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  1. You'll find these settings in the tool bar when the paint bucket is active. In order, try ... 1. using a zero tolerance - this will fill only exact pixel matches. 2. Turn off antialiasing 3. Set the Sampling mode to Layer 4. Set tool blend mode to Normal
  2. Quick Select

    Assuming you have your object on its own layer: use the Magic wand to select the transparent surrounding then press Ctrl + I to invert the selection. Disagree about the Magic Wand BTW
  3. Julia “plus” fractal (ymd:171014)

    Yup. That will do nicely Good catch. I had forgotten about that. Don't update your other 62 threads just yet...
  4. ^^ Done (belatedly). Thanks for the link @null54 I've also added a link to the zipped version 2.0 (beta) for those who want to try it out.
  5. To create a Store shortcut, right click on the app in the start menu then Pin to Start. That creates a tile in the Start menu. You can launch the app by clicking the tile, or drag the tile to the taskbar. Oh and BTW, you can run both versions side-by-side. I use one as a plugin-lite version
  6. Julia “plus” fractal (ymd:171014)

    @MadJik - lovely new plugin. Thanks! You might want to edit your installation instructions as those won't work with the Store version of Users wishing to install your plugin(s) for the Store version should install to /My Documents/ App Files/Effects/ or /My Documents/ App Files/Filetypes/
  7. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    Yup. Unzip the entire attachment to that location. Remember, this changed installation method is only for the Windows Store version of
  8. Color Harmonies (Tools Effect)

    According to @toe_head2001, it should work if you place the OptionBased files in /My Documents/ App Files/Effects/ Edit: ^^I just tried it. It does work!
  9. Measure Selection (Tools Effect)

    Added link to zipped DLL.
  10. Chop Up and Save (Tools Effect)

    Link to the DLL added.
  11. Paint.NET and Printscreen

    Slightly related: I've just found a workaround for the pasting from Firefox problem: The solution is to ignore the above error message (press OK to clear it). Then hit Ctrl + Shift + V a second time and the image will paste. Working with Win10, FF 56.0.1 (64-bit) & PDN 4.0.19.
  12. MadJik'All Art... Broken 10/2017

    Fractal heaven! I love these recent additions - they look like strange new universes
  13. Beginner Optical Illusion Effect (Image Heavy)

    I've rehosted the images supplied by @Eli. Thanks Eli! Thanks to @Woodsy for supplying the PDF, which I've attached.
  14. I'm not sure why Martin did it that way. He hasn't been around the forum for most of this year so we can't ask him. Excellent. Thanks for the tip.
  15. From this thread.... The issue got a good airing here too... Rick ( developer) gets the final word....