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  1. @fylmxd This tutorial may be of some help if you can't find a script: Also, Boltbait's comment is from 2007. The Codelab script may not even exist anymore... 🙂
  2. Wonderful additions to your gallery @Ladybug! Love the 'Big Cats Collage'. âĪïļ 😁
  3. Happy Birthday @ReMake! Hope it's a good one! ðŸĪ­
  4. Plugin never used before: @TechnoRobbo's Filament Other plugins: @xod's Image Distortion, Cells, Bevel, Drop Shadow
  5. It's working for me @Pixey, but I'm still using 4.2.15. Haven't updated to the .16 beta yet. EDIT: Just updated to the beta and Genesis is still working for me.
  6. Plugins never used before: @Red ochre's String & Pin and @Xhin's Galaxy Transformation Plugins I use frequently: @TrevorOutlaw's Blur Blend and @toe_head2001's Inset Box Shadow
  7. Beautiful image @Pixey! âĪïļ It shimmers and glows with the colors that make you feel warm and safe. I want a piece of homemade apple pie after seeing this. Well done! ðŸ˜ŧ
  8. Congrats to @MJW, @Manc and @barbieq25! All the Easter eggs looked fabulous! Good enough to eat. ðŸĨ° Thank you @Pixey for hosting! ðŸĪ—
  9. Thank you so much @barbieq25, @Red ochre, @Ladybug, @Cakie67, @Reptillian and @Pixey! âĪïļ I think the background you choose makes all the difference in the outcome. I made my own with a few Distortion plugins. And the key to getting the 'round' shape is; I used 'InsideOut' plugin before applying 'Facet' and a little bit of 'Gridwarp'. Cheers! 😊
  10. Playing around with @Red ochre Facet plugin and came up with this. I call it Crystal, Crystal. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for answering @barbieq25! I was in bed sleeping... 🙂
  12. @barbieq25 The white of the bow works perfectly with the colors you selected for the background. The red jewel just centers the whole piece. Love it! âĪïļ ðŸĪ—
  13. The theme this week is "A Plugin You Have NEVER Used Before" Chosen by @barbieq25 SOTW #235 winner This week you are challenged to design & create a signature with 'A Plugin You Have NEVER Used Before' There are no examples. As per @barbieq25: You may use more than one plugin in the same sig or a different one for each entry. You should state the the name and author of the plugin, but it has to be plugins you have never used before. The deadline for entries is 2:00 PM EST (7:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday, April 17th, 2021.
  14. Happy Birthday @toe_head2001! Hope you have a great day!
  15. They are all great @Ladybug! âĪïļ The sampler came out perfect; fantastic job! 👍 Love all three ships...plugins are such a wonderful thing...and the totally different effect you can get on the same image. Keep up the good work; your gallery is beautiful. ðŸĪ—
  16. Congratulations to the winners! 1st Place: @barbieq25 with 9 votes 2nd Place: @Pixey with 7 votes 3rd Place: @DrewDale with 6 votes Great entries from everyone! What a contest! Three very distinct winners this comp. 👏
  17. Wow, she looks fantastic @Pixey! âĪïļ You did such a wonderful job on just...everything about her! I could only hope to be as good as you with people images. 😊
  18. Another beauty @barbieq25! âĪïļ The reds are so vibrant I can somehow feel them... Yes, PDN can be a cure for what ails you; gives you a chance to push the 'reset' button... 😉 I'm not familiar with the plugin 'CalliColour'. Can you tell me where it's located? Thanks.
  19. You're on a roll @barbieq25! âĪïļ Both images are so bright and cheerful. The leaves in 'Pillow Talk' are beautiful. I've never seen variegation like that before. Both made my morning. Thank you, BBQ!! ðŸĪ—
  20. No, I'd have to buy one. Maybe I will. We'd probably go 'ga-ga' over each others crystals... ðŸĪŠ I need some inspiration first. Haven't been much inspired lately. 🙄
  21. All of them are beautiful, Red! âĪïļ You got a 'crystal' thing going on a couple of them (haha)... Love 'Dryad5wayBrooch3' and 'hexgrid5'; really colorful and eye-popping! The 'Flourishes' and 'goldenspiral' are great, too. ðŸĪ—
  22. I collect them, too. I'm looking at a blue tiger's eye on my desk that I tumbled and polished myself. Beautiful piece. I have so many!.... The blues in 'Orca' are very soothing; what a pretty piece! Never thought to be inspired by my crystals... ðŸĪ­ Just keep up the splendid work, BBQ. When we're on a roll we have to go with it. Never know how long the next 'dry' spell is going to be! 😄
  23. WOW! I love it, too. 😍 The colors just 'pop' off the screen and the glow in the background is just great. Super job! 👍 😊 @Ladybug the plugin is this:
  24. WOW! I love it, too. 😍 The colors just 'pop' off the screen and the glow in the background is just great. Super job! 👍 😊
  25. The poll is now open for 'Music'. It will be closed on Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 - 2:00 PM (EST) & 6:00 PM (UK Time). World Clock Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win!
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