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  1. Great new additions. I really like the way you did the glass vase & the green table. You've got really cool concepts going on here. Love seeing your creations.
  2. Oh Manc! That is so funny! Funnier even because I worked in a prison & I can so relate...
  3. Beautiful image @PixeyThe colours are so rich & warm. It really has a liquid amber feel & I could just pluck that pearl out of the image. Awesome!
  4. Congratulations @MJW! Awesome entry! Well done to @lynxster4 & @Manc. All lovely entries Thank you @Pixeyfor hosting.
  5. Never used before plugins: Helix by @Red ochre Spiral by @MadJik Fibonacci Fill by @Ego Eram Reputo Eliminate Dark/Light by @ReMake Cuboids by @Red ochre Hexagonal Grid Trail Blur by @MJW True Blur by @Ed Harvey Drop Shadow by @Kris Van Motten Many, many layers & blend modes, erasers.
  6. Oooh that is a lovely crystal! You've even mounted it on a wooden base with your name on it. It must be Lynxsterite Beautiful colours too.
  7. TR's Filaments by @TechnoRobbo Unfocus Surface Blur Grey Scale on Coloured Papre by @Kris Vandermotten in Adjustments TR's Fish Eye by @TechnoRobbo Again many layer blend modes.
  8. Facet by @Red ochre Bulge Many layer blend modes, Gaussian blur, Feather by @BoltBait AA's Assistant by @dpy.
  9. Nope, not working for me either. Nothing in the downloads folder. EDIT: I was using Chrome & it would not work no matter what. Changed to Microsoft Edge & yep, it worked. Saved the .zip to the desktop, extracted it & copied & pasted the .dll into the Program Files -> Paint.NET -> Effects folder. There you go. Another plugin for me to play with
  10. At least one has to be entirely new @Ladybug So for example, I might use Outlined/Gradient Text but I might also use ones that I have previously used such as Feather, Bevel Selection & Trail Blur. So then when I post up the entry I would say "Featuring: Outlined/Gradient Text plugin by BoltBait & xod" or something similar. You could also say which other ones you used (if any) but the one you have not used before should be named & the author(s) stated.
  11. Thank you @Ladybug. Yes, I do love contrasts. Soft petals, hard glass. Art therapy is wonderful. It has got me through some really tough times & I know others will feel the same. @Red ochrewhere would we be without plugins? Thank you for taking the time to write them. @Pixey, thank you I love red in art. My fave colours are purple, pink, blue but red in art just spins my wheels Latest image again using CalliColour is Take a Bow. It has been quite a while since I have incorporated a jewel into a piece. What a fabulous plugin. Also used was Shape 3D, lo
  12. So long as you can name them & the author(s) because I believe we should be recognising the valuable contribution the plugin writers make. Also by naming them, it may also encourage others to try them out. For example, the Calli Red & Take a Bow were created using CalliColor. It was not one that I had ever thought of using before but for me, it produced some great results & has encouraged me to look at other plugins that I have not thought of using before.
  13. Thank you all who voted & thank you to @lynxster4for awesome hosting duties. Congratulations to @Pixey& @DrewDale also. A lovely bunch of entries from everyone.
  14. Happy birthday @toe_head2001! Wishing you the very best!
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