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  1. Like Photoshop's Select brush tool? I think that is a long way off, but in the meantime, this plugin can do the work.
  2. I just tried this method and by George it worked!
  3. Very similar to the technique I used on one of my photomanipulation, The Call. To keep the outline of the person, you have to create a mask and play with blending mode. I also used the eraser tool, set the softness to 0% so it can "blend" with the model. There were some trial and error, but those are the best learning experience.
  4. I have given up on Firefox. I have noticed how it has become increasingly bloated and the speed of it has suffered greatly. I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Chrome. I have been using it ever since. Here's an article from 2017 that highlighted the issue with Firefox.
  5. Try this. You will just have to get in the habit of adding text to its own layer.
  6. @ReMake, I have to say, looking at the Photoshop's filter and your Emboss+ pictures, I'd say you managed to nail Emboss+.
  7. I agree...the anime adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender to the big screen was a huge flop. It was cringe-worthy and deserving of every Raspeberry award conceived. Edit: I think that's why there some serious reservations to adapting anime to live action. Look at how Disney have ruined half of its classic animated movies. I still refuse to watch the abomination called Beauty and the Beast and prefer the animation version, thankyouverymuch.
  8. I use Parallel as I think it is easier to have Windows installed without worrying about license, a major issue for Microsoft! I tried to use VirtualBox and found it to be clumsy to use. The only reason I had to use Parallel, other than owning an iMac, is to use Visual Studio for my C++ programming class and the iMac version was terrible. In addition, I use the Student edition of Windows for cost reason. To install Paint.NET inside Parallel is just like installing the software on a Windows based machine. Nothing to it. A word to wise - make sure to have a very generous amount of RAMs as I have observed that Windows will bog down the RAMs when it's running Updates.
  9. Ok, what you need to do is when you finish saving as JPEG, you can hit undo (CTRL + Z) and it will restore your layers, then save again as PDN.
  10. @BoltBait I definitely would like that feature. Kill two birds with a stone. However, the OP really need to get in the habit of saving as PDN to keep layers intact, and then use Save As... to export as .PNG, .JPG, etc. It is a learning habit, though.
  11. Have to agree the newer icons look sharper. Even as I switch between a iMac and an extended monitor, the newer icons are sharper. Seriously, some people just need to get over themselves or uninstall PDN and move on to another software. The complaining is similar to what every parents face from their stomping, temper-tantrum throwing teenagers say, "If you love me, you would give me <insert request here>..." 🙄
  12. Dumb question here - is there a way for PDN and the plugin architecture to automatically block users from using older version, forcing the user to upgrade? The past few days, I have noticed more folks complaining about the new icons and one threatening to keep the older version just to keep the icons. Reminds me of the folks who complained about the superiority of Windows XP while the world moved on.
  13. I found Paint.NET to be far more user friendly than, say, GIMP, or even *gasp* Photoshop.