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  1. Congratulations all! They were all great images. Lovely theme too
  2. Congratulations to all the winners. Such variety & great entries from everyone. Thank you to all that voted. Thanks for hosting @lynxster4
  3. Agree with you both. It shouldn't be a chore. Thank you for the work you put in for all the previous years too.
  4. Exceptional work! I had to remind myslef this was not real. I'm looking at it wondering how heavy it feels on & how the stand was held up Very pretty colours too. ⭐
  5. @welshbluethank you for your kindness. There's enough <No cursing.> people are going through. As you know, I work with the worst but even they get some understanding from me. Hw hard is it to smile at somene who is having a rubbish day? To offer a hand? That old woman could be me one day. This gets me to thinking, what is suited? What are we trying to achieve? A realstic composition that we can pass off a being the real deal? Or an emotive image? What of Kurt Schwitters who would pick up discarded items to carefully wash & then use in his images. Merz 410 Irgendsowas is a good example. Your image says: This is how I feel. This is the dischord. This is what is wrong with the world. It's becoming lifeless. Removed, disjointed, colder. Bravo my friend! ⭐
  6. Visitant is creepy good! It can be quite a challenge to use a bunch of stock images & make them work but you did it!
  7. @Icegodesthank you so much I have been MIA for a while. Your sig is really lovely. Love seeing your works. ⭐
  8. Oh that is sad news of his passing. He was a wonderful member of our community & a fantastic artist. He will be missed. Thank you for letting us know Pixey. Rest easy Woodsy.
  9. Ooooh the lamp, the teacup, the painting & the cakes are really super doooper good! The whole image takes you on a walk of discovery. There are just so many lovely things to see. A very happy image that made me smile.
  10. I have a wicker chair beside me in my office. It is old & fragile but it still gets used until it dumps one of us on the floor. Semps & aeoniums I am not good with (I have killed too many) but dang they make a lovely show. So do you put the fleece around the pots to keep them warm? How different it is to grow the same plants in a different part of the world
  11. So this is rather tame but I love this guy, loved the show & love this version. I think his voice was lovely. RIP old man. You left a great legacy.
  12. Oh my! The just keep exploding! The creamy ones look like lizards eggs. That is so trippy. Way to go!