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  1. One technique I learned from a tutorial on this forum, that is unfortunately in the tutorial graveyard, is to expand the photograph by 100 pixels and fill it the new edge around the photograph with either light or dark grey. Then use Levels to tweak the color slightly, and revert your photograph back to its original size. So for example, let's say you have a 1200 x 900 pixels photograph, I would change the photograph size to 1300 x 1000 pixels. There will be a white border around the image, then I will fill the white border with either light or dark grey color, run Level (without
  2. I hope she pulls through and get well soon.
  3. Update: Made an executive decision to remove tutorial for using Paint.NET and Q'Mic. Perhaps in the future a better video tutorial for using Q'Mic will be made.
  4. If you pause the video at 16 seconds, there is an interface with how to use Extract Foreground in Q'Mic, and it says to use "Backspace" to delete last point. To be honest, I need to redo that video because it is probably my worst tutorial and I should have uploaded a picture of the screenshot so people can use it as a reference.
  5. I'm still alive but decided to do my own #walkaway from this forum.
  6. Speaking of classic books, one series I enjoyed was John Carter's adventures on Mars written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Disney's film, Carter, was not too terrible in spite of film critics, I think that trying to squeeze a novel into an hour or so long isn't practical whereas a mini-series would make the most sense as it would allow exploration of Carter's adapting and growing in Martian various cultures.
  7. Use selection mode: Fiddle with different setting: Normal, Fixed Size, and Fixed Ratio. Change scale from pixels to inches or MM, and backfill with color of your choice. Another thing to do is enable ruler on and draw a series of line with antialias turn off, 1 pixel size, and create different grid of colors, or to save time, use this plugin, to establish position of grid: While I would love to have the ability to "snap to grid" similar to Photoshop with alignment lines that shows up on the fly, this is probably the best solution I can think of to work
  8. I wanted to make a plugin very similar to this at one time. Awesome plugin!
  9. Under 'Search Option,' type in align and you will be presented with several choices.
  10. I know what you are referring to but something like this isn't available in Paint.NET. You will be better off using the Align plugin and there are several.
  11. You have 3 different options: Alpha Cutter A video tutorial by me that shows two different methods on how to select and extract foreground object from background. This may not be part of your query, but I think you can figure out how to do this. Best of luck.
  12. While I appreciate the kudos, the real kudos should go to @dipstick who found it first. Taking his tip and @welshblue suggestion to use alpha-mask, presto the tutorial was born. The tool of G'Mic was found when watching a video on YouTube about G'Mic in Photoshop, Gimp, Krita, and Paint.NET. I had no idea that G'Mic had the tool to remove background as well until that video on YouTube. Speaking of video, I really need to redo the video on using G'Mic. It is bloody potato, IMHO.
  13. You should see our compost pile. It is a gorgeous shade of black. I like to add leaves to the compost pile because of its organic matter. The stuff you are growing are similar to what we are growing and right now, we are growing cold weather plants - kale, strawberries, cabbages, and onions. As soon as the calendar flip to mid-May, we will begin to plant late spring/early summer variety and then plant heirlooms in late summer. I'm not familiar with how Welsh weather operates although I know in the mountains of southwest Virginia, it has its own weather system. We had weird weather patter
  14. Compost. Herbs love compost especially if it's organic made of organic materials - food scraps (no meat, big NO-NO), grasses, leaves (makes excellent mulch and compost), chicken or sheep poo, and hay. We have a neighbor that has a John Deere tractor and he recently turned the compost pile. Thanks...I had made 2, the one in the picture is the 2nd one. When I have a chance, I will take a picture of our enclosed, raised-bed garden for growing our own vegetables.
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