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  1. Woodsy

    Images by Woodsy

    Thanks @LionsDragon! And welcome back! You were sorely missed!
  2. Woodsy

    Drydareelin's gallery [24/04/18 update] - 'Voyage'

    Great spacescape @Drydareelin! A heck of a lot better than I could even think about doing!
  3. Woodsy

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    OK! They misunderstood that one! They said they prefer the first picture in this thread. @BoltBait, does that mean you're going to re-color your avatar?
  4. Woodsy

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    The women at my household agree with @Pixey! They said to just let it grow out.
  5. @tome10 you might find that O with the bars in a Greek font and download that.
  6. I've seen that movie and I really think you need an animation to achieve that affect.
  7. Woodsy

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    Hey @BoltBait, stick with the gray!😀 I couldn't find any good pictures so I picked an old one with my daughter.
  8. Woodsy

    Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring

    Not bad indeed @Moodachay! I've seen a few of your art pieces. Put all of them in one thread and name it for your Gallery. And put it in the Pictorium.
  9. Woodsy

    Lynxster's Shapes Pack **50 New Shapes Added!!**

    Again @lynxster4, I don't do much with shapes but I can tell you spent hours and hours on making them. I'm impressed by how intricate a lot of the pieces are.
  10. Woodsy

    Images by Woodsy

    Thank you @Pixey! Off and on it took about a month and a half. Thanks @lynxster4, I don't think so but I'm glad you feel that way. Thank you @Maximilian! Thanks @Seerose, your a sweetheart for saying that.
  11. Woodsy

    Images by Woodsy

    I'm not real pleased with it but I'm tired of looking at it.
  12. Woodsy

    Pixey's Gallery ~Having A Ball~

    Those are great shiny balls @Pixey! Right down to the loops that keep them on the string. I know the need to keep occupied.
  13. Woodsy

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I have removed my entry for this weeks competition for personal reasons. Thank you to those of you that voted for it. Hopefully you'll understand.