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  1. The Comedy Thread

    Thanks everyone for the reps and comments on my previous post. It's always good to entertain! So here's one more:
  2. Optical Illusion Thread

    I could use it too Here's another illusion: Wagon wheel Animation Can you spot which direction the wheel is rotating? Which side is in front? Which side the back? The illusion produces psychedelic colors and may cause seizures. You are warned. Credit goes to this page with their sketchbook of gif projects.
  3. Very many congrats and greetings to everyone involved in this competition. It's impressive what Paint.NET can do when placed in the right hands
  4. The Comedy Thread

    So many things to be liked that I've run out of reps. Will be back later, but in the meantime, some linguistic humor.....
  5. Optical Illusion Thread

    Once appears to be enough for one lifetime Very welcome, dear friend! I thought you might like it Nope, I found it some time ago in a Facebook post by an acquaintance who never talks to me I however thought I might snatch the content she shares and put it to good use if it is of some artistic quality (not often the case with this person's regular posting habits, but I always strive to get the best from most situations when possible)
  6. Optical Illusion Thread

    Not sure whether this has been posted before, so in hopes it hasn't...
  7. Happy birthday, Maximilian!

    Thank you both, dear friends! ❤️️ I'll try and chew the cake wisely so as to prevent tummy aches
  8. Can you guys make a blurr Brush

    Yes, the Smudge and Liquify plugins may also produce blurred areas depending on how we use them, although smudging and liquifying are not exactly the same as blurring
  9. Can you guys make a blurr Brush

    The blur feature in TR's Dodge and Burn works wonders. I highly recommend it, as I've used it many times to soften edges and to smudge and blend shades in my portraits.
  10. The Comedy Thread

    Did you know that actor Raymond Burr had a brother who was a lumberjack? No? Well, his name was Tim
  11. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I think it should be better to make a smaller original image. Like you say, a huge image can result in disappointment after downscaling. Thanks, Pixey! Makes sense. Looks like people have been experimenting due to the simplicity of the current contest's requirements
  12. Photobucket sucks.

    I've experienced the problem described by MadJik for the whole of today. I however think it's not a reason to worry about. Sometimes this happens when they are updating the service somehow, or when they're doing backups.
  13. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    One question concerning the current contest. Does the signature have to be a 100% TGMagnitude thing, or could it be part TGMagnitude alongside other techniques?