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  1. Thank you for reviving this tut @ReMake! Also a PDF has been added.
  2. I too have not tried this tutorial but I never have been good at spacescapes. Thanks @ReMake for reconstructing this tut. Also a PDF has been added!
  3. I agree with those above @LionsDragon! The wood framework is very well done! And the glass fits right in.
  4. What a great picture of a Pearl Necklace @Pixey! You'd know the details of Pearls better than I but it sure captured the texture of them. Also I love your choice of design on the clasp!
  5. You're able to go many ways with your images. I only used the Laplacian Pyramid filter but I used two different settings.
  6. "AAAY fly away little duckies"" Your gonna get swamped" I feel the same as Pixey. It is kind of spooky but I like it @Rickhum! And please don't grow up!
  7. I really like them all @barbieq25. But "Raindrops in Winter" does it for me. I hope you don't mind but I was playing around with a couple of them and "Titanium Rain" is my favorite. I brightened it up a little with the Laplacian Pyramid filter and that's all.
  8. Happy Birthday @doughty! Hope your day is the best!
  9. Thank you @ReMake for rewriting this tutorial! And a PDF has been added!
  10. Those succulents are gorgeous @barbieq25! The raindrops are a good touch! Your links are working on this page but not on the first page.
  11. You've still got it @Pixey! I never did have the eye for doing that! I guess you've really got to have the knack.
  12. Woodsy

    Glassy Marbles

    Good work @ReMake on reviving this tut and thanks for @welshblue's help! And a PDF's been added.
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