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  2. That reminds me, I need to update that tutorial now that the Brush Factory supports Photoshop brush file. //adds to do list Done.
  3. Thank you, BoltBait. I also appreciate the source code so I can look at it and study it. I'm about to take C++ for my last Computer Science class (engineering management major) requirement, so...
  4. Huh? Look at what Brewster said:
  5. May I ask how you decided on the three numbers? I mean, why those number? Were they arbitrarily selected?
  6. TrevorOutlaw

    Clickable (by point) Lasso Tool?

    +1 for the Alpha Cutter. Use it extensively for photo manipulation. Pro-tip, scale down the photograph if big as it will bog down the plug in. Pro-tip #2, zoom in as close as you to get the line as close as possible for cleaner cut.
  7. @Ruze, what you can do, though, is use what BoltBait suggested. In the Shape option drop down menu, you can select Draw Filled Shape With Outline.
  8. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    Good job. Looks like the crashes has been fixed, @null54
  9. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    @null54 Nope. Crashes again. It looks like it is looking for a directory that doesn't exist.
  10. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    This is fantastic work! However, I made it crash. What happened was I painted a bunch of gibberish using two different ABR files in Brush Factory on the default layer. Then I made a new layer, and tried to run Brush Factory again.
  11. @Ruze Does this video help you?
  12. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    @null54 and @Joshua Lamusga One thing I have observed since updating the Brush Factory with the pull and released version of the plugin is this behavior: When I load the ABR brush for the first time, the pluging goes through the conversion process of the ABR file, and when that does, the plugin window disappear for a second or two and reappear again. I don't know if this a normal behavior, but I thought I would bring this up. If you aren't understanding what I am talking about, I can record a screenshot of it using Parallel tool.
  13. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    Perhaps I should be clear. I was refering to a request to have CTRL + brackets to control the brush size. Now, I didn't know about the other combination. I don't recall seeing anything about those shortcut, so more to play with!
  14. TrevorOutlaw

    What's next for brush factory?

    That was a request I made on the previous page, and Null added that. It made a huge difference as I didn't have to spend time fiddling with the slider.