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  1. Happy Birthday LionsDragon

    Hope you have a wonderful day
  2. Line Tool Needs More Than 4 Dots

    Hi @Jemcrystal Another couple to mention Both of which will provide you with more than 6 control points. In Fact - Endless amounts. Hope these help.
  3. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    Another Fun and easy Tutorial. Thought the thread could use some new images
  4. Hi @Faolyn There are many member designed shape packs to get you familiar with how to use shapemaker. It is very doubtful you can import PS shapes.
  5. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    @Woodsy Sounds like you are clicking on the already downloaded files. I meant to go back to the links in this thread and begin the download process all over again from the beginning. With the copies you have already downloaded you could rename the files in Windows Explorer.
  6. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    @Woodsy When you click the links and get the option to save - rename the files and accordingly before you hit save. .You will find this works and will be able to extract the files.
  7. PixelCounter 2

    Hi @maggie1969 "centemetres" is correctly spelt "centimeters" - the default choice as shown in your pic. Hope this resolves your issue
  8. grid plugin

    Hello @heathersharmony In addition to Grid Maker v3.0 by BoltBait you have some other options; Grid Maker - Draws grids, also checkerboard and dots. Found in Madjik's Magical Plugins Megapack. Gridlines - Draws a grid with horizontal and vertical lines. Part of Kris VDM's Plugin Pack. Also you may like Gradient Grid by pyrochild - fills the grid with colorful gradients If you would like just lines Parallel Lines and Patterns - Draw parallel lines or patterns or fill a region with them. Like an enhanced Fill Style. (MartinOsieko) All can be found in
  9. @IrishEyes7 Now we are on the right track. You have many options. Simply open the logo (.pdn file) select the layer just the logo is on and copy all. Then select your new .pdn file - select the layer you added - then paste. voila - should work fine now. When you import a .pdn file - it imports all the layers - that's where the burgundy was coming from when you moved the logo. It imported more than just one layer. Hope this resovles your issue. It is quite the learning curve.
  10. @IrishEyes7 I think I figured it out. When you import from file - are you importing a .pdn file? (should normally be a single layer file (jpg or png)).
  11. Hello @IrishEyes7 Welcome to the Forum. When you say this - it must be a two layered image with the burgundy as a background layer and the stars and stripes on the top layer. When you import the image (your logo) you might have the stars layer selected that creates a window to the burgundy layer when you move it. It has to be getting the burgundy fill color from somewhere. Terminology is very important too. Do you mean import from file? What is the format of the file? When you use this function there is no need to create an additional layer before you run this function.- Import from file does this automatically. I know creating a new layer automatically makes it the active layer so you might just have to repeat the process again to further clarify a step that might be missing. We at the Forum love a challenge to help other users understand the functionality of this great piece of software.
  12. hi @pat71896 Welcome to the forum Because you have 4 colors - pretty sure it was created with the gradient plugin from KrisVDM. (Gradient: A four-color, non-linear "Gradient" effect, with high quality color dithering.) It is part of the pack @Ego Eram Reputo pointed to. If you have it already installed you can be sure that's what you used. Gradients galore doesn't really give you the 4 corner option like your pic demonstrates, So many gradient plugins can get confusing.