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  1. I find it useful now that I've become familiar with it. It is quirky because of it's similarity to this shortcut: Shift current tool 10 pixels Hold Ctrl + Arrow keys ↑ ← ↓ → (may not work with all tools) The trick is to use the arrow key first, then use Ctrl + arrow key combination to move by 10px (yes, I get it wrong often)
  2. Thought experiment: 1. Draw your solid line on it's own transparent layer. 2. Duplicate the layer (next two steps use this new layer) 3. Apply Motion blur in a direction which approximates the width of the dotted band. 4. Apply Halftone to make the motion blurred gradient into dots.
  3. Hi splitframe - welcome to the forum That's correct. Using the Ctrl key allows you to move a copy of the selection. REF: Just use the arrow keys without the Ctrl key
  4. Some of the plugins in this pack are obsolete and will not work with the latest version of Check the first post in this thread for the red warnings.
  5. @last_dovahkiin GREAT username! 👍 I'd create a new layer to use as a country mask. In the new layer, fill each country with a different solid color. You will only need to do this once. The new layer will make selecting one country easy with the magic wand. Hide the layer by turning off the visibility when you don't need it.
  6. I have two versions of installed; Classic and Store. One is stuffed with plugins and the other is sparsely populated. I choose which I use depending on the task at hand. Rick has achieved a significant improvement in load time for large numbers of plugins
  7. I'm completely guessing - but where do you define $1? log(10^-8)*$1
  8. @systamaticss please ask your question in a new thread. As @HyReZ pointed out, this is old.
  9. I'd buy you a beer! Please video your presentation. I'd love to see it! The film wasn't much. Tom Cruise was the wrong choice to play BoltBait IMHO. 🤣
  10. Try changing the font metric. You have it set to Fixed (this may or may not change things as it depends on your image - it's worth a shot)
  11. I'd suspect a faulty mouse. It's behaving as if one of the buttons was held down.
  12. Planetoid to the rescue! Render your lat & long lines to the canvas, then run planetoid with all the layers turned off. Before: After:
  13. Happy Birthday Henrique! I hope you have a brilliant day! 🍰
  14. I hadn't considered Halftone over a gradient - excellent idea! Thank you both for your suggestions.
  15. I've been thinking about the background....and apart from a custom plugin, I can't think of an easy way to create the layers that compose it. YOUR MISSION: Tell me how would you create a line of filled circles that diminish in size from larger on the left to smaller on the right. Suggestions please! 😊
  16. There is nothing "out of the box" that is going to automate this for you. It's going to be a manual process. I'd start using the rectangle select tool and the Move tool to get the second image close. Then I'd use the Liquify plugin to distort the image until it fits the first.
  17. Is that plugin part of this plugin pack?
  18. @xod did link to your plugin pack @Red ochre. The "9220 downloads" refers to the second attachment in your plugin pack thread (zipped DLLs). I'll remove the attachment link from Xod's post and replace it with a link to your plugin pack thread to make things simpler 👍 Oh, and its GREAT to see you! 😊