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Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


@Ego Eram Reputo   I didn't forget!


Here's my Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring. We will be making this:




Here is the image I used for the Texture Shader plugin. Download it and save to your computer.






I used Franks font. Download it here.  Be sure and install it first before you open PDN.


Plugins Used:

xod's Align

Red ochre & MJW's EdgeShader

MJW's Texture Object Rounder

MJW's Texture Smoother

MJW's Texture Shader




1)  Open a new transparent canvas at 600x250

2)  Select Franks font at 160pt and type your text in black

3)  Use xod's Align to center the text




4)  Duplicate the layer

5)  On top layer, use Red's & MJW's EdgeShader at these settings:  255, 25, 73  (Effects ---> Advanced ---> EdgeshaderMJW)

6)  Duplicate EdgeShader layer

7)  Duplicate bottom black text layer

😎 Make top (3) layers invisible

9)  Image ---> Rotate image 90° clockwise

10)  On bottom layer, Effects ---> Height Map ---> Texture Object Rounder at these settings:




Make sure you untick 'Show Shading' before clicking OK!!


11) Image ---> Rotate 90° Counter-Clockwise

12) Effects ---> Height Map ---> Texture Smoother  Set repetitions to 100, tick 'Show Shading' and click 'Smoother Texture' 2 times and watch your letters mellow out.

       Make sure to set 'Texture Height Scale' to 255 and untick 'Show Shading' before clicking OK.




13) Duplicate bottom layer (2) times (according to how many letters you have) and erase the appropriate letters to achieve one letter per layer




14) Open the flower image that you previously downloaded and saved in PDN.  Edit ---> Select All (Ctrl+A), then Edit ---> Copy (Ctrl+C) to copy image to the Clipboard

15) On bottom letter layer run Effects ---> Height Map ---> Texture Shader at the settings below:




Repeat Texture Shader on the other (2) layers at the following settings:






16) Delete the solid black layer and turn on the rest of the layers

17) Merge the colored 'texture shader' layers into one

18) On top EdgeShader layer, set blending mode to Multiply 160 opacity

19) On second EdgeShader layer, set blending mode to Overlay opacity 190

20) Run (2) AA's on all layers

21)  On the colored 'texture shader' layer (bottom), run Adjustments ---> Brightness / Contrast at these settings:  Brightness +30, Contrast (-)30, 

        then, Adjustments ---> Hue / Saturation:  Saturation 108




22) Save this PDN with a unique name to use later!!

23) Flatten the image and save as a png file.  Add a new layer and make a neat background.  I used Red's Gradients Galore and added a reflection layer.

       Save with a different name.









Now, go back and open your previously saved unique PDN file.  Select bottom layer and run Effects ---> Color ---> Color Flip / Rotate







On the above example, after Color Flip / Rotate, I duplicated the colored layer and set the top colored one to Color Dodge to brighten it up.









You can get some very nice color combinations this way.  And of course, you can use any image you like for the Texture Shader plugin.

This makes the possibilities endless...different fonts, shapes, etc...


That's it!  Hope you like my Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring!



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Wow @lynxster4 this is a wonderful tutorial.  You are so clever to have mastered @MJW's very powerful Plugins, many of which I've never really understood.  Thank you so much for this :star:




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@Pixey    That heart is just beautiful!!   <3    It looks like a real rose embedded in bubbled glass.  Great work!   :)


Thank you @Ego Eram Reputo    :D    I may not understand all the math behind them, but they're becoming very comfortable to use.


Very nice @LionsDragon   <3    It almost has a 'cracked' porcelain look.  Well done!  :)


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Thanks @lynxster4 ... you've shown me the power of the Object Rounder plugin.


Didn't quite follow the tut' to the end as I got lost playing with different blurs but I love the whole gist of the technique in the method

Certainly opened up a few paths in my head now I don't need a pick axe to clear the way to clearer thinking


Thanks heaps



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Not bad indeed @Moodachay! I've seen a few of your art pieces. Put all of them in one thread and name it for your Gallery. And put it in the Pictorium.

Edited by Woodsy

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17 hours ago, Moodachay said:

not bad for a first run...thx for the tutorial Lynxster


Very nice outcome  Moodachay!    You are quite welcome.  ?

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