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  1. @Pixey, click on the top-right down arrow to open the drop-down list and then click on "Save current as preset...". It will ask you to name the preset in a new window.
  2. The download link in the first post at the thread I linked to, works fine. I just tested it.
  3. I have had exactly this happen to me too, perhaps three or four times over the last few months. Unlike @Hatori360, I did not check further to see how the tabs behave, nor did I check to see if there were any problems with the Layers window. Every time, I just restarted PDN and the problem disappeared. I just assumed that it's a memory problem or my ageing computer telling me it's time to retire it and let it rest.
  4. @AP2020, you do not need a plugin for that. On the Menu Bar, click on Layers > Import from File... and select as many files as you need. (I've only ever tried it with files within the same folder). More here.
  5. I thought this was melted cheese. After a better look, it still looks like melted cheese to me 😁 Whatever it is, I like it.
  6. @Mickynoshoes, do you want to physically print on paper? Your screenshot shows you have selected the option to print to PDF. Make sure your printer is connected properly to your computer, the printer drivers are installed and updated and then select your printer to see the options and settings available.
  7. Congratulations to @Pixey, @Vagabondi and @MJW. Very good entries. I liked @Pixey's melted cheese and @ardneh's plain toast best. I'm surprised @ardneh's plain toast only got two votes; I think it's the most realistic toast in the competition.
  8. You do not add fonts to PDN. Just add the font you need to Windows like you do with any font. You'll be able to use it within PDN. EDIT: @Pixey was too fast for me 😁
  9. @Azagthoth, Either Fill From File or Fill From Clipboard will suit you. Both can be found in @BoltBait's plugin pack.
  10. Top menu: Layers > Import From File... (<- click for the relevant help page).
  11. @Nodwood, if you work with existing gifs that already have a transparent background, you don't need to do anything. Edit as you like and then save as gif. The transparent background will be preserved. When you create a new image from scratch, first delete the white background colour that comes with the background layer: 1. Select all (Ctrl+A) 2. Hit the "Delete" key on your keyboard 3. Work on the transparent background, create your image, Save As gif. @Pixey, the undisputed animated gif queen of the PDN forums, understandably sometimes forgets that not
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