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  1. I shared it some time ago though I can't say on what page it is. I however understand it's too good to not post it again 👍
  2. Today I feel electric, in a classic way 🤘😎
  3. Starring Humphrey Bogack and Ingrid Bergmack 😉 And a few belated Valentine's candids:
  4. I'm sorry @welshblue won't be able to submit a modified entry upon having flattened the project file. It was a worthy piece to view, with or without paper cup. If my opinion counts for anything, I'm not a big fan of flattening. I prefer to preserve all layers, and take notes of what I did to produce them for future reference, if possible, and hardly ever flatten anything at all unless strictly unavoidable. Just an idea
  5. All PdN. One of my pieces on Drogon from Game of Thrones.
  6. An all PdN interpretation of the myth of the Phoenix, inspired by a previous piece I did in watercolor pencils (pity it looks so small in horizontal sig size 🙄)
  7. Valentine's in history of mafia can be worth the memories... maybe 😉 😛
  8. Looks like the guy was put through a psychedelic CAT scan, in my humble perception. Cool looking!
  9. Very welcome! That's what friends are for
  10. Let's thank the news for making things clear to us 😉