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  1. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Gates of Hell

    Good work @AndrewDavid! It could also pass as a video game cover.
  2. Barbieq25 Gallery - Series of Wallpapers p.1

    Great wallpapers @barbieq25! I like them all but Totem is my favorite.
  3. Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @welshblue! The video has been there since the middle of last year. You probably didn't scroll down far enough. When I was making it I thought the differences in resolution was going to kill me. I too miss signing the street and the smell of tire smoke.
  4. Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @JulioCoolio! I'm glad you like my more recent pictures! It's hard to get the realism in pictures like that.
  5. JulioCoolio's Gallery - Amethyst Within: 10/17/17

    It's about time that you came back @JulioCoolio! And with a couple nice images. Great color choices and you put feeling in all of them!
  6. ~ WelshBlue ~ FireStone - 14/10/2017

    Great job on FireStone @welshblue! I don't know how you do it but you've captured that look of realization, again.
  7. Pixey's Gallery ~ Lamp ~

    @Pixey you did a great job on your lamp! It looks lots like one my mother had years ago! Very realistic!
  8. Good job on the tulips @lynxster4! The coloring and shading is impeccable. And the background is stunning.
  9. Make a UFO

    Thank you all for the compliments! I've always liked the S3D plugin. Nice one @dipstick! I like fishing but not in that lake.
  10. Make a UFO

    Something I've been playing with.
  11. AndrewDavid˝s Creations .... Gates of Hell

    Nice @AndrewDavid! I like the contrast between the colors.
  12. The Introduction Thread.

    Welcome @DragonsLion! Does this mean there's going to be a little family competition?
  13. Well done @lynxster4! It could be someone's upside down lodge hat.
  14. Make a UFO

    Nice outcome @welshblue! What's next, a war between the rocket and the UFO?