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  1. When releasing an update, edit the first post in your plugin thread an replace the DLL in it. I'd encourage you to remove all other DLLs from these posts. You've given out the source so there is no need to be offering redundant versions of the DLL. Users expect the first post to have the most recent version of your plugin. It's not a great idea to make people dig through all subsequent posts to find the latest version. Cool?
  2. It's an appreciably large image. Each time you add a layer you increase the memory overhead required for to manage it. I suspect you might be running out of memory. See this thread for more info If you tell us how many layers your image has, and how much memory your system has we can do the math.
  3. This statement is contradictory. Never presume. The code base for PDN is a lot larger and more complex than you might think. If I was you, I'd learn the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I (invert colors).
  4. Try this: left click & drag. Now keep the left button down & also hold down the right mouse button = moves the selection.
  5. Hey John, welcome to the forum. The error message "File not found" indicates you're trying to overwrite something that already exists. Perhaps the original file? This shouldn't occur unless you're specifying the same file name & location. Which of these are you using? File > Save As... or use the keyboard combination Ctrl + Shift + S? It might help if you post a screenshot of the error message.
  6. Download the zipped DLLs (gray button in the first post). Unzip the file Copy & paste the DLLs to the \Effects folder you have created.
  7. Try this tool to identify the file type:
  8. I was working under the impression it was deprecated because a newer version was released: Updated. See Wet Floor Reflection. I see both versions are in the Magical Megapack. I'll reinstate it next release. Thanks @Djisves
  9. June Update Three new plugins this month, including first releases for a couple of new authors. Welcome aboard the plugin train Axis-Based Shift Reptillian Distortion plugin that shifts pixels with options to set direction, influence level, threshold level, and position. Codelab source code available. Reconstruction filter tool box loupasc Uses Sinc filters to process images. Options: Kernel shape (square, disc and diamond), Basic cutoff settings, Kernel radius, Border handling (uniform color, extend, mirror), Global contrast. Codelab source code available. Sound Wave Foxxey Generates a random waveform not dissimilar to a visual representation of an audio file. Codelab source code available.
  10. I.e. make the selection a global one by holding down the Shift key.
  11. Dropbox have confirmed my links were banned due to a file containing a suspected virus (the Printit plugin). I have no idea why they didn't notify me when the ban was imposed. I've suggested they issue notifications before banning links in the future. I've deleted the file & am working to get the ban rescinded.
  12. Color Picker = K All the keyboard shortcuts can be found here:
  13. I've opened a support ticket with Dropbox to try and find out why my links are failing.