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  1. Hi @Pyzayt Looking at your images, you have come close to your objective already. Take your first example and place it below your second example in the same file. Change the blend mode to reflect on the top layer and see what I think is your desired objective. Let us know what you think of it.
  2. Hi @vicarious1 I followed your steps to determine the real issue. When you do a screen capture and paste it into Paint.Net, it asks you to resize the canvas to accommodate the larger image. When you click yes, the selected tool changes to the "move selection" choice. When you click on crop to selection, the tool remains in the move selection mode even though no selection is active. At this point you need to select the "rectangle select" icon in the tool menu to be able to select your new boundaries. What I do is after I paste, I change the tool to "Move Selection", a
  3. Well done I think you achieved exactly what you were looking for. Well done on the image hosting as well. Working with the originals must have made it easy for you to remove the backgrounds. Hopefully you learned the power of Paint.Net and some of its capabilities.
  4. Hello again @JessycaN Welcome back I see all your backgrounds come out as a gradient blend of a few light colors. Stack your images in one PDN file that will allow you to see a thumbnail in the layers window. My first attempt was adjusting brightness/contrast on the second image 10 points at a time. This seemed to work well enough to get it to match the first image. You would have to be the judge. Add 30 brightness to the second image and compare. For the third image, it got a bit tricky. Place a transparent layer below the image and fill it with a wh
  5. Hi @JessycaN Welcome to the forum. Without seeing the images it might be hard to tell you the best way. However, the first thing that comes to mind is to convert them all to B&W then use 1 of several different plugins to find a color adjustment/brightness/contrast that suits your needs. then apply the same settings to all your pictures. If in doubt, post 2 images to this thread and you will get several suggestions to accomplish your needs. Hope this helps to get the ball rolling
  6. @TimAllen Hello again Now that I have installed and tested it, you can use this filetype plugin to export Inside the ZIP file you will find all your layers converted to individual files that you can extract back into a folder. I believe this is much easier than working with a spritesheet. We all have our own preferences though. Hope this helps
  7. Just a heads up @TimAllen In "Layers/Import from file" select all the files you would like imported and Paint will create a PDN file with each image on its own layer. This will at least save you some time in assembling the spritesheet. This will also allow Ctrl-F to work on each layer.
  8. Hi @Shayla. Welcome to the forum. It looks to me that from the start of your design process, you have antialias turned on. This will cause those semi white transparent borders around your image. Another solution is to increase the tolerance of the magic wand to include those pixels when you are filling the area with a color. Hope this helps.
  9. OK - Using that method does work. I was using paint bucket and Paintbrush before. So to answer your original question So with the Alpha set to 0 and R255. This is what appears in Photo Glad we got this sorted out.
  10. Yes that is exactly what is happening. Maybe @Rick Brewster can confirm if its a bug or intended behaviour.
  11. I have done that several times. I then check with color picker and it shows me R255,G255,B255,A=0
  12. While being open in PDN, it doesn't matter if it's a PNG or PDN File. If the alpha is 0, Paint.Net converts it to R255,G255,B255,A=0 Can you fill an area with R=255,B=0,G=0,A=0?
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