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  1. Djisves

    OOTF#26 - WINNERS - Hourglass.

    I think I've learned from this competition. Congratulations to well deserved winner @MJW, @Pixey and @welshblue for their placements and everyone who entered for their quality entries.
  2. Djisves

    Help With this 3d Text

    @BoltBait wrote a plugin some time ago to address this. It works well with right angled objects. Hopefully someone with the ability and time will work on improving it further.
  3. Djisves

    SOTW#189 - Frogs~Toads

  4. I also usually use the same method as @Eli . Another way that sometimes works well in is to draw the first line on its own layer, copy the layer and then move the new layer with the Move tool.
  5. Djisves

    SOTW#188 - Butterflies - Winners

    As the only entrant to be left off the podium, congratulations to everyone 😀
  6. Djisves

    What music are you listening to?

    Oh, the brilliance of the man! Thank you @xod for reminding me to revisit this gem:
  7. Djisves

    What music are you listening to?

    Better break out the good stuff
  8. No trouble logging in with Firefox 61.0.1
  9. Djisves

    SOTW#188 - Butterflies

    traced: edited:
  10. Djisves

    Distressed image

    It may be worth your while to have a look at this one too:
  11. Djisves

    SOTW#187 - Greyscale Art

  12. In my case, it's more a matter of habit. I have both plugins installed but I routinely use Alpha Mask. I think it's because it's placed in the Effects main menu rather than in a sub-menu.
  13. The Alpha Mask plugin treats transparency like white. So, if your clipboard contains your layer of a white object (your outline) on a transparent background then the plugin understands that you want to keep all the layer and discard nothing. The way around this is to insert a black layer below your white outline layer and merge them together (remember to change the white layer properties to normal before merging). Then copy the merged layer to your clipboard and use the Alpha Mask plugin with "Paste from Clipboard" ticked.
  14. Have a look at the first steps of this tutorial: