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  1. Animal texture (ymd: 20170822)

    Works fine for me . Clicking on the correct link?
  2. safe in .jpg

    Hi @comandante tuqueque Welcome to the forum. The default format for is PDN. Changing it would be a step in the wrong direction. It is default for a reason. Another app that only supports .jpg would be your choice if you are insistent on that procedure.
  3. Crashing on startup

    Hi @Domsa Something is surely wrong with your PC environment. @Copyright for Windows 10 should read 2017 NOT 2015. Your crash log is reporting inaccurate information as well. Could it have something to do with the installation going to the GAMES directory when it should be in PROGRAM FILES. Just my observations.
  4. Hi @Eli Median would be my choice - with a large amount of patience depending on how good you would like the finished product.
  5. GeoGraphics by AndrewDavid

    Something to share and contribute to the Paint.Net community. A series of shapes designed to create unique geometric / symmetrical patterns that can be incorporated into art in numerous ways. All created with the shapemaker plugin. Having good geometric patterns have an infinite number of possibilities in many plug ins of Paint.Net. Call them symmetric or call them geometric. I call them geographic s. Hope to see some creations with a few of them. I know they will keep you all busy for a few hours. 36 shapes in all. Here are some examples.
  6. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    I thought having 45 palettes was too many.
  7. Toli's Effects (v2.0.2, 20 Jan. 2008)

    Hi @SonicFeathers ensure you have the correct version -
  8. Curtis' Plugin Pack (Update for 3.5.4)

    For now @Pixey this will help. @Ego Eram Reputo may have to repost later so I can take this one down.
  9. This link is for the programmers @eggs. Look above that link and you will see the download for the actual plugin - not the source code.
  10. Mandala/Symmetry plugin?

    Hello @raeanana Welcome to the forum. This happens to be something I am working on in a different way. It has to do with geometric patterns built into paint as shapes using shapemaker. Once the shape is finished it is run through the above mentioned plugins to get patterns very close to your example. To speed up the process - search for geometric shape patterns on the internet and have a run through with the plug ins of paint. I hope to have my shape pack finished very soon. Here are some examples Hope this helps
  11. pyrochild plugins (2017-08-15)

    Nothing I have seen comes close to combining a grid with gradients. This was a valuable find and shows great potential in designing geometric shapes and patterns with the gradients built in. @lynxster4 and @welshblue both liked it and so do I. I think @welshblue will be incorporating it into something very soon. Worthy of its own release. It gets my vote.
  12. Quick Step Wood

    @welshblue Check out your add noise step Another fine tut. I learn something new every time. Thank you.
  13. PDN tooltips

    Worthy of note though is the fact that they come back without a restart. Trying to identify what brings them back. Just run Gaussian blur on an empty layer will work. Perhaps any plugin brings them back.
  14. Picture Editing Request

    @toe_head2001 Something tells me she may not be interested in learning paint. After an hour of playing with layers, blend modes, copying, pasting, using Median and Color replace, then re-sizing and some individual pixel coloring - I'm sure there must be an easier and faster way to do it. If the pic was much larger I don't think my methods would work out as well. The only reason I took it on was because the pic was so small and I enjoy the app.