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  1. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Thank you @welshblue!
  2. Seerose's Gallery -Christmas Balls- 2017

    Beautiful Christmas ornaments @Seerose! Your work is just lovely as always!
  3. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Excellent @BlastWave This one oozes despair... But I want to know what they're doing in that building that they need those big guns??
  4. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Yes, I just played around with your technique @MJW and you can get really great realistic rock textures from it! I'll be experimenting too.
  5. Pixey's Gallery ~ Thanksgiving 2017 ~

    Same to you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving! Beautiful stained glass work.
  6. Unfinished plugins

    Thanks @MadJik for compiling @Ego Eram Reputo 's mapper plugin. Thanks for sharing the plugin EER! Can be used to create quick planets, also. I left the original color, but the color could be changed easily.
  7. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Now I really like that dip! Great job on 'winging' it! Your drawing in the sand looks much more realistic. Peace to you, too!
  8. SOTW#176 - Winners ~ Tattoos.

    Congrats to everyone! All entries were great. Thank you, @Pixey for hosting!
  9. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Very nice tutorial @welshblue I so wanted to use @yellowman's 'Sand Text' to assist me in putting my image on, but sadly all pics are MIA. Did the best I could, but probably could be better.....Thank you! Thank you @dipstick for the pdf! Looks much better now. (I had to modify the tut slightly...) @welshblue ... still interested in your technique. Looking forward to your post.
  10. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Love the video @welshblue