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  1. Underline Text

    ∧∧ this. I would write and format your text in a word processor. I seem to recall honoring basic formatting when you paste text into the text tool. So your underlining should persist when copying between the two apps.
  2. Or occlude the map with one layer of fog and progressively use the Eraser with a large diameter to erase areas seen. I use this with dungeons where the rooms are well spread, so there is little chance of an accidental reveal. Or zoom in on the map and scroll to reveal new areas. This is a quick and easy technique for overland maps. As an RPG fan, I wish you well for your game.
  3. 4.0.21 is slow to start

    Is that all the files in \Effects\ or are there more (they may not be DLLs)?
  4. Random idea: Effect load profiles. I run (at least) two versions of PDN installed side-by-side. I do this to have different sets of plugins available. The two versions gives me a minimal plugin and maximum plugin options with matching load times. I would dearly love to be able to have some way of specifying: a. Load plugins x,y & z with each instance of PDN. b. If minimal profile is selected, additionally load plugins a, b & c. c. If maximum selected, additionally load plugins a, b, c, k, l, m, h, s..................................................... & w or d. Load zero plugins.
  5. 4.0.21 is slow to start

    Easy wasn't it? As @BoltBait has said, you've probably got something in your Effects folder that shouldn't be there OR you have a huge number of plugins (you still haven't told us how many). Stop prevaricating. We didn't ask for the age of the plugins or the size of the directory. Neither is important here. If you really want our help, try answering the questions we're asking: 1. How many plugins in the \Effect\ directory? 2. Show us a screenshot of the \Effects\ directory
  6. Change color

    You've made me sound so romantic translating my words!
  7. How it works

    Recoloring tool makes a nice job of it. This action video was made in response to your question in this thread Video Link
  8. Change color

    Here's something you might like to try on the last image... 1. Open the image 2. Duplicate the layer 3. Set the Primary color to B6FF00 ( random green I chose - you need to alter this to the new wall color) 4. Set the Secondary color to 5C5D4F (an average shade of the existing walls) 5. Activate the Recolor tool 6. In the Tool Bar, set the Brush Width to 75, Hardness to 60%, Tolerance to 53% and Sampling Secondary Color 7. Paint over the walls in large continuous strokes (Don't worry that the sofa gets recolored too). Paint over everything from the skirting board upwards. 8. Set the recolored layers blend mode to Darken. If you find the new color too strong, lower the layer's Opacity. Voila! Recolored walls. Notice how the pictures on the shelf change color too? That's interior decorating right there, that is Video Link
  9. Happy Birthday Nitenurse79

    Happy Birthday NiteNurse79! It's party time!
  10. HD Vinyl Graphics Design

    Very basically, take the finished print dimensions (in inches) and multiply by 300. That's the pixel dimensions of the image you need to supply. e.g. if you want a 6" x 4" print at 300DPI, the image should be 1800x1200px.
  11. 4.0.21 is slow to start Pro-tip: In that post, Rick mentions Windows updates and NVidia drivers. Make sure all are up to date. We offer suggestions based on previous experience. Like my question about the number of plugins. The symptoms you mentioned are an exact duplicate of those found by plugin heavy systems. Try this: Rename your Effects folder to something else, then restart This will hide most of your plugins from when it starts. If startup is improved you've found a likely source of your problem.
  12. Bug with unchecking visible layers

    What's happening is this: If you hide the active layer, the focus moves downward to the next visible layer. If no visible layer is below the one you hid, the focus rises to the next visible layer above the one you hid. If no other layers are visible, the active focus remains on the layer you hid. Does that explain what's happening? I have never seen this occur. Steps to repro would be appreciated.
  13. Change color

    Try this mini tutorial using Conditional Hue & Saturation
  14. How do I "shade" in the edge of a picture?

    What you want to shade is 'behind' the text. That is, the text has been plastered on top of it. Think of the image as a fence. Everything you see is painted on the fence. In the case of your image, the text has been painted last. Your only options are to paint over the text, or very carefully paint around each letter. Magic wand the darker green stripe with the magic wand and a tolerance of 22% selects most of the dark stripe if that helps.