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  1. Please make sure you're comparing the sizes before you've cast your votes. The entries will display at a smaller size when showing the poll results, but they should be at 100% size before that. If there's a still an issue with sizes, please take a screenshot and show us.
  2. I see two options: - I can use CSS on the Poll to force a white background for each entry. EDIT: I went ahead and made this change, since the Playing Card poll is already live. or - We can start allowing solid White/Black/Gray backgrounds. We've already done this in the past.
  3. I've split these posts into a new forum topic, since it's unrelated to Invision v4.5.
  4. A dark theme is now installed! Keep in mind, the theme is maintained by a third party, so we can only give it minimal support. If it breaks in the future, we may just uninstall it.
  5. You need images that show the progress of each step in the tutorial. You only have the final image. Your tutorial also consists of mostly just running effects in an obvious way; not too original.
  6. I assume you're talking about 16 bits per channel. Paint.NET only supports 8 bits per color channel; for a total of 32 bits per pixel. Krita is way more capable than Paint.NET. However, Paint.NET has the advantage of being much easier to use.
  7. Your tutorial doesn't conform to the Tutorial Forum Posting Guidelines.
  8. Looks like you're using some custom theming. Windows Blinds (and similar theming programs) can cause all sorts of issues with Paint.NET. Please try disabling the custom theme, and see if the hang persists. Let us know how it goes.
  9. @LoudSilence, you've made a few of these 'plugin installation issue' posts. You should know the troubleshooting steps by now. You are turning into The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and it's obnoxious.
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