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  1. Nice chess set @welshblue! It's so shiny and clean, I'd be afraid of muckin' it up. You'd probably beat the socks off me anyway. (Which piece is missing?)
  2. Happy birthday @xod! Hope you have a good one!
  3. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    That's why I pointed out the swirls on the rings. That's her own twist! 😋
  4. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    @Seerose that's the most dainty looking barrel I've ever seen, but I like it! Especially the swirls on the rings.
  5. If they're too far apart name the variable Tim. 😉
  6. I love your latest images @Seerose! They're all my favorite!
  7. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    I can't help it, but thank you @Sakana Oji! And nice barrel! And thanks to everybody for all the reps! I almost have a 1 to 1 average!
  8. That's such a pretty bottle @Pixey! The texture and coloring, looks so realistic!
  9. There has already been a PDF made for this tut. It just hasn't been posted.
  10. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    I see you played with angles a little bit. A right smart barrel @welshblue! Believe it or not I haven't tried distorting it like that yet.
  11. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    Thanks @welshblue, I'll hold you to that! Well blow me down @Pixey! Great result on that!
  12. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    Thanks @lynxster4 and @Seerose, so glad you tried the tut with good results. I didn't think it would go over. Thanks @HyReZ, I appreciate that. Thank you EER! I don't know why I couldn't figure out how to do that. I guess my lack of computer skills is showing.
  13. Woodsy

    Wooden Barrel

    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins Required: Shape3D Drop Shadow For this we’ll be using these two images: Start with a blank canvas 1200x1200 px. With the Wood image right in the center. Use Shape 3D on it with these settings to get the basic wooden shape. Next import the Metal Rings and put them in the center also. Duplicate the Metal Rings layer and put one layer on top of the Wood for the front side and one layer below the Wood for the back side. Next use Shape 3D on the top layer of Metal Rings to get the front side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Horizontal Radius. After that use Shape 3D on the bottom layer of Metal Rings to get the back side. It’s not much but it looks odd without the back side. TIP! The settings are the same as previously used except for the Object Rotation on Axis 1 & 2. After that take the Rectangle Select tool and select the bottom half of the top layer Metal Rings. Use Drop Shadow on it with these settings. Next put the Rectangle Select tool around the top half of the same layer. Now use Drop Shadow again at these settings. Now deselect the image and flatten and you’re finished! Not many people will use this tut and there’s not much you can use it for but I thought it was kind of interesting. I discovered it by accident. Thanks to EER for some much needed advice! Wooden Barrel Shape3D settings.zip
  14. Woodsy

    Denim Texture

    Looks too good!