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    I've had to scrap gardening :) as we've moved into a condo. But, can now add swimming/walking on the beach to my interests, as well as turtle/gator-watching and .... more recently Manatees :)


    Born in the UK and at the age of 5 moved to Malawi, Central Africa, where I lived for 22 years. After that 15 years in the USA (Maine, California & Texas) 12 years between Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand, 5 years in Switzerland, 8 years in the Isle of Man and now, thankfully, settled back in the good old US of A in Florida.

    Career: Travel Agent (before that - Medical Asst.)

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  1. Pixey

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    Many thanks @lynxster4 but there is only a .dlc According to the notes, there should be 2: - Copy the two files 'ImZIP.FileType.dll/.dlc' to the Paint.NET\FileTypes\
  2. Pixey

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    To delete your original uploaded Zip just go to Edit and you will see a delete option at the bottom. I have tried Chrome and Firefox and both don't like the File for some reason: Can you try to upload the Zip to Dropbox and then add the 'Shared' link please.
  3. Such very pretty results @Seerose with @Red ochre's plugin. I miss him too - hopefully he'll be back someday . (I'm out of Reps again - sorry.)
  4. Excellent Plugin @null54 - Thank you. I played with it and discovered that if one increases the Tolerance slightly, there will be no 'ring' left behind
  5. The Martin Osieka link given above is not working, so I will try to get another working soon.
  6. Pixey

    Alternative to LayerSaver

    I can't open the File of the Zip you gave @Djisves it says the file is empty or damaged 😯
  7. Pixey

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    I'd totally forgotten about that old thread. Just looked through it and learned one thing........................ @pyrochild is a GIRL, and a pretty one at that! For some reason I thought Pyro was male I stand corrected it was his long hair that had me fooled - sorry for the faux pas Great idea to revive this thread @BoltBait. BTW - I think I like you better with the slightly grayer hair I decided on an all-dolled-up picture to remit - I'm not always dressed up like this, believe me (Taken on the Queen Mary)
  8. You did great @picklerick Don't forget that you can start your own Gallery in the Pictorium and then add every new piece in the same place.
  9. Pixey

    Lynxster's Shapes Pack **50 New Shapes Added!!**

    Wonderful new addition to your repertoire @lynxster4 🐱
  10. Hi @LWChris I haven't tried this on a grid, but might this Plugin be of use?
  11. Pixey

    colour flip/rotate

    Hello @j.d.melek and Welcome back. You should really have posted this in the Ed Harvey thread. The most updated Zip is on the first page: Give that a try and see what happens
  12. I'm afraid there is not much you can do with photos taken in bad focus @gulia3art Here is one of the shortest, and most amusing tutorials we have on the subject: