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  1. Paint.NET utilizes the photo printing capabilities of the Windows operating system. So, if there's some kind color setting, it would be in Windows itself. Paint.NET has no control over that.
  2. That be achieved with BoltBait's Inner Shadow, can it not?
  3. Don't hold your breath getting an alternative solution. You are within the minority that sees this an issue, and in terms of Paint.NET development, there are so many things to do with a higher priority. I closed it, as per our community rules. The proper thing to do is to create a new topic; which you have now done.
  4. I've moved this into Plugin Developer's Central, as it seems like another "half-baked" plugin. You need to remove the .Render() calls inside of PreRender. What does this plugin effectively offer compared to the plugin from BoltBait?
  5. You probably have an existing installation of that has become broken. Use this utility to remove the broken Paint.NET installation: Then try to install the latest version of again.
  6. @treycodes, You can also create and edit shapes in CodeLab. File --> New --> Shape
  7. This information is already available in BoltBait's tutorial, and a few other places.
  8. I would guess you've installed pyrochild's plugin pack into the Effect directories in both Program Files and Documents. Please check both locations. There are also tooltips on the menu items in the Effects menu that will tell you the file locations.
  9. @Andrey1 We do not offer support for v3.5.11. You need to update to the latest version of Also, please don't reply to these very old forum topics. Locked.
  10. There really aren't any plugins for sketching/drawing. There are a couple of plugins for custom brushes, but I don't think that's what you're looking for.
  11. The Shapes tool is the last one in that list.
  12. Make sure you're using the correct tool. <-- This is a selection tool. Use it to make selections. <-- This is the shapes tool. Use it to draw shapes.
  13. Yeah, that's why it failed. I'm pretty sure it's a bug with the forum software the website uses.
  14. If you just want to use Paint Bucket tool, you can change the Sampling from Layer to Image. That will allow to fill the lake region while in the new layer.
  15. When the registration was failing, was the KeyCAPTCHA Jigsaw Puzzle visible/functional?