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  1. I concur with @toe_head2001 Without downloading the pic I assumed you were dealing with transparency. The plugin of choice for me though would be . It allows you to reduce the image to 3 colors very easily and you do not have to install a whole pack just for 1 plugin. Hope this helps. Took about 10 minutes.
  2. Hi @Sifrelon Welcome to the Forum Sounds like this will solve your issue Without making a selection - adjust transparency to 100% and see if it works to solve your needs.
  3. AndrewDavid

    DDS files not available

    Hi @Meridiano Select "Diagnostics" and any plug in errors will show. If it shows your configuration properly then you have no plugin errors. Hope this helps.
  4. AndrewDavid

    Black and White+

    Well done @MJW The issue has been resolved. 😀
  5. AndrewDavid

    Black and White+

    Yes you did misunderstand. Look at the incorrect version number it displays when hovering the cursor over the plugin menu entry while inside Paint. It is not really When looking at the DLL through explorer it shows the correct version number 1.1.6742.32785 as of your last compiled DLL
  6. AndrewDavid

    Black and White+

    This issue has come up before. Naming conventions require something a little more unique than other plugins. PDN seems to read only the first entry and misrepresents the second. Not a BIG deal - but annoying to a perfectionist. 😀
  7. AndrewDavid

    Happy Birthday Lynxster!

    Happy Birthday @lynxster4. Enjoy your day 🎈🎈🎈🎈😂
  8. AndrewDavid

    Content Aware Fill (2018-07-10)

    Hi @Syn Welcome to the Forum. A fairly new plugin - but I believe I am getting the hang of it. THe first step is to remove the area you need filled. Then work with small areas to fill with the content you are looking for. Just 15 minutes and I managed to provide this quick example. More time spent will produce a better result. I should mention a directional blur was added to blend the colors better after the content aware fill. I am sure this will get you pointed in the right direction. Any questions just ask. @Ego Eram Reputo is much faster than I 😂
  9. AndrewDavid


    Another great TUT. @Ash is surely missed. 😞 Here's my attempt
  10. AndrewDavid

    OOTF#23 - Empty Vase.

  11. AndrewDavid

    SOTW#185 - Faux Miniature Effect

  12. AndrewDavid

    Power Reactor? (Stuff with hexagrid...)

    The possibilities are endless @MadJik
  13. AndrewDavid

    Grid Warp

  14. AndrewDavid

    SOTW#184 - Red ochre's Clip Warp