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Adding Depth to images using Dodge and Burn layers for Highlighting and Shading


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Yes, the soft brush with varying opacity is a great tool. I think its potential is underrated.


I like how 3Dish you made the shadows and highlights with the simple step.


This is a forerunner to digital painting in Paint.NET.


What the technique was able to achieve on your daughter's picture makes me think of an impressionist painting.

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Really like this Hippiechos! Thank you for posting such a neat tutorial.



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Super useful and well explained tutorial, hippiechos! ? I've been studying shading for some time, mostly for pencil-on-paper sketches, and it's impressive how a work's aspect changes when shaded. This will surely come in handy since I also enjoy tweaking my sketches digitally :)

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Great technique @hippiechos!  I would have never thought of highlighting and shading this way.


I'll have to experiment.  Thank you!!  :)   :cake:

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