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  1. Hi @frankensteiner316 Welcome to the forum. Looks like a layer of the built in filter "Clouds" was used. Select red and black as colors and adjust to desired effect. Place above or below background image (in this case faces were used) and play with blend modes to create your picture Hope this helps
  2. @jaybee_au Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you didn't use my name "Andrew" Can you post the name of the folder you created to be sure? Are you getting the same error message from the installer of these plugins? Let us know ASAP
  3. 2019 - The year of remakes Pet Cemetery Hellboy Men in Black Terminator - Dark Fate Shaft Child's Play Charlies Angels's_Angels_(2019_film) The Lion King Nice to see James Cameron comes out with something original and worth watching (7 of 10) Anita - Battle Angel And guess who's back? Open for comments
  4. I just tried the new Snip and Sketch in WIN10 and it works properly. I go with the Windows design flaw.
  5. @Oden84 Agreed. Using black in the snipping tool translates to transparent black in Paint.Net. Easily demonstrated when pasted onto a white layer. @Rick Brewster will have to comment on this now.
  6. Hi @Oden84 Welcome to the forum. I use the snipping tool quite often and I think you are referring to the red border line the tool displays to show what you have selected. Under Snipping Tool options ensure "Show selection overlay when Snipping is Active" is check marked. Not a Paint.Net issue
  7. Hi @Y_Kazz welcome to the forum. Different users have different methods of course. Here I used 2 plugins TR's Color Reducer to create a specific palette of colors and MJW's Recolor using palette just made It was quick and dirty to demonstrate another method of achieving a goal. Hope this helps
  8. Hi @TSi Welcome to the forum. I"m sure you are referring to the transparent pixels included in your selection. keep in mind you are selecting them. Knowing they are selected, there are 2 ways to remove them. First is by not selecting them. Use magic wand to select the transparent pixels then use Ctrl-I to invert selection to grab only colored pixels. The second way is using magic wand to deselect the transparent pixels you have initially selected by right-clicking on a transparent pixel. I would think @Rick Brewster has no intention of mimicking these other software packages. He has created a unique application that takes some practice with to be able to do what those other packages can do. Some with built in features but many others with the assistance of the plugin contributors. Just my 2 cents worth
  9. @DrewDale 516 is the correct amount. Are you looking under Testing -> Reptorian -> Picture Mosaic?
  10. It will with this plugin Animation Viewer Effect plugin: 17.8.2015: LookAtIt.Effect
  11. Hello @IngridFJ Download from this page This should work. If not - let us know.
  12. @Mark Half your problems can be solved looking at the Settings/Tools dialogue screen. Defaults can be changed as desired.
  13. Hi @Pam23 Welcome to the forum. Character Map is a utility included with Microsoft Windows operating systems and is used to view the characters in any installed font. Within Paint there is a plugin that allows you the same procedure to view characters of your installed fonts and allows you to render them to the canvas. Here's the plugin Hope this answers your question