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    The only Plugins required to make this 'Crumpled Paper Texture are already part of Paint.net. The Gradient and the Emboss Tools (I made this after a request was made here for crumpled paper.) Two Examples
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    Happy Birthday @Red ochre! And all the best!
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    This has been implemented in v1.6
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    Tired of having to create a Visual Studio project and configure it ... every time you export from plugin from CodeLab? Me too, so I automated it all! 😎
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    Trying to learn Pixy's crumpled paper.....got off track and well, heck I like it
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    Hi! 😃 I have been using PDN for over 3 years. And I have never really browsed the forums unless I was looking for plugins. I have made this post to show off all the work I've done using PDN over the past 2 years, most of these are experiments with plugins. These images are, for the most part: Experiments Dumps Real work Illustrations for fonts I've made Stuff I've done for fun Most of the work here ranges from my favourites to work I don't really like anymore. But I did want to release them into my gallery anyways. If anyone has any questions about these pictures, than feel free to ask 😄 Some of these images have "by brettaxf" on them. This is an old username I used to use, my FontSpace account and my 1001fonts account share these fonts. I am not plagiarizing! __________________________________________________________________________________________ Font illustrations (and their prototypes): Isometric 3D + Normal 3D stuff: Distortions, warps, aesthetics: Other stuff I've made: If I find anything worthy of going into this gallery that I have made, I'll update it!
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    Kind thank you, everyone! --- It's another Saturday, so it's time another scene. I think this one is one of my more realistic ones. I call it "Seaside Wreck" or "Salvage" https://www.deviantart.com/blastwaves/art/Seaside-Wreck-755588676
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    Todd's Renaissance Faire garb. Meet Brother Veceslav!
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    A few lines in CodeLab and we have a Calendar Creator with a "Red" Days (weekend). Of course, it's not an optimum code and somebody could correct it.
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    Added 65 new shapes; 14 more stained glass and a new genre...tribal shapes! Here are some preview pics of the new shapes: All tribal shapes are from TribalShapes.com Please see the first post for a more detailed look at all the included shapes. Please enjoy! ☺️
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    As the only entrant to be left off the podium, congratulations to everyone 😀
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    Congrats Pixey. Your entry is so delicate looking. Liked everyone's entries. Thanks lynxster.
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    @welshblue! Thank you so much for the tutorial. I have two versions. I'll be glad to hear your opinion. *I did something wrong.
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    Very interesting technique to get this effect, @Pixey I may have used too many 'diamonds', but it still looks okay. No two crumpled papers will ever be the same! I like it! Thank you! 😄
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    Firstly apologies to @DrewDale after the kitchen knife comp. In fact I would have voted for MJW's knife ... and he would have won the toss of a coin ... so the result is the same. The past few months have been a bit like pushing fog up hill, so my online time has been non-existent, so not ignoring as such ... just resting. A bit more treatment but fingers crossed I should be up to participating here again. Not a lot more they can remove without turning me into Steve Austin 🤣 Great theme this time
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    The dropdown list is populated from the actual year… It means next year the last choice in the list will be + 1 (2033). edit:Perhaps a slider -100 <--- year ---> +100 would be better for a bigger range and will offer the possibility to key in the year... (Birth month of grandpa…)
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    traced: http://chiba-syaken.info/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/butterfly-coloring-pages-for-kids-printable-butterfly-coloring-pages-for-kids-cool2bkids-of-pictures-for-kids.jpg edited: https://augustiner-schuetzengarten.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/FIFA_World-2.png