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  1. Happy Birthday LionsDragon

    Happy birthday & my wish for you is to get well quickly
  2. Happy Birthday BB & EER

    Happy birthday to @BoltBait & @Ego Eram Reputo. I hope today & the rest of the year brings you both much joy & happiness.
  3. SOTW#175 ~ WINNERS ~TR's Line Tracer.

    Close votes Congratulations @Pixey& @dipstick! Well done to @mottoman, @MadJik& @welshblue So many great entries!
  4. ~ WelshBlue ~ 125 05/12/2017

    @welshblueI can visualise the anarchy sign We grow to accept & miss things like that when they are gone. The addition of the waves foam at the top really grounds the tiger. It makes me want to hold the encroaching waves back to save the tiger. Rather an emotive piece for me. Brilliant idea & well executed as always.
  5. Images by Woodsy

    Ooooh those stairs are just lovely! Love the wood texture, the 3D effect, the painting on the wall & the cute little pig. I'm left wondering how it got there
  6. Barbieq25 Gallery - New car wallpaper p.1

    @welshblueThat is a lot for a wallpaper but I like the idea too Thank you for the vote of confidence. @JulioCooliothank you @Seerose aw thank you! @Pixeythank you. They reminded me of the coral & underwater scenes that we saw a couple of months back in our coral viewing in a glass bottom boat. Loved it! @Woodsyyep, they are the same base image. @lynxster4thank you Now that we have the clickable sorted the next one is clickable I was cleaning up my C drive & found this from 2013 - almost complete so I finished it. Earl is our original condition XA FORD station wagon 1972 model.
  7. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <What Strange Sight Did She See>

    A very atmospheric piece. Nice manip.
  8. Barbieq25 Gallery - New car wallpaper p.1

    Lines on your face are a story of a life lived. Go with it The ones on the front page are. Should I use clickable thumbnails here too? I put the images on the front page like you but also at the end of the comments so that it is easier for folk to see the image that is being commented on. Maybe I should just leave it as clickable thumbnails on the front page. I love textures too esp. rocks & your cliff & stone textures always did it for me. The Neptune one rather reminds me of some of HR Gigers works. Now those works will give you shivers - esp. his Alien Thank you for the very encouraging comments. Always appreciated.
  9. Barbieq25 Gallery - New car wallpaper p.1

    2 new wallpapers 1920 x 1080. Clickable thumbnails are on page 1. Blue Opal Neptune
  10. Woven Photo

    Fantastic. I have so missed the Weave bu this one is even better! Thank you EER!
  11. ~ WelshBlue ~ 125 05/12/2017

    Fabulous! I do love your dark works. A lot to see & like in this image. Each element takes the viewer through the scene & tells a story. Well done!
  12. Object of the Fortnight #13 – Cupcake – Winners

    Congratulations @MadJik. Well done to everyone. Very delicious all of them
  13. Happy Birthday Drydareelin

    Happy birthday! Great to hear it was a good one
  14. Barbieq25 Gallery - New car wallpaper p.1

    @Seeroseit is an abstract but mostly we were testing out the links
  15. JulioCoolio's Gallery - Halloween (Late) 11/11/17

    Amethyst Within - love that colour & the way it just explodes across the canvas. Great textures & colour.