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  1. You need to make a selection before using the Gradient tool. Just as the video shows.
  2. You could try using the Hugin program with your scans.
  3. The issue is yet to be addressed. It has been mentioned as a development priority though.
  4. My post was absolutely a joke in response to the previous post, and completely unrelated to your issue. Ok, but this is still very anecdotal. Are you able to do some proper debugging with the development tools built into most browsers? (I'm not sure what your level of technical knowledge is)
  5. Sorry, no. Paint.NET uses RGB, not HSV. Most programs and image formats use RGB. By all means use the software that fits your needs. Whether that's Paint.NET or something else. Or both together.
  6. The colors in your image are RGB values, and they represent the true/real/actual values. The HSV vales are just approximations based on the RGB values, and are provided for convenience. They do not represent the true values in your image. The two color modes (RGB & HSV) are not interchangeable, and there's really no way to 100% accurately convert from one to another. Thus you'll see that "off by 1" behavior.
  7. Please post a screenshot. Unfortunately, your description doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  8. Hello @susan welsh, can you give some more information; we only know what you tell us. Maybe provide a screenshot that shows the issue.
  9. Sorry, we don't offer support for MS Paint here. This is actually the forum for the Paint.NET software program.
  10. Hello @vaaski, I have looked into this, and yes, a change did happen in v4.2 that affects this plugin. This plugin uses a programming function from Paint.NET called Surface.CopyFromBitmap(). In older version of Paint.NET under certain circumstances, all transparent pixels were incorrectly converted to Transparent White (RGBA value of 255, 255, 255, 0). This programming function was corrected in Paint.NET v4.2, and transparent pixels now retain their RGB values. The Alpha Mask plugin relied on this incorrect behavior. That is, it assumed that if a pixel is transparent, then it will be Transparent White. As @Eli pointed out, you have Transparent Black on the left and top edges of your mask image. To correct this, you can use the Transparent to Transparent White plugin to ensure all Transparent pixels are Transparent White.
  11. You can use the Shift key when using the Line/Curve tool.
  12. It hangs regardless of the filetype? (JPEG, PNG, BMP, ect.) Same outcome? Do you have any of these programs running? Mirillis Action!, Window Blinds, EVGA PrecisionX, Powerstrip, MSI Gaming APP, Webroot, ATI Hydravision, Discord Overlay, MacType, Fraps, Asus ROG Sonic Studio, Dolphin SuperNova.
  13. MacType is known to cause issues with Paint.NET. Please try disabling it. Why are you using such an old Radeon driver? Is it just for the hacked refresh rates?
  14. Yes, switch to the Move Selection tool, and then use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Yes, take a look at Paste Selection in the Edit menu. Select 'Copy Selection' in Paint.NET's edit menu, paste into a text editor, change the coordinates, copy the changed text, use Paste Selection in Paint.NET's edit menu.