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  1. AndrewDavid

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    My night with Marilyn
  2. AndrewDavid

    Plugin: Perspective Lines

    Thank You @toe_head2001 A new tool to add to my collection
  3. AndrewDavid

    Creating a perspective grid

    Hi @LWChris Have a look at this plugin as well It wont create a grid but it will help you draw your lines. Hope this helps
  4. AndrewDavid

    Plugin: Perspective Lines

    @Ego Eram Reputo Links empty - old thread for plugin found in index - can it be locked or refreshed?
  5. AndrewDavid

    Images by Woodsy

  6. AndrewDavid

    Bugs - Zooming and Layer Jumping

    @welshblue It would seem after today's Windows update (KB4089848) - that double click issue has subsided immensely. Check your update list to see if you got it yet. It kind of stuck for me considering it came out last month and I only got it installed today.
  7. AndrewDavid

    Plugin Index

    @Ego Eram Reputo From the plugin browser when updating the index.
  8. AndrewDavid

    Making Coloring Book Images

    Hi @scryer52 Your request seems simple to accomplish. It's the artistry of the drawing that is the challenge. If you just need to reverse engineer your art - converting it to black and white would be the first step. Then run Pencil Sketch to clearly define the outline of your image. Coloring books seems to me to have very intricate designs to make the coloring part as difficult as possible for the adult. Many small sections to make an intricate design is what makes the appeal (and challenge) to the non artist. I enjoy painting the starship enterprise quite a bit so I took the time to make a shape for it in "shapemaker". You can see it in my gallery. If you have an image you can post - a few members will let you know their opinions on the best way to accomplish your goal. These are my thoughts after googling "Adult coloring books". Hope this helps
  9. Hi @Theiago It would be called "Spoked Wheel" and can be found here Welcome to the Forum
  10. Hi @Durr Welcome to the Forum. If your pic lacks transparency there is no room for the outline to render. Exactly what are you trying to outline? The text or the plant? Isolate and move what you want outlined to its own layer with transparency surrounding the object and you will see the plugin does its job as expected. Hope this helps.
  11. AndrewDavid

    AndrewDavid's Creations- Playing with a new shape

    My faith in Shapemaker has been restored
  12. AndrewDavid 4.0.21 is slow to start

    Just for clarification @Rick Brewster You're making it sound like I am turning off Defender. This is not the case. I just don't need Defender to run a virus check on the 500 files in the effects folder every time I start paint. The tradeoff with loading time is worth it. I will be very careful adding any NEW files to the effects folder now that the exclusion rule is in effect. When I download files - I always use my download folder to allow defender to have a look before installing or moving any files to any other folder.
  13. AndrewDavid 4.0.21 is slow to start

    Let us know what effect it has in resolvng your issue. Worked great for me.
  14. AndrewDavid 4.0.21 is slow to start

    It's called an exclusion rule in windows defender. I made one for the effects folder and reduced the load time by 90%. Amazing.
  15. AndrewDavid 4.0.21 is slow to start

    @Rick Brewster I know too well this issue with Win10 Could it be because these DLL's are not digitally signed by a certified source - Windows performs a series of validity checks on them before loading them into memory. I imagine each one is run through that antimalware app to ensure they don't contain anything damaging. The second execution of Paint.Net always loads immediately (within 2 Seconds). I see this as because they have already been checked or they still reside in memory. It is only the first time Paint.Net is started (after a fresh reboot or cold start) that this long loading process occurs. Also - due to the fact that when plugins are removed - Paint.Net loads immediately as well. Its not an issue with Paint.Net - It's an issue with the DLL's This should get things started in finding a solution