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  1. Thank you Svea for letting us know. We wish your Mum Leanne a speedy recover & big hugs for all the family.
  2. Happy birthday @pyrochild May your day be filled without socks
  3. Have you tried restarting the computer? This happened to me once too. I suspect I bumped some keys. Poor kitty.
  4. Chillies are evil! Try rubbing oil onto your hands & then washing the oil off. Even with food-grade gloves, they are evil things. Oh, did I mention, I don't like chillies
  5. That is a really convincing concrete. A very useful tute! Thank you @welshblue
  6. Congratulations to @welshblue & @Pixey! So many beautiful entries. Thank you @lynxster4 for hosting duties once again
  7. I think you nailed it. :D I knew there was more but I just didn't know what else. Way to go @welshblue
  8. Put the car on its own transparent layer. Reduce the size of the car or or do a canvas resize (Image tab) so you can make the blur longer. I used the for this & used Layers > Rotate/Zoom & reduce the car size to 0.69. Duplicate that layer & on the bottom layer run Effects > Object > Trail. Increase the distance (82 is what I used) to your liking but leave the Spacing at 1. Tick Fade Out & High Quality. You could then reduce the opacity of the layer to your liking. I think mine was about 215. If you are feeling very adventurous, put the Tra
  9. Yep, I am locked as much as they are @welshblue. Only difference is that I get to sleep at home each night & they got caught. We play jokes & tricks on each other all the time. So now it looks like I will be teaching them to get their learners driving licence. A joke because I am on a medical restriction, won't drive if I can con someone else into driving me, & failed my written test a thousand years ago Q: What’s orange and sounds like a parrot. A: A carrot!
  10. Oh I would so eat that with sourdough bread! Most of the jokes I know are not family-friendly. I guess that is the people I work with What does a farmer use to count his cattle? A COWculator.
  11. Aussies must be the luckiest people since we have both & I have had both. @welshblue you do now
  12. My got to would be Effects>Color>Color Flip/Rotate...plugins but that is the point isn't it of having a program with plugins & plugin developers. That one is one of the Ed Harvey Effects that I have had for years & love! Second choice is Conditional Hue/Saturation but then there are a few to choose from...
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