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  1. colour changing plugin

    Welcome Bitchcraft! You might want to try Remake's Color Range plugin.
  2. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    That's a great paper weight @Pixey! I like how you made the glass on the bottom look thicker.
  3. ~ WelshBlue ~ No Return ~ 13/02/2017

    That's a nice spacescape you done did. I could never get the feeling for one.
  4. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    @Pixey, it looks like I've missed a few of your creations. They are all very well done! But I especially like the Hourglass.
  5. Congratulations @toe_head2001 and @Pixey! Glad to have you two as mods. @lynxster4 deserves congrats too!
  6. Welcome Back Max!

    Indeed, welcome back @Maximilian! It's good to have you back!
  7. Congrats to all the award winners! Thanks to all who nominated me for the Marlborough award. Sorry I couldn't comment sooner but I've been unavoidably detained. Besides, what do you expect from the runner up of the Pauly Shore award?
  8. Seerose's Gallery -Chrome Text- 2018

    Happy New Year to you Seerose and to all! May next year be better than the last!
  9. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    @Pixey what a great rendition of Welsh's technique! Love the coloring!
  10. Merry Christmas 2017

    Congratulations on your Galleria nomination @dipstick! Well deserved! Here's wishing everyone a merry Christmas!
  11. paint.net 4.0.20 beta build 6560

    I don't know if it pertains but the size in MJW's Paste from Clipboard and the coordinates in Red's Vanishing Point are very temperamental. They weren't like that before.
  12. I've been asked, who all qualifies as Rookie of the Year?
  13. paint.net 4.0.20 beta build 6560

    Thanks bunches Rick! I find it lots easier to work on things with the dark theme.
  14. Happy Birthday LionsDragon

    Hope you're feeling better @LionsDragon! I've been a bit busy myself but I do hope you had a good B-day.
  15. lynxster creations - **Happy Valentine's Day!**

    Very pretty @lynxster4! Love the textures and great backgrounds. Merry Christmas to you and yours!