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  1. "Free Form" Gradients

    Layers > Import from file. Alternatively, add a new layer and copy + paste into the new layer. In both cases, make sure the new layer is below the existing one (you can drag it or use the Down arrow at the foot of the Layers window).
  2. Transform any image in plain text

    You wish to replace existing text? An example image would help us.
  3. New & Improved Wooden Crate Basics

    Added PDF link.
  4. Crashing on startup

    Failing memory module?
  5. How do I open

    I suspect you've downloaded something else (some of the Ads can be quite misleading). Download it from here and you should be sweet:
  6. Make a Jet Turbine

    Advancedish Planet by Mr Bobert has 113 images. I don't consider that excessive. Beginners should be led by the hand with small steps showing a screenshot. Advanced users will have regular techniques down pat, so I wouldn't show a screenshot for setting colors or inverting a selection or setting a blend mode for example.
  7. Curtis' Plugin Pack (Update for 3.5.4)

    I've updated the ZIP in the first post.
  8. [SOLVED] Can Paint draw charts ?

    Create your chart in Excel. Select the chart and copy & paste into The results are beautiful. If you're not confident creating the data lines, leave them off and manually add them to the chart once you have it in
  9. The Plugin Browser v1.2.0.3 (Aug 5, 2017)

    It makes me tremble with fear even contemplating such a task
  10. The Plugin Browser v1.2.0.3 (Aug 5, 2017)

    I imagine this would be extremely difficult. Toe_head would be the person to answer this properly.
  11. Ed Harvey Effects v 3.5 (2012-02-13)

    You're using the plugins versioned for an old version of Download and install Ed's plugin pack for 4+. There is a zip linked in the first post in this thread.
  12. Recolor Tool Coloring Additional Layers

    Welcome to the forum Editing operations in are restricted to the active layer. This means the Recolor tool cannot operate on any layer except the active one. I suspect what you're seeing is actually the result of a blend mode in one of the other layers. As you recolor, the blend mode is reacting with the recolored pixels to produce unanticipated results. You mentioned that only one layer was affected. Check that layers properties and see if the blend mode is set to something which might cause this.
  13. Starscapes

    Added PDF link
  14. Sharp's Line sig Tutorial

    Added PDF link
  15. Beveled Metal Circles

    Added PDF link