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  1. The "circles and square with arrows" are for moving the rectangle. Try this: -Select the background with the magic wand. -Press "Ctrl+I" on your keyboard. This will invert the selection (that is, select the text). -Press "delete" on your keyboard or the scissors icon in Paint.Net Try reading through the manual@Ego Eram Reputo wrote when you get a chance. It helps a lot with the transition.
  2. Thank you! I figured if I could help bridge the understanding gap, in any way, well....
  3. I use it in memory of him. 😥 Also YIKES! I just noticed the piranha!
  4. Thank you! Wrote the script, created the intertitle cards and Stickman images (huge thanks to @Ego Eram Reputoand to @lynxster4for the puppy!), made the backgrounds in PDN, animated in Photoscape because my brain wouldn't play nicely with @midora's plugin, then transferred to my iPad and put it all together in iMovie with stock curtain image and audio. And then I had a panic attack.
  5. Okay, I have been waiting to post this for a while. I participated in a project called "We Are Not Your Puzzle Piece." Now that the virtual display is up, here's my contribution.
  6. Well, if it's a solid background, the easiest way is to click on the background with the magic wand tool and then hit the Delete button on the keyboard. If it's a textured background you may need TR's Alpha Cutter. Oh, and welcome to the forum! You'll be pleased to know you're not surrounded by (snip)
  7. Yeeeeah that would do it! I wouldn't go full raw with those; maybe add right before cooking? And now I'm craving chili!
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