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  1. GeoGraphics by AndrewDavid

    Very nice shapes pack @AndrewDavid. I will try these out! Thank you!
  2. Congrats everyone! I say we all have some apple pie! Thank you for hosting, toe.
  3. Make a Jet Turbine

    40+ screenshots is nothing! Bring it on!
  4. Josh's Gallery

    @Joshua Lamusga ....nice additions to your gallery. I like the opal ring a lot...nice texture, but the second one is downright SCARY! Give ya reps tomorrow!
  5. BlastWave's Gallery - Bridge Crossing

    Wow...that looks kind of treacherous! I immediately thought of the movie 'Bridge Over the River Kwai' for some reason. Great work!
  6. Barbieq25 Gallery - 12 August New Wallpaper p.1

    Latest images....lovely additions to your gallery, BBQ! All three are fantastic, but unique in their own way! Love The Woven looks like opal or mother-of-pearlish! Also love your 'jet turbine'...I seemed to have missed that...the background is awesome and the color reflections on the!
  7. ~ WelshBlue ~ Whiskey Bravo 15/8/2017

    Great airplane images @welshblue!
  8. Pixey's Gallery - Bubble Bath.

    WOW @Pixey! Congrats on reaching 2,000 rep small feat!
  9. Make a Jet Turbine

    Never too much!!! I'm enjoying every minute of this!
  10. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Max, congrats on reaching 1,000 rep points!!!!
  11. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Thank you dear, Seerose! I need to give your kitty to Welshy....he'll fall in love with her! Thanks, was a lot of hard work re-hosting all images. Thanks for compliments on the frame. If only I could remember how I made it! See Seerose's kitty above.... Thank you BBQ! Glad you like it! I am out of reps again! (I see I had fallen behind in my gallery) I don't know about you guys, but there are not enough reps for what's going on in the forum lately.... Between Madjik and Welshy coming back (plugin updates & tutorial updates) and all the great artwork being posted by everyone, I'll be forever catching up! I apologize, in advance, if I forget anyone...
  12. Seerose's Gallery - August News -2017

    WOW! That is one RED ENGINE! You've made it your own. Bravo!
  13. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <SWAT Manip>

    Nice SWAT soldier @TrevorOutlaw. You def have your own style going on!
  14. Pixey's Gallery - Bubble Bath.

    So, so cute @Pixey! I love her! (hope you were going for cuteness; that seems to be the unanimous decision!)
  15. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    I was going for emotion here, Woodsy. I'm happy you saw felt it! Thank you, LD, forthe compliment! Thank you, Pixey! It probably is! Come to think of brother has two cats...I should share this with him!