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  1. I run out of upvotes again; serves me right to start a discussion I'm bound to want to agree with a lot of the replies. I agree, a forced white background on each image is the best solution (if the default theme cannot be forced for the competitions sub-forum). Thank you @toe_head2001. Yes, right, my apologies for not seeing the obvious. I intended to watch the first half only and then switch to a local derby that would start an hour later. As it turned out, I only watched the second half of the local derby.
  2. Thank you @lynxster4, this one was more work than usual 🙂 Congratulations to @welshblue, @Pixey and everyone who too part. Well done on the successful theme @welshblue, as attested by the number of entries. Two entries with 0 votes! I don't think I've seen this before.
  3. I don't like to comment on entries until after the voting ends, but I think it's OK to compare one image with itself on different backgrounds. I agree, @Pixey's the curved Aces look much better on the dark background. On the contrary, your "worn" cards look better on the light background because on the dark background the excellent shadow is lost. (I'm watching the match at the Hawthorns at the moment but - just in case - I won't spoil it for anyone).
  4. Well, is there a way to display the Competitions sub-forum at default theme only? I, too, prefer an object without background but how else can we overcome the theme inconsistency? This sounds logical and consistent.
  5. With 3 different forum themes, hence 3 different backgrounds, the "no background" rule is problematic. Contestants cannot know how if their entry will be viewed (and judged) like they intended, because they cannot know what theme/background each member will view their entry with. Perhaps the rule can be changed and a plain (single colour, no gradient, no frame) background is allowed. (Alternatively, I can be stipulated that all entries must be viewed and judged using the default forum theme, but that's not going to happen). One more thing while I have the fl
  6. You should, if you want to publish tutorials and offer advice.
  7. Thank you for taking the trouble to illustrate, @Pixey. Videos are always so much easier to understand.
  8. Mine too. Shadows do not show nicely, if at all, on the dark theme. Shame, but we'll have to live with it.
  9. 🤣🤣🤣 @LoudSilence, you may want to check again the plugin information you provide above: - @BoltBait has a newer version of the shadow plugin you show in your screenshot. - Trail plugin is not by @MadJik, rather by @pyrochild.
  10. Align Centre each layer of an existing animated gif may not work for all images (obviously it works for the one in this example). Depending on the animation, you may not want the object to be centered on each frame, for example in a bouncing ball animation). In cases like this, I always default to @MadJik's Paneling plugin. Use the plugin to position the object on the first frame and repeat for the object on each of the other layers. The plugin settings stick after each use, so simply click on the next layer in the Layers window and hit Ctrl+F.
  11. Well done @welshblue and @Pixey. Excellent winning entries.
  12. Thank you @MJW. The transparency and spacing adjustments work very well. I used maximum fade in all three examples below:
  13. The best thing that came out of this topic and the OP's question.
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