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  1. Yes, the Enterprise has come a long way. Looks great @AndrewDavid!
  2. lynxster4

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Rebuttal

    Very professional-looking @LionsDragon! Though, I would put a faint shadow behind the chair. It tends to get 'lost' in the brick because of similar coloring. Other than that, it's a great job! 😊 🌈
  3. lynxster4

    Pixey's Gallery - Fantasy Jewels.

    Gorgeous @Pixey Mother-of-Pearl or Opal?? The beadwork is exquisite. Wonderful job!
  4. I don't know what to say. You certainly need to practice @J. Danniel. This is what your image looks like against a black background: You didn't do a very good job with the eraser tool. A lot more can be erased easily. Make sure you are erasing at 100% tolerance. You have so many extra white pixels so far away from the razor, you can't even use AA's Assistant to smooth things out. did not save as png. Notice how grainy your razor is. Here, use my razor; I got rid of the arrows for you. And note what @Rick Brewster said: Do not hold Shift when using the Magic Wand. I'm sorry my directions weren't clear enough...I assumed you had a working knowledge of PDN. Also, you could Google "razor on transparent background" and just download one.
  5. lynxster4

    OOTF#29 - Jack-o'-lantern - WINNERS.

    Ha!! Had Mexican last night. Drink a margarita for me! ?
  6. Hi @J. Danniel and welcome to the forum! Doing what you want is not easy because of the similarity of colors. Here's what I would do: 1. Use the Magic Wand at the lowest possible threshold without erasing anything inside your razor. 2. Make a solid black layer below your razor and clean up the area with the Eraser Tool with anti-alias turned off. 3. Make a new transparent layer in between the razor and black layer. Using the Rectangle Selection Tool, make a slim, long rectangle on the transparent layer. 4. Switch to Move Selected Pixels Tool and rotate the rectangle and move it into position to align with the handle of the razor as shown below. 4a. Move back to your razor layer and hit Delete. 5. Do this as many times as needed on any straight parts of the razor. As you can see, looking pretty good. 6. Re-activate Anti-aliasing and use AA's Assistant twice. Effects-->Object-->AA's Assistant. 7. Delete the transparent and black layer and Save As a PNG! You don't want to work with gif unless you're making an animation. Now you try so you can work with the file without the red and blue arrows. (I could have gotten rid of them for you, but I want you to do it) If you need further help, don't hesitate to ask. ?
  7. lynxster4

    OOTF#29 - Jack-o'-lantern - WINNERS.

    Congrats to all the winners!! ? Thank you to @Pixey for the hosting! ?
  8. The Poll is now open for ‘Piet Mondrian Style'. It will be closed on Saturday, October 20th, 2018 - 2 pm DST and 7 pm UK time. World Clock. Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful entries. May the best win!
  9. lynxster4

    lynxster creations ~ NEW 9/8 - Dancing Planets ~

    Thank you @Rickhum for the reps!
  10. lynxster4

    ShapeMaker Mini Tutorial

    Thank you @LionsDragon and @ScrapbookWithPDN for the reps! Thank you @ReMake and @Maximilian also, for the reps! ?
  11. lynxster4

    Happy Birthday pyrochild!

    Happy Birthday @pyrochild! ? Hope you have a great day! ?
  12. @doughty I absolutely love that! If you or anyone else has some interesting knitting 'patterns', please feel free to post them in this thread. We'll have our own little online 'sewing shop'!
  13. lynxster4

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    Both of them are superb @Rickhum! Very beautiful details on 'Lady' and 'Tree Frog' just freaks me out! Well-done! ?
  14. lynxster4

    lynxster creations ~ NEW 9/8 - Dancing Planets ~

    Thank you @LionsDragon for the rep!