Air Bubble Stained Glass

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Does anyone have any tips on how to make my image look better in any way? I mean, my Dud picture was good, but I think there's something about the lead that isn't right. If there's anything that seems nice to me, that would be appreciated.

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7 hours ago, Sakana Oji said:

Still in need of some tips here!


First, you could make the outline thicker, apply AA's Assistant, then the bevel.

When using the bevel, play with the colors, the strength, and the depth.

Honestly, there isn't much more I can tell you. Half the fun of PDN is making your own discoveries!  ;)

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How precious is this line...



It may look like you haven't done anything to the image, but you have.  This is the basis for the 'air bubbles'.


Predicting the reaction and explaining the trick <3




:arrow-up: Here is a Coffee Rose for you. It's fuzzy because ROOKIE. Can't du without messin'... :P


And here is Variation 2 :arrow-down:



I think for that one I used Negation blending on top - with transparency about 199 - but who knows now...

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