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  1. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Yes, you are correct. It uses an APPX package, but those only work on Windows 10.
  2. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Hmm, 'SetupNgen.exe' is failing. We've seen this issue before, but I don't think we ever found a reason for the failure, or a solution.
  3. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    I won't know until I look at it. Can you post it to PasteBin?
  4. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    No. The MSI file should be fine. One of the procedures that the MSI needs to do failed. You'll need to run the MSI with logging enabled. Running this will generate a log file on your desktop: msiexec /i PaintDotNet_x64.msi /L*V %UserProfile%\Desktop\pdn.log
  5. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Oops, I got too hasty, and forgot to paste the link. ie: Open a command prompt, and execute the the installation with the /CreateMSI argument. /CreateMSI
  6. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    You've already tried Windows Safe Mode, so you already know an anti-malware program is not interfering. Speaking of which, why do you have three?! You should have only one. Since you're on Windows 7, you should be using Security Essentials (on Windows 10 you'd use Defender). Remove those other ones. As for the installation, the only workaround I can think of is to create an .MSI installer on a second computer, and then use that MSI installer on your Windows 7 system that's having the issue.
  7. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    Please try installing while in Windows Safe Mode. That will ensure no third-party software is interfering.
  8. toe_head2001 crashed during installation

    The .NET Framework installation is disappearing. You'll need to install it separately beforehand. Download it here (v4.7.2) : Once you get to this point again, please post a screenshot here.
  9. toe_head2001

    DDS files not available
  10. You are correct. Therefore, has no control over what's in that Print dialog. Alternatively, you could try the Print It plugin.
  11. Ctrl + Alt + V
  12. toe_head2001


    Great to hear. For those that may stumble into this topic in the future:
  13. Slashes seem to work fine. The crash is actually caused by the 0.6 in the Default box. When switching to the Checkbox, CodeLab attempts to Parse the 0.6 as an integer. Fixed for the next release: if (int.TryParse(ControlDef.Text, out int result) && result > 0)