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    — Languages, especially Spanish (native language) and English (second native language). Planning to learn a few more if life allows.
    — Digital art.
    — Pencil sketching.
    — Bird watching and feeding.
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  1. Many congrats, greetings and thanks to everyone involved in this contest
  2. Maximilian

    What music are you listening to?

    Lyrics here ??
  3. Maximilian

    Circular text

    I think it's super useful to emulate the impression of seals on wood
  4. Maximilian

    Optical Illusion Thread

    There's a big animal... or there's a place
  5. Maximilian

    Word sifting/ Typography

    Thanks a lot for this, @welshblue. Word clouds offer nice artistic possibilities, I believe. Here's a quick experiment combining Flames and Tile Reflection:
  6. Maximilian

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - "HummingFade"

    I'm a big fan of hummingbirds. Really nice outcome! ?
  7. Maximilian

    Optical Illusion Thread

    Is it a rabbit or is it a duck?
  8. Maximilian

    Optical Illusion Thread

    My bad. Apologies for that ?
  9. Maximilian

    Word sifting/ Typography

    Nice week to you, @Seerose, and to everyone else!
  10. Maximilian

    Word sifting/ Typography

    That's so nice of you, dear @Seerose! Thank you very much!
  11. Maximilian

    lynxster creations ~ NEW 9/8 - Dancing Planets ~

    I especially love the big planets and what appears to be tornadoes on them ? Great job!!