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  1. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Thanks, dear friend!
  2. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    Yum, seems we're not running out of food after all!!
  3. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    And thanks to you, my dear friend!
  4. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    Nom nom nom, cookies all for me!!
  5. Seerose's Gallery - August News -2017

    Awesome! Loving the smartphone especially!!
  6. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    I think they'd be spritz
  7. LionsDragon's Gallery--Did somebody mention spritz?

    One hornful for me, thanks! I'll bring the cookies!!
  8. Forum Layout/Color

    I think it makes sense to give either an "upvote" or a "like" based on different grounds, but lynxster's opinion also makes sense to me. Some people are quite sensitive on these matters and they may feel bad if they know they're not being "liked". Something similar is happening on Facebook whenever someone gives you "likes" and hardly ever a "love" (if ever) or any other available reaction, and the situation repeats itself over time, and then you see the same person giving "loves" to other people but never to you and you go about wondering what's so wrong about your posts or about yourself that whatever you say or show never deserves a "love" from specific people. Of course I'm aware that this sentimental dilemmas are very hard to cover on any social network or forum, likely impossible to tackle, and that it's up to each person to find the means to emotionally deal with being upvoted and not liked. As humans, we are way too complicated regarding how we treat each other and how we take the way other people treat us. If I am to give my personal take on the matter, I believe I prefer to have as many reactions as possible, because having the possibility to be given different reactions allows us to have a more accurate idea of how people feel towards us and towards the content we share. Then again, I'm a rather complicated kind of person, so my opinion may come across as impractical, inapplicable, or even illogical as per a forum's administration.
  9. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Glad to see the latest piece restored!
  10. Hello everyone! Whenever I type Paint.Net within a Facebook status or comment, the name is automatically parsed by Facebook and turned into a link to a paints manufacturing company's website, a company by the name Warren Paint & Color Co. I find this parsing extremely annoying as I am trying to tell my Facebook contacts about the software I use for my art and not about this company with which I have nothing to do Does anyone know how to override this silly parsing, if it were possible? I suspect there may be an easy obvious way to do it which I am missing out on.
  11. Really accomplished entries by everyone who took part. Greetings to everyone involved!
  12. R.I.P. MSPaint

    PdN is surely better, so no worries! We're safe as long as PdN keeps on solid track!
  13. SOTW#170 - Winners - Birds

    I certainly did I had almost forgotten I had a similar project from a birthday card for a friend from last year, and then it suddenly dawned on me that I could recycle parts of it as a base for something new and hopefully catchy. So, thanks to all supporters for the reps and votes and also to Pixey for the ongoing hosting of contests, and greetings also to all fellow participants
  14. Seerose's Gallery - August News -2017