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  1. A very useful plugin. I didn't know how much I needed this before you thought and implemented it, MadJik! I only keep in the normal "Palettes" folder the two or three palettes I use most often. I have another folder where I keep all palettes that I use occasionally to rarely. So, you can see how useful it would be for me to identify and choose a palette I need if your plugin allowed the user to define the path for the palettes to be drawn. If it's too much trouble, please forget I asked; your plugin is very useful as it is.
  2. Unfinished plugins

    Given that: and that: ... would it be too much to ask for a .dll to be released for the code-handicapped masses?
  3. Photobucket sucks.

    Nearly two years before Goonfella started this topic and everyone commented their agreement that PB does indeed suck, I wrote:
  4. Rotate exact # of degrees?

    Impressive MadJik, but way too complicated. I remember how I tested years ago, something like: - Draw an object on a transparent layer, duplicate the layer. - Rotate the duplicated layer 3 or 4 times, anticlockwise. Make sure the sum of the rotations is larger than 360 Degrees. - Rotate the same layer clockwise (negative degrees) as much as the sum of the anticlockwise rotation was over 360. - The object on the duplicated layer exactly overlaps the object on the original layer. QED.
  5. Rotate exact # of degrees?

    I have found Layers > Rotate / Zoom to be accurate. However, I prefer to use this
  6. Ctrl+Shift+C will copy all the visible layers, merged. It's not the same as saving the layered image but it's much better than saving just one layer.
  7. What music are you listening to?

    This was on the telly the other day and it's been playing in my head since ..
  8. A workaround for plugin installers that do not work with the Windows Store version is: 1. (If they do not already exist) Create two folders, one named "Effects" and one named "FileTypes", in the main "" folder, usually like "C:\Program Files\\Effects" and "C:\Program Files\\FileTypes". 2. Download and run the plugin installer. 3. Follow the instructions in the second yellow "Note" at 4. Cut and paste the files installed in the folders in step 1 into the folders created in step 3.
  9. Alpha Mask Import Plugin (2.0)

    @Eagle1, it seems to be a common problem for files uploaded through the forum. Just download the file on the first post and save it on your desktop. Then re-name it to anything you like and add the ".zip" extention. You should then be able to extract the dll.
  10. Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas to all PaintDotNet-ers
  11. What music are you listening to?

    (I checked here and kind of expected MadJik to have posted already something on this. Maybe I should have waited a bit). The great French performer, Édith Piaf, would have been 102 today. I listened to one tribute to her on a Cyprus radio station this morning and a second one this afternoon, on another station. And that's just me zapping on the car radio, stuck in traffic. I cannot even imagine how it is in France today.
  12. Unfinished plugins

    The emoticon gave it away. I thought of deleting the emoticon but then I wasn't sure how anyone would take it.