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  1. BlastWave's Gallery - Heavy Armor

    A--freaking-mazing. I thought at first it was an armored elephant until I read your caption! *blush* So...are/were you in the military? The detail you put in these beggars believe--in a good way!
  2. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    Oooh okay, that makes much more sense! I figured it was a Welsh brand we just aren't lucky enough to get here.
  3. Object of the Fortnight #11 – Knight Shield

    For Jarl Tiorvi Hergersson, owner of the Hrafna:
  4. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <Elegancy>

    Fantastic new pieces! *applauds*
  5. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    Okay, you have me stumped...what is Svelte Bread?
  6. Brush Factory v1.5 (August 10th, 2017)

    Fannnnntastic! This made one of my current pieces...well, not just easier but possible!
  7. Object of the Fortnight #10 – Whole Red Apple – Winners

    Congrats everyone! (Is the orchard open yet?)
  8. Image Battles

    That's what I thought I'd read, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. Thank you!
  9. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    The man is amazing, yeah...he's been collecting music since he was in his mid-teens. Ach, no! The bakery closed because the building's owner decided not to renew the lease (not sure why; it was still sitting empty when I moved away). The most recent job I had in the field was in an assisted living home. You wanna talk about heartbreaking.... Oh, I just added sweet curry powder to a light breading on the tenderloins, then gave them another dusting in the pan. I would love to have a garden, but I tend to kill plants. Hello, farmer's market! FWIW, the way you just described is the best way to eat green beans I've ever found. I've seen that reaction to meds more than once; it's a rough one. As long as what you're eating is plenty healthy and not...I dunno, squishy Wonder Bread, you should be getting a decent amount of nutrients. If you make homemade bread, I think I've got a recipe for high-protein bread you might like...?
  10. Image Battles

    So the images here have to follow a certain theme, or...?
  11. BlastWave's Gallery - Heavy Armor

    Don't look down, don't look down.... I honestly thought this was a movie still at first!
  12. GeoGraphics by AndrewDavid

    Sweet! Thank you! I had no idea how much I needed these until just now.
  13. Regular noise texture (ymd: 20170815)

    Here's a quick one: some of your textures reminded me of a crocheted afghan. First time I've made one in under five minutes! I think this plugin is going to be VERY useful!
  14. Regular noise texture (ymd: 20170815)

    Annnnd a few of my projects-in-mind just got easier--thank you for this! I must be tired; I initially read this as "regular nose generator" and was extremely confused.
  15. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    He had to check: 0.6 TB music, compressed and uncompressed. To the extent he has it compressed, it's approximately 400,000 songs across 3000 artists. No rap in the bunch. Plus, he has multiple redundant backups of most of his stuff. And yeah, ex-chefs are dangerous. For dinner last night I made curry-breaded chicken with a caper sauce, with green beans on the side.