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  1. Have you seen Content Aware Fill? In any case, I attach this DLL.
  2. Djisves

    Candy Text

    The use of AA and Bevel Object to get the inside shine very clever. I'll remember that, thank you @klaxxon.
  3. Interesting use of Neon Edges 😁 I love the colours, very plasticine-y! Thank you @ReMake. I think you applied the Ripple effect on the top layer as well. Perhaps you should point that out in the tutorial steps. For anyone interested: You can use just about any thick, sans serif font on its own layer and then Effects -> Noise -> Median. In my case, I used Arial Black, size 192, each letter on its own layer, Median 16, merge, Median 16 again.
  4. No, the installer is only good for the classic version. The moderators have not fixed the link on the first post yet, so use this zip file until they do:
  5. ... each and every night. ----------- This is the first weekend we are finally allowed to go to the beach and we were there, first thing Saturday morning. Of course, the temperature has dropped from 43 Celcius on Thursday to 28 on Saturday, with just enough wind to spoil the day.
  6. You're very kind Welshy. I'll never be an artist on PDN by any definition. I consider myself more of a "technician", in the sense of "here are your tools, here is your goal, now go get it". I wouldn't know what to do if not for your wonderful tutorials that provide both a technique and a target. I should be thanking all you writers of tutorials, creators of plugins, moderators, administrators and Rick himself for all your time, effort, energy (money ?) and little grey cells you put into PDN.
  7. Djisves

    Bling Text

    I should have clarified: I gave up looking for a FREE font. 😁 That one was easy to find. The price-tag was hard to swallow.
  8. Djisves

    Bling Text

    heheheh... after spending a lot of time looking for the font, I gave up and used a logo image instead. It's a trick I used often in my PES modding days. I found a good quality Cartier logo of 2000 px wide. My first instinct for this tutorial was to go for "Tiffany & Co image or even Zwarovski. I discarded both because they are too wide to be ale to show any detail and keep within forum image size limits.
  9. Yes, the "zipped DLLs" link is dead, but the installer version link works fine. I'm sure one of the moderators will fix the dropbox link shortly. In the meantime, click on the blue button to take you to Kris' site to download his plugins.
  10. Background made using the Making Polished Spacescapes v2 tutorial.
  11. The link works fine for me @null54. Maybe one of the moderators has fixed it in the meantime.
  12. Djisves

    Bling Text

    I enjoyed this one, thank you @Pixey. Now, on to more text tutorials.