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  1. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    Finally! Thank you Some of us are not computer savy!
  2. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    I renamed the extension, tried to use it and I got an error in XML document (1,1).
  3. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    I get the same response if I rename the file! And it does the same thing in Firefox! How about somebody else please try to download the .xml files. If you get them please let me know how you did it.
  4. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    @AndrewDavid, it won't work for me that way! All I get is a box asking me what program I want to use to open it. And none of my programs will open it. If someone has the pictures for that tut I'll take those too. Thanks!
  5. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    Yes, but when I downloaded them what I got are two funky files with lots of numbers in the name and I can't make them work anywhere.
  6. Poker Set - Playing Cards & Chips

    Does anyone have the .xml files of the cards and poker chips archived. I'd like to revive this tut and write a PDF for it.
  7. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    @Pixey that's a beautiful stained glass piece! Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!
  8. Good job @MJW! In fact they were all pretty decent. Thanks @toe_head2001for managing.
  9. Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @Rickhum! The Stairs were just thrown together but I appreciate anything said about them.
  10. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    Well, I obviously wasn't thinking when I said that your Porsche was British. I was trying to bring attention to the right hand drive. I should have stopped at saying the car is European.
  11. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    I love it @Pixey! Must be British! With left hand drive. And the PDN front license is great.
  12. Rick Hum's Gallery

    Nice to have you back @Rickhum! Can't wait to see your next project.
  13. ~ WelshBlue ~ Forbidden 16/11/2017

    Well done @welshblue! Although it does look a bit heavy to wear on your finger.