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  1. You really ought to use PNG. GIF only supports a limited color palette, so there's a lot of dithering in your image. It's a plugin:
  2. Some might say it's cumbersome to use, but you could try TR's Alpha Cutter plugin.
  3. toe_head2001

    Gold Metal

    Open the Metallize plugin, and you will see an Integer Slider labeled as Type. 1, 2, and 3 refer to different values of that Integer Slider.
  4. toe_head2001

    Pen jumping offscreen

    And that is why we require you to have the most recent version of when requesting support here on the forum. I'm glad you got it working though.
  5. I'm glad you got it all resolved. Thanks. The scanner has been fixed with the correct version. I've also added a detection for your issue.
  6. toe_head2001

    Basic FileType plugin guidance

    I may be mistaken, but I believe your filetype class should not be inheriting from both FileType & IFileTypeFactory. You need to create a class for both of them.
  7. toe_head2001

    picture configuration

    Confirmed. Closing/Canceling (without saving) the 'Save Configuration' dialog will still cause an MRU entry to be created that appears in the Start Menu and Taskbar Jumplist. It can be removed though. Just right click on the entry, and click "Remove from this list". To be fair, those MRU entries automatically created by Windows when the 'File Open' and the 'File Save' dialogs are used.
  8. toe_head2001 no longer loads

    No, that would have no effect in regards to his particular issue.
  9. toe_head2001

    Idea For update

    No, you are correct: They can not be changed. You could however use a third-party utility to remap the keys while in
  10. toe_head2001

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I locked it yesterday afternoon to prevent illegitimate entries, as the deadline had past by more than 7 hours. This is why I recommend using the autolock feature. Comp hosts won't always be online to manually lock topics when the deadline comes.
  11. toe_head2001

    Installation Problem

    Your installation has became broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: Afterwards, you can install anew.
  12. toe_head2001

    Help Required Recovering File

    Try to find the correct file with your data recovery software. If it can't find the file, there's really nothing you can do. Remember to make backups in the future.
  13. toe_head2001

    Create new document

    Ok, so go into the temp directory and verify that the file was actually saved there.
  14. toe_head2001

    Create new document

    Your save path is the Temp directory. It needs to have a filename too. Ex: System.IO.Path.GetTempFileName() + "myImage.png"
  15. toe_head2001

    Help Required Recovering File

    Sounds like you recovered a jpeg file; not a PDN file. It also sounds like you have file extensions hidden. I believe your file is really named stuff.jpg.0.pdnsave Moot point though; it's still a jpeg file.