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    I guess I've been hiding long enough ... realised earlier I haven't had a photo taken since before my illness, so this one isn't recent ... just add a few wrinkles ...
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    @Pixey ... many thanks ... nope not me. As you've seen I'm not that blessed 😉 The only part that's me is the backgounds, the faces are an amalgamation of 2 faces I found on the 'net. I view life as a journey now, twists and turns, ups and downs, but what matters is enjoying it @lynxster4 ... many thanks. I'll have to give Black Mirror a watch, might not be one for my wife ... she doesn't like creepy (dunno what she's doing with me 🤣) My consultants had a discussion about my long term care plan. Give up alcohol ✔️ Give up smoking ✔️Give up red meat ✔️ ... now it's caffeine, cheese and butter on the veto list. Live longer and be bored as hell 😀 @Seerose ... @Drydareelin ... @Maximilian ... @Rickhum ... many thanks guys. I'm happy the sense/ feeling I was trying to convey came across. Always appreciated. (rep points when I've more) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Princess is my attempt at This Tutorial ... it was actually harder than I thought it would be. Not happy with the mouth or eyes ... but by messing i was making it worse not better. It's an image of My daughter super imposed. Sort of worked . I'm going to try another attempt with my son
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    ... I think it's because you've got to think a bit more ? Thanks a lot mate - they were a bit of trial and tribulation @Rickhum ... thanks a lot blue ... particularly happy with the 2nd one. Hopefully you'll find the tuts easy ... @ScrapbookWithPDN ... 25% a graphic artist ... or at least 25% of my annual income is made up of works I sell ... Thanks. glad you enjoyed my works @Seerose @Pixey @lynxster4... many thanks ladies. For the comments and your unwavering supports for my work over all this time @Maximilian ... many thanks mate. They were enjoyable to make and a test because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder also thanks to @MJW for the rep point I was asked to make a tut' but honestly it would be far too long winded, and it's best to follow the original and just play with blend modes and alpha masking ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's been nearly 3 months since creating anything meaningful ... Now the body isn't behaving as it should and not being as mobile/dexterous as I was; the thought of being able to fuse with computers is becoming more appealing ... Transhumanism
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    Wow, updating the icons takes a lot of time! Even with the Axialis icons to work with, there's a lot of pixel nudging and squinting to make sure things look just right, especially at 96 DPI. The good thing is I can easily change my scripts to render the SVGs at whatever DPI is needed to ensure most people get a crisp UI. Right now I'm only generating the PNGs for 96 and 192 DPI, but I'll probably add 144 DPI as well, and even 288 (which is 300% scaling). The big areas to finish up are the status bar, all tools, and all effects/adjustments. Whew! (Also, these aren't necessarily final -- all sorts of things could be changed before I ship this.)
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Here's the next installment in my 'Sewing' series. Adapted from the PS tutorial found here. The PS tutorial had a pre-made, pre-colored texture supplied. I will show you how to make your own. I simplified this as much as possible. This took me over 2 months to figure everything out. You will need these plugins: Clouds (built-in) Motion Blur (built-in) Sharpen+ Dragan Effect The Texture ----------------- we will be making this: Now, on to the application. I am using the PS tutorial example, which is text. This can be used on any shape as well. Download this font: AR Julian. We will be making this: A couple more examples of what you can do with this technique: I hoped you enjoyed this tutorial!
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    Welcome to the 2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Show! Where you decided the best of 2018, the worst of 2018, and everything in between! Hi, I'm your host, BoltBait. OK, let's dive right in to the first award for the evening... The Mimi Bobeck Award: This one's for the biggest forum troll of 2018 on the Paint.NET forum. As I'm sure you're aware, a forum troll is someone who posts a lot, whose posts don't always have an overflow of useful content, and who's posts are typically contrarian in nature. Not to say that they never have relevant posts, but -- ah hell, it's 2018, you guys know what a forum troll on the Internet is by now. The nominees for this award include: ugh, too many to list And, the big winner with 31% of the vote is... ScrapbookwithPDN Congratulations (I think?) Now, one for the mods of this wonderful board. The Real Estate Award: This one's for the mod who tends to close posts the most – they are always there, just waiting for someone to break the rules or post something useless. Decide that you're gonna make a post wrong forum? BAM! This guy moves it before you even get a reply. Some n00b spamming the forums with Viagra ads? BAM! Bant! Not only does this guy close posts, but he wields the banhammer in a way which would make Thor proud. The nominees for this award include, surprisingly enough: most of the mods! The runner-up with 22% of the vote is... BoltBait (Hey! That's me!) And, the winner with 67% of the vote is... toe_head2001 Keep up the great work! Now, back to an award you probably don't want to win. The "Wrong End of A Massive Pwnage" Award: You have seen it before… a member posts their unsupported opinion as fact and you just watch and wait for an intelligent member to come in and fry them. This award is, as the title suggests, for the member who has been on the wrong end of a massive pwnage, or has one coming their way sooner than later. The nominees for this award include: HCGS, IHaveNoName,and Sakana Oji The runner-up with 29% of the vote is... CodeDmitry The winner with 57% of the vote is... HyReZ Congrats! And, be on the lookout for that massive pwnage! Next up, an award that no one would be embarrassed to win. The Proton Award: This one is for the member who, overall, has the most positive input to the Paint.NET forum. Whether it's through modship, Paint.NET help, organizing UBB games, valuable input in the suggestions threads, etc; this member is always there to give something back to the community. The nominees for this award include: too many to list (which is a testament to how great our board is) The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... Pixey The winner with 38% of the vote is... Ego Eram Reputo Now for an award where just about everyone came in second. The Big Bird Award: This one is for the friendliest soul on the boards. Thoughts toward the vernacular aside, the winner of The Big Bird Award is someone who's always warm, friendly and fuzzy to the other members. The nominees for this award include: Ego Eram Reputo and lynxster4 The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... HyReZ And, the winner with 64% of the vote is... Seerose Wow! You look great in yellow! Next, we have an award that everyone would win, if only we knew you better. The Howard Hughes Award: This one goes out to the most eccentric member of the boards. Whether it's stem cell research, abortion, or what they had for lunch yesterday; this member always seems to be on the other side of a debate. Of course, this award doesn't go to just any argumentative soul, this one's for someone who does it well. The nominees for this award include: HCGS and Dipstick The runner-up with 25% of the vote is... Welshblue And, the winner with 50% of the vote is... HyRez Way to go! The Radiance Award: This award goes out to the most brilliant Paint.NET forumer. This person always has something to say, and sure enough, they're usually right. They know everything about some things, and seemingly something about everything. When someone struck you as a smart cookie, this is where you acknowledged that. The nominees for this award include: The runner-up with 19% of the vote is... Ego Eram Reputo And, the winner with 31% of the vote is... BoltBait Keep on shining! Rookie of the Year Award: This award goes out to the new member who made the biggest impact on the community. To be eligible for this award, the user must have joined after January 1, 2018. The nominees for this award include: Sakana Oji, Mallaboro, and Rick Brewster? The winner with 33% of the vote is... IHaveNoName Now, there's an award you can't win twice in a row! The Homer Simpson Award: This award goes out to the funniest forum member. Whether it be wit, shock value, clever writing, or some other form of humor which I'm invariably forgetting, this member is always on top of it. The nominees for this award include: Scooter The runner-up with 33% of the vote is... BoltBait The winner with 56% of the vote is... Welshblue You all crack me up! Now, for the award that no one wants to win (or do they?) The Pauly Shore Award: This one goes to the unfunniest member. Maybe their wit isn't witty, or their shock value is too much. Whatever the case, here's your chance to recognize someone who specifically doesn't make you laugh. Oh, sure, they try... but always seem to come up short. The nominees for this award include: BoltBait, dipstick, IRON67, and IHaveNoName The runner-up with 22% of the vote is... GillFelis The winner with 38% of the vote is... MJW Better try more loller cats, guys! The Hit & Miss Award: This one's for the member who we miss -- for whatever reason (work, real life, bannination, death by meteor, etc.) they've left the discussion, and the Paint.NET forum members want them back. The nominees for this award include: HELEN The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... TechnoRobbo And, the winner with 64% of the vote is... Red ochre We miss you! Come back! The Spool Awards: This category recognizes members who are big names in certain threads or certain types of threads for their knowledge or help. Captain N: (The UBB gamer) Zagna The MVP: (The sports guru) -NONE- Siskel & Ebert: (The movie guru) BoltBait Rolling Stone: (The music guru) BoltBait 101010: (The computer guru) toe_head2001 Congrats to all! Next, on to the awards for Paint.NET prowess! The Picasso Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the weirdest art (in a good way) using Paint.NET. The nominees for this award include: BlastWave, lynxster4, and TREVOR The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... SeeRose And, the winner with 40% of the vote is... Rickhum Well deserved recognition! The Monet Award: This one goes to the member who consistently creates the most beautiful art using Paint.NET. The nominees for this award include: MJW, Lynxster4, and Welshblue The runner-up with 27% of the vote is... Pixey And, the winner with 36% of the vote is... Woodsy The GE Award: This one goes to the author who created the best plugin of 2018. The nominees for this award include: ...just the 2 winners... The runner-up with 19% of the vote is... MadJik The winner with 91% of the votes is... null54 for the plugin G'MIC I think we're *all* the winners of this award, don't you? The Marilyn Monroe Award: This award is for the best shape of 2018. The nominees for this award include: ...just the winner... The winner with 100% of the vote is... Lynxster4 The Marlboro Award: Ever see one of those sigs and thought "Wow, that really makes me think!", or "Gee, that's awesome!"? Well, here's the category where you get the chance to recognize the member with that sig. This award is for the best signature of 2018. The nominees for this award include: TrevorOutlaw, lynxster4, and GillFelis The runner-up with 18% of the vote is... Woodsy The winner with 55% of the vote is... Pixey Paint.NET's Rabbi: This one goes to the best teacher of 2018. Authors of tutorials newly written this year are eligible. The nominees for this award include: ...just the winners... The runner up with 20% of the vote is... lynxster4 The winner with 80% of the vote is... Welshblue I think we can all learn from you! Now, a few things thrown in just for fun! 1) “And your newest mod for the Paint.NET forum is null54!” 2) “Wow, look, Pixey is showing their art in the Louvre!” 3) “Hey, BoltBait has his own TV show!” 4) “Hello, I’m Rick Brewster, and I’m an alcoholic.” 5) “In local news, police have finally gunned down pyrochild from his murderous rampage.” 6) “OMGWTFLOLBBQ, Rick Brewster just got bant good!” (If this actually happens, you'll be the first to know!!!) (My keyboard is on fire now... can't feel my fingers...) And, finally, the award you’ve all been waiting for... The Kings/Queens of Paint.NET: This award is plainly & simply the popularity contest you know you all want. You select 4 of this year's most popular forum members -- be they friendly, smart, interesting, funny, some of the above, none of the above, or what -- this award is for your favorite posters. As one voter put it, "I'll let you decide who are the kings and who are the queens!" The nominees for this award include: BlastWave, BoltBait, Ego Eram Reputo, HyRez, MJW, Seerose, and Woodsy The third place spot with 11% of the vote is... Welshblue The runner-up with 14% of the votes is... lynxter4 *Drum roll, please* And, the clear winner with 19% of the vote is... Pixey the Queen of Paint.NET! Well done, one and all! That about wraps it up for this year. I'd like to thank each and every one who turned in a ballot. You guys rock! And, to all the winners, I raise my glass, "cheers!" Good night. Rick, use a designated driver. Be safe, everyone. See you all next year! You may now give your Acceptance Speeches and Congratulatory Messages below...
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    My angelfish with fin modifications.
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    My beloved friend and pet cat, Coke, who is my avatar passed away last night. He had just turned 21 years old. We rushed him to the emergency vet clinic, had a few tests done, and found he was in end-stage kidney disease. He had been a little weak and trembly lately but was still eating, drinking and doing his business. Then, BAM! he was down and out yesterday and couldn't even get up. I'm going to miss him terribly. 😭 Rest in Peace, my dear friend! 💐 🌹
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    Here's a larger version of Kimba. He was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. I never realized it was the first color animated TV series produced in Japan based on the manga created in the 1950's.
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    I'm usually behind the camera, not in front of it. Here's a picture of me drinking the local beer on my vacation to Portugal last Summer. Yes, I'm getting old, but still in decent shape...
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    A fav of mine growing up.
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    Plugin: TransparentToTransparentWhite.zip This is a trivial but sometimes useful adjustment that converts all transparent pixels to transparent white. I already had a plugin to convert transparent pixels to transparent black, but for those who only want to make all the transparent pixels the same color, transparent white may be preferable, since that's Paint.NET's usual transparent color. For example, it's the color used for Erase Selection.
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    I must say I never expected @welshblue to look like he does either. Some very cool looking dudes and dudesses on here. The sand of time hasn't been kind to me over the years. 😂
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    This is me ... at work.
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    All right, I guess here I am. @welshblue, dang, you have put on some weight from the last time I saw your photograph with your lovely wife. I have gotten more grey since we last exchanged photograph years ago.
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    In response to someone on FB asking about dating apps, someone posted this: I thought it was pretty funny. However, if you've never seen the movie Silence of the Lambs, you probably won't get the joke.
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    Probably taken with a Brownie camera - it was a while ago 😁
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    It's...been a while. My excuse is that I've been very busy with a new job. Anyway, got around to doing this quick one Ultima made in Paint 3D. Let me know what you think! Definitely a bit rusty here.
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    Papa Doc is doing air guitar (just clarifying in case his hands can't be clearly seen). All PdN, with many thanks to lynxster for the very pretty music notes 😉