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  1. The Clipboard is a very difficult beast to tame. I suspect the amount of work required would outweigh the benefits.
  2. Hello higgorgao1 - welcome to the forum I read this to understand what you were asking:, then I recalled this plugin: If that doesn't have the mode you want, try this one
  3. Dave was a humble and selfless man. He spent hundreds of hours on the forum replacing images and archiving tutorials. He did this because he wanted to. That's the sort of guy he was. I shall miss him and his wonderful wood-works greatly 😥 I'm not a religious man, but I like to imagine Dave is somewhere designing clouds and nebulae for us to enjoy. Please do spare a thought for his family. They suffered along with him. I imagine their grief must be pretty raw right now.
  4. I've added the new "bundled" status as Active (Bundled) because the two plugins with this status are both active and bundled. This is the same pattern we've been using for Active (New) and it works in the same way.
  5. We were all off wearing tinfoil hats in honor of @pyrochild's birthday!
  6. Your problem is that the left hand edge of the image does not match the right hand side. This reveals itself as a noticeable edge as you have found. You have a couple of options: recreate the texture so it tiles seamlessly. Use CSS to make a single instance of the image stretch across the entire screen. How to - First option First have a read of this post: BoltBait does a really nice job of explaining what you're trying to achieve. Download and install this plugin: Apply it to your texture to make it tile seamlessly. How to - Second option Go here & read the section on making a "Hero image" (its the last example on the page):
  7. No plugins are required - everything you need is available in itself, as HyRez said. Open the image you want to enhance. Add a new layer above the original image. Activate the Ellipse select tool (other shapes will also work - e.g. use a vertical rectangle for the side highlights) Drag out a flattened ellipse where you want the highlight. It needs to be quite thin (reference the top highlight in you example image) Press Shift + Backspace to fill the ellipse with white. Apply Blurs > Gaussian Blur. Use the Radius value to soften the edges of the highlight. Press F4 to open the layer properties dialog and fine tune the effect by lowering the Opacity value.
  8. That's where certain plugins are placed when is installed. These plugins are supplied with the installation package, so you don't have to download them separately. You can still download & install the latest release of the plugin. It will be used if it is newer than the bundled version. This allows you to use any recent updates to the plugin without waiting for a new release of PDN.
  9. I have no problem adding Bundled as a new status. It will only require a few minor tweaks to the code behind the Index.
  10. Quite correct. I'll flag it the entry for some attention. DDSFileTypePlus is also bundled (since 4.2.2) so I might as well add that to the update list.
  11. I'd be happy with an options to align effect dialogs. Left, middle, right and top, middle, bottom with respect to the main window.