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    Hi, all. I came up with this technique to create a realistic knit texture. Level of difficulty - easy. Plugins needed: NomBot's Dot Matrix MJW's Trail Blur Pyrochild's Trail We will be making this basic knit pattern: -------->> Basic Knit Pattern: MK Stitch: MadJik's Plugin Pack Mock Cable Stitch: OAS Stitch: MJW's Offset Alternating Stripes plugin SW Stitch: My Favorite - The Squirkle Stitch: Red's Plugin Pack Waffle Weave Stitch: Stitches: Bonus Felt Fabric!! Please enjoy and do experiment with more of the 'Distort' plugins. The above are my top choices. ?
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    This technique allows you to make a base that will take a texture you make or import. PlugIns Needed: Cell Texture Splinter Texture Shader Examples: The Tutorial: *** Playing with the Cell size in Cell Texture gives differing results *** Here I increased the cell size
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    I quickly pulled this together for anyone having trouble understanding how to properly use ShapeMaker so all the drawing 'modes' render correctly. Step 1: I used the 'Cubic Bezier' tool with 'Snap to Grid' turned on and 'Linked with previous Line' turned off. I toggle between Zoom 8x and 4x. I always place my first node in 8x on the flattest part of the shape. I then draw the rest in 4X and zoom back up to 8X before I place the last line. I place my final node (1) square away from the beginning node and use 'Close Contiguous Paths' button to complete the outline. That's how you get the (MZ) in front of the line in the Path List. Step 2: I chose this as my 2nd line because it completely intersects the outline shape. An example of why this line is cloned: Step 3: Step 4: I choose to do the center flower next, as it creates a great 'anchor' point for all the other lines. Step 5: Step 6: Step 7: This may be an on-going tutorial. As questions are asked, I will add more images to explain. Hope this helps everyone new to the ShapeMaker plugin!
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    It will be glorious. Perfect in EVERY way. Beautiful to behold. Grown men will weep at the honesty and truth of the thing. Blessed will be the masses who witness it. I know because I made it. So you can all REJOICE!! Actually, @HCGS has made a number of excellent suggestions, improvements and modifications to my original code. As a result I have banned him forever As a result I have enlisted his help to make the website even better. It is now quite possible that reading the new website will cause the blind to see and the lame to be made whole again. ?
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    I'm going to be adding instructions a little later in the week for these additional patterns I've created: Thanks for all the support everyone!
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    Just remembered this one after reading T_H's Tartan thread How can you tell what clan a Scotsman is from ? Look under his kilt and if he's got 1/4 pounder he's a McDonald ...
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    October Update Six new plugins this month Three are updates to older plugins to improve compatibility or add features (Blendmodes Plus, Edge Detection & FFT/IFFT). Please join me in welcoming two new authors to the Plugin Index; @redflux and @Mallaboro Alpha Levels redflux Like posterize but for alpha channel. Limits the amount of steps in the alpha channel. BlendModes Plus v3.0 toe_head2001 Updated version of APShredder's original. Apply a host of new blend modes: Normal, Average, Blue, Color, Cyan, Divide, Exclusion, Grain Extract, Grain Merge, Green, Hard Light, Hard Mix, Hue, Linear Burn, Linear Dodge, Linear Light, Luminosity, Magenta, Maximum, Minimum, Phoenix, Pin Light, Red. Source code available. Circular Text xod Render text as if it was printed in a circle of radius. Edge Detection Null54 Updated by Null54 to work with PDN 4.1+. Use an edge detection algorithm to find and render edges with given colors. Other pixels are set to transparent. Copy both dll's into the /Effects/ folder. FFT / IFFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Null54 Updated by Null54 to work with PDN 4.1+. A plugin pack of four effects related to Fast Fourier Transformations. Isometric Tiler Mallaboro Turns orthogonal images into isometric spritesheets. As of v1.0 it is limited only to tiles sized 64px x 128px tiles. Source includes & bat installer
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    Version posted. Changed. Fixed crash. This was caused by very old plugins (like old versions of Ed Harvey's plugins). Please remember to keep your plugins up-to-date. Fixed crash. The Plugin Browser now skips over Dynamic assemblies.
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    Great jobs by @lynxster4, @welshblue and @Pixey! I had a very difficult time deciding which entries to vote for. I think welshblue may have ended up competing against himself, with two similar entries. Thanks to Pixey for hosting! BTW, my candle (which I think turned out pretty well -- especially if the image is placed against a dark background) is based on a method stolen adapted from an excellent Photoshop tutorial. I had to make a few modifications to handle some PS features that PDN doesn't have. The color-gradient was produced using pyrochild's very useful Gradient Mapping plugin. Instead of the Outer Glow, I used my Edge Expander plugin, followed by a slight blur, then Kris Vandermotten's Sepia 2. To substitute for the PS masking layers, I first drew the diffuse and specular shading, without regard to the candle-image boundaries, then used BoltBait's Paste Alpha to trim them to the image boundaries. PS opacity values must go from 0 to 100, so that needs to be taken into account when setting alpha. If I were to do it over again, I'd try using the Texture Shader to shade a cylinder, with the candle-color gradient in the clipboard. It would no doubt require some experimentation to get it right. (Also, I should have made the flame oranger; it would have worked better against the white background. That's one of those details I realize too late, after the contest deadline.)
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    Well, I've published my updated plugins, so no harm done!
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    @welshblue! Superb tut. Thank you very much. I have tried two.i versions.
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    Thank you so much: @pyrochild! @ReMake! @Ed Harvey! @Red ochre! @TechnoRobbo! @MadJik! @AhmedElyamani! @sradforth! @DataDink! @Xhin and "Relief" plugin writer.
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    Another piece. I call it 'Dancing Planets'. I hope you enjoy it.