't do that for me. My best guess is that the background is almost but not entirely transparent after the shape is drawn (like the alpha is 1), and that AA's Assistant clears it. if you have Red ochre's Alpha Threshold, try using that instead of AA's Assistant, and see if that fixes the problem. If it does, the question is still, why isn't the background fully transparent? If it doesn't fix it, I'll have to look into it some more. EDIT: More likely, the shape isn't entirely opaque. Perhaps for some reason the original image on which Shape3D is run is nearly, but not completely, opaque. EDIT 2: Perhaps Shape3D's Transparency control is checked. I tried to tell in the video, but couldn't.
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  6. Paint.NET unlike Photoshop, it is a free program developing by one person - Rick Brewster, unlike Photoshop team development. However, there are enough plugin developers (coders) on the forum who may be able to help you in response to your request for the plugin you need. Remember that possibilities Paint.NET not comparable to the possibilities of Photoshop. Take a look at Plugin Index - maybe you will find what you need. Some plugins have analogues (full or not full) of Photoshop plugins.
  7. I tried to make an ice texture.
  8. Really nice again @Seerose I'm glad it's easy to understand. It's always easy for the writer because they know the steps off by heart ... especially when you've done it about 50 times in a row for the best results 😜
  9. More of a curiosity question than a bug report. I like to use Shape3D to make shapes ... then use Texture Object Rounder in preparation for wrapping a texture. T O R won't work unless you run AA -Assistant after rendering S3D. Just curious if there's a reason in the T O R end or in S3D as it's no big deal running AA Assistant a video to show it better
  10. Looks like all tools are messed up, the curves aren't symmetrical at all. It's happening in MS Paint too. I'm starting to believe this is caused by a Windows update.
  11. Thanks for all the answers guys. I hope the devs fix this issue. It's weird that it started happening to me only a few days ago, but to some people it started happening years ago.
  12. I want PDN to do everything that Photoshop does. I especially want to be able to wrap one image around the other or replace a certain part of a scene with an overlay or transparency. Can anyone tell me what plugins to use, I have the MADJIK special but it doesn't do what I want it to.
  13. Zanga, I don't know why I didn't think about moving it to another window altogether to manipulate it.... Thank you! I keep forgetting that has the capability to have multiple windows open and jump between them (and thanks for all the keyboard shortcuts too)! Need to retrain my brain to's new possibilities. 😁 Eli, No! I hadn't! Did even know I could! Never occurred to me as I'm so used to MS Paint's zoom tool just being a way to magnify. That also worked quite nicely. Thank you! 😀 Thank you both!!! Sooooo appreciated all the help from EVERYONE!
  14. Hello @VinCactus and Welcome to the Forum I think what you are asking for is for images to be saved automatically? I'm afraid this is not possible. One of the very first things I learned when I started to use was to save often. It's very easy to get into the habit of Ctrl + S every few minutes.
  15. @Roger the Dodger Thank you so much for your kind words! Ready to move on...I hear parts of Europe are just sweltering. Take care! Thank you, dear @Seerose You're always there...that's what friends do...😉 @welshblue...thank you! Yes, blame it all on Brexit...good a scapegoat as any! Thank you, @Pixey I'm so glad you like it! @barbieq25 thank you for the beautiful compliment! And many thanks to @Eli, @zaya, @Woodsy and @ReMake for rep points! And, of course, you lovely people mentioned above! 😀
  16. Have you tried the "Rotate / Zoom" that is available in the LAYERS menu?
  17. The issue is yet to be addressed. It has been mentioned as a development priority though.
  18. You can also do it like this. Ctrl+C the layer you want to reduce, Ctrl+Alt+V to paste the layer to a new image, Resize that new image to 87%, Ctrl+C this new shrunken image and finally go back to the original image Ctrl+Shift+V to paste it as a new layer and then you can just hide the original size layer.
  19. Is there a way to turn off the are you sure this is what you want your picture to look like thing at the end of saving? I just spent two hours working on a piece and forgot to press okay on it and I lost the picture
  20. Mine does it too. I'm using a Lenovo touchscreen laptop. The stylus cannot make small marks or detailed lines. I have to start moving the pen first without it drawing any lines until it starts drawing. NO settings changes make any difference.
  21. Okay. Thanks. That is what I was afraid of. I really wanted to be able to start with a percentage reduction of the image (I'm trying to duplicate a picture but put in a different image reduced by the same percentage and was finding it hard to 'eyeball' it accurately), but the more I played with it, the less it seemed feasible. Maybe I'll try the algebra approach and do the math to reduce the actual pixel height to 87%, but I was trying to avoid that - lol. So, can I put in a "would love to see" request for a way to reduce a selected image by a percentage, or to have a 'percent of original selection' added to the status bar, maybe? Anyways, I really appreciate you time and advice. God bless!
  22. In Paint.NET, all layers are the same size. If you want to resize the contents of one layer, independently, press Ctrl+A to select the whole layer* and use the handles to resize the content. Press and hold the Shift key during the resize to maintain the ratio. *It is not necessary to select the entire layer. I just gave that as a simple example.
  23. Thanks for the quick replies. Okay, the size does change, so it would appear it's resizing both layers (and changing the zoom) at the same time. Can I not resize the image on one layer independent of the other layer? I'm trying to resize the image on layer 2 to fit in a frame on layer 1 so would like to resize and tweak in the one file if possible.
  24. ...or you could check the image size before and after. Find it in the Status Bar
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  26. This issue has been around forever. Here is a thread from 2016 (mentioning a thread from 2010) about the issue: Anyway... Here is one solution: Or, you could draw a circle and select the left half of the circle, copy it, paste it and use my plugin Effects > Flip Horizontal to mirror image the half, and position it for use.
  27. I'm going to guess that the resize worked just fine. It just didn't LOOK like the resize did anything because after the resize your zoom level changed. Check the lower right corner of your Paint.NET window to see the zoom level before and after the resize to see if it changed.
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