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  1. mottoman

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    I wouldn't even say there is 100 active members, 25 would be more accurate. I admit I didn't vote this year, but I have hardly been very active on here and have missed a lot that has gone on here.
  2. mottoman

    What music are you listening to?

    May contain scenes of a hooligan nature.
  3. mottoman


    Many thanks @Eli I was sure a plugin existed, but didn't know it's name
  4. I'm looking for a method to fade the colour (or desaturate) from parts of an image in order to emphasise the main colour part. I can't provide an example because I don't know how to repro it. Thanks in advance.
  5. mottoman

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    This weeks SOTW - Mondrian style, has already been done
  6. mottoman

    SOTW#191 - Pyrochild's 'Random Effect' Plugin

    Radial colours.
  7. mottoman

    Looking for a Font

    Also Stencilia is a font worth checking out too.
  8. mottoman

    AndrewDavid Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday @AndrewDavid have a great day ??
  9. mottoman

    What music are you listening to?

    I have been listening to this bands back catalogue of late, some pure gems among them too.
  10. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    Once again, thanks for diagnosing the diagnostics, I should remind myself to check for updates driver wise every now and then. I always assume windows update handles everything and of course that's not the case.
  11. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    Many thanks, checked for updated drivers, driver updated and issue now fixed. ?
  12. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    Thanks for the reply, although my laptop is not exactly old (18 month I believe)
  13. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    If I set the value to 16 and scroll the mouse, I can't reselect 16 as a value, it goes from 15 to 20 and then upwards in increments of 5's
  14. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    I will have to forsake the bonus points and attach a txt file. diagnostics.txt
  15. mottoman 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    Many thanks @AndrewDavid Works as expected now