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  1. Are you confusing Microsoft Paint with The two are similarly named, but quite different beasts.
  2. Do you have Maintain aspect ratio checkbox ticked? If so, try unticking it.
  3. We have this forum: If you want to improve your images (and techniques), this^^ is the place where you can post for some "serious" feedback. Good luck
  4. Yeah. I might have a look at jetbrains. I found it easier to read in side-by-side comparisons.
  5. Also, the DLL file need to be extracted from the zip file.
  6.📢⚠⚠⚠-reminder-please-upgrade-to-win10-microsoft-ending-win7-support-january-2020/ Support for Win7 is being stopped by Microsoft this month. Update while you can.
  7. Correct answer: you look beautiful, as you always do. NEVER directly answer the fat question.
  8. In a conical gradient transitions between the Primary and Secondary colors. It looks a bit like this.... (Primary: black, Secondary:white. Repeat Reflected) Where do you want the third color?
  9. 😉
  10. My organigram plugin would help produce a positioning guide.
  11. Incorrect. That's where the plugin author said to put them. Read the first post. @yeebutton have you set the environment variable? See this post
  12. The link posted takes you to a pretty cool brush tool. Give it a go. You might be impressed.