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  2. I have had exactly this happen to me too, perhaps three or four times over the last few months. Unlike @Hatori360, I did not check further to see how the tabs behave, nor did I check to see if there were any problems with the Layers window. Every time, I just restarted PDN and the problem disappeared. I just assumed that it's a memory problem or my ageing computer telling me it's time to retire it and let it rest.
  3. Please share one of those files, so the issue can be troubleshooted.
  4. Thank you kindly for the update. No worries: take your time. Paint.NET is certainly not the only application with those updates in the backlog. Thank you for having it on your radar. In the mean time, I've changed to 2x 1440p monitors to avoid this issue (and others!), so I'm good on this front as well. Thank you again for your thoughtful replies & candid efforts. I'm off to more excelelnt editing 😎
  5. Yes. The font size was set to 135%. At 100% everything fits. I don't recall the font setting at 135% being a problem with paint.net 4.2.14. Will reinstall 4.2.14 and check. ========================= With paint.net 4.2.14 reinstalled the clipping is there. Surprised I hadn't noticed it. I can live with the clipping better than the tiny letters and numbers.
  6. To me this sounds like a problem of bad graphics card drivers.
  7. It looks to me that you are not using the standard Windows font at the normal size. Is your Windows install in English? Have you customized the standard Windows font? Or, changed the size to make it bigger?
  8. I uninstalled/reinstalled Paint.net tonight. After reading several posts about various troubleshooting topics, I navigated to the Program Files and opened the paint.net folder. There are no files there and my Explorer view settings allow me to see hidden files. Is a previous installation with my current installation of paint.net?
  9. The display DPI should be 96 when the scale is set to 100%.
  10. Scale and Layout 100% (Recommended) 1366 x 768 (Recommended) I don't know how to determine DPI.
  11. Rick was asking for the Windows DPI setting of your display / monitor.
  12. I have been experiencing intermittent bugs in two areas of the user interface in the main window. Specifically, the tabbed list of thumbnail images and the layers window. There are no crash logs when I check for issues. I copied the diagnostic log. There are no error messages. The issues do not occur every time. It does not matter how many images I am working with or how many other MS Windows apps or browsers are open, the problem is unpredictable. I cannot purposely replicate the problem. There are two specific problems, and they both occur at the same time - if one proble
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  14. 95.99 Pixels/Inch Resetting to 96 still shows clipping behavior.
  15. I think this thread is 8 years old and you should've left it alone I won't be implementing your ideas though, but not because you necroposted. They're just not practical or general enough, and nobody (other than you) has been asking for them. Ultra low return-on-investment.
  16. Thank you! Ive made a quick microphone model using the woven photo plugin
  17. I've been using this hidden feature of macro replays a lot with screen caps, but my heart sinks when it somehow erases the history going back to the very start or by doing a function like moving the image by accident. Saving the history would be great But It would be really nice to have a way to save these macros with just a button click instead of the heartache of a mistake or an error. That might be in the land of making .gif files though. What do you think, Rick?
  18. I'm getting an error when attempting to load a file. Exception: System.FormatException: The file does not contain any sampled brushes. at AbrFileTypePlugin.AbrLoad.Load(Stream stream) at PaintDotNet.FileType.Load(Stream input) in D:\src\pdn\src\Data\FileType.cs:line 512 at PaintDotNet.Functional.Func.Eval[T1,TRet](Func`2 f, T1 arg1) in D:\src\pdn\src\Base\Functional\Func.cs:line 158 Diagnostics: Application paint.net 4.2.14 (Final 4.214.7601.39231) Build Date
  19. This is near enough a copy of my TV and stand. Not the background.🙃
  20. Here it is: Image Distortion - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net) A great smoothing Plugin is called AA's Assistant: dpy's Plugin Pack (2014-05-04) - Plugin Packs - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
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