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  1. It does since 2017. Instructions here:
  2. Ctrl + Mousewheel? This will zoom in or out using the pointer location as the center. Be aware this does not affect(scale) the image, only your view of it.
  3. Brightness 4, Contrast 45. For anyone wondering how I came up with this... Open the "clean" image. Place the "dirty" image on a new layer above 1. Press F4 & set the 2. layer Blend Mode to Xor. Open Adjustments > Brightness & Contrast. Play with the Brightness and Contrast settings to maximize the amount of black. Once you have maximized black (i.e. maximized the places where the two images are the same). Click OK. Reset the blend mode to Normal.
  4. Hey @brendazim - welcome to the forum 🙂 Here's what you need to do.... Right click on the file > Properties. In the dialog that opens, click the General tab. At the bottom of the dialog is a Security statement. To the right of that is a checkbox with the label Unblock. Tick that checkbox and click OK. Then try installing again. Good luck!
  5. People are often surprised how much image must be provided to print at a decent quality. Remember, monitors usually show images at 1/3 the density of printing. Don't be afraid! Sounds like your image is correct. Best bet? Do a quick border and print it to check alignment and size. If printing from within PDN use the PrintIt plugin.
  6. Hello thanhsai. Welcome to the forum 😃 Problem 2 is usually solved by using a plugin (except rotation which does quite well natively). Go to the the Plugin Index and search using text as the search term.
  7. Just use the Rotate/Zoom tool. Leave every other control at the default setting and move only the Zoom control.
  8. Your command line is incorrect in at least two places. See here .
  9. Yup. I too go full Monty on the font specs in the layer title. One additional benefit: when importing as a layer the info info persists ☺
  10. Try it with the latest version. If you're still messing around with 4.0.5 that might be your trouble right there.
  11. You've said that the removal tool didn't work. That used to be our go-to solution for the 1603 error during installation. Prior to the removal tool, @toe_head2001 wrote an install logger to help diagnose this problem (no longer available). Prior to that, a few users got the /createmsi trick to work
  12. Dearest Pixey, we're all thinking of you right now. Kia Kaha my friend. 💕
  13. HyRez did you even read the post? @Don V thanks for posting this. While we are generally cautious about recommending registry edits, your solution gives power users another tool they can use.
  14. Batch processing with PDN isn't supported. There have been a few attempts. Your best bet is to have a look at IrfanView.
  15. I understand. I redid the PDN documentation website and added all the new icons in. Of course the screenshots had to be updated too. I actually rather enjoyed it. If you want help updating the project feel free to PM me.
  16. Hey Fxtxre Hendrixx - welcome to the forum There sure is a way to do this! Quite easily too. First, place each letter on it's own transparent layer. Then set each layer's Blend Mode to Multiply (there are more options here, Screen might work better for some of the brighter colors). More info >>
  17. I wish you a happy and fun filled birthday @ReMake 🎁
  18. Caliandris specified A5 size AND a fewer pixels. Lowering the print density (DPI) is the only option. It is likely that after printing the results will be less than impressive because of the low resolution. But this is not what has been asked.