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  2. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    I'll have you know I spent a good two enjoyable hours going through your gallery. My favorite pictures are the realistic ones. Not the subject matter but the way they were done. Great job on "Out There"! It's got the @welshblue style all over it!
  3. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    It looks like Nombots BoxFitting mosaic effect but with circles. Cool!
  4. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Each circle is outside all others. Or no circle is inside another one.
  5. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    @TrevorOutlaw ... thanks mate. Yeah good spot. It got to the stage where I'd rather put the work into the foreground ... and they reckon recycling is good for the planet @barbieq25 ... many thanks. I wasn't sure about adding a bit of grunge, but I guess that's my style ... and it looked a bit sterile all too shiney. Plus a bit of darkness hides many a mistake @LionsDragon ... RE laverbread ... in my opinion seaweed should only be used as fertiliser or body scrubs ... not for eating. Many thanks for the comment on the new piece. @Pixey ... many thanks. A man cave in space ... wouldn't that be cool. As for composition of the images ... they always start of as something else, then a moment of madness kicks in and they grow. Things added, things taken away maybe for use in another image. At the start of this piece the central point was the doors to the left, but they got shifted and the window took over. This image took 2 weeks, 10 different files and if I had to hazard a guess, all in all including every blur, drop shadow there must be over 400+ separate layers ... if not more because the console is at least 40 layers, with 8 separate layers of shadow around it. And that's not counting the cameo appearance from an old piece which was 150 layers. Mad eh when I get paid to make something with only 5 - 10 layers on it ? But it's all good fun ... and I enjoy making PC killers. It's all in the challenge. And I like a challenge The different stages mapped out below Thanks for taking the time guys ... feedback always inspires other ways forward
  6. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    Best use of PDN I have seen. You have created a art piece. Congratulations
  7. How do you border your text???

    NOOO!!! Seriously! do it on something much easier like power point! SOOO MUUCH EASIER! I wasted so many hours trying to get it right on until the lightning of genius struck me! you can easily manipulate text and effects in power point! save the slide as .jpg et voilà!
  8. You are most welcome and I just gave you your first Rep point
  9. WOHOOOOOOOO! THANK U SO MUICHHHH OMGGG Thank u for the support u was so helpfull to me! Amazin Work , keep it up! and i donated 5$ as well
  10. You need to uninstall the broken bits by using this tool: Then try to install again and please use this site to download it - the big DOT - from here:
  11. 1- "this is my copmuter OS System I gues..!" 2- "this is my Bug & Error to say that hapends to my pc!"
  12. I love the transparent selection feature of MS Paint because it could do me wonders before I learned Paint.NET and how to work with layers. Basically, I have a background image opened on one MS Paint window and lets say an image of a person opened on another MS Paint window which I would trace out and make sure that it is completely surrounded by white before copy-pasting it to the background image with the transparent selection enabled on both windows. There was jaggedness of course because MS Paint does not have a good feathering feature (but I know a technique how to do some of it on MS Paint). It makes a lot of sense on a program like MS Paint that has no layer support. However, I think a variation of this "transparent selection" idea may just be useful on some situations like for moving text on the same layer. Because if I create a selection on a single letter and use the Move Selected Pixels tool to move that letter, the boundaries of my selection would force transparency on anything else outside that it touches, including other letters. I have encountered this quite a number of times, that I had to create another layer, paste my single letter there so I could move it freely without distorting the other letters. I think it would be an OK addition to "Move Selected Pixels" tool.
  13. You can upload your screenshot image to a host site, like for free and then embed the URL code into the thread here. Also, don't forget to tell us what OS system you have.
  14. @Pixey i wanna send screenshoot but it says "You are only allowed to upload 256kb."
  15. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    100%, and save PDN as agif. With Animal texture and angle changing 5 by 5 at each layer (x30).
  16. Hello and Welcome to the forum. You may as well calm down, as this could take a while. You will need to give us more information. What kind of system do you have? Are all your updates current from Microsoft? Any screen shots of the error may be helpful.
  17. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    Thank you @welshblue so glad you like it . I love watching those antique shows too. @lynxster4 thanks so much . Great to have you stop by and comment @barbieq25 . Dear @Woodsy you are very kind . @LionsDragon That pen you had sounded very precious indeed. Thank you for the nice words . @Seerose A big hug and many thanks . Thanks too to @ReMake and @toe_head2001 for the Reps
  18. Hello guys , i am getting mad 2 much of this thing! i was installing the And something like this type of word camed "fatal error during installation" OK.. and i thougt it's a normal thing , i'd tried it again but i doesent work!! I NEED HELP,AN FAST please!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT'S THE PATCH 4.0.17!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    Oh wow ........ the latest one on page 1 - A man cave . It's so shiny and picturesque and I have to ask you when you make images like this, do you: 1. Make every individual piece first, and then add them to make the scenario, or, 2. Do the whole thing at one sitting? (This is just a silly aside ....... I tried to make point 1 as an = a) but when I tried to make the point 2 into a b with the bracket it becomes a smiley with sunglasses, like this .)
  20. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    Wow! Really cool new images .
  21. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <Elegancy>

    @TrevorOutlaw! Excellent choice of colors! Thank you very much. *I'll be in the next time to give you a reputation.
  22. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    @MadJik! Did you make the animation with Very beautiful. Thank you so much.
  23. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    @Pixey! WOW!!! Very beautiful. Enviable. Thank you for sharing.
  24. Animal texture (ymd: 20170822)

    @MadJik! Thank you so much. I tried as a texture.
  25. Animal texture (ymd: 20170822)

    If you still have problem this is in the pack. (link under my sig). Works fine for me too!
  26. Animal texture (ymd: 20170822)

    Works fine for me . Clicking on the correct link?
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