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  1. The Comedy Thread

    A little sci-fi romanticism to say goodbye to this past Valentine's
  2. Although they may not be relevant to your needs, I recommend Red ochre's Bezncurve (renders open and closed curves which may be useful to create smooth outlines for later selections with the magic wand) and TR's Alpha Cutter (a very versatile selection eraser which I've used quite satisfactorily). Welcome to the forum, btw!
  3. The Comedy Thread

    Happy Valentine's to whom it may concern
  4. Seerose's Gallery -Chrome Text- 2018

    Is it you in the first picture, Seerose?
  5. The Comedy Thread

    The other day I tried to make reservations at the library, but I couldn't. They were completely booked
  6. The Comedy Thread

    Already crossing fingers for it!!
  7. The Comedy Thread

    I stayed up all night to try and find out where the sun had gone. Then it dawned on me
  8. Welcome Back Max!

    Thank you very much, @Woodsy! It's good to have returned!
  9. BlastWave's Gallery - Metropolis

    Amazing gallery you have here, BlastWave! Keep up the good art!!
  10. SOTW#180 - Molten Metal - Winners.

    Greetings to all participants, and best of lucks to Pixey and lynxster on the fulfillment of their new positions!!
  11. lynxster creations - **Happy Valentine's Day!**

    Amazing latest pieces, dear friend!! On the other hand, I wasn't aware of your recent losses. So sorry about them! I send you a big hug from here
  12. Seerose's Gallery -Chrome Text- 2018

    Amazing abstracts as always!!