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  1. Ego Eram Reputo

    Forcing plugins to run in a singlethread.

    The version you've linked to is locked for good reason . Try the updated version:
  2. Ego Eram Reputo

    Video Gaming Thread

    Hell YEAH!! If you feel so inclined, you can support Hellbound here:
  3. Ego Eram Reputo

    ARM NEON Support

    We do not support legacy versions on this forum. You're on your own. <closed>
  4. Easiest way to do this is to add a new layer and fill that with the Primary color. Here's how: 1. Open the image 2. Set the Primary color to the specific color you want 3. Press Ctrl + Shift + N to add a new layer 4. Drag the new layer below the existing layer in the Layers Window 5. Press Ctrl + A to select all, then hit Backspace to fill the entire layer with the Primary color For doing multiple images, you might want to save the colored layer and use Layers > Import from file. Try this plugin (which might also do the above task too)
  5. Ego Eram Reputo

    Happy birthday Seerose

    A very happy Birthday Seerose! 🌻
  6. Ego Eram Reputo

    How to make a Glassy Vase

    The PDF is showing up with full-sized images. Have you changed the zoom level of your PDF viewer?
  7. Ego Eram Reputo

    'ZIP Archive' FileType Plugin (.ZIP)

    I've just downloaded it with FireFox. No problem. What Anti-virus software do you have installed?
  8. Ego Eram Reputo

    Printed Artwork

    Sorry about that. 😐 For some reason I thought you were in the US. NZ uses the same date. PS your Mum is totally cool.
  9. Ego Eram Reputo

    Printed Artwork

    @Drydareelin remember mothers day is the second Sunday of May (13th) 😋
  10. Ego Eram Reputo

    Human gait analysis software

    Wow. That looks impressive! Thanks HyReZ
  11. Ego Eram Reputo

    Human gait analysis software

    Perfect. That's very similar to how I dance BTW...
  12. I'm undertaking a project to update a presentation on gait analysis (people walking). I'm looking for recommendations for software which will allow me to generate video of models walking. Has anyone used software of this sort? What can you recommend?
  13. Ego Eram Reputo

    Starter user questions does have a crop function. Make a selection with any of the selection tools then press Ctrl + Shift + X. Selections can also be made by combining areas the different selection tools make.
  14. Content aware fill has just been released, try that:
  15. Ego Eram Reputo

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    That's right. Make sure the strips are less than the Phase (the period of the repeating background).