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  1. @midora Thanks for the feedback. I constantly ran into errors trying to do that. Anything I change results in error(s). I can wait for your code snippet
  2. To whom it may concern I've come a long way since my last post. Found some guides buried in the forum. Visual Studio 3033 has had some issues I would think Net 5.0 has some too. Still missing documentation for many issues. I think I have a good working template now. Now when I try to create a Git repository, I have to do it through the command line. It was uploading fine a few weeks ago. I also don't get the blue icons anymore for my newer repositories. The resource files are not segregated into their own folders. https://github.com/AndrewDavid007/DrawGrid2021 I have built this one totally on Net 5.0 However it is not rendering the grid to the surface. I'm sure you will find the code messy - but it does work with that exception. If you have the time and patience have a look and see what is wrong. You are free to update as necessary on Git Thank you in advance. I know you guys like puzzles 😊
  3. @midora Perhaps the author thought setting the value to "0" when designing a grid would create only rows or only columns.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, this crash is due to the plugin Such a small plugin, this is one I am attempting to re-write. It is the original one that crashed - not the one I attempting to build. To repo move slider all the way to 1000 then move it back to 0.
  5. And while I'm waiting for it to install I have a question. If a plugin is designed in codelab and I decompile it and bring it into Visual Studio, can you explain why there are so many errors? Is it to be expected because it was built in Codelab and not exported for Visual Studio through codelab. Installation complete. Success. I moved the bar 20 times and no errors. Job well done.
  6. @sirdaniel Think of a house on a foundation. Net Core 5.0 is the foundation. 4.3 is the House Paint.Net is built in.. That's my understanding. From @Rick Brewster Major version bumps like that are good for when there are new features, UI redesigns, etc. This update is primarily a technology upgrade and performance optimization release, and there aren't really any new end-user features.
  7. So the switch was to try and get it to generate a crash log? If so, it didn't.
  8. I managed to get the trace with the switch. You can read the trace. Paint did not exit, only disappeared. Here's the trace MathLax.zip
  9. Just installed this one for the first time Move the slider 3 - 5 times and Paint just crashes - no crash file. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116703-mathlatex-plugin/
  10. @Ego Eram Reputo's code is failing However the code in @toe_head2001,s Plugin Browser works. My code crashes paint.net.
  11. Silly me. Ever since you changed the plugin folder, I forgot to set exclusions for them. Look at the difference.NewAlpha.zip
  12. Challenges - Update to Visual Studio yesterday that resolved 1 bug that I saw - followed by an update to windows while working with an Alpha version of Paint.Net. Today I figured out another problem. Don't have Paint open before you open Visual Studio. Seems OK if you open after. I was trying to open form designer, but kept getting an error. It was because Paint.Net was running in the background and put locks on the assemblies VS was trying to use. PS I remember those cards. Long before anyone heard of DOS. 😊
  13. Thanks @midora You just lit the lightbulb. In the dialogue box (Base Output Path) in properties. I thought that was for where I wanted the plug to go. Now the "Copy Path" makes sense to me. And it was! 😊
  14. @null54 I'm getting the plugin copied to Effects. I'm asking about all the folders VS is creating.
  15. Hi @Rick Brewster One of the features you introduced was loading sub folders (I thought you said one) as part of the load process. I just want to know if this is correct. Should only one load or all sub-folders? All sub-folders are being loaded. I have been looking for an answer to this question for a few days. When I build my project in Visual Studio 2022 (Preview), regardless of whether its debug or release, VS creates sub-folders to the effect folder titled "Debug" and "Release". Inside the "Debug" folder is a complete copy of all the references of my project. I noticed this back when I was doing the trace commands, and removed them prior to running the command. You can imagine the load time it takes if I don't remove them. Am I missing something? This may be a noobie question. Is there a way to prevent these folders from being created? Is this just normal behavior? Seems overkill to me. Your help is appreciated.
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