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  1. LionsDragon's Gallery--Poison Blue

    Very surreal and spooky @LionsDragon The colors go well together to create the 'mood'! Good luck with your move...hope everything goes smoothly.
  2. @MadJik Am absolutely loving the 'City' series! More, more!
  3. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    Beautiful paperweight @Pixey! Can't wait to see those for real! Spring can't get here fast enough for me. I'm in the northeast and it's been brutal...
  4. The Introduction Thread.

    Welcome to the forum @Jessebit
  5. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    @RMSTITANIC I agree with everyone else...that is one creepy dude!
  6. Seerose's Gallery -Chrome Text- 2018

    Wonderful new images @Seerose Always love the 'waterlily'...
  7. @MadJik both SubCity and SeaCity are very magical to look at!
  8. Texture Shader

    That is a certainty. Thicker fonts give better results!
  9. Chrome Text with Reflections

    You found the height! Wonderful job!
  10. ~ WelshBlue ~ No Return ~ 13/02/2017

    Looks darn excellent to me! I think you did a fantastic job of 'the mashing up of planets'! I would love a few pointers...the 'glass' looks perfect!
  11. Object of the Fortnight #18 – Umbrella – Winners

    Congrats to @Pixey and @MadJik for those beautiful winning entries! Thank you @toe_head2001 for hosting....we're gonna miss you! And welcome @DrewDale back to the world of comp hosting!
  12. Texture Shader

    I got some interesting results. I see how the new mapping method 'wraps' around the object. I used dip's original emap and made more severe modifications to it. I'll be playing with this for sure! Thank you!
  13. Texture Shader

    Now, this looks awesome! Did you use @dipstick 's emap? Looks like it. I have something to play with! Thank you MJW! Will it give results similiar to this (this is what we were trying to duplicate; link from dipstick): Bevel Reflect Edit: At least that's what I was trying to do. I used your EdgeShader plugin to get some height in the middle of the letters to give it a beveled, though rounded look. That is also awesome Welshy!! What steps did you use? What map did you use? Oh, darn...just do a tutorial...
  14. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    Now you're both under pressure!