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  1. The work around for this is quite simple: Just visit another site that uses the same Certificate Authority (Comodo). For example, That will add the CA certificate to Firefox, and you'll then be able to visit
  2. toe_head2001

    Glitterific Plugin

    This is just the Noise effect with just a slight lightening effect atop of it. Can you not a achieve the same result by simply reducing the Intensity slider in the Noise effect? (I believe you can) CodeLab makes it super easy for anyone to create a plugin, but you should spend some time making your effect plugin unique. Invoking the Noise effect and changing its parameter labels in the GUI... it's just script kiddie stuff, and obnoxious. My two cents. It may be a bit harsh, but I think you need to hear it.
  3. Here are three alignment plugins to choose from:
  4. Here a guide to understanding DPI: Here a plugin for specialty printing:
  5. toe_head2001

    Night Vision Text Effect

    @ReMake was kind enough to re-create the images for this tutorial. Moved out from the Tutorial Graveyard.
  6. This is going nowhere productive. The issue has been reported, and thus the need for this topic has been fulfilled. Locked.
  7. It ought to be pointed out that the lack of newer input APIs in Windows 7 won't matter too much, considering Microsoft will be ending support for Windows 7 around that time (a year from now). And thus, people should be upgrading to a newer Windows version in the interim.
  8. toe_head2001

    Intel Texture Works Plugin

    I believe this plugin covers those texture formats:
  9. toe_head2001

    Installation of 4.1.5 fails.

    Not allowed to? You just said you were the local admin.
  10. toe_head2001

    Installation of 4.1.5 fails.

    And if you temporarily disable you security program, does the installation succeed?
  11. toe_head2001

    How to "posterize"?

    The ZIP files have been fixed.
  12. Feel free to create a tutorial. Here are the tutorial guidelines to follow:
  13. The closet thing would be this plugin:
  14. toe_head2001

    Installation of 4.1.5 fails.

    Are you trying to install over Remote Desktop? Are you using an over-protective anti-malware program?
  15. toe_head2001

    PDN crash upon starting

    Do you have an Nvidia GPU? If so, try this: NVIDIA control panel. → 3D Settings Management. → Selected graphics processor. Change to: "Auto-select Let us know if that solves the issue.