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  1. Agreed. All of my photomanipulations have been done with a Windows 10 laptop and an extended monitor.
  2. Any chance to add just the DLL? The installer doesn't work for the Store version.
  3. Regardless, I'm glad that you two worked on it. I am a much more visual-orientated person, which is why coding is difficult for me. I can see the solution in my head, but to actually translate that to something useful, LOL, nope. For example, in the screenshot by @toe_head2001, I would want to know the exact code behind the radio button, the exact code behind the color wheel, so forth, and while I can make out how it work-ish, I still struggle to put it all together. Logic has never been my strong suit.
  4. Hey! How about that!? That's awesome, man. Thanks!
  5. Always start with higher resolution. Start here:
  6. Brush/Eraser sizing with Alt+Scroll Wheel

    Under the Tool Bar section, need to add a line, "Increase brush width by 5 CTRL + ]"
  7. Question from a total noob... Is there a way to quickly preview the dialog without having to publish, move the effect to appropriate location, and run PDN to see if it works? Or is this more for Visual Studio where the ability to use XML editor to customize the location of each interactive feature? Thanks.
  8. I haven't used that shortcut that much, though. I often fiddle with the RGB and HSV to get a color I want.
  9. The 2017 Paint.NET Forum Awards Show!

    I think this is probably the first time @pyrochild didn't win get this award. I am honored to even be considered as a nominee for the award even though I abstained from voting.
  10. Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo

    @Seerose @lynxster4, thank you ladies for your kind words! How do I create photomanipulation? Mainly from watching YouTube and seeing if I can recreate what the Photoshoppers can do in Paint.NET. The latest is another example of this. Stocks: Road. Phone.
  11. The Comedy Thread

    As a former goalkeeper, I winced and chuckled at this.
  12. Found it by happenstance.