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  1. Now wait a minute here! If a horse whisperer told the horse his name was Jim, does it mean that the horse whisperer's name was Jim?
  2. But, how does the horse knows his name is Jim?
  3. As you like to say, there's more than one way to skin a cat.
  4. @HyReZ Oh nice! @BoltBait You are well on your way with the iPhone and look forward to seeing what you take. @welshblue Color me intrigued. What does Pembroke means? @dipstick Seeing an eagle in your photograph evokes feeling in me considering eagles are my favorite animal. Great capture. I do agree that the first two photographs of mine are great, and do acknowledge that the last two weren't stellar due to it being "blown out" and color temperature not being balanced. I was rushing myself due to blocking some people on the trials.
  5. I like the one by KrisVDM and it's part of his plug-in pack.
  6. Reviving this thread to share some photographs I took while hiking to Cascade Falls, Pembroke, Virginia. When I found some spots along the trails to photograph, I decided to try my hand again at long exposure and did it without the use of tripod or shutter release remote, I simply set the camera to timer. Again, my camera model is Nikon D3100 set at shutter priority. I will add relevant EXIF information below each photograph for you. There were no editing to the photograph! It was all done within the camera by setting white balance to "cloudy" and adjusting color temperature to dark blue range. EXIF: 5/8 of second, ISO 100, and at 18 mm. EXIF: 1/15 second, ISO 100, and at 42 mm. EXIF: Aperture priority, 1/8 second, ISO 100, aperture at F5. Now for the grand finale...the actual Cascade Falls... EXIF: 5/8 seconds, F20, and at 18mm.
  7. Rented Cold Pursuit, starring Liam Neeson, last night via Amazon, and I give it a 5 out of 10.
  8. @welshblue That was so bad it gave me a chuckle, so I'll upvote you for your effort. So, I thought I would search for bad chemistry puns, and found one. I present to you, Professor Cat:
  9. Like Photoshop's Select brush tool? I think that is a long way off, but in the meantime, this plugin can do the work.
  10. I just tried this method and by George it worked!
  11. Very similar to the technique I used on one of my photomanipulation, The Call. To keep the outline of the person, you have to create a mask and play with blending mode. I also used the eraser tool, set the softness to 0% so it can "blend" with the model. There were some trial and error, but those are the best learning experience.
  12. I have given up on Firefox. I have noticed how it has become increasingly bloated and the speed of it has suffered greatly. I finally bit the bullet and downloaded Chrome. I have been using it ever since. Here's an article from 2017 that highlighted the issue with Firefox.
  13. Try this. You will just have to get in the habit of adding text to its own layer.