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  1. Try ScriptLab - there is a note in the Plugin Index that it does batch ops.
  2. ^ +1 nice answer Pixey. Another option for creating new scars & tattoos (requires a tattoo or scar as an external image on a white background), import the image then set the layer blending mode to Color Burn.
  3. Now you see why we gave the advice we did. BTW: I drag DLL files from inside a ZIP to \Paint.NET\Effects\ regularly - so you may have to tweak your permission settings.
  4. @toe_head2001 is quite correct. Running the installer from inside the ZIP has been reported as giving some users trouble. Safer to extract the exe first.
  5. You're not making any sense Sakana Oji.
  6. Toe_head2001 has a very cool replacement here... .
  7. What don't you understand Seerose?
  8. This topic will explain what to do with the downloaded file: To realign an image: there is no automatic tool. For manual adjustment, try one of these tools
  9. You might also check which font size metric you're using (Fixed is the traditional setting). REF:
  10. Post a screenshot of your Effects folder, showing the contents.
  11. Hello and welcome to the forum @eruba In blue denotes a selection. This little snippet of info provides a guide to the coloring of the icons. This one moves pixels in the selected area. Blue = selection. This one moves the selection outline. White = not a selection i.e. the outline of one. I can see how this is apparently counter-intuitive when the selection shading can be blue or clear. The reason clear is used is to better see the actual pixels in their true color. I recall that the selection only loses the blue tint when moving actually starts. Before movement, it is also tinted blue.