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  1. In my case, it's more a matter of habit. I have both plugins installed but I routinely use Alpha Mask. I think it's because it's placed in the Effects main menu rather than in a sub-menu.
  2. The Alpha Mask plugin treats transparency like white. So, if your clipboard contains your layer of a white object (your outline) on a transparent background then the plugin understands that you want to keep all the layer and discard nothing. The way around this is to insert a black layer below your white outline layer and merge them together (remember to change the white layer properties to normal before merging). Then copy the merged layer to your clipboard and use the Alpha Mask plugin with "Paste from Clipboard" ticked.
  3. Have a look at the first steps of this tutorial:
  4. Djisves

    Night Vision Effect

    No big deal but that (and the deletion of Maximilian's link) came after my report. EDIT: ... or maybe not.
  5. Djisves

    Night Vision Effect

    I wish mods would post something so that we know that they already dealt with a problem. If they do, then I won't waste my time checking and reporting.
  6. Djisves

    Night Vision Effect

    Clicking on Maximilian's link, I get: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S328/1 The link on the first post works fine for me on Firefox v. 60.0
  7. Djisves

    'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP)

    @lifeday, Edge will download the file without any trouble.
  8. Djisves

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    The plugin that I have uploaded, the one released by @Martin Osieka on 8 July 2015, is v1.0, not v0.2 There's 3 files in the zip that Martin uploaded. The third one is the "read me" file. I tried to upload to MEGA and RapidFire but both now require to register an account even for a temporary file upload, which I find too much trouble for one plugin. I don't know why Firefox and Chrome don't like it while the Edge browser downloads the zip without any problem. Perhaps one of the other mods can download the plugin v1.0 using Edge and attach it to the first post. I am not going to delete the file after all because I have noticed that it has already been downloaded 22 times so far. So some people need it. BUT, my question regarding the deletion of member uploads still remains. @Pixey when I go to my "my attachments", I do not have an option to edit or delete. I see nothing like your screenshot. Perhaps mods have options us commoners don't? I have no immediate need for it, but it would be nice to know how, for future reference.
  9. Djisves

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    I tried to download it myself with Firefox and it wouldn't download. I got a warning that "this file contains a virus or malware". I checked the zipped file I uploaded with AVG and it shows clean. I checked again the three unzipped files and AVG insists that all is well. I then tried downloading using Edge and I the zip downloaded fine without any warnings. I checked again the downloaded zip file and the unzipped contents with AVG and they came out clean. Perhaps try again @Pixey with a different browser? BTW, my first instinct was to delete the uploaded zip and upload it again, but I couldn't figure out how to delete a file under "My attachments". Any ideas?
  10. Djisves

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    This link on the first and on the 8 June 2015 posts does not work. Perhaps one of the moderators can add a link to this one on the first post:
  11. This should do exactly what you need:
  12. I see... I just tried it and I can't login either. I even tried to upload without logging in but that was also impossible.
  13. Your signature is hosted at imgur and I can see it fine.
  14. A very useful plugin. I didn't know how much I needed this before you thought and implemented it, MadJik! I only keep in the normal "Palettes" folder the two or three palettes I use most often. I have another folder where I keep all palettes that I use occasionally to rarely. So, you can see how useful it would be for me to identify and choose a palette I need if your plugin allowed the user to define the path for the palettes to be drawn. If it's too much trouble, please forget I asked; your plugin is very useful as it is.