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  1. Thanks for the reference @AndrewDavid but you did not have to. When I wrote that, I was just repeating what others, more experienced and knowledgeable users wrote before me. @IHaveNoName, I read in the forum recently (I looked but I can't find it now), a discussion about making the drop-down fonts list in PDN behave like the one in MS Word - i.e. list the most recently used fonts at the top, sort of like favourites.
  2. heheheh... Seeing the theme for the current SotW competition, I remember my Signature of the Season I posted last year.
  3. Great entries! Congratulations to @lynxster4 and all the winners. I like @Ladybug's first entry best. I'm sorry I'm too busy these days to enter the competitions but I still enjoy all your efforts.
  4. Read here (<- click) for Shape Styles.
  5. I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday. Like others, I've had a worse reaction than the first time. Sore upper arm, joint pain, headache, fatigue, slight fever for about 24 hours. I feel much better now.
  6. Congratulations to all who entered! Very good entries with very little between them. Shame that so few members take part or vote.
  7. Works fine, as expected. Thank you @MJW.
  8. ... very impressive. However, she seems to perform with the exact same feeling and emotion that I have when I Ctrl+Shift+C and Ctrl+Alt+V.
  9. Yes, congratulations to @Pixey, @lynxster4, @barbieq25, @DrewDale and @Ladybug. My favourite is @barbieq25's first entry, which set a high bar for all. Thank you for your kind words. I did have something like your entries in mind but realised I could not get anything as good without it being too much like yours. So I went the "clever" way 😁
  10. A fair and accurate presentation of English football fans 🙃
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