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  3. Here's my situation: I'd like to run Paint.NET on a Windows computer where I don't have admin privileges (e.g. college computer). I've tried following the instructions [ https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/113484-paintdotnet-in-a-zip-file-no-installation/ ] to install on another computer and copy across, but I can't do that with my Mac :) There is a solution! (You won't get file associations or a Start Menu icon, but at least you can run it.) First, open cmd (Command Prompt) and run the following: cd %USERPROFILE%\Downloads tar -xf paint.net.4.2.16.install.
  4. Crowdin Username: Raphaelo24 Language: Bulgarian Thanks in advance!
  5. There is most likely a way to ensure that the OBL can be placed not in the paint.net root. This may be more feasible with the migration to .NET Core. I'll be able to look into this ... later Linking and trimming are part of what .NET Core provides support for, at least for the app/exe, I'm just not sure if DLLs (libraries) can also do it. I don't see why not though ...
  6. Thank you! I did search, but..... Uh, which folder does it go in? I'm spoiled by the lovely installer on your pack!
  7. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/2135-pcx-plug-in/
  8. When I first started doing computer graphics, the program I had saved in .PCX format. I have gazillions of pieces of artwork in .PCX that I would like to pull into Paint Dot Net. Because obviously, one can do SO much more with PDN than with a program which ran under DOS and used only 4 MB memory! (Hey, and the computer I was doing them on had a positively HUGE 20 MB (yes MB, not GB!) hard drive!) Any chance of this?
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  10. Wait. What? I'm all for you continuing to develop OBL. My one wish is that the support files are integrated in a single DLL for publication. That would standardize installation and we wouldn't have the whole versioning nightmare we seem to be rushing towards.
  11. BoltBait, I don't know what happened. Here is a screenshot of what I had downloaded and extracted from your site. You see that the folder says "Dominoes31" while double-clicking on the setup.exe brings up a wizard labeled v3.0. I assumed you changed the program and forgot to relabel it to v3.1. (Hence my little joke above.) Perhaps my computer had a bad case of indigestion. But I erased everything Dominoes-related from my download folder and re-downloaded the file. I'm happy to say the game now shows v3.1 in the title bar. Thanks you.
  12. Please continue development. I would actually like to see some of the capabilities built-in to Paint.NET, like tabs. Perhaps you could work with Rick to port some of your code directly into Paint.NET so people like me could enjoy tabs and other things.
  13. Yes, continue to develop it. There are plenty of other people who are willing to use it. You don't need to fight anyone. Everyone is entitled to have their own personal opinion. No one is saying you have to agree with someone else's opinion.
  14. OK, so I finally got it to work. Everything out of subfolders, directly into the Effects folder, including the Library. In fact, even the old DPY Plugins are finally showing up as I've just tried those too. So now I know how to finally do it right. I've included a screenshot showing how I have it now. Sorry if this has been a pain in the neck. I hope this can help anyone else who has the same problems. I couldn't get this to work for the longest time but I also didn't know about the library files. So I appreciate the help. Thank you.
  15. I understand that you were upset by BB's statement, but I think OBL is very useful. Please don't stop developing it. Just put all the information about OBL so that no such misunderstandings occur.
  16. I did wanted to completely convert gmic thorn fractal as a gmic-pdn obl plugin. Particularly the problem of dynamic gui would be solved with tabs. I'm not going to stop you, but there are others that see a use in this. Does anyone else have a suggestion to this problem? That filter use dynamic gui, and it is apparent when using custom formula. The current pdn thorn fractal lacks it because of inherent limitations of static gui.
  17. Just wanted to report a bug I've noticed. The rectangle selection tool can sometimes shift location by a couple of pixels if I'm zoomed in while using it and then zoom out or more in at any point while adjusting the selection box. So, for example: Let's say I zoom in to select a precise corner I want within an image and then use ctrl+mouse wheel to zoom out so I can quickly drag the selection tool to select the other corner. I may need to zoom back in again to get that second corner to finish off the selection box, then, once I let go of the tool and zoom all the way back out I'll occasionally
  18. Hello @Sparkle and welcome to the forum 🎇
  19. You could select the outline with the magic wand, make a new layer and fill it with the color you want.
  20. If people like @BoltBait and @Ego Eram Reputo think it is a mess to use OBL then there is the general question whether it makes sense to continue the development or not. It's not a big loss for me to stop the paint.net variant because I'm using most components of the lib for other applications. I just don't like to spend time if I have to fight against others in the forum. So what do you think?
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