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  1. Thanks! Jitter with a maximum length of 2; frosted glass, crystalize, and stitch at defaults; dents at a very low setting.
  2. Et voila! An embroidered star applique on @welshblue's denim:
  3. In other news, Willie still has not found his bike. However, it's easy to find his tour bus: just look for the one with smoke pouring out the windows.
  4. @welshblue, this dragon heartily approves! It's even my favorite color. ETA: I just spent ten minutes zoomed in looking at the metalwork. Holy feathers man, you are the Maestro.
  5. Happy birthday! I hope things are going well!
  6. *ganks* You made it up, I'm adding it to my vocabulary. ❤️
  7. Fabulous! The most recent remind me of the kaleidoscope I had as a child.
  8. that gives ME some ideas....
  9. Typical of the furbrats. They've decided you belong to them and so does your land. (Just because I love animals doesn't mean I don't see through their shenanigans. I don't walk directly under birds, for starters....)