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  1. Make a Jet Turbine

    Incredible jet @welshblue! The only thing it's missing are the air trails coming off the wings.
  2. SOTW# 171 - Snail - WINNER.

    Nice job you two! Such imaginative entries!
  3. Pixey's Gallery - Bubble Bath.

    I love your lady in the bathtub @Pixey! Such a cute rendering! Is that you? Or should I say was that you?
  4. Seerose's Gallery - August News -2017

    Great job on the phone @Seerose! I like the use of colors on the other one.
  5. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Really quite beautiful @lynxster4! It looks so calm and moody!
  6. Dysfunctional Forum Features

    What if I'd like to have email notifications enabled?
  7. Distort This! v2.8 (Aug 4, 2017)

    I agree wholeheartedly! Again, I agree! It's so much better than the old one! Thanks!
  8. ~ WelshBlue ~ Whiskey Bravo 15/8/2017

    Love the Purple Haze @welshblue! The detail is impeccable! I'll bet when you're blasting it you can hear it all the way over in my gallery. It puts my radios to shame.
  9. Nice job @LionsDragon! But I'll take mine with iced tea.
  10. Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @lynxster4! That is quite the fitting name for my pictures. Thanks @welshblue! I thought I'd try doing it from a different angle. Only because I am so bad at doing the dirt street. But the compliment on my woodwork means a lot coming from you. Thank you @Pixey! I think you're right, I have done almost enough to have a virtual city. Let me take you to the saloon for your G&T.
  11. Forum Layout/Color

    I have often commented on pictures rendered by numerous people. Just as often I have to go back later and give reps because I forgot. Now I have two choices to forget about!
  12. ~ WelshBlue ~ Whiskey Bravo 15/8/2017

    @welshblue, I wouldn't say there's no point doing anything woody! Your images are what got me started. You might say I learned from the king. I love working with wood but I can't do that anymore.
  13. Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @MJW! Thanks @LionsDragon, but you might come up with fair, adequate.... Your right @barbieq25 it was a lot of work but comments like yours make it worth it. BTW that's how I remember the doors. Thank you @Seerose! I'm glad you like it!
  14. Pixey's Gallery - Bubble Bath.

    Great job Pixey! Not only do they look encased in ice. They look like they have ice cubes inside.
  15. Images by Woodsy

    Finally had time to finish it!