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    — Languages, especially Spanish (native language) and English (second native language). Planning to learn a few more if life allows.
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  1. Hello. A friend has asked me whether it would be possible to run PdN on a Mac computer. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but I haven't been able to find a relevant thread. I'm aware there's no Mac version of PdN, but I've been wondering whether there's anything like a Windows emulator for Mac that could allow the program to run correctly. I apologize if the question is too silly, but I'm frankly not very savant on the matter of emulators and operating systems, and what can be done with emulators. Thanks to anyone who could give me a clue on this.
  2. It's so nice to see you back, dear friend!
  3. Geraniums from a photo manipulation in which I was trying to discover a simple way to somehow overexpose the background so as to highlight the flowers. It may or may not be passable, but here's the result:
  4. Photo by me in my backyard, edited in PdN. It's a gazania with a busy bee about to land on it:
  5. I hope you're staying safe and having a nice celebration!
  6. Congrats and greetings to all placers, and special thanks to those who voted for my piece
  7. Reporting I'm good for the time being (Cupcake looks inviting ) Everyone stay safe and keep doing art!
  8. Sketchy portrait from an own photo manipulated with various G'MIC filters:
  9. Thanks everyone for everything, and please take care of yourselves and family as best as it may be possible, and try to lock yourselves down
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