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  1. @OhGod I would think that after reinstalling Windows, you would have about a weeks worth of updates to install before you reached the point you were at before the call to Microsoft. Keep checking for updates even though Microsoft might say you are up to date.
  2. @Jacobs For step 3 of @Pixey's directions, I used Object Align (Center) on each layer. What I didn't do was fill the surrounding transparency with the white because I'm not supposed to do the work for you. The reason I posted the GIF was to show you the import from file worked correctly.
  3. Have a closer look at the active and visible layer. Remember Paint.Net can only edit the current layer. By default the first layer is selected but the second last layer is visible. I was surprised that the "import from file" for an AGIF actually worked.
  4. Hi @Metalistic Welcome to hte Forum Have you tried Smooth from this Plugin Pack?
  5. Hi @welshblue This has been a long outstanding issue as reported here I have always accepted the workaround by zooming to 100% to paste selection. It always lands in the right spot. I'm sure @Rick Brewster will have a look at this and report back.
  6. Hi @TheAsset Welcome to the forum. You can open Notepad and see the available choices. Notice the second column to see all the variations.
  7. @LoudSilence You are missing the IMAGif.DLC file Go back to the .ZIP file and extract it to the Filetypes folder
  8. Hi @LoudSilence Can you provide a screenshot of your filetypes folder showing the IMAgif files? That should help identifying the problem. Ensure the folder is sorted alphabetically.
  9. @robloxkid928z My attempt using Cuboids You need to be a bit creative with the starting pattern before you run cuboids. Background and foreground layers added to enhance.
  10. Vanishing Trails, 5 Layers, Point Blur and Bi-Directional blur if @Radamand returns
  11. @DoubleD Nice to see you got it sorted out. 😃
  12. @DoubleD I tried creating a GIF with your transition codes to no avail. Can you reduce your gif to 4 or 5 layers and show us what you are seeing?
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