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  1. @welshblue Many thanks for your tips and suggestions. Agreed, light bulbs are the hardest to get. I did use Texture Smoother as a base and worked from there. I used a lot of Gaussian blur and BoltBait's Transparency plugin. I used your screw tutorial for the light bulb socket. Agreed that the wires looked out of place and doesn't quite mesh with the image. Thanks for the compliment on BOLD. ------------------- Edit: Added Apple Aquarium on the first page. Was inspired by a Photoshop tutorial and decided to try my hand. The koi fish being bigger than the lady swimming and the natural stem are intended as a tongue-in-cheek. Self-critic...not happy with the shadows on the bottom of the apple.
  2. Thanks, ladies, for your comments. Just tried to create a light bulb with PDN. I have to admit it is tricky to get the transparency and I am open to suggestion on how to achieve glassiness ( @Pixey would love to pick your brains on this one).
  3. @welshblue, don't worry about it, man. Well, you certainly are bound to spark some idea thereabout. Nice work.
  4. I am with @Seerose, I really like Winter's Night Dream the best.
  5. Wow! Great tutorial and very realistic too! Edit: One of the best tutorials, bar none.
  6. Try this tutorial and see if it does the trick for you. All the plug-ins you need are given in the post below.
  7. Your problem is actually simple as you did the step halfway. Here is a rule of thumb: black "erase" while white "keep." Go to @BoltBait plugin pack and install Switch Alpha to Gray, then watch the video below.
  8. Tried a different approach after watching a YouTube video. I think I'll like to start dabbling more in typography manipulations from now on. Whoops, forgot to include the stock used.
  9. @MJW I think with some novelty plug-ins you had made, I think it's time for a plug-in pack of yours.
  10. Same thought I had when I saw the preview. IIRC, Blender also uses environment mapping as lighting source.