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  1. Here is a tutorial for a technique and also a plugin. Honestly, results are probably going to disappoint. It might be faster and more accurate to trace over the lines you want using the rounded rectangle shape. Do the tracing in a contrasting color on a new layer. If you use a brush width of three and a corner size of four you'll get quite close.
  2. Good point. Thank you @Ladybug, I'll fix that next release.
  3. No problem. I did the styling by editing the HTML & CSS. Its a Mod thing Changing the writing direction in the vertical aligned cells is more trouble than it is worth. You'll have to get used to it Do you want me to port the styling into your origial post?
  4. Add a new layer above the image. Set the Blend mode to Overlay. Paint over the parts you want to recolor with an appropriately colored brush. This technique is largely how I recolored this model from grayscale.
  5. Second attempt.... SetPropertyControlValue Property Type, ProperyControlType Boolean, CheckBox, Default Double, Slider, Default Double, AngleChooser (11) DoubleVector, Slider DoubleVector, PanAndSlider, Default DoubleVector3, Slider, Default DoubleVector3, RollBallAndSliders Int32, Slider, Default Int32, ColorWheel Int32, IncrementButton StaticListChoice, DropDown
  6. Excellent table @midora. Thank you! Let's see if we can fiddle with the table styling... <snipped> It's not brilliant . As you noticed, the editing window is different from the forum view.
  7. PS you can also mirror diagonally between steps 10 and 11.
  8. Bound to be, however I did that ^^ in about four minutes flat. Make a selection around the smaller image Copy it with Ctrl + C Paste the copied selection into a new layer with Ctrl + Shift + V Grab the middle left hand control nub and drag it to the right to mirror the image across the right edge. Repeat 3 (you are re-pasting the original selection). Grab the middle right hand control nub and drag it to the left to mirror the image across the left edge. Repeat 3. Grab the middle top control..... Repeat 3. Grab the middle bottom contro
  9. They've been lost because the thread is so old even Methuselah has forgotten about it. 13 years and counting.... <closed>
  10. I'm not seeing a problem with your chart. Are you seeing an optical illusion that bends the top of the chart downwards? I tried drawing a purple rectangle around the chart, and it seems to be orthogonal (which actually surprised me).
  11. Looks like your system is hiding it as potential malware. Try turning off your anti-virus and retry the download. BTW I've just checked the download. The DLL is present as expected.
  12. How is this different from what you asked here? The problem is that you're smaller image has value noise at a tighter density than the background. What I'd try is mirroring the small image across each of it's edges then fading out the mirrors from the centre.
  13. You're replying to a thread 14 years old. It's not surprising things have changed a little I'll close this thread. If you still need/want the tie-died script @BoltBait mentioned, please start a new thread.
  14. Hope you have a very Happy Birthday ReMake 🍺!
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