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  1. Yeah, I don't think my dentist would be too impressed.
  2. 🤣 Agreed! Who would you have cast as Rick Brewster and the Dwarf Horde? (Which, btw, sounds like an awesome band.)
  3. Well nertz. Those apples look so good, I legit started salivating! 🤤
  4. Hey, leave my day job out of this! 🤣
  5. @welshblue thank you! Believe it or not, no G'MIC. I duplicated the picture of him, ran Sharpen and Dragan Effect (twice) on the bottom layer, then ran Photo Glow on the top and set blend mode > Overlay.
  6. @lynxster4, Queen and Brian May are ALWAYS the right answer! @Pixey, that's kind of what inspired this piece! I am going to try to read through his thesis; wish me luck!
  7. @BoltBait and @dipstick, they're fools for letting you go! @DragonsLion has spent most of the week in the hospital. He's been having blackouts and the doctors thought he'd developed absence seizures, but the only things showing up on the tests are a slight brainwave abnormality and a teeny cluster of blood vessels hanging out in his brain. So, they still have no idea. Bleargh.
  8. If anybody can find the music of the spheres, it's this guy. Dr. Brian May, astrophysicist and rock god.
  9. Hectic, could be worse. I hope all's well with you?
  10. Missed the "in sickness" part of her vows?
  11. @Pixey *SNOOOOOORKK!!* 🤣🤣🤣
  12. *stretches and cracks back* I'm still here and painting! Y'all can't get rid of me that easily! Anyway...Todd's mom and dad decided they wanted to update their kitchen. They got a consultation with an interior decorator and everything, and then Mum said, "Wait...why don't we have Alyce do it?" Didn't have to ask me twice! Since they both grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan, I fired up PDN and came up with several designs inspired by the lake and the culture around it. They ended up choosing one inspired by lighthouse windows. Since I have a Spoonflower shop, I uploaded the design there and had them print the wallpaper. Et voila! Entirely PDN!
  13. EEp, can't believe I missed this! Actually, the restaurant is closed; hence the lack of menu.
  14. I would think a Calendar would make messy pasta.