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  1. TrevorOutlaw

    Resynthesizer for

    There is a plugin that does something very close but imperfectly - Selection Obscurer.
  2. TrevorOutlaw

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - Double Exposure

    Thank you all for your comments. Just uploaded an attempt on double exposure in PDN. It's challenging to pull it off without the powerful tool of Photoshop's layer mask tool, but I think I managed it. Stocks: Woman and Castle on water.
  3. TrevorOutlaw

    Stus Effects

    I could have swore it didn't show up. Ah, all is well now.
  4. TrevorOutlaw

    Stus Effects

    @Ego Eram Reputo, I think that PDN is suppressing SelectionObscure.dll. I couldn't find it anywhere in the Effect submenu.
  5. TrevorOutlaw

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - Double Exposure

    Been a while since I made something. Tools used - Transparent gradient, paintbrush, and crop. Stocks - Man and lion. Edit: Added another manipulation and this one just seem to jump out. Stocks: Boy and teddy bear.
  6. TrevorOutlaw crash after opening

    Dumb question here - is it possible for a future release of PDN to block MacType from being loaded?
  7. TrevorOutlaw

    Additional blending modes

    @ReMake I remember I was digging online and looking for the math behind the layer blending modes and found that Microsoft have their own versions as well. Is it worth taking a look?
  8. TrevorOutlaw

    Additional blending modes

    Thank you for this. I was able to create my own effect where I used Gaussian Blur, the default PDN blending options, and your algorithms through CodeLab.
  9. TrevorOutlaw

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - Double Exposure

    @lynxster4, @Pixey, @Seerose: Thank you ladies for your kind comment. ------- New Work added to first page. Stock: Man, Smoke Abstract Color Powder Explosion, and a few minutes of playing around.
  10. TrevorOutlaw

    Go Patriots!!!

    Patriots are my second favorite team behind Carolina Panthers, but at this point, I was having a major fatigue with the Patriots winning these Super Bowls, so tip of the hat to the Eagles. Well deserved.
  11. TrevorOutlaw

    BlastWave's Gallery - Seaside Wreck

    I am impressed. The change of the tank's track to simulate crossing the uneven terrain, the second tank in the background matching the foreground tank, and just the attention to detail. I'm impressed.
  12. TrevorOutlaw

    lynxster creations - **NEW 7/4 - Happy 4th**

    Found this amusing.
  13. TrevorOutlaw

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Giving Up ~ 06/03/2018

    Obliq bothers me...I think it's the pink liquid not touching the glass that bugs me the most.
  14. TrevorOutlaw

    Pixey's Gallery ~Babushka Cats~

    Nice work on the Sands of Time. Glass, though, need more transparency. PS...good to see old Aguba's 3D tutorial being used again.