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  1. Please post a screenshot that shows where is installed on your computer; like a screenshot of the contents of the folder in Program Files.
  2. I wish you had report the issue when you first encountered it, instead of waiting until after v5.1 was released. I'll bisect the revision history, and find out how this broke. Thank you for reporting it though.
  3. Yeah, I'm curious to know where the struggle was. If I didn't explain the plugin well enough in its description, that should change.
  4. And JetBrains Mono... I agree; it's nice. I think it's my new favorite. Fonts added.
  5. Scintilla has an option to use DirectWrite, which supports Ligatures by default. However, I'm not sure how to switch off Ligatures when using DirectWrite. Well, there is a 'font options' setting in DirectWrite to do disable them, but Scintilla doesn't have some easy abstraction for it. So, I guess if you didn't want Ligatures, you have to switch back to GDI text.
  6. There are a few newer coding fonts available these days: Cascadia Code Fira Code JetBrains Mono Anyone using these?
  7. If there are issues, they're with MSVC or MSBuild. You aren't force to use those compilers (or build system) if you use Visual Studio though. In fact, you can use the Terminal that's built into Visual Studio to execute a GCC compilation.
  8. Not really a new rule. There's a technical reason behind it. Because we added support for FileType projects, we needed a way to differentiate different .CS files (is it a Effect or a FileType?). The easiest way was to search for the standard Render method. Correct; very easy indeed. That's what I was referring to as well. Fun typo. We'll fix that. I fail to see the hassle of Visual Studio. It has lots of tooling for many languages and project types.
  9. The plugin is available here:
  10. That means your .CS file was not recognized as an Effect or a FileType. If that is a mistake, please share your .CS file so we can identify where the issue is coming from. You mean an arbitrary (user-defined) amount of spaces? We might add an option for this in the future. No guarantees. What other build configuration do you need?
  11. That is correct. This has been known for some time. Maybe one of these days an admin will get that fixed.
  12. The embedded gamma information in PNG files is just stupid. Different programs handle it differently. It doesn't make sense it use it anymore, because no one uses CRT monitors these days. So, I recommend just removing the gamma chunk from your PNG file. If you use a lossless image compressor, like PNGGauntlet, it will automatically remove the gamma chunk. More information and alternative tools here:
  13. The Recolor Tool comes very close. However, because it lacks an option to use the Overwrite BlendMode, you can't use a fully transparent color as the replacement.
  14. @NSD, I've fixed a few of the scaling issues. However, I don't experience the issue with the Labels overlapping other UI elements. Which version of Windows 10 are you using? I'm using Windows 10 2004. I'm not sure if that matters... @BoltBait, do you see the issue with the overlapping Labels?
  15. Donations help keep developers motivated. Donate to BoltBait Donate to toe_head2001 Yes, proper spacing around commas and operators would be ideal. I've been meaning to do that, but it's tricky, with lots of corner cases.