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  1. Red ochre plugin pack 10.1 March 2017

    The path should read C:\Users\Gebruiker\Documents\ App Files\Effects. You have one too many levels in there.
  2. Start with a really large canvas the same HxW ratio that you want to end up with. For a basic idea of the dimensions, multiply the Height and Width (in inches) by 300. That is the basic canvas size in pixels. For the image, try making the text larger (you have sufficient contrast = text stands out from the background).
  3. 4.0.20 is now available!

    You need to customize the title bar color: Known issue. Underway
  4. Rick made good on his idea to add this option into the Settings Dialog
  5. Crashes when I click 'Utilities'

    Not really. The Roadmap page lists nothing regarding install issues (see, so I'm assuming it was something fluky Anyway, glad we got you sorted!
  6. Brush/Eraser sizing with Alt+Scroll Wheel

    Thanks - I discovered that omission when adding the new bit. You don't need the Ctrl key here. Click in the Brush Width value box and use the up/down arrow keys.
  7. Crashes when I click 'Utilities'

    I've removed the extra posts. There is no support for ancient versions of here. Especially something as old as 3.5.5. That dates back nearly eight years. Your previous post regarded 4.0.19. Try installing the latest version (4.0.20), you can find Classic here:
  8. 3.5.10 manual

    If users want a comprehensive manual for 3.5.10/11 they can still buy my book (link in my sig).
  9. Brush/Eraser sizing with Alt+Scroll Wheel

    Flagged for inclusion on Keyboard Shortcuts page of documentation (
  10. @BoltBait, @toe_head2001 & @MJW - you guys rock! Thank you for these wonderful tools.
  11. Keyboard Shortcut Suggestion: Colors Window

    You've got to admit - it's a great way of creating a palette of colors with the same saturation
  12. "scroll away" text plugin?

    To determine if BoltBait's plugins are installed; use the Plugin Index to filter by author = BoltBait. That will give you a listing of only his plugins. Each plugin will have the menu location listed (look for the salmon colored tags). Check your menus for these entries. You can find a link to the Plugin Index in my signature.
  13. Edge Blur RGB

    An Alpha Mask layer is still high on my wish list
  14. DOWNLOAD buttons for attached files

    ^^ it doesn't have a valid file id, but at lease you have a very cool button
  15. DOWNLOAD buttons for attached files

    It works. Great! Thanks for testing it and also the spelling tip