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  1. barbieq25

    Calendar Creator v1.6

    Thanks BoltBait! Easy to use. It will come in very handy for me
  2. barbieq25

    The Sanctuary

    So happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. Amazing work by your surgeon.
  3. barbieq25

    Pixey's Gallery ~Babushka Cats~

    Yes, I agree with @lynxster4Very pretty!
  4. barbieq25

    Happy birthday Seerose

    A very Happy Birthday Seerose! May all of your wishes come true on your special day.
  5. barbieq25

    Printed Artwork

    Yes, the date threw me too. Mother's Day is Sunday 13 May 2018 here in Australia. What a great mum! Your artwork is truly frameworthy I have framed some of mine & given them to my mum & step-mum. Others I have used for cards or book covers. Hopefully you will use more of your awesome art for making the world that much prettier. I'd love to see the finished room. @lynxster4the Pearls & Roses is just awesome! I'd hang those up too!
  6. barbieq25

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Ah I see the SPAIN now I see a bit of a blip thing in the very centre of the ASpain one. Oooh the second one is so nice. Love those shapes & colours!
  7. barbieq25

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    I can see the artifact in the middle but not the letters I do like the colours & shapes though!
  8. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Realistic images I have never been fond of creating. Therefore I don't enter but support others by voting. OOTF rules - being realistic images - is very hard for most people. As for trace & colour comments, this is probably exactly why there are so few entries. I have seen the PDN file Pixey was working on. Technically challenging is an understatement. Those that have managed to create something realistic, are to be applauded.
  9. barbieq25

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    This is me - drinking latte
  10. barbieq25

    OOTF#21 - High heel shoe - Winners announced

    Congratulations to all! What fabulous entries! Such skill & imagination
  11. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Out of rep points but yep, agree. I remember the PMs too. We are of an age where we appreciated the time it takes to craft things & not into instant gratification. I wore red patent leather shoes (NOT stilettos - too old for that) & matching handbag to my son's wedding. I'd love Pixey's shoe though
  12. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I've heard this before...there is a reason Pixey was voted Queen of Paint.NET. Pixey's work really is that good. I've seen very few artists who can create a realistic image without a reference image. Have you seen the amount of layers that she used? My guess is that some had even been merged. The way Pixey has worked is very valid & I work that way too sometimes. It is a fabulous shoe & image. I enjoyed looking at the different layers & marvelled at her skill. Well done Pixey!
  13. barbieq25

    Seerose's Gallery -Porcelain & Neon Text- 2018

    @SeeroseWhat a spectacular outcome! So blingy!
  14. barbieq25

    Happy Birthday Nitenurse79

    Happy birthday @nitenurse79
  15. barbieq25

    Pixey's Gallery ~Babushka Cats~

    Yep, a really great image! Love those colours!