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    — Languages, especially Spanish (native language) and English (second native language). Planning to learn a few more if life allows.
    — Digital art.
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  1. Maximilian

    3d advanced curved text

    Thank you for always being so kind, dear @Seerose
  2. Maximilian

    3d advanced curved text

    I've found this nice tutorial by chance the other day. Short, entertaining and effective A quick first test (I now realize I should have polished a few text borders before posting 😞) And I used the technique to make a birthday greeting for a friend: I hope @yellowman returns sometime.
  3. Maximilian

    lynxster creations - **NEW 8/4 - Froggie**

    Astounding result!
  4. Amazing additions! 👍 Welcome back!
  5. Maximilian

    Happy Birthday Red ochre!

    So glad to see you back, Red!
  6. Maximilian

    Happy Birthday Red ochre!

    Happy birthday, @Red ochre, wherever you are! Hope you return sometime soon!
  7. Maximilian

    Seerose's Gallery -Porcelain & Neon Text- 2018

    I agree with lynxster's comment above. They both look super artistic and mega radiant
  8. Maximilian

    Seerose's Gallery -Porcelain & Neon Text- 2018

    So colorful! 👍
  9. Maximilian

    Paper Effect

    It would be awesome if someone had a backup of this tute. Paper tutorials seem hard to find I'd very much appreciate the images you have
  10. Maximilian

    How to deep-fry an image

    I had never heard of deep-fried images before. Thanks for the tutorial! (I'll give it a go asap) 👍 Welcome to the forum, by the way!
  11. Maximilian

    Happy Birthday to Lifeday

    I wish you a super happy birthday, @lifeday
  12. Maximilian

    What music are you listening to?

    Blackie Lawless' remarkable singing and composition skills, plus Doug Blair's guitar solos stand for 🎵 musical uniqueness 🎸
  13. Maximilian

    The Comedy Thread

    Have you heard about the ship carrying blue paint and the ship carrying red paint that crashed into the same island? All the sailors were marooned 🤔
  14. Hope you're having a good day on your special day, dear @lynxster4💖
  15. Maximilian

    The Comedy Thread

    Patient: I broke my arm in three places, doctor! Doctor: Well, don't go to those places anymore! 😉👍