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  2. The page was simply moved. Locked.
  3. What version of the Nvidia driver are you using? Is it newer than version 430.39?
  4. Krita does many things well, but two things it excels at is Brushes and Drawing Tablet support. So, for those two to things, I recommend Krita above all. In all other cases, I recommend Paint.NET
  5. @klaxxon, does it show the file size error regardless of the settings? i.e. does changing the Quality or the Subsampling have any effect?
  6. So what happens when you try to open it? Is there an error message? Does the process just silently terminate?
  7. What happened when you tried using the Update Assistant?
  8. Sorry, that is not possible in Paint.NET. Once something is moved off the canvas, it is no longer part of the image and is discarded.
  9. Try using the Update Assistant.
  10. Windows 10 Build 10240 is version 1507. You need to install the updates for Windows.
  11. With Windows and other programs using much of that, it is doubtful that you have enough memory to handle such a large image in Paint.NET.
  12. What's the new size of the image when you change it to 200% ? How much memory (RAM) does your computer have? Is your Windows installation 32 bit or 64 bit?
  13. Sorry, I didn't read the error in your second screenshot correctly. It had nothing to do with the Paint.NET settings in the registry. This looks like an issue with the .NET Framework itself. It is having trouble understanding the App.config file. Try installing the new version: .NET Framework v4.8.