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  1. @ReMake has trawled through many of the plugin threads looking for missing images. Many have now been restored thanks to his diligent work in restoring lost and missing images. ReMake my friend - you are my star of the week ⭐ Thank you 👍
  2. That's right. 24 bits is 8 bits for each of the RGB channels & no Alpha. 32 bits is 8 bits for each RGB+Alpha channel. You're generally best to use Auto-Detect rather than setting the bit depth - for exactly this reason. Auto-Detect chooses the best match for the image.
  3. You're missing out then. Many of the significant plugin packs are available with that same installer. The installer was written by Forum Admin @BoltBait (very trustworthy)
  4. TileWorld is part of my plugin pack. There's a link in my signature. Using the installer (written by BoltBait) it's easy to install just the one plugin (although I recommend installing them all! )
  5. Also, if you make your individual fittings so they are contained in a square space, you can tile them easily using my TileWorld plugin. Here the gray backed image is composed using the fittings in the lower pane.
  6. Me? I'd cheat like hell and make the bends sharp, so the joins are simply overlaid pipes which are trimmed at 45 degrees
  7. MathLaTeX will do what you want so long as you're prepared to use a little syntax to create the formatting. Certainly plain text and colors are easy enough. Alternatively MyCreaLogo or Text Pro (free trial)
  8. It's a rural thang. We country bumpkins have the same service in NZ.
  9. Activate the Text Tool Click the mouse once in the font-selection text box in the tool-bar Press the keyboard key matching the first letter of the font you want The list of font-names jumps to those starting with the key you pressed. BTW you know you can use the mouse wheel to scroll the list of font names? It's really fast
  10. Short answer: For a 5x7 inch image printed at 300DPI (i.e. reasonable photo quality), make the image size 1500 x 2100 pixels. Ignore the DPI setting (which most find confusing).
  11. July Update Three new plugins for you to play with this month. Random Gradient Bars is shiny 😁 Copy Selection Bounding Box MJW Copies the bounding box of the current selection to the clipboard. The bounding box can be expanded by adding margins to each side. Random Gradient Bars Reptillian Generates random gradient bars onto the canvas. Options to define multiple color modes, symmetry, origin, randomized inversion & differing random modes. Comes with *.bat installer. Source code available. Split Color and Brightness MJW Allows the user to create a Color layer and a Brightness layer that produce the original image when blended using the selected blending mode.
  12. I can, with almost 100% certainty, tell you that the issue detailed in the black posts here ^ are incorrectly using the backspace key as @BoltBait said.
  13. ^ He'll have already read this. The likely answer will be to recommend you install a third party app to record yourself a keyboard macro.
  14. Hello & welcome @arar Activate the Ellipse Selection tool Drag out the first circle (which would be the entire face of the 'moon'): Pro-Tip: hold down the SHIFT key to keep the selection circular. Hold down the Alt key and drag out another circle, overlapping the first, and not covering the crescent you want to be left with. Press Ctrl + Shift + X to crop to the selection. Alternative to 4: press Ctrl + C to copy the crescent for pasting elsewhere. REF for step 3: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html#15 Edit: re-reading your question - I might have got your intent incorrect. If the above doesn't do what you want, try using the right mouse button with step 3 (Intersect mode = Alt + Right Mouse Button). This will leave you with the portion of the two selections which overlap.
  15. Effects > Selection I was half expecting to have the contents of the bounding box copied to the clipboard. Took me a minute to realize it was the selection geometry that was being copied. How about an option to do either? I'm not sure if this is aligned to plugin principles, but why not disable the OK button until the Copy button has been clicked?
  16. I generally reach for the Recolor Tool . If you upload an example image* we can probably give you more specific solutions. * so long as it is family friendly
  17. You can also use the Overlay blend mode as I explained in this thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/118101-best-method-to-recolor-a-game-texture/
  18. Happy Birthday Grand Master Rick! 🍰🍺
  19. Better, #4 here: In all cases, 1603 error is due to an incomplete installation/removal of the software on your system. You can see #8 is crossed out, that's because #4 completely resolves the issue. In short, the correct remedy is to completely remove the remnants then reinstall the latest version.
  20. Here's a well respected tutorial to help get you started: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/12215-how-to-wrapped-glowy-line-from-my-joker-sig/?ct=1623651482 The glitter can be added afterwards.
  21. We shoud to run a comp to rename the rankings
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