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  1. Hey there @Forkanion - Welcome to the forum Conditional Hue & Saturation plugin is the answer. To see how easy it is to do this type of effect, check out this post: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/21134-how-can-i-create-a-shape-and-recolor-it/?do=findComment&comment=348884
  2. Anything for you my Dear.... For a topic/thread: Paste the URL of the thread from your browser into the post. For a specific post within a thread, use the Menu (three dots on the top right top of each post). The menu should give you an option to share the url. Do so then copy & and paste it into your post. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/117052-how-do-i-remake-this-cool-picture/?do=findComment&comment=575243
  3. Hello & welcome @Furatus Plugins cannot 'see' any layer other than the active one. You can access one additional layer in G'Mic by copying it to the clipboard... BTW: this should have been posted in the G'MIC thread as LoudSilence said, so please direct any further questions there.
  4. For the help files, press F1 inside Paint.NET or direct your browser to https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html There is also the excellent search feature here: https://www.getpaint.net/search.html. I suggest you use it judiciously before posting again. Please also acquaint yourself with the forum rules.
  5. Brushes: Read this https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/2940-popular-feature-requests/ Especially the bit where Rick says Did you take the time to read the documentation? Adding Colors to the Palette This icon is colored with the shade associated with the active color (Primary or Secondary). Click the icon to add the active color to the palette. The icon will become highlighted and the palette surround will start to blink. Click any location in the palette to replace the existing color with the new one. Click the icon again t
  6. I'm going to reduce the height of the teeth. My theory is that the pawl dropping 10mm is too much. If I went down to 4mm I reckon it would be quieter. My second option is to pad the tip of each pawl. Felt or leather come to mind. It has to survive the rotational forces - I can see padding being ripped off quite quickly. Sorry about your glossy finish I have MDF dust everywhere.
  7. Tell them to make one. It's free. <closed>
  8. We don't seems to have a forum thread for this plugin. How about releasing this officially? To do so, create a new thread here telling us all about it (basically repeating your two previous posts) and posting the links.
  9. Thank you . I really enjoyed making it. Thanks Welshy. Yep - I found a bit of firewood and turned the five pulleys from it. I think the wood was Tree Lucerne (Tagasaste [sp?]). I'm judging that by how pale the grain is. Yep- the return, no for the tensioner. I made a friction pad which runs on the back of the flywheel to tension the thing. The ratchet was to provide positive drive in one direction and freewheeling return in the other. I actually designed the ratchet in PDN - I'll upload the image later. Pathway = poured concre
  10. My most recent creation...A wooden rowing machine. Seat is mounted on some repurposed skateboard trucks. A cycle computer provides some basic feedback about time, distance & speed. Ratchet & seat return are powered by 10mm bungy cord. Yep - I even turned the pulleys & the handle. Surprisingly, it works even better than I expected! Except for the noise. Yeah, it's a bit noisy. I might reduce the teeth height on the ratchet to see if that quietens it.
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