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    Longboat Key,    Florida
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    Travel, gardening, cooking, reading and working with PDN.

    Favourite books - Anna Karenina by Tolstoy & The Night in Lisbon by Remarque.

    Pop music - Lady by Modjo.
    - Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby

    Classical - Wagner; Siegfried Idyll, Lohengrin.

    Liszt: Un Sospiro
    Shostakovich - Piano #2 Adante

    Movie: The English Patient.

    I've had to scrap gardening :) as we've moved into a condo. But, can now add swimming/walking on the beach to my interests, as well as turtle/gator-watching and .... more recently Manatees :)


    Born in the UK and at the age of 5 moved to Malawi, Central Africa, where I lived for 22 years. After that 15 years in the USA (Maine, California & Texas) 12 years between Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand, 5 years in Switzerland, 8 years in the Isle of Man and now, thankfully, settled back in the good old US of A in Florida.

    Career: Travel Agent (before that - Medical Asst.)

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  1. This Poll is now open until Saturday 24th October, 2020 until 2 PM EST and 7 PM UK time.
  2. Pixey

    Bling Text

    Dear @nitenurse79 I am so sorry for not responding. I did not get a notification, so missed this totally. I am so sorry to have upset you and it was not intentional. I hope that you can find it in your heart to re-post your image 😰
  3. Why not try to redraw it on a transparent layer. If you want to retain the transparency, uncheck the white background layer and then Save As a .png
  4. Many thanks @AndrewDavid Wow! Who knew one needed so many layers to do those 🙀
  5. I wonder if I could ask for some help please Perhaps @AndrewDavid @lynxster4 @toe_head2001 could have a stab at this? Many thanks. I have managed to re-place most of the images in this thread: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/31629-animated-images/?do=findComment&comment=424804 but I cannot, for the life of me, work out how to do the (a) cover hor, and uncover hor; (b) the vert and also (c) Zoom. Here are the two images used:
  6. Hello @Grateful Dave and welcome 1. To smooth edges we have a wonderful Plugin called AA'S Assistant. 2. For rounded edges there is a rounded rectangle in the Shapes area.
  7. Please go to your settings when in PDN via the cog wheel and check for the latest update of PDN 4.2.14 and make sure the box is ticked for, check for beta updates.
  8. No - do not use the gif choice. You must use the AGIF (which is a gif in its own right).
  9. Hello @danfrancisdo Some general things you can try: (1) reboot, (2) Windows updates, (3) In the Paint.NET directory there is a program called PdnRepair.exe, run that.
  10. Here is a simple tutorial which I hope will help:
  11. @RandomUser123456 This what is in my File Types Folder in order to use Midora's Animate Plugin: Outlined in red boxes.
  12. Hi and welcome I managed to make some pixel art in PDN this way:
  13. You mean the Paint.net/File Types folder? And yes, just closing and restarting is good enough
  14. Hello @RandomUser123456 and Welcome Did you note this: - To avoid conflicts with other filetype plugins which support the same extension you should remove or disable them (i.e. AnimGIF.dll). To verify the installation you should restart Paint.NET and check that in the filetype popup of the open file selector dialog is an entry starting with APNG.
  15. And @Woodsy would have been thrilled with your work using that. It was his favorite for making animations, which he used in our collaboration for my present signature
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