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    @JulioCoolio ... many thanks. I'm glad you enjoy a look at my work ... it's not to everyone's taste so I'm happy to please 😁 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Something a bit different. PDN meets Incendia in more bouts of 'thinking and living'. Stem Cell
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    @Maximilian ... yep. Too silvery maybe. I should have stuck with the more tarnished look I had going on. Oh well @Woodsy ... there's a pawn missing. Thanks. All the knight is pretty 'naff. I can play play, that's about it. @Ego Eram Reputo is the grand master of the forum ... @lynxster4 ... I'll knock something up. You've gotten me into sewing 😉 I thought that was over after mailbags and 8 stitches to an inch ... I'm currently working on a Shape3D tut to show the basics to get all kinds of objects then I'll post all my fabric textures ----------------------------------------------- Trying out the website @dipstick linked to https://www.remove.bg/ A bit of a double whammy health wise this week and Evil Amongst Us was born. No great artistic shakes but sometimes it's good to do something mindless. That said a bit of a paradox, as I also think too much ...
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    I propose to consider and test an enhanced version of PS Emboss effect by @Cookies. Currently you can find it in Effects -> Test -> Emboss+ Emboss+.zip For comparison, I used a smaller copy of the image from the original post by @Cookies: PS Emboss result with default settings: Photoshop's Emboss result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: Emboss+ result with the same settings as the PS Emboss: A few more images to compare with the following settings: Angle - 135, Height - 10, Amount - 110. Original image: PS Emboss: Photoshop's Emboss: Emboss+: In my opinion, the result of Emboss+ is closer to the Photoshop Emboss result.
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    Here is my variation on a theme:
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    Look how crisp and sharp the new icons look compared to the old ones. (at 200% DPI)
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    @Reptillian! and @null54 Thank you so much! Everything created with the G'MIC-Artistic-Rodilius! (different settings)
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    Hey people, Rick has just uploaded the latest round of updates to the paint.net documentation. Check it https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ Notable changes are a large number of new images, features and introduction of all new icons which Rick has lovingly crafted. See? I maintain the documentation, so please let me know if you find anything amiss. You can post in this thread or PM me. There are bound to be some improvements to be found in there somewhere 👍
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    Thank you all for your friendly congratulations. Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my family. Today is my grandson's Birthday, so the holiday continues.
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Disco Ball Tutorial: Built Ins: Gradient Tool Adjustments> Brightness / Contrast Plugins: Jumble Seamless Texture Maker Grid Maker v3.0 Shape3D Tutorial Thumbnail:
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    Here, two characters from a Zootopia fan fiction I'm writing are banging away with a Ma Deuce 50 cal as their ship goes into a tight battle turn. It started out as a pencil and was finished in Paint.net ver 4.1.6
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    Have been trying to think what to make with this ... then after an afternoon of yeh-hah music it hit me ...
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    I definitely agree @ReMake! I would love to see you release this officially after the testing period and any needed tweaks. 😀 Just a quick go at it. The colors 'pop' wonderfully when I put a black layer underneath and set the blending mode on the zebras to 'Glow'.
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    I hope I'm not out of line posting my completed-too-late entry here.
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    Hey everyone. I've never really posted on here, but just wanted to send a quick word as to how grateful I am for paint.net as a whole. I have been using paint.net as my only day-to-day program for all of my creations with my design company - Flesh and Bone Design. The only time I am working outside of paint.net is when I am using inkscape for vector renders. Without paint.net, I would not have the successful freelance career that I have, 8 years in and still going strong. I mostly work in the music business, doing merch spreads, album layouts, and branding/identity work. If you want to check out my creations, everything you see over at www.fleshandbonedesign.com has been brought to life via paint.net. I always look forward to trying new plug-ins, and I'm always excited for what this powerful little program continues to grow into. Thank you.
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    Here's a little sneak peek of what I'm working on. Disclaimer: It's half broken, and a work-in-progress. Visual Studio 2019 colors: Yellow for Methods Aquamarine for Structs Purple for certain Keywords Light Blue for Parameters and Local Variables
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    The DLL: Object Pruner.zip Object Pruner is in the Object submenu. ======================================== Object Pruner conditionally erases objects based on their sizes. Objects are connected regions of non-transparent pixels. The size of each object is compared to the size of the largest object. Objects that fall outside the minimum and maximum bounds are erased. The size of each object is the number of pixels in the object. With the default settings, all objects except the largest object will be erased. The controls are: Minimum Size of Objects to Keep (Relative to Largest Object): Specifies the minimum size for objects that should be kept, relative to size of the largest object. Maximum Size of Objects to Keep (Relative to Largest Object): Specifies the maximum size for objects that should be kept, relative to size of the largest object. (If this value is less than one, the largest object will be erased.) Transparent Color for Erased Objects: Specifies the transparent color that replaces the pixel color for erased objects. The choices are Transparent White, Transparent Black, or the original pixel color with the alpha value set to zero. Show Objects as Colors (Green = Keep; Red = Erase): Specifies that objects which will be kept should be shown as green, objects which will be erased should be shown as red, and originally-transparent background pixels should be shown as white. This is a debug feature that should normally be disabled before exiting. Because all pixels are shown as opaque, this option can be useful for discovering low-opacity pixels that connect what appear to be separate objects. The user Interface: ======================================== I'm not sure how useful it is. The main purpose is to handle a situation I've encountered when trying to remove a non-uniform background color with the Magic Wand. I select the background color, but there are small scattered regions of the background that don't get selected. Increasing the Magic Wand tolerance results in parts the foreground being selected. If I erase the selected background, I'm left with unerased areas. Ideally, after erasing most of the background, I could just select the foreground with a low-tolerance Magic Wand, invert the selection, and erase the background completely. However, I'm often unable to find a tolerance that completely selects the foreground without selecting the entire image. The Object Pruner is intended to help erase all the scattered regions remaining after erasing most of the background. Since I wrote it, naturally it has more options than it probably needs.
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    Here is my version with a little variation (i wasn't able to get the glass like more transparent but like the result)
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    I was playing with the Complementary Colors Calculator at https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/ I made a plugin to simulate the algorithm... Not an official release yet as I may need to tweak the algorithm I wrote. I could not find a good source for the code, so I cobbled together something that kinda works. Here's how it looks: (It lives in the Effects > Fill menu.) It fills your selection with the selected color. Use it to build a palette for your design project. The help file (?) contains more information. And, here's the download: complement.zip Enjoy.
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    😂 I was sat in a hospital ward this morning looking around at all the machinery/equipment/ plugs and it dawned on me ... my entry has got a plug and flex - great -but it's 'bubbling' despite not being connected to the mains 😂 The way PDN can get into the blood as well as 'good' toxins is incredible
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    Updated plugin. Improved color distance calculation, added new option "Automatic palette" to "Target palette", added slider to specify the size of the automatic palette.
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    @ReMake! Thank you for the test plugin. I've tried the same way as @lynxster4!
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    Updated to G'MIC version 2.5.7 Add support for reading Bitmaps with alpha from the clipboard.
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    One way to avoid the 'Save All' menu item would be to start using the keyboard for more things! Ctrl+Shift+S for Save As. It's faster too. If you're using Templates, you really ought to make those files read-only. That will protect them from being overwritten.
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    A WIP of morph for next G'MIC version
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    Apologies @Seerose I hadn't seen this before Nice tut' ... I never play with the camera angle in S3D usually but you taught me I should Spoon and wallpaper not PDN
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    No stocks used: ChainsawPDN.zip Here is a photograph of me and my chainsaw in action: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/8664-boltbaits-personal-gallery-newest-art-on-page-9-oct-24/?do=findComment&comment=211022
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    Back again with new/old images! I hope you enjoy them on the first page!
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    I went with Half Sphere Map ...
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    I could be wrong but I think the OP is inquiring about the text ? (mentioning chrome ?) If it is, I can knock a quick how to up early tomorrow ...
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    @Seerose ... thank you. That's a very pretty image, it's got a really good atmosphere to it @Maximilian ... many thanks. I tried to get it to be everything you said. Not seen The Nun yet, as the wife isn't into horror films ... and I'm too much of a wuss to watch them by myself 😄 @Pixey ... many thanks. I got the stock from https://www.deviantart.com/mjranum-stock ... he's got some great stuff there, and the website dipstick posted works well on them. Oooohh Christine Brinkley 😍 @Ego Eram Reputo ... many thanks ... don't put yourself down chess wise mate - you kicked my butt a few times @lynxster4 ... many thanks. To be honest, most are from life experiences. If I can get them to make sense on the canvas, it helps my head process the 'real' thing Last week I found out I'm no longer in remission and that my acid reflux I thought was getting worse, is actually Unstable Angina ... . It is what it is, and a seed has to push through C*@p to survive. One thing I am is a fighter ... and no point stressing about things we can't change ... we've 2 choices in life when things take a dark turn ... Step Up or Step Off (although my wife thinks there's a spelling mistake in the angina part and it should start with a 'V' ...) @Woodsy ... thanks for the rep' point
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    There is not. But, give it a few day and you won't even remember what the old icons look like.
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    Stephen King has a son named Joe. I'm not joking... but he is
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    Following on from @lynxster4 I executed the same technique to create this result. Top plugin @ReMake
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    *Dali Face Dali Disappears. Do you see Dali or a woman?
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    Hope you've had a nice time!
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    Not quite the same effect, but worthy of inclusion in this discussion is my Woven Photo plugin. Run it multiple times over the same image. Each time use a different spacing and size.
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    Thanks everyone for your votes! 😘 I love minimalism... it demonstrates that there is beauty in the simplest of things.
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    Unexpected news. The main maintainer of G'MIC has added new commands which means there'll be even more updates on the upcoming new updated color modulo texture. He made rgb2ryb/ryb2rgb, and he also added a new feature with apply_channel which is that you can apply command to ryb model. Color modulo texture will have RYB - Additive mode ; RYB - Subtractive Mode ; RYB - Painting Pigment Based Mode. The last one is based on my own command translating pigment based codes. What this means is that you'll have the option to use Yellow instead of green. The first 2 don't lose any colors. The last one loses blue-green solely because of its property. Sample Image of Color Modulo Texture with RYB8-P Beautiful, huh?
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    Enticingly obscure and somewhat scary in a positive way! Reminds me a bit of the movie The Nun
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    *Banana Optical Illusion