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  1. Plugins never used before: @MadJik's Random Mazes Random Maze #1 for the text and Random Maze #2 for the background.
  2. Download link works fine with Firefox 87 (latest) and Microsoft Edge 89 (latest).
  3. @Ego Eram Reputo, TR's Custom Random Filler appears in the Index as TR's Custom Shape Filler .
  4. There is a plugin by @TechnoRobbo that does just that: TR's Custom Random Filler I've used it a number of times, mostly to create backgrounds. You'll need to create your own a Sprite Sheet with the desired shapes / images.
  5. For "exact same height text" text use the same font and size. For the exact same position in a layer: - Use any of the alignment plugns ( e.g. @xod's Align Object or @KrisVDM's Object Align ) to align your text at one of the canvas edges - Use @MadJik's Paneling plugin to place the text in the precise position you need to. The effect values will remain the same every time you run the plugin in the same PDN session.
  6. My personal favourite and one I use quite often is @MadJik's Frames:
  7. Thank you @Pixey for hosting this competition and congratulations to everyone who entered. Some very fine entries in this one and I think this must be the most competitive one I remember. I like @lynxster4's "wooden" King best. Competitions are fun but plugins should definitely have priority, thank you.
  8. This should help you install the plugins: Install Plugins (<- click) Additional reading: How to Install Paint.NET Plugins (<- click) ... and ... If you use the Paint.NET Search on the main page of the forum will usually help you get answers faster than waiting for someone to reply here. Also, pressing F1 on your keyboard while using PDN will open the online documentation in your default browser. EDIT: @Pixey beat me to it 😁
  9. 1. Duplicate object layer. 2. Use Rotate/Zoom+ on new layer. 3. Duplicate new layer 4. Ctrl+F (repeat last Effect) 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.
  10. Search "rotate" using the Plugin Index. There's a few options available. I often use @dpy's Rotate/Zoom+.
  11. Welcome to PDN to the forum @melikeVr. It's obvious the tutorial instructions are wrong. To help the community, it will be nice to point us to the tutorial, if it is on this forum, so the author or a moderator can correct the instructions. In general, it's better to ask questions about specific tutorials on the tutorial topic. This way you get answers specific to the topic and help better to improve the collective knowledge.
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