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  1. Thanks for pointing that out. I'll put in a fix.
  2. Nope. The new icons were completely redesigned as SVGs so they scale with high DPI systems. The old icons did not do this gracefully. See: You will receive no support here on the forum if you continue to use an old version of
  3. It's a plugin. You use it from inside Plugin installation instructions:
  4. Have you tried running the repair utility? PdnRepair.exe in your installation folder. If that fails, download a fresh copy of and try installing that.
  5. Either of the top two PNG options will do the trick. Auto-Detect will find the transparency in your image and adjust the bit-depth to make sure no info is lost.
  6. Welcome to the forum Nikki 😀 For the hair, try the excellent Liquify plugin. For tips on how to install plugins, go here
  7. Yes a drawing tablet will work, but pressure sensitivity will not. Rick bought a drawing tablet recently so I'm hopeful pressure sensitivity will be returning to before too long.
  8. Are you confusing Microsoft Paint with The two are similarly named, but quite different beasts.
  9. Do you have Maintain aspect ratio checkbox ticked? If so, try unticking it.
  10. We have this forum: If you want to improve your images (and techniques), this^^ is the place where you can post for some "serious" feedback. Good luck
  11. Yeah. I might have a look at jetbrains. I found it easier to read in side-by-side comparisons.
  12. Also, the DLL file need to be extracted from the zip file.
  13.📢⚠⚠⚠-reminder-please-upgrade-to-win10-microsoft-ending-win7-support-january-2020/ Support for Win7 is being stopped by Microsoft this month. Update while you can.