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    Favourite books - Anna Karenina by Tolstoy & The Night in Lisbon by Remarque.

    Pop music - Lady by Modjo.
    - Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby

    Classical - Wagner; Siegfried Idyll, Lohengrin.

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    Movie: The English Patient.

    I've had to scrap gardening :) as we've moved into a condo. But, can now add swimming/walking on the beach to my interests, as well as turtle/gator-watching and .... more recently Manatees :)


    Born in the UK and at the age of 5 moved to Malawi, Central Africa, where I lived for 22 years. After that 15 years in the USA (Maine, California & Texas) 12 years between Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand, 5 years in Switzerland, 8 years in the Isle of Man and now, thankfully, settled back in the good old US of A in Florida.

    Career: Travel Agent (before that - Medical Asst.)

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  1. Pixey

    Inset Box Shadow v1.3 (Nov 3, 2018)

    Hi @lifeday You will need the URL code from your website images, and then post the URL in your post.
  2. Pixey

    Display Tool menu

    Hi ther @DLCooper52 and Welcome to the forum Perhaps you lost your Tool Bar? Go to the Hammer - top right hand side of the page - and click on the Hammer 😀
  3. Pixey

    line options

    You can also move the light bulbs from your original image.
  4. Pixey

    Palette from Image...

    I'm from the UK and have learned to use color now 🤣 - but it always seems odd
  5. Pixey

    SOTW#194 - Religious Symbolism - Winners!

    Congratulations everyone - lovely images from all 😍
  6. Pixey

    Happy Birthday, Zagna!

    Hope you have a Wonderful Birthday @Zagna
  7. Pixey

    Palette from Image...

    Hi @ScrapbookWithPDN. Hope you are well also. I still look at your fabulous website every now and then I think you may be thinking of Curtis Black's "Selective from Palette" If so, I'm afraid a lot of his Plugins are no longer compatible with paint.net. Let's see what the Plugin developers have to say about your request
  8. Hello @amdcrash and Welcome Your best bet would be to get yourself some mud brushes found here. To learn how to add and use them in paint.net: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/15218-simon-bs-plugin-pack-custom-brushes-editable-text-and-more-2014-06-22/ Good Luck
  9. Pixey

    paint.net 4.1.5 beta build 6907

    I downloaded this new Beta a few hours ago. Everything was working, except that the PSD Plugin (PhotoShop.dll) was not showing in the effects drop down, despite the plugin being in the File Types Folder. Then I tried to take a screen shot, to show you, and after pasting into paint.net it crashed:
  10. Pixey

    Rick Hum's Gallery

    You can 'lurk' all you want @Rickhum. Golly - superb texture on this image. There is no doubt you are hot in Oz Love the whales And the icebergs too Great piece indeed 👍
  11. Pixey

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Thank you so much for the steps @MJW - I am fascinated with your Plugins and love to learn how you use them 👍
  12. Object of the Fortnight #32 – "Half an Orange". A tutorial on this can be found here. The deadline for entries is 2.00 PM EST (7:00 PM UK Time) on Saturday 15th December, 2018. Please see the Countdown Timer for exact time remaining. You may link to alternative versions, but they will not be part of your entry. This thread is for posting competition entries only. If you're not posting an entry, don't post here. If you want to talk about any of the entries, or ask a question regarding the competition, you can do so in the discussion thread found here. Competition Rules: 1. Your entry must not have a background/backdrop/scene; just the object on a transparent canvas. Shadows and reflections are fine. 2. Your entry must be 100% made using Paint.net. Don't use another image editor. Don't use stock images/photos (in full or parts thereof.) 3. Max dimensions are 600x600. 4. You may modify or replace your image until the deadline. 5. Three entries per entrant are allowed. Please make a separate post for each one. Many thanks to @toe_head2001 and @DrewDale for launching and hosting the competitions in the past. Previous comps have included the following topics found here.
  13. Pixey

    OotF#31 ~ Metal Padlock ~ WINNERS.

    Congratulations Guys 1st Place with 11 votes is @MJW 2nd Place with 7 votes is @welshblue 3rd Place with 5 votes is @welshblue Wonderful renditions @MJW and @welshblue