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  1. @TrevorOutlaw I was checking out your orb yesterday and wondering how you made it. Well, ask and you shall receive. Well done! And a PDF has been added!
  2. Such a cute character @lynxster4! My granddaughter loves it! Me too!
  3. Great piece @welshblue! They do look so realistic! I can't believe Shape 3D is the only plugin you used.
  4. I tried Curves on RGB setting, Hue/Saturation, Color Balance, and a little Brightness/Contrast, then @welshblue's method with the eraser. After all that duplicate the face and it's finished. It's not perfect but......
  5. Thank you @ReMake for supplying rehosted pictures for this tut! And a PDF has been added.
  6. Me thinks that @Pixey is going to come up with a mighty fancy shampoo bottle.
  7. Happy birthday @nitenurse79! I do hope you're having a great day! 😉
  8. *ganks* I'm adding that to my vocabulary! 😋
  9. If you hover your mouse over @xmario's avatar you'll see that he hasn't logged in for over two years. It appears that he might be among the disappearing members
  10. Just a little something!
  11. Very ingenious tutorial @ReMake! I've got to come back and try it out. Also a PDF has been added.