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  1. So a few miles south of me on Sunday, we had the worst car pileup in Wisconsin history. 131 cars in a near-whiteout storm. All I could think is, "It's February. In Wisconsin. On the weekend. Why are you trying to act like it's June?!? Stay home!" Only one fatality, but that's really one too many. Don't go out if you can avoid it!
  2. @nitenurse79 welcome back! I hope things get better soon. The dark times stink.
  3. Agreed! At least Rami Malek won for Best Actor.
  4. @AndrewDavid, that's amazing! I agree it looks like a Van Gogh!
  5. Love it! (And congrats on the new job!) What did you think of Brian May's song about the event?
  6. Gorgeous work as always, dearest @Seerose! (And @HyReZ too!)
  7. Goodness @Rickhum, if you don't wanna found a city you could make a great holiday resort here in PDNation!
  8. Fantastic work, @welshblue! I might just have a go at that tutorial, huh.
  9. You know, I just realized I haven't posted anything here in a while. So, here's something with the new Mandala Creator plugin. This actually started as a photograph of the street in front of my house; it's so foggy, you can't even tell there's a restaurant across the way! And no, we haven't moved to London....
  10. The drummer is a colleague from my day job. Clever, funny woman. I have only met the rest in passing.
  11. @TrevorOutlaw actually, now you look like a drill sergeant. Not someone to cross!