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  1. Dropbox have confirmed my links were banned due to a file containing a suspected virus (the Printit plugin). I have no idea why they didn't notify me when the ban was imposed. I've suggested they issue notifications before banning links in the future. I've deleted the file & am working to get the ban rescinded.
  2. Color Picker = K All the keyboard shortcuts can be found here:
  3. I've opened a support ticket with Dropbox to try and find out why my links are failing.
  4. Hi @WhiskeySloth & welcome to the forum. This is the current minimum for system specs: Is your system above these minimums? You can see the specs differ slightly depending on which version you're installing. Which are you trying to install? If you can post the actual error message you see when trying to install that will help us diagnose the problem.
  5. Done. I'll fix the height. I've gone with clearing the canvas. Changed. Added. Quite right. Added. That's neat. Changed. I'm working through the HiDPI issues (there are a few....)
  6. I'm only able to replicate the dithering effect in your second image when the transparency of the layer is reduced. Is it possible you had the layer transparency at less than 255?
  7. Most of what you're asking for cannot be performed by plugins. You'd be better looking at a keyboard macro.
  8. Your problem is that there are few closed regions. E.g. the hair is "open" to the background (see right most strand).
  9. It's a mouse. They're cheap as chips & the buttons will last (nearly) forever, as will the wheel. If you really want to avoid using the mouse, wear out your keyboard instead with these keyboard combinations: Hint: Toggle between zoom to window and the current zoom setting with Ctrl + B
  10. I haven't succeeded in bundling the DLLs. I'm inclinded think the WpfMath.dll may not be playing nicely with ILMerge. Oh yeah.... Check. Sorted. Here's the third draft Installation: Unzip the file Copy both DLL files to.... Classic: your \Effects\ folder. Store: /My Documents/ App Files/Effects/ 3. Restart 4. find the plugin in Effects > Text Formations
  11. Hi Dave - welcome to the forum 1. Yes. Use the magic wand tool with the Shift key held down when you click on the target color. The Shift key enables a global selection, this means every pixel in the layer that is within the tolerance setting is included in the selection. Once you have cast the selection press Ctrl + C to copy it, then Ctrl + Shift + V to paste it into a new layer. 2. Yes. First merge the two layers together. This is temporary - we'll undo it later. Next make a selection inside the fill area with the magic wand tool. Go to and click Edit > Copy Selection Press Undo twice (Ctrl + Z twice also does the job) Add a new layer to the image Edit > Paste Selection pastes the previously copied selection into the new layer. Press Backspace to fill the selection with the Primary Color Now you can fill the selection with any color you like using the paint bucket
  12. Hello John & welcome aboard the forum You can remove the exisitng installation with this tool: Then you'll be good to reinstall it.
  13. That's like Rembrant saying it's down to the brush. It ain't
  14. No. All layers are the same size as the image. Nor can plugins change, add or resize layers. Think of them as pieces of paper you're handed to draw on. You get one page at a time and you must hand it back undamaged 😁 More info here: .
  15. Add DLL to first post. I've cunningly hidden it behind a large blue download button.
  16. and
  17. Rather than giving up, you could use this opportunity to learn what you don't now understand. BoltBait has given you some excellent information. Follow up on his advice and ask in a modding forum.
  18. Paste or create your figures on separate layers. These should be separate from the layer containing the background. A new layer can be added with this icon at the bottom of the layers window . Which layer are you working on? Its the one with the blue highlight. Click a different layer in the layers window to edit another one.
  19. Are you using the MS Store version of or the Classic version? If you don't know - open the app and go to Settings > Diagnostics > Install type. It will say either Appx or Classic.
  20. That's the one I have/had. @null54 Thanks for updating the filter. I'll replace the file in the first post, unless you want to create a new thread?