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  1. If the background is white and you want it gone, delete the white background with the magic wand. Then save as .png.
  2. Hello @StringCheese and Welcome to the forum We have a great Search option found here. So, if you have a perfectly white or black background you could use the magic wand to 'Select' the background and then hit delete. You can then use the Plugin AA's Assistant to clean up the edges. Then Save As a .png and the background will stay transparent. Or, you can cut out the image using this method found here. I hope you find these helpful.
  3. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    @barbieq25 - thank you so much . Yes, Spring will soon be here. This is the only time of the year I actually miss the Isle of Man as I had tulips, snow drops, peonies and daffodils in the garden. @lynxster4 - so glad you like the paperweight, made partially using one of your fabbo tutorials @Woodsy - wonderful to see you on here (hope you feel better soon) and thank you for the lovely comments
  4. Pixey's Gallery ~ Floral Paperweight ~

    I seem to have flowers on the brain lately A Paperweight.
  5. How to make an easy fire effect

    Hello @taycat34. You can use the Search option, and put in Fire, and then you'd have seen there were already some Fire tutorials available. There are rules for posting Tutorials found here. 8. Please don't be in a rush to write tutorials. As a rule of thumb, if you have very few posts (i.e. only a few dozen), think twice before posting a tutorial. As BoltBait famously wrote, "Noobs should be reading tutorials, not writing them." Stick around and learn more before trying to teach; Paint.NET is far more powerful than you think! Start posting your work in the Pictorium, and if your work really wows us, many users will ask you for a tutorial. -8a. Keep in mind, even if you're not a newbie with Paint.NET but are a newbie to this forum, this rule still applies. As a newbie to the forum, you don't know what's new, what's old, what's been done to death, and what we'll make fun of. Stick around a little bit, learn about how this forum works, and then you might have people asking for a tute. 10. If you are tempted to put the word 'simple' or 'easy' in your thread title, ask yourself why you are writing that tutorial in the first place. Your 'tutorial' is probably not necessary. On the other hand, you are welcome to start your own Gallery in the Pictorium section to show off your work
  6. There is a really bad dark shadow on the photo. Here is a link to a funny tutorial I had a play with your image and came up with this: Go to Adjustments - Black & White Use the Brightness / Contrast Use the Hue & Saturation Or - take another photograph
  7. The Introduction Thread.

    Hello @Jessebit and Welcome to the forum
  8. I too have never worked with a WebP file, so I download the Plugin that opens them in PDN. There could be many reasons for why you are getting a shadow, the only thing I can think of is that you may not be using layers. You should use a new layer for each thing you add. Don't forget to uncheck the box in a layer that you may no longer want before you flatten the image.
  9. Yes, that is the correct .cs you have opened. Then you have to change certain things in the areas I show in the video. Make sure you can see the line numbers in the .cs Then you must change certain things in the code: 1. On line 10 ..... change false to true 2. Line 39 ...... put your name where is MadJik's name 3. Line 49 ..... remove the two green slashes // at the beginning of the lines of 49, 50, 51 & 52 then add your colors in the brackets (0 , 0, 0, ) etc; It IS a rather complicated thing to do @Seerose and it took me a while to understand it myself One needs a lot of patience
  10. Seerose's Gallery -Chrome Text- 2018

    Gorgeous images @Seerose
  11. ~ WelshBlue ~ No Return ~ 13/02/2017

    That is a mighty impressive space creation you have there. @Drydareelin will also, I'm sure, like it too That glass is great .......... like @lynxster4 - pointers would be most welcome
  12. Sorry this took so long @Seerose. My screen ware had changed since I last used it, so I had to relearn . I hope this video will help to show how the code lab works.