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  1. LionsDragon

    Pixey's Gallery ~Droste Fractal~

    Gorgeous! For a brief moment, I thought you meant Droste chocolates--but this could easily be a fine molded confection, so it works.
  2. LionsDragon

    Happy birthday Seerose

    Happy birthday my sweet friend @Seerose!
  3. LionsDragon

    Pixey's Gallery ~Droste Fractal~

    Gorgeous! @Pixey, I keep saying you should open a boutique. This hasn't changed my mind.
  4. I've never known it to happen. Almost sounds like something was running in the background that you didn't catch.
  5. LionsDragon

    What music are you listening to?

    A fitting song for PDN and it's fans. (Also, a nice tribute to the band's female vocalist Licorice McKechnie, missing since 1990. )
  6. LionsDragon

    Human gait analysis software

    @BoltBait and @Ego Eram Reputo, you two just reminded me why I don't dance to "Thriller." Ouchie....
  7. LionsDragon

    Printed Artwork

    Ahhhh @Drydareelin, that's fantastic! The pictures look great, too.
  8. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    @Pixey, taking a break is wise advice! I do have a bad habit of vanishing into whatever piece for ages. And @Woodsy, I beg to differ. Your woodworks were what inspired me!
  9. LionsDragon

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    Eurgh...I hate having my picture taken (my avatar is a good few years old). However, I managed to put these together from a few months back. On the left is the Lion, Todd Niquette. And that's me, the Dragon (Alyce Niquette) on the right.
  10. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    No worries, I'm not giving up! I've got so, SO much work into this project already...not wasting it. I just realized that I've been working on it so intensely that I could no longer see it clearly. I think the part where I did a hypothetical reconstruction of an ancient royal court from Mutapa should have been a clue tbh.... And thank you! I'm fascinated by the play of light and color, so when I can make that happen in PDN it makes my week! Actually, the crystal fern is going to be part of an enchanted garden that will hopefully have the same glow. And hon, if it makes you feel any better I'm having the same kind of week. The cringe is real, but part of being human. Don't feel bad!
  11. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    Don't be sorry! You caught something I totally overlooked, and isn't that what we're here for? You've confirmed that I did the right thing in forcing myself to take a break from this project; I need to focus on something else for a while and look at this with fresh eyes. Thank you! When I DO allow myself to go back to it, I'm gonna tinker with lace for a while. Thanks for catching that!
  12. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    @Seerose ahhh, thank you! *blush* Nothing like challenging the PDN skillset, right?
  13. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    @lynxster4, thank you! At least I got the glowing, happy bride right if not the veil. And thanks. The background was quite fun, too.
  14. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    @Pixey...ooh, potato! You're right. I tried to make a lace veil and made armor instead. 😩 Then again, Marion's so shy she probably wouldn't mind....
  15. LionsDragon

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Marion in her Wedding Dress

    This is Marion, one of the sisters to Eddie from "Poison Blue." These two are part of a larger piece, but I really wanted to show off her dress. Marion is painted from a model. The diamond is from @welshblue's "Metallic Marble Text," the hair is built from brushes from DeviantArt--and everything else is pure PDN. That includes the pearls on the jacket and the lace on the jacket back (second image).