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  1. There's awesome talent in the big house @welshblue @Rickhumthis is crazy in a good way. I see a giant tarantula lurking there on the right hand side back. Poor ducks. Such a paradox alright. So much to see! Well done. Growing up is optional 😂
  2. What fabulous entries. Congratulations to the winners.
  3. Beautiful image. The colours and textures are just perfect for each other.
  4. Oooh nice this one! I do love how you brightened it up & the colours are so much more vibrant. This is a bit like a collab too @Woodsy. Thanks so much for sharing.
  5. @Seerose, @welshblue, @Pixey, @TrevorOutlaw, & @Woodsythanks so much. I will send you the image WB Woodsy , love for you to post up what you got. I'm always interested in different outcome for images
  6. Now that I have a little more time I have created quite a few more wallpapers using my plants. Black Rain - sister to Gothic Rain Raindrops in Winter Night Rain Titanium Rain Winter Night's Dream
  7. Well, I see succulents where there are none It does look like a waterlily! And the image is very dark, maybe even more so on your screen? @welshblue- yep, same here. The dark & moody & always been one of my loves & I know it is yours too. Funny think is I do like my environment to be bright. I chose the brightest room in the house for my office & have my kitchen aside from being no bigger than a hanky, it's dark Oh the hours of fun we could have if we lived closer. I wanted to put a glass pane on one of the photos of my succulents but I sucked at it It didn't work but on the grye background it looked ok. I was so annoyed at myself that I binned the glass but in hindsight I should have put it up in the tute. I will have to try again - or maybe send you the succy photo & you can do the glass pane on it? A collab? We haven't done one of those in forever.
  8. Thank you @Pixey& @Woodsy Woodsy, the raindrops were a part of the original photo. People living in South Australia have been experiencing some severe weather but my friend's place was spared the worst of it. They did get some rain which is not great for succulents in large amounts I will update them there now too since I know they are working now. Thank you for letting me know. And, yes, it sure is Pixey!
  9. Sorry folks. It's been so long I have forgotten the settings for the links. Please let me know if they are working now. Thank you for the kind words too.
  10. Oh boy, it has been so long since I posted any images that I have almost forgotten how! Thank you all for the most encouraging comments. I am in the process of building up a small home nursery to supplement my income - long story... One of my fellow succulent addict has kindly allowed me to use his photos to create artworks. As soon as I saw his aeonium with the rain spots on it, I knew I had to create a wallpaper. I've called it Gothic Rain. I like dark & moody images & I am drawn to them in other artists too. So that you can see how it has been altered, I have added the original photo as well, as per frequent requests in the past.
  11. Well, I think it is a fabulous image & there is nothing I can fault. Bravo! Well done
  12. Happy birthday @Red ochre. May all your wishes come true on your special day.
  13. Looks like the dingoes might be thinking of wallaby stew? Yes, it has such a sense of surreal & foreboding. The Impressionist style as WB mentioned is very pleasing to the eye. Both images are great & have a lot to look at. Well done!