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  1. +1 The comedy value is still there while including numerous call back and references. I hope they do not bring back Sterling because they need a new rival to make the new series interesting. That being said, I don't think it should be considered as a "reboot," but more of a continuance of the original series.
  2. Update: Since I deactivated the original Google account, I didn't realize that the tutorial video was gone. So I went ahead and made a new tutorial video using two open source software, a desktop recorder and video editor. Hopefully this tutorial will continue to help folks realize the magic of utilizing two applications using workaround.
  3. For the first picture, if you look at it analytically, you would note that Jennifer Aniston's eyes was highlighted with some contrast and the cherry was clearly manipulated to give the effect it is shown. There is a lot of masking that is going on and the end result is stunning. While other gave you some tips on the tinting, they didn't really touch up on the subtlety of the effect. For the 2nd picture, you can use the Dreamy effect that others linked in to BoltBait's plugin pack, or you could duplicate the layer and run a Gaussian blur, play with the setting, but I would keep it under 10 and play with the blend modes to achieve the effect you are after.
  4. @Skittles In your screenshot, it does not appear that your Selection Tool is not set to Fixed Sized or Fixed Ratio. See this documentation.
  5. It is fascinating to read the different stuff people do for a living, including what they did previously. To build on my current role, I was previously an Electronic Technician for 2 years at the same company I am currently employed by, and before that Electronic Assembler (same company). I have been employed by the same company for going on 16 years and strong. I once held a job as for a door manufacturer for 3 years before I had enough of them (that company eventually folded after being bought out 3 times after I left). Before the pandemic hit, I also serve as an acolyte for my tiny Anglican parish, and hope to return to that role soon.
  6. Thank you. I won't be invading any states except your monitor. I think this is the first time I've ever been called a 'silver fox.' Thank you. Thank you!
  7. Here's an update of myself 2 years later.
  8. Currently, I am a Senior Technical Writer/Quality Assurance Engineer* for a large company that manufactures parts for aerospace, military, and medical markets. * When the transitional plan are finalized between my supers, I will be a full time Q.A.E. in the not-too-distant future.
  9. @digital_oatmeal The techniques described in this tutorial will help you even though it is a roundabout way until a custom brush engine is finally bundled with a future version of PDN.
  10. Apologies to the moderators... I would like to know if Paint.NET will work seamlessly on Microsoft Surface. What would be the recommended specs for PDN to run smoothly? Thanks.
  11. One technique I learned from a tutorial on this forum, that is unfortunately in the tutorial graveyard, is to expand the photograph by 100 pixels and fill it the new edge around the photograph with either light or dark grey. Then use Levels to tweak the color slightly, and revert your photograph back to its original size. So for example, let's say you have a 1200 x 900 pixels photograph, I would change the photograph size to 1300 x 1000 pixels. There will be a white border around the image, then I will fill the white border with either light or dark grey color, run Level (without using Auto level) and playing with the setting until I am satisfied with the change. After that, I revert the photograph back to 1200 x 900.
  12. I hope she pulls through and get well soon.
  13. Update: Made an executive decision to remove tutorial for using Paint.NET and Q'Mic. Perhaps in the future a better video tutorial for using Q'Mic will be made.
  14. If you pause the video at 16 seconds, there is an interface with how to use Extract Foreground in Q'Mic, and it says to use "Backspace" to delete last point. To be honest, I need to redo that video because it is probably my worst tutorial and I should have uploaded a picture of the screenshot so people can use it as a reference.
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