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  1. AndrewDavid

    dpy's Plugin Pack (2014-05-04)

    Hi @mindbody&soul The Files are located in an unneeded folder; ┬Ędpyplugins" is NOT required. The DLL files only should be in the effects folder one tier higher than you have them now. This should sort out your problem.
  2. AndrewDavid

    Happy Birthday, LionsDragon!

    And another Happy Birthday @LionsDragon
  3. Hi @Bobi Look again at the drop down list of choices and you will see a percentage option to begin with. It just defaults to the absolute size.
  4. AndrewDavid

    Unfinished plugins

    Maybe I need an education Think of when you draw a vertical or horizontal line. In my mind I thought they were the same. Here are the 2 gradients I create Back to art school ­čśü
  5. AndrewDavid

    Unfinished plugins

    Great job @xod If you do make an edit, your labels for gradient horizontal and vertical needs to be switched. Not to sound nit picky
  6. AndrewDavid

    Ed Harvey Effects v 4.0 (2012-02-13)

    Hi @mackenzieh PDB = Program debug database Helps the developer if there are any crashes. Place it in the same Effects folder. Happy Painting and Merry Christmas
  7. AndrewDavid 4.1.5 is now available!

    All Graphics done in the Beta version
  8. AndrewDavid

    Make a Smartphone Basics ...

    Hi @mackenzieh Indeed it does.
  9. AndrewDavid

    The Plugin Browser v1.3.0.2 (Sept 28, 2018)

    Hey there @mackenzieh That is the current version. Can I ask what made you think it wasn't?
  10. AndrewDavid

    Happy Birthday, Zagna!

    Happy Birthday @Zagna Have a great day
  11. AndrewDavid

    Palette from Image...

    Hi @ScrapbookWithPDN I use this one quite regularly without any crashes. Hope this helps
  12. AndrewDavid

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Now this looks like a great movie (if you enjoyed forrest gump). An artists dreams comes to life.
  13. AndrewDavid 4.1.5 beta build 6895

    @Rick Brewster This has happened 2 of 3 times. While using Magic wand the PC has frozen and required a reboot. The images were fairly large (for me) 3000 X 2700 The PC froze and no buttons responded. Powered off and rebooted. Then when restarting Paint.Net, a couple plugins failed to load. Then when restarting Paint.Net they loaded with no problems. This happened the first time. I remember Mandala was one of the plugins that failed to load but I never used it. The second time the PC froze - it did come back after about 15 seconds. The third time a reboot was again required by powering off and these plugins failed when Paint.Net started. Error report included. Only GraphPaper was used during the session. GraphPaper.dll mandala.dll ParallelLines.Effect.dll C:\Program Files\\Effects\GraphPaper.dll, version Name: Graph Paper Type: GraphPaperEffect.GraphPaperEffectPlugin Version: Author: Copyright ┬ę toe_head2001 Copyright: Graph Paper Website: System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add) at OptionControls.OptionContext.GetContext(String id, Assembly assembly, String dlcName) When restarting Paint.Net the plugins again loaded without errors. Removing the Beta now to see if the error persists with the old version (I think not). Posted just in case someone else has experienced this.
  14. @Ego Eram Reputo @BoltBait The great thing about posting source codes is we can put it wherever we want. I have built several Subfolders to better manage my plugins. This is how I use Codelab.
  15. Hi @mafitd Welcome to the forum. Without plugins the only built in effect would be zoom blur. It comes close but is not exactly what you posted. You may have created several layers at different opacities to get the effect. There is a plugin called zoom blur deluxe that almost get its right (90%). While zooming in, an angle had to be applied to get the center lined up but it wont smooth the blur as demonstrated in your pic. Play with Zoom blur and see if it helps your memory. Maybe another member can duplicate your creation. I tried.