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  1. @Tiamariacat, you are using a very old version of Paint.NET. You really should update to the latest version.
  2. It's been long enough that we can do it again. Dice was also done twice. It gives a chance for newer people to do it, and for those who did it last time, you now have 3+ years of additional experience with Paint.NET to take advantage of.
  3. You'll need to ask the manufacture of your printer. We have no control over how your printer works, or how the Windows Print Wizard works.
  4. It's an issue with HiDPI scaling. The version of Paint.NET you're using is irrelevant.
  5. The removal of the EnableAutoGlass property has caused several plugins by @Ed Harvey to stop working.
  6. I've claimed every game that Epic has offered for free, and have never given them a cent. I just looked at the number of games in my Epic library, and was shocked how high it is. 195. They've given out 195 games. I feel a little bad for not giving them any money. Not that they need my money; they rake in billions from Fortnite. I always buys my games from Steam.
  7. There's an example in this forum topic: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/117273-white-stripes-on-the-cut-edges-of-the-cut-out-areas-in-the-image/
  8. Thumbnails are found in the registry. They are in the Base64 format. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\paint.net There's no way you're going to get your full-size image back from a thumbnail though.
  9. Most people don't use tabs with any C style language. That's completely subjective. The same exact things can be said about tabs. I'm not even joking. The standout issue with tabs is variable tab width among different environments. For you a tab width might appears as 40px, but for other people it might be 80px. This is very evident in web browsers. For some reason, a tab is about double the normal (if there is such a thing) width in a web browser. A space is always the same width. The good news is that modern editors will automatically
  10. So the Microsoft Store program said "Try again later. Something happened on our end.", and then someone working for Microsoft Support claimed the Microsoft Store is not their product? I would recommend calling them back. Maybe the second person you talk to won't be so dense. I wish we could help, but no one here has any control over the Microsoft Store and how it behaves.
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