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  1. Hey @StringCheese, looks like Pixey misunderstood you, and answered a question you didn't ask. Yes, it appears your image does have a background that is transparent. So why does that other program display transparency differently (black vs white) depending on the image? I'm not sure, but it could be the RGB values. That is to say, one image uses Transparent White (255, 255, 255, 0), while the other uses Transparent Black (0, 0, 0, 0). You can use the Color Picker () tool in to identify the RGBA values.
  2. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    Is that a bug report, or are you just sharing a cool looking outcome?
  3. won't install

    There's your problem; you need to upgrade.
  4. won't install

    Which version of Windows 10? Creators Update, Fall Creators Update, ect. ?
  5. Here's a little something to help C# newbies dealing with errors that they don't fully understand. You'll be able to look up Error Codes on In the example above, clicking that context menu item will open:
  6. Have you set the Paint Bucket tool to Global?
  7. Saving A Transparent Background Turns Grey

    It shows as grey, because that's the background color of your image viewer.
  8. Unfinished plugins

    We ought to enumerate compiler errors when building DLL files... which I have just taken care of:
  9. The plugin is available for both v3.5.x and v4.0.x. You need to be using the latest version of; it's a rule here on the forum. Maybe try TR's Alpha Cutter.
  10. Then why do you need to fiddle with the Tolerance bar? Did the plugin not remove the color?
  11. crashes on startup.

    Looks like your installation of the .NET Framework is broken. Try reinstalling it:
  12. This afternoon, Boltbait and I identified a few issues with the AutoComplete box. These will be fixed in the next release.
  13. How so? Does it give incorrect object names? Are you a "L337 H4x0r" who doesn't need it? Does the AutoComplete in Visual Studio get in your way too?
  14. Unfinished plugins

    You need to override InitDialogFromToken, and set UI control values from your Token. protected override void InitDialogFromToken(EffectConfigToken effectTokenCopy) { MyControl.Value = effectTokenCopy.MyAmount; }