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  1. Ego Eram Reputo

    What music are you listening to?

    Tell them in Welsh!
  2. Ego Eram Reputo

    Polygon selection area

    Poster asked this 18 months ago. I'm sure they got what they wanted Since then, we have new options for dealing with selections - like the copying and pasting of selection geometries:
  3. Ego Eram Reputo

    Text writing problem since new update

    Ref: Ignore the typo. I've already flagged it 🤐
  4. Ego Eram Reputo

    is pyrochild pack safe?

    @pyrochild is a forum Administrator here with a vast number of posts and a huge number of 'rep' points. You can trust his pack to be safe and fulled with awesomeness. 😁
  5. Ego Eram Reputo

    New Paint.NET logo

    This has got to be a competition topic right?
  6. Ego Eram Reputo

    New Paint.NET logo

    Minor variations on @HCGS last version above. Just for fun 😉 I gave the mountains and clouds a chunkier look with a Kuwahara filter and reworked the brush tip.
  7. Ego Eram Reputo

    lag over time

    I wondered if it was worth trying the new .NET garbage collection shortcut? Ctrl+Alt+Shift+` (tick/tilde)
  8. Ego Eram Reputo

    New Paint.NET logo

    ^^ this is my favorite with Google Materials close behind. You've got quite a talent for this. I'm impressed with how you've put these alternatives together. Great job.
  9. Ego Eram Reputo

    New Paint.NET logo

    I did a lot of thinking about that. Contents of the menu are licencing, privacy & copyright. I wanted a single word which covered this quasi-legal stuff. @BoltBait nailed my intent with the link to the adjective definition. I explained elsewhere that the demo posted was a draft. I'm happy to consider alternatives.
  10. Ego Eram Reputo

    Array Effect

    Looks like a job for @MadJik's Panelling plugin
  11. Ego Eram Reputo

    Surface Pen Won't Draw Small Lines

    Hey Vik, welcome to the forum This was discussed recently (link below). The solution might be to Open Settings > User Interface and uncheck the Fluid mouse input checkbox.
  12. Ego Eram Reputo

    Paint.NET needs to be modernized

    Thanks for the input. This is really just a first draft, so I'm listening. @HCGS Are you on GitHub? If so, PM me your handle.
  13. Ego Eram Reputo

    Paint.NET needs to be modernized

    The home page. Without all the animations it looks a little flat.
  14. It's one extra layer and you don't have to remove it. Just uncheck the Visiblity checkbox beside the layer name when you want to save the image.
  15. Ego Eram Reputo

    Paint.NET needs to be modernized

    I love this type of post. Everyday users get to see a little of what goes on behind the scenes to make work, how the development cycle operates, and where the app is heading. Brilliant.