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  1. Some of these exception messages are indicative of bad system memory (RAM). The fact that you're also having BSOD issues enforces this theory. It looks like your laptop is nearly 12 years old. Probably time to replace it.
  2. Yep, this is an indicator that your hard disk is failing. You should replace it as soon as possible; ideally with an SSD. This is an unsupported configuration of Windows 11. (unsupported by Microsoft)
  3. It says it can't find the MessagePack.dll file. Did you install the plugin correctly?
  4. You have two options: Reinstall the .NET 7 SDK. Microsoft released v7.0.19 on the same day that .NET 7 went EOL. So, they expect people to continue using it in the short-term. Use the alpha version of Paint.NET, which uses .NET 8.
  5. @DrakenStark Please post a screenshot of the issue.
  6. Might be the NahimicOSD causing issues. Try to remove it, and possibly the other A-Volute software too.
  7. This is a little confusing. Are you actually cropping the image? It sounds like you just want to erase parts of an image. ie, Make those parts transparent. Are you saying when you copy and paste the image into another program, the transparency is lost?
  8. This was changed in Paint.NET v5.0.4 to make the image more accurate at different zoom levels.
  9. If you can throw money at the problem, then send it to the folks that can create a solution: - Buy a CrossOver license from CodeWeavers (the primary sponsor of Wine; employs many Wine developers) - or directly to the Wine project.
  10. The certificate looks fine to me. Please ensure Windows Update has been run, and is up-to-date.
  11. You can check for the digital signature on the downloaded file. %temp%\PdnSetupDownloader You're probably behind on Windows Updates though. Seems like your system doesn't recognize a root certificate used by Microsoft. Or maybe it was just an incomplete download.
  12. That's why it's not working; the plugin files (and dependencies) need to be placed within the Effects folder.
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