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    Melting distortion What's this? This effect is was a bonus in the bottom list of my pack of plugins without its post till now. This effect is a long lasting idea since I've created the gravity (effect...), still popping from time to time till I find a new approach. This effect takes the top of the selection and distort it like a melting candle. Download it! Plugin Melting.dll Here is the DLL http://jcljay.free.fr/pdn/Melting.zip The MadJik's All plugins package is available! http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=7186 How to install Close Paint.net Classic version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: C:/Program Files/Paint.NET/Effects Microsoft Store version of Paint.net Unzip and (re)place the DLL in your Effect folder usually: /My Documents/paint.net App Files/Effects/ You have to adapt for your language My Documents The User interface This plugin is added to the menu Effects, submenu Distort. Range In purcent of the height the length of the melting portion. % Sample length In purcent of the height the length of image used for the melting portion. Softness Lower value for extrem peaks higher values for smooth curves. Distortion / Number of phases Horizontal range/number of distortion/phases (phases are for the sinus curve method). Reseed Zero is for full random effect. 1 and more is the Start value of the random generator. It means you will always have the same result for the same value. Shadow -None -Black -White -White+Black -Black+White Add a vertical gradient at the limit of the range. Shadow length Set the length of the shadow. Both sides If checked apply a distortor below the range limit. Method -Sinus curve -Full random Select the calculation method of the distortion. The Examples: This texture used with Shape3D and some more work: Voilà! Enjoy! Let me see what you could do with it!
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    Tis the Season! Here are two wallpapers I made for the community. everyone! And in composing these, I've found another 'glass' technique! Enjoy everyone! Click on them for full-size versions.
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    Today after a long time two new shapes: the famous car "Trabant 601S" (side and front view) from former German Democratic Republic (GDR) - eastern Germany. and here is the ZIP file with side and front view: https://workupload.com/file/z2dkVks
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    Not Quick Sand the stuff that will suck you in, but a quick way to make sand ... and not ground breaking, but an interesting alternative to using the built in Clouds, as playing throws up some great textures Same technique was used in the below examples: PlugIns Needed: NormalMap Plus Planetoid The Tutorial: >> Grab the PDF << Play with Noise/ Cloud Settings as small differences can be quite noticeable. eg. In hindsight I could have reduced the Noise more ------------------------------------------------------------- Add a Sand Picture This isn't quite the same as the examples at the top of the page. They were made as I was doodling as I kept an eye on my Football bets ... so I didn't keep track of what I was doing. *** If your chosen image doesn't fill the whole canvas - don't worry. At the end before Flattening just use the Eraser Tool @ about 20% Hardness to blend the edges of the grey layers in *** PlugIns Needed: NormalMap Plus Splinter *** Engrave/Emboss @ 1 px can be used instead of NormalMap Plus *** The Tutorial:
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    100% PDN, although I worked from photos when painting the ravens.
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    Based on a quick photo I took while we were coming back from the grocery store.
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    Are you LOOKING to get banned?! Listen, the platform requirements of paint.net are there for a reason. The OS requirements are there because previous OS's do not have the specific libraries that paint.net requires. The RAM requirement is there because having less memory available will affect the size of images you can edit (especially on 32-bit systems). And, the suggestion of a dual core processor is there because, unlike Photoshop, paint.net is designed to take advantage of multi-cores when they exist within a system. Your troll game is weak. Go back to your mother's basement.
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    @LionsDragon @lynxster4 @Seerose ... Thank you very much Ladies. Hopefully I'll get motivated to turn it into a bigger more complex image, I've some ideas but translating them onto canvas is another matter. Thank you again and for the Reps @TrevorOutlaw ... Thanks. I tried 2 displacement plugins on the text and another Displacement Map kept crashing on me. The 2 I tried gave an improbable edge to it so I decided to leave it out. Must have been the font ? Thanks EER and Woodsy for the Reps ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playing around at 4 in the morning - Coffee and cigarette overload ... All PDN, no outside textures. Just Splinter and Height Shader and a few different layers of Blend Modes. Quite passable chrome or steel ?
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    Found in Effects\Object submenu. Align Object.zip
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    Thank you, everyone! --- Here's a scene for the weekend, entitled "Coffee Break". https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Coffee-Break-719206807
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    This is my finished Align plugin. I will not post it on the Plugins - Publishing ONLY! thread because there is already Kris Vandermotten's, which is extremely fast even on very large canvases. Thank you very much to MJW who helped me a lot. I learned a lot from him. The UI: And here is the dll file: ► Align.zip ◄
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    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it A quick Tutorial to get the chiselled look to wooden text. For best results have the wood grain running vertically PlugIns Needed: Splinter Texture Shader Outline Object I used BoltBait's Outline Object, but Pyrochild's will do the same as will Drop Shadow (with no blur) by KrisVDM The Tutorial: Example
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    I made this at the same time I did the Tulips in the Vase. It's the same texture, modeled in Shape 3D, but I used the Perspective plugin to 'splay' the petals apart and downward. I guess I have a 'thing' for waterlilies, too. I seem to keep making them. (haha...) The original was in shades of gray, then I proceeded to give it some color. Hope you like it....
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    GTS Finnjet, my charge from February 1990 - April 2001. Photo self taken @ Helsinki, July 1991, rediscovered in the Mottoman Archive
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    I like birds too ... but I have a row for looking The angle chooser is a neat addition. Some quick chain link fencing
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    I love birdies too @Seerose . But I do not have any.
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    In a bit of an "old geezer" musical mind this evening
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    I've been learning to use editing and file converting programs. Here is a snippet of 360 frames all done in Pdn, includes sound that I did with a very early techno type synth program.
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    I am planning to add this functionality over the next few months as part of the next series of updates starting with 4.0.21.
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    An all time classic, song and video alike. Directed by Gerard De Thame. And released (for a second time) in August 1987, this time becoming the hit it deserved to be.
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    _____________________________________________________________________ (04/12/2017) It's time for a piece of chocolat cake!
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    Throughout this past year I have made some shapes, some for the heck of it and some I used in projects. I'm making an Add#1 to my Shapes Pack. A new category - 'Mats', 18 of them; 7 new Stained Glass and 1 Christmas. I'm leaving them as a separate zip download for now until we see what happens with the installer becoming compatible with the Store Version. Here is a large preview pic: Please enjoy them! Download link is here.
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    This is a short clip I made in Pdn about a year ago. I don't think I've posted it here before now. The music is me on my Maton (Ausy made acoustic guitar)with a Vox amp & a Boss looper. The video was edited in Microsoft Movie Maker which has been discontinued, no longer supported and has become unstable on both my machines (32 bit i5 & 64 i7) so I can't be bothered with it anymore. Seems to lose a good deal of quality in translation anyway so I need to upgrade my skill set. Currently learning to drive a more high tech editing program favoured x professionals of the evil empire.
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    @LionsDragon @Seerose @lynxster4 @Pixey ... many thanks Ladies ... 25 years together, married for - ummm is it 10 or 11 years. What year is it ? A lot of people said it wouldn't last due to, well many things but the main one me being a bad boy and her being sweetness personified. We proved them all wrong. In 25 years not one proper argument ... she just laughs at me sulking. Pixey - 43 years. Wow. Fair play to you's and congratulations. I think mine will have suffocated me by then Lynxster' - I can honestly say that if I hadn't married the one I'd never have done it with anyone else ... killing my street cred' here ... @Woodsy ... thanks mate. Yeah I agree, will just use artistic licence and call it blingy bling bling. The ring part was the last bit and a thinner one didn't look right. Live and learn ... Rep points when my bank is refreshed @Rickhum ... thanks dude - alliteration is better than illiteration @JulioCoolio ... many thanks. i don't know about talent, I just keep clicking and hope things appear. Sometimes I keep them, often they get shredded @Charles Valles ... I'm so sorry to hear that. I'm not sure how I'd cope and I can only imagine how you must be feeling. If there is any help needed with editing photographs please don't hesitate to shout out here on the forum as we're a friendly bunch and there will be someone to help you My deepest, sincerest condolences to you at this difficult time --------------------------------------------------- Forbidden It started out playing with Clouds, Planetoid, Varicose, Seismograph amongst others and came up with this Using EEr's Woven Photo and adding a few more things Hopefully the start of a bigger picture
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    This is a 800x600 detail from a 5000x5000 abstract image (visit my deviant art). This is a 600x600 version of the original image.
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    @Ego Eram Reputo! like this ...? Please tell me that's okay? (test... test..)
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    Having a play around with @MadJik's Abstract Turorial: ~Clicky for larger~
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    A little something to wish everyone on Paint.net A Very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays for 2017. Sorry about a bit of 'banding' in the gif, but that's the Midora Plugin for you! I guess I used too many strong colors - plus it's a bit large. Everything made in PDN. Happy Holidays Everyone
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    Thank you everyone! --- Here's a new scene. I wanted to do some experimenting with foliage and weathering, and for awhile now do something related to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, so I present a scene fittingly entitled "Favelas"!