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  1. Hello @IvanK and welcome to the forum. I am not sure whether this constitutes Spam, and will leave an Admin to decide, who may remove your link. However, I managed to open a PDN in your photo editor, so I hope this answers your question.
  2. Hello @Roger the Dodger well, your image is definitely glowing 👍 I'm afraid your image is too big and is not within the guidelines of what size is allowable. However, if you want to keep the image large, it's best to post a Thumb. You can do this by saving your larger image to Imgur.com. Copy the last 7 digits of the code, go to the little black box with the green dot - on the top left of the tool bar of this canvas - and add the 7 digits to the popup box.
  3. Hello @aqrycia and Welcome to the forum Unfortunately your image links are not working, so we cannot see what's going on. Please try another host for your pictures.
  4. Nice one @ReMake 👍 I am a big fan of that Plastic Plugin and have used it in some of my work 🥰
  5. Ahhhh - many thanks @Djisves I was using the regular Curves and only now noticed he used Curves+ 😁
  6. Anyone ever tell you @Ego Eram Reputo you are a clever chap 👍 But for the life of me I can't figure out how to save that setting as a preset 😱
  7. The best way would be for you to look at how that .gif was made. You will need to download @midora's Plugin Animate Then you can view the layers in paint.net to see the 'steps' and how they move. To do this: 1. Right click on the GIF you've provided and choose Save As 2. Add .agif to the end of the title of the GIF and choose All Files - like this: 3. Open paint.net and then import the above saved .agif and all the layers will open for you in paint.net. 4. Toggle the layers to see the movement. It looks like a tricky one to me
  8. Hello @Caesar and welcome To be honest, I'm not sure what you are asking. Do you want to make an animated .gif, like your example? Or do you want a 'static' image that looks like the example? If static, here is way. 1. Draw a black circle on a new layer. 2. New layer and draw a smaller white circle. 3. Gaussian blur both and flatten. 4. You can then use The Plugin Droste to get the shape.
  9. Here it is: Image Distortion - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net) A great smoothing Plugin is called AA's Assistant: dpy's Plugin Pack (2014-05-04) - Plugin Packs - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
  10. Okay try this Plugin, but it would be better without the white background: Grid Warp - Plugins - Publishing ONLY! - paint.net Forum (getpaint.net)
  11. I've fixed that link now Do you know that the Line/Curve Tool can be used to draw a line which can be bent, by pulling the nubs?
  12. Hello @Spencerlancs and welcome Here are a couple of Plugins for you to try to bend something: Liquify Polar Transformation Rectangle to Archimedean Spiral And here is how to download Plugins: Install Plugins (getpaint.net)
  13. Wow! That's amazing work @ipswichmanc well done 👍
  14. 🤣 I'm guessing that if I'd tried to make it look like melted cheese, I'd have gotten Peanut Butter 😁
  15. This is so funny, as it was supposed to be peanut butter 🤣 But, if it passes as cheese - I lucked out 😁
  16. I didn't do a melted cheese, alas 😁
  17. Object of the Fortnight #69 - A Cup Cake 🧁 (A single cup cake with any decorations) Examples Special thanks to @toe_head2001 and @Ego Eram Reputo for being the theme generators. The deadline for entries is 2.00 PM EST (7:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday 30th January 2021. Please see the Countdown Timer for exact time remaining. This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, please don't post here. If you want to talk about any of the entries, or ask a question regarding the competition, yo
  18. And the Winners are: In First Place is @Pixey with 7 votes 🥇 In Second Place are @Pixey @Vagabondi and @MJW with 6 votes 🥈 In Third Place is @Pixey with 5 votes 🥉 Congratulations to you all and thank you for your votes What a fabulous array of entries, with each having a unique take on what one eats on toast 🤣 I thought @Vagabondi's cheese topping, with carrots (?) was superb 👍
  19. Paint.net uses the fonts that are in the Windows Folder on your computer, so you will have to put them into that Font Folder first, in order to use them in PDN
  20. Yes, me too. The markers are teeny and hard to see.
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