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  1. Hi @WelshVanik Antialiasing The removal of jagged edges by subtle in-filling of intermediate pixels to even out the 'steps' between pixels. You have the ability to turn this function "Off" in the Menu bar. Hope this answers your question
  2. Hi @nuk A hidden gem can be found here @xod released a version of Rounded Rectangle that may accomplish what you need. Let us know what you think.
  3. Hi @l02turner Ensure you have your new version of WIN10 totally up to date. New installations can take some time to receive all necessary updates for Paint.Net's newest release. Hope this helps
  4. Hi @samzeman From what I can see I believe this is why you are getting the leftovers. Here is my method; Rather than erase at 75% softness, I prefer to add a new layer above the source pic and paint black over areas I want to keep. Then select this black with the magic wand move to the pic layer, copy then paste into a new layer above the black layer and take it from there. I always keep anti-aliasing off so I don:t get into any feathering issues. We all have our own routines and without experimenting with new ones we never learn anything new. Hope this helps
  5. @Pixey oops Corrected. So much for my heart shaped box
  6. Hi @doughty He never officially released it. You just need a course in how to search
  7. Hi @nitenurse79 Should appear under the submenu Testing\Reptorian.
  8. Ladies - Have you tried a simple reboot? They all work for me.
  9. @nitenurse79 Yes Once you have it installed - look for the update button at the bottom of the screen next to "Internet" and it will update all the filters.
  10. Welcome back @nitenurse79 Be prepared for 500+ new filters
  11. Hi @Elion Welcome to the forum. Have you looked at this plugin? After using TR:s color reducer to create the palette, use this plugin to apply the colors to your original image. If you have a custom palette built already you can use that as well.
  12. @Sketcher Try the built in "Pixelate" Distort effect. Ensure there is nothing but the green arrow on the layer Merge with a black layer underneath.