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  1. ⬆️ Found BoltBait when he was young.
  2. All the talk about winter in the rant thread got me digging up for winter-related meme and this one just tickled my funny bone.
  3. You evidently haven't been to Virginia. Whenever the weather report says snow is in the offing, there's a mad stampede to the grocery stores and the shelves get cleaned out as if the Apocalypse was coming. have those yahoos who think sport car or those driving fancy Hummer (H2 or H3) thinking they can go no problem in snow and only get stuck because...they are dumb. It gets worse with tractor-trailers. I am glad Pennsylvania banned tractor-trailers in their state when a monster snowstorm heads to the New England region. In North Carolina, there was a snow that dropped several inches of snow, and you would think those city folks would know how to drive in snow. L-O-L. One yahoo decided to redline his engine and it combusted into flames, destroying his Camaro. The Internet had a field day with making meme out of the photograph. Here's one example and it get me cracking every time.
  4. @nitenurse79 Haven't seen you around the forums lately. Nice to put a face to your name.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. It generally depends on what you want to do with your camera. One reason I finally bit the bullet and bought a DSLR, a Nikon D3100, was because I wanted to learn how to shoot those silky smooth waterfall, to have camera that creates a bokeh background while shooting the object, and to have greater control over aperture and shutter. I owned about three different models of point-and-shoot digital camera, but they always left me unsatisfied, especially when I wanted to take macro photography or nature photography. You could start out by buying a stock DSLR in your store, it often comes with lens, and then spend some time learning the controls of the camera. YouTube have plenty of tutorials on the model you choose. I remember you saying that you have shaky hands, so I would invest in a sturdy tripod, a shutter remote (I use a wireless one) since more DSLR are shipped with image stabilizer software built-in. That link you showed a lot of aircraft in the shot, and I am willing to bet those photographers used shutter priority in order to capture high speed motion. Nikon and Canon are popular brand and you can't go wrong with either. It depends on your bank account and how much you are willing to invest the time, energy, and money into learning how to take pictures.
  6. Yeah, my wife was cracking up pretty good when I stepped out of the shower after shaving. Mind you, I haven't shaved my face clean since I was in high school, over 20 years ago, and I always had various facial hair, but never clean shaven. I just like the sophisticated look beard give.
  7. The wife and I once camped at Rocky Knob, and we woke up the next morning and went to an overlook. WOW! To see the fog completely blanket the valley below the mountain was surreal and no matter how I tried, I couldn't adequately capture it with my camera. You just had to be there to see it.
  8. If you were referring to the photograph BoltBait was inquiring about, I checked the EXIF data and it doesn't mention it. I think it was either 400 or 800, can't remember, because the ND filter was lowering the amount of light hitting the sensor, forcing me to go up in the ISO. @BoltBait I also seem to recall tweaking with the saturation setting, although I am not certain, and I almost always set the camera to take picture in vivid mode. This website is an excellent resource to learn some tips, technique, and tutorials on getting the most out of the camera.
  9. I don't remember exactly how I did that, but I do know I used a tripod, a ND filter, a remote shutter release. Looking at the EXIF data, I see that I had set the focal length at 24mm, f/25, exposure time of 2 seconds, and used shutter mode. It was a lot of trial and error. I also remember fiddling with the camera's color balance, setting the white balance to cool blue. The main thing is experimenting, a charged battery, and LOT of picture taking. I actually have more "attempts" on my thumb drive that I haven't uploaded. By the way, I did not even edit this photograph.
  10. I definitely love photography and over the years, I have unofficially officially became the family photographer for Christmas Eve gathering. I also regularly take photographs using Nikon D3100 Digital Camera with either a 18-50mm or 50mm-200mm lens (my favorite). I also bought several ND filters so I can finally capture those silky smooth water photographs. Let see if I can upload and share some of my photographs I have taken over the years using the Nikon. First up is the Mabry Mill, located in the mountains of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. It is one of the most photographed sites in Virginia. Next, is a semi-candid shot of my wife and myself on a location of the Blue Ridge Parkway. My hands is hiding the remote shutter release in the hoodie. On deck is the dog, Bailey, belonging to our son. The next two photographs are from a state park where my wife and I go to escape to the mountain for much needed R&R. Finally, here is a photograph I am really proud of. It is the capture of a family friend's son during his first Christmas.
  11. @welshblue Basic decency is increasingly being thrown out of the window. I don't know why people film instead of trying to help. Did that homeless man make it? As for my rant, I have two...I botched a trimming job on my beard and had to shave my face. The beard made me look older, wiser, and now...I look like I am in my 20s! Grrr! Second rant...sore throat started yesterday, and that is always a warning sign a cold is coming. Sigh. I bloody potato hate cold.
  12. All right, I guess here I am. @welshblue, dang, you have put on some weight from the last time I saw your photograph with your lovely wife. I have gotten more grey since we last exchanged photograph years ago.
  13. This year's forum ballot was the most difficult for me to submit with how very few are active participants on this forum these days. Strongly disagrees with the winner of the Forum Troll award and WEOMPA. The results after waiting for weeks left me feeling rather, "meh," about the whole thing.
  14. Use a combination of sine wave plugin, alpha mask, and drop shadow plugin. Hmph, forgot to add some kind of checkerboard pattern to demonstrate transparency, but whatev.