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  1. Ego Eram Reputo

    Optical Illusion Thread

  2. Ego Eram Reputo

    Installation of 4.1.5 fails.

    Have you got the Win7 SP1 Platform Update installed as per the system requirements?
  3. Ego Eram Reputo

    The Comedy Thread

    It is better to have a bad plan than no plan. Garry Kasparov, How Life Imitates Chess (2007) (just sayin')
  4. Ego Eram Reputo

    Storm / Vortex Tutorial (recreated)

    Added PDF link. Thanks to Woodsy for creating the PDF.
  5. Show us an example. I'm sure someone will be able to replicate it.
  6. Ego Eram Reputo

    Removal of clips from image

    Yup, great effort!
  7. Ego Eram Reputo

    CodeLab development by Sakana Oji

    As ReMake has indicated, this discussion has wandered off the original topic. I've split into it's own thread.
  8. Ego Eram Reputo

    automatic replacement of colours

    Recolor tool Info: Mini-tut: (Where did the original version of my reply go?)
  9. Ego Eram Reputo

    Vector Graphics

    There are three different Quality settings you can use with the Move tools. Find them in the tool bar when the Move tool is active. Try each. Hint: Bicubic is new(ish). Ref:
  10. Ego Eram Reputo

    Selection Resize Anchor?

    Hi @druneau - welcome to the forum You're correct that, currently, resizing is done using the point diametrically opposite as the anchor. I can see benefits in having a asymmetrical resize by setting the anchor point somewhere else within the selection bounds. I don't know how Rick (Paint.NET Developer) will feel about it, but I like your idea!
  11. Ego Eram Reputo

    Zoom issues?

    Don't forget about Ctrl + 0 to reset the zoom level and Ctrl + B (twice) to center the image at the current zoom level.
  12. Ego Eram Reputo

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    I think it would be a shame to close the forum awards 😕 I admit, I find the sheer number of categories difficult. Plus, my memory is not that great that I can recall perfectly the past year. Things to consider: Fewer categories Allow voting through the whole year. Tally at the end. Could we use a forum poll?
  13. There are fonts which provide encircled digits. Wingdings I think. So there must be other fonts which do the same with letters. Once you've installed such a font, insert the characters with my WhchSymbol+ plugin (link in my sig). Edit: Wingdings confirmed. See screenshot of plugin UI which actually shows them. The other option is to cut & paste Unicode characters into pdn's text tool. Here's a link to the relevant codes
  14. Ego Eram Reputo

    Printing a collage

    Try using the PrintIt plugin. It makes print layout much easier. <moved to Discussion & Questions>
  15. Ego Eram Reputo


    ^^ I missed that. Good catch toe_head2001