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  1. lynxster4

    ~ WelshBlue ~ You Don't ... ~ 14/08/2018

    Love your new composition @welshblue! The flowers, the vase, the overall moodiness of the setting. You hit another home run!
  2. lynxster4

    Happy Birthday doughty

    Happy Birthday @doughty! Hope you have a wonderful day!
  3. lynxster4

    OOTF#26 - WINNERS - Hourglass.

    Holy cow @MJW! 😬 You put a lot of work into your entry. It is very impressive.
  4. lynxster4

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Currently watching Castle Rock on Hulu. It's an extremely S-L-O-W start and I hope things will pick up. I do love all the Stephen King Easter Eggs in it and Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise) is playing a totally creepy kid, who's been locked up in the basement of Shawshank prison for years and hasn't aged a day..... 😲
  5. lynxster4

    lynxster creations - **NEW 8/4 - Froggie**

    Thanks, @welshblue 😄 Glad I could brighten up your day. Nice to see you back! 💥
  6. lynxster4

    OOTF#26 - WINNERS - Hourglass.

    Congrats to the winners: @MJW , @Pixey and @welshblue !! I agree MJW's entry was superb! 😻 💥
  7. The Poll is now open for 'Frog and Toads'. It will be closed on Saturday, August 18th, 2018 - 2 pm DST and 6 pm UK time. World Clock. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win! Some lovely images this week!
  8. lynxster4

    Round waves

    @SteveAnge This plugin might also work: Here is an example: Good luck! 😊
  9. lynxster4

    lynxster creations - **NEW 8/4 - Froggie**

    Thank you @MJW @Pixey @Maximilian and @Seerose for the great comments! Froggie says 'Ribbit'
  10. lynxster4

    lynxster creations - **NEW 8/4 - Froggie**

    Our current SOTW contest (Frogs and Toads) inspired me to continue my creation. Here's Froggie! 😄 Got some nice results using @MJW's Height Map plugins and some interesting textures to boot!
  11. lynxster4

    Happy Birthday HELEN

    Happy Belated Birthday @HELEN 🎈 You are missed here on the forum!
  12. lynxster4

    BlastWave's Gallery - Overlook

    Impressive aurora-borealis effect @BlastWave The image brings up feelings of loneliness and dread for me. Great job! 🙂
  13. Wonderful additions to your gallery @Red ochre! 😊 I especially love the 'liquid metallic' beach scene and the 'outline inside?' pieces. The abstracts are fabulous! Hope you are sticking around! 🙏
  14. lynxster4

    Happy Birthday Red ochre!

    Happy Birthday @Red ochre! Wishing you all the best and I miss you, too!