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  1. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    @Joshua Lamusga, I love using the Brush Factory, and @welshblue beat me to the request to increase the maximum radius size from 500. I would greatly appreciate that. Two features I would like to see implemented if they are possible, and I acknowledge right now that it may not be possible. 1) I would like to see the square brush be replaced with an outline geometry of the brush file. It would make it easier for me to see where I am painting, especially when performing pre-masking paint for my photo manipulations. 2) This might be an impossible request, but I am just throwing it out there. I would love to use ABR (Photoshop brush file) within the Brush Factory without having to go through the steps of converting ABR into individual PNG files to be used by the Brush Factory using converters like abrViewer or abrMate. Edit: After taking another look at the Brush Factory, I think it's time to reconsider the custom brush file location. It takes FOREVER for it to load, even inside a virtual machine called Parallel. One feature I really liked from pyrochild's Smudge plug-in is the ability to load brush from the Smudge Brush folder, and that is something I would like to see in Brush Factory very much.
  2. TrevorOutlaw

    The Comedy Thread

  3. TrevorOutlaw

    Feature requests

    I see. So it wasn't what I was hoping it meant. Oh well.
  4. TrevorOutlaw

    Feature requests

    @Rick Brewster I am not understanding what is happening with "Paste Selection." Maybe I am being dense, but for example, I had a honking big image (5254x3407) that I copied and pasted to the clipboard, and then in another PDN file, I used Magic Wand to select a circle, create a new empty layer with the selection still activated, and click on Paste Selection, and instead of having the Clipboard content being pasted inside the circle, all I am seeing is an empty selection box.
  5. TrevorOutlaw

    Feature requests

    @Ego Eram Reputo Looks like *cracks knuckles* we have a very early entry for WEOMPA candidate.
  6. TrevorOutlaw

    ~ WelshBlue ~ HALO M6G ~ 4/10/2018

    I would have gone with a solid background with no patterns so the gun is solidly in focus, but that's just me. I have to play with Object Rounder after seeing what you are coming up with.
  7. TrevorOutlaw

    ~ WelshBlue ~ HALO M6G ~ 4/10/2018

    @welshblue Get rid of the background, it is too distracting for me, but I like the gun.
  8. When using Windows PC, I know that if I use CTRL + [ or ] to decrease/increase the size of the brush. However, when running PDN inside Parallel that is installed with Windows 10, the keyboard shortcut does not work. When I use the bracket, it decrease/increaste -/+ by 1. I am not sure if this a bug or an issue of running inside a virtual machine.
  9. TrevorOutlaw 4.1.1 is now available!

    Many thanks for the update, Rick. I am using PDN with Parallel, and I noticed the performance is noticeably faster than predecessor. In reading the thread about the color picker (inside Troubleshoot & Bug Report sub forum), I was wondering if it is possible for a future release to allow the paint brush and gradient to use left-click to set primary and right-click to set secondary colors?
  10. TrevorOutlaw

    New Paint.NET logo

    Throwing in my 2 cents...I like the original PDN logo as it is unique and synonymous to the software.
  11. TrevorOutlaw

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - "HummingFade"

    It's nice to know I have influenced you somewhat. ? Now that is funny! Seriously, though, I have plumb forgot how I pulled it off, but I know it wasn't easy. Class is starting up again, so I probably won't have much free time to do some more manips. Edit: To @Seerose, @lynxster4, and @Maximilian I'm glad y'all liked the latest work. I ran out of reps to give so I'll just leave this here with a hearty thank you!
  12. TrevorOutlaw

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - "HummingFade"

    Woof, it has been ages since I last photomanipulated something. After seeing @welshblue photomanip, I just had to jump right back in and make something, aka "HummingFade." Stock used: Hummingbird and ink drop. Used with PDN v4.1 utilizing Gradient Mapping and Brush Factory.
  13. TrevorOutlaw

    ~ WelshBlue ~ HALO M6G ~ 4/10/2018

    You certainly have been busy, @welshblue. Enjoyed looking at some of your fresh works. It's nice to see some photomanipulations being done in PDN, and goes to show that PDN can do what PS does in capable hands.
  14. My suggestion to @HCGS would be to include some rotating banners show casting some of the images made and/or manipulated in PDN. A quick look in the Galleria would show some of the best artworks created entirely in PDN. I would also love to see some tools like smudge and liquify become part of the permanent tools of PDN instead of being plugins, and I am sure that Rick is planning to incorporate that. If you have read the popular feature requests, you will see that Rick is aware of what the folks want. I have no problem using the plugins because it enhances the user experience with the software. I would love for there to be a custom brush, and the Brush Factory plugin is far superior to Simon Brown's custom brush plugin. Again, the popular feature thread has those future installation. I would also like to see the default layer blending options expanded to truly compete with GIMP. I have been using PDN since before 3.5.11 came out, and I have managed to work within the limitation of PDN utilizing plugins and workaround. It makes it a challenge and enjoyable, while passing on some tricks to other artists in the community.
  15. TrevorOutlaw 4.1 Beta (Build 6808)

    Kudos, Rick. I was just reading through the Roadmap, and it is amazing how far PDN came from being an undergraduate senior design project into what it is today.