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  1. So when is this update available ? and from where do we get it ? Thanks.
  2. Not seen any additions, where exactly do the pallette's reside ?
  3. Many thanks @lynxster4 & @Woodsy for your greetings 😊
  4. Thanks @BoltBait & @null54 Will rep when granted them again 😊
  5. With added curves+ plugin and the vintage bleach preset. Merged x2 images of my own. Great plugin. 😊
  6. Woah, thanks all. More greetings here than off the family. 🍺
  7. I wouldn't even say there is 100 active members, 25 would be more accurate. I admit I didn't vote this year, but I have hardly been very active on here and have missed a lot that has gone on here.
  8. Many thanks @Eli I was sure a plugin existed, but didn't know it's name
  9. I'm looking for a method to fade the colour (or desaturate) from parts of an image in order to emphasise the main colour part. I can't provide an example because I don't know how to repro it. Thanks in advance.
  10. This weeks SOTW - Mondrian style, has already been done
  11. Also Stencilia is a font worth checking out too.
  12. Happy birthday @AndrewDavid have a great day ??
  13. I have been listening to this bands back catalogue of late, some pure gems among them too.
  14. Once again, thanks for diagnosing the diagnostics, I should remind myself to check for updates driver wise every now and then. I always assume windows update handles everything and of course that's not the case.
  15. Many thanks, checked for updated drivers, driver updated and issue now fixed. ?
  16. Thanks for the reply, although my laptop is not exactly old (18 month I believe)
  17. If I set the value to 16 and scroll the mouse, I can't reselect 16 as a value, it goes from 15 to 20 and then upwards in increments of 5's
  18. I will have to forsake the bonus points and attach a txt file. diagnostics.txt
  19. Many thanks @AndrewDavid Works as expected now
  20. Also minimising to the taskbar and then reopening results in this happening : This never happened prior to this build.