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  1. toe_head2001

    Forum software upgrade?

    Yes, the forums were upgraded to Invision v4.3. The skin tones do work, but won't affect most of the emojis. Scroll through the People section, and you'll see the ones that change. To be clear, emoji has always worked on the forum, but the upgrade provides an emoji picker to make inserting them easier.
  2. toe_head2001

    Plugin: Perspective Lines

    I've added the plugin as a forum attachment.
  3. Sorry, doesn't handle CMYK. In any case, there's no true (accurate) conversion from RGB to CMYK; just an approximate conversion.
  4. toe_head2001

    Crashes on start up

    It's not recommended, but you could try to install the "Early Access" of .Net Framework v4.7.2. That would hopefully replace the corrupt file during installation.
  5. toe_head2001

    Simply cant install 4.0.21

    Sounds like MSI is returning the 1603 error code. You're seeing something like this, no? Using this utility from Microsoft usually resolves that issue:
  6. toe_head2001

    SP1 Problem for 4

    Please ensure there are no pending Windows Updates for your system. Let us know what you find.
  7. toe_head2001

    Issue with paint bucket tool

    You have noise in your Solenya image. Most likely compression artifacts from using the JPG format. If you zoom-in, you'll be able to see those regions are not solid white, but have a bunch off off-white dots. You could try increasing the Tolerance when using the Paint Bucket. Remember to save your non-photo images in the PNG format.
  8. toe_head2001

    Custom Keybinds

    @Besastan, I think having custom bindings would be useful to some people. No one has an issue with you making a request. I'm locking this. The way I see it, you have a poor attitude, and have been disrespectful. If you were homeless, would you go into a 'soup kitchen' and complain that they never severe your favorite soup? Would the call the cooks lazy, because they won't prepare a soup that only you want? Sure, if you're creating a new program from scratch, it wouldn't difficult at all. However, is a large and complex code base. I think you're imagining it to be a lot simpler than it really is. You can't always just swap-in replacement code. I don't recall ever hearing that he can't be bothered adding this functionality. There are, however, items of more importance/priority. Items that affect the majority of the users. Your "pet feature" may be important to you, but it's not important to most people. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I get that this is just sarcasm and hyperbole, but it is unacceptable. We asked you to speak more respectfully, but instead you joke that only deities deserve your respect. This seems like a misanthropic attitude, even it is in jest.
  9. toe_head2001

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I noticed about half the entries in the current poll were broken images, so I've fixed them. Hopefully no one lost potential votes.
  10. toe_head2001

    Tablet version?

    No, you can't make your tablet compatible with needs to run on Windows.
  11. toe_head2001

    Unfinished plugins

    Oh, sorry, there's more to it than that. Some of your UI events invoke FinishTokenUpdate(). So, for example when you set AntiAliased.Checked = ..., it invokes FinishTokenUpdate(), which sets the Token values based on the current values of the controls. However, the color buttons have not yet been changed from their defaults. Move the color stuff to the top, so they get set before the Token gets updated based on current UI controls. That fixes the issue. protected override void InitDialogFromToken(EffectConfigToken effectToken) { // This repopulates the UI when you run the effect a second time EffectPluginConfigToken token = (EffectPluginConfigToken)effectToken; Color1 = token.Color1; Color2 = token.Color2; ColorSpot = token.ColorSpot; colorDialog1.Color = Color1; colorDialog2.Color = Color2; colorDialogSpot.Color = ColorSpot; ColPick1.BackColor = Color1; ColPick2.BackColor = Color2; ColPickSpot.BackColor = ColorSpot; AntiAliased.Checked = token.AntiAliased; SpotCross.Checked = token.SpotCross; cbEnd.Checked = token.EndMode; DrawMode1.Checked = token.DrawMode1; DrawMode2.Checked = token.DrawMode2; DrawMode3.Checked = token.DrawMode3; DrawMode4.Checked = token.DrawMode4; DrawMode5.Checked = token.DrawMode5; DrawMode6.Checked = token.DrawMode6; AlphaUpDown.Value = token.TransAlpha; BrushUpDown.Value = token.BrushWidth; SizeUpDown.Value = token.SizeHexa; SizbUpDown.Value = token.SizeHexb; cbSize.Checked = token.SizeLink; }
  12. toe_head2001

    Unfinished plugins

    You are setting the BackColors correctly from the EffectToken values, but then the BackColors get set to the defaults here: private void ConfigDialog_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { ColPick1.BackColor = Color.Black; ColPick2.BackColor = Color.Black; ColPickSpot.BackColor = Color.Gray; } Yeah, some of the standard WinForm controls have limitations in regards to their appearance. You may need to override some things, or create a custom control.
  13. Yes, only is affected.,, and still work fine. I don't think so. The Whois information on the domain ( clearly show a status of serverHold. Meaning the domain registrar has disabled DNS on the domain, rendering it unusable.
  14. toe_head2001

    Photoshop PSD file plugin (newest version: 2.5.0)

    Version 2.5.0 seems to work fine with v4.0.21. What issue are you seeing?
  15. You have a bunch of 1px sized dots, and thus the black-and-white animation of the selection outline appears as a flash. The dots are not deleted, because they are not selected. Rather, the pixels around the dots are selected.