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  1. This does not apply to the Classic Version @Robyn Ensure you unzip the file first. Place the file in "C:\Program Files\\Effects" Folder. Restart Paint and the new plugin should appear under Effects/Photo sub-menu. Hope this helps
  2. Welcome to my world. Due to budget restraints, I've self isolated going on three years now. And I still have another 2 to go. Between the Internet and Cable I have managed to stay relatively sane.
  3. Happy Birthday @Seerose We miss you
  4. Marvin Gaye or Barry White I think the most famous is
  5. Come for the music but enjoy the ArtWork
  6. Using Adjustments/Black and Alpha with your color on the bottom layer. Slightly different than @welshblue's but noteworthy
  7. Have a look at this: 1. Open the palette list and see the currently selected palette with a check mark (New I believe). 2. Add a new color to palette. 3. Open list and checkmark is gone from current palette. Without knowing this, I thought the selected palette had lost its functionality.
  8. Hi @hamwizard I tried your procedure and found no problems at all. Has to be something specific to your environment, Followed all @BoltBait methods,
  9. Hey @XCrunnerS Welcome to the Forum Try creating a PDN file with your preferred size and color - save to your desktop - use this icon to open paint to get the display you prefer. A common Windows shortcut.
  10. @BoltBait Sorry to see you go. Three basic steps for designing clothes 1. The Texture - What your clothes will look like in the final rendition. (what Paint is used for) 2. The Template - designed to be applied to the 3D object. (Your example) 3. The 3D object - Used to apply the template to make your clothes. This 3d object will be designed/provided by the programmers of the 3D environment you will be playing in. In this case RobLox. Look for a designer pack to download specific to Roblox. The theory might be to create the object in blender, upload to the Roblox platform and apply your template to the object. This is what I initially started using paint for. I designed clothing for a 3D environment I was playing in. It progressed to other objects like furniture and architecture as well. It was a tedious process, but I was able to create some unique designs for the 3D world I was playing in. The novelty eventually wore off and I haven't designed anything for about 2 years. Seems once I learn how to do something, I don't bother doing it anymore. It was a lot easier than trying to learn programming. If Rick is the father of Paint you sure were his brother in the progress Paint has made over the years. Just like Red Ochre - you will be back.
  11. GitHub provides a platform for programmers to build effects collaboratively. Most allow redistribution. some do not. In this case @Moshyfan did not.
  12. I think this the reason. Your ZIP file only contains the DLL. Not the DLC Option based libraries are covered from other plugins I have.