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    Longboat Key, Β Β Β Florida
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    Travel, gardening, cooking, reading and working with PDN.

    Favourite books - Anna Karenina by Tolstoy & The Night in Lisbon by Remarque.

    Pop music - Lady by Modjo.
    - Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby

    Classical - Wagner; Siegfried Idyll, Lohengrin.

    Liszt: Un Sospiro
    Shostakovich - Piano #2 Adante

    Movie: The English Patient.

    I've had to scrap gardening :) as we've moved into a condo. But, can now add swimming/walking on the beach to my interests, as well as turtle/gator-watching and .... more recently Manatees :)


    Born in the UK and at the age of 5 moved to Malawi, Central Africa, where I lived for 22 years. After that 15 years in the USA (Maine, California & Texas) 12 years between Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand, 5 years in Switzerland, 8 years in the Isle of Man and now, thankfully, settled back in the good old US of A in Florida.

    Career: Travel Agent (before that - Medical Asst.)

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  1. When I first visited Australia (many moons ago ) the beer 🍺 was served in "Midi's". It just did not look right to see these huge Ozzie chaps drinking from such a small glass. My husband and I were greatly amused by this πŸ€£πŸ˜‚. I think they may have moved on from that by now? @midora I would say many things wrongly, if I tried to speak in your Japanese language 😬 P.S. My husband, who is an analytical chemist, spend many years working in a laboratory. He says that metric is the only way to go in that environment, but he too prefers to buy a pound of bananas 🍌
  2. I hate metric - never got used to it after all of these years πŸ˜’
  3. Pixey

    Cheese Text

    Thank you @ReMake for this sweet tutorial, which I enjoyed doing πŸ₯°
  4. Hello @Tito and welcome Perhaps this Plugin may be of help?
  5. I wonder if the browser one uses, makes a difference? I used Firefox to click on the link and got something totally different to you @AndrewDavid
  6. Hi @Sidecar Bob and welcome to the forum Sorry you are a bit perturbed, but I'll go easy on you, as you are new 😁 Each plugin developer hosts their zips in a variety of ways. In this case, please go to the white arrow, top right, where I've shown it in a red box. This will download the zip to your computer's download folder. Unzip it and put the .dll into the Paint.net Effects folder. This PC > OC (C:) > Program Files > paint.net > Effects.
  7. Hello @Fire-fly I'm sorry no one got to your question yet! As I've never downloaded from the store myself, all I can suggest is for you to look at this link to see if it helps: If you are still having trouble, please reply.
  8. Hello @diegovis and welcome Perhaps try this Plugin:
  9. Here is a tutorial by a member @yellowman that may be of help. Whilst it was done in an older version of Paint.net, I think all the Plugins are still the same:
  10. The is a tutorial for making an animated gif here:
  11. Hello @antipro and welcome to the forum I'm sorry, but you can't do that on multiple layers at the same time - it must be on each layer. If you want an image without a background (transparent) you can first remove the background via this website for free https://www.remove.bg/
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