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  1. Freezes on Startup

    hmm, this can read as an oxymoron. Please just quantify them. Can you also post your system information as listed in the settings? Settings -> Diagnostics -> Copy to clipboard
  2. Freezes on Startup

    If it freezes, how do you "exit out"? Do you have many plugins installed?
  3. You may vote for up to 7 entries. Poll will close on at 0700 UTC (7:00 AM UK Time) on Saturday, September 30. See the Countdown for exact time remaining
  4. intelligent siccor

    Maybe you mean 'scissor', and what to cut things out? If that's the case, use TR's Alpha Cutter plugin.
  5. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    I'm not too concern about a white background, considering it will be displayed as white here on the forum anyways. Therefore I will let it slide this time. But now that you know the rules, thank you for following them henceforth.
  6. Internal Shadow transparency!!

    Another option is to use the Inset Box Shadow plugin.
  7. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Playing with Snakes

    So which parts are the stock image, and which were done in
  8. PSFilterPdn (2016-10-05)

    My load times are no where near 45 to 75 seconds, but I was able to reduce my time of 2.65 seconds by about 30% (this was with over 3,000 .8bf files installed). @null54 -> Hopefully that optimization will be more significant for @Scaramouche ... unless his/her bottleneck is Disk I/O.
  9. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    In the past few OotF competitions, a few people have used object reflections. Therefore, I think we should address these reflections in the competition rules. I am in favor of allowing them, but I want to hear what other people think before making a decision. My rationale for allowing them: A object reflection is much like an object shadow: Light's reaction to an object on an adjacent surface. Thoughts? Agree or Disagree?
  10. Plugin Index

    The 'Table' plugin from Red ochre's pack needs to be added to the index.
  11. The Plugin Browser v1.2.0.5 (Sept 14, 2017)

    Version posted. Fixed some minor issues with how the plugin dialog is loaded.
  12. Video Gaming Thread

    Skyrim Special Edition is the Remaster that was released last autumn; not available on the 360.
  13. Copying to clipboard with plugin

    oh, yeah... I guess you'd have to use EffectFlags.SingleThreaded. Slower, but should work.
  14. Copying to clipboard with plugin

    I haven't tested this, but I think it should work. protected override void OnRender(Rectangle[] renderRects, int startIndex, int length) { if (length == 0) return; for (int i = startIndex; i < startIndex + length; ++i) { Render(DstArgs.Surface, SrcArgs.Surface, renderRects[i]); } SetClipboardImage(DstArgs.Bitmap); }
  15. Due to compression techniques, resolution does not dictate filesize. If you want higher compression with less compression artifacts, take a look at the mozjpeg and guetzli encoders. I have not done extensive comparisons myself, but there are some out there: