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    Longboat Key,    Florida
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    Travel, gardening, cooking, reading and working with PDN.

    Favourite books - Anna Karenina by Tolstoy & The Night in Lisbon by Remarque.

    Pop music - Lady by Modjo.
    - Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby

    Classical - Wagner; Siegfried Idyll, Lohengrin.

    Liszt: Un Sospiro
    Shostakovich - Piano #2 Adante

    Movie: The English Patient.

    I've had to scrap gardening :) as we've moved into a condo. But, can now add swimming/walking on the beach to my interests, as well as turtle/gator-watching and .... more recently Manatees :)


    Born in the UK and at the age of 5 moved to Malawi, Central Africa, where I lived for 22 years. After that 15 years in the USA (Maine, California & Texas) 12 years between Indonesia, Singapore & Thailand, 5 years in Switzerland, 8 years in the Isle of Man and now, thankfully, settled back in the good old US of A in Florida.

    Career: Travel Agent (before that - Medical Asst.)

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  1. You are most welcome and I just gave you your first Rep point
  2. You need to uninstall the broken bits by using this tool: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/mats/program_install_and_uninstall Then try to install Paint.net again and please use this site to download it - the big DOT - from here: https://www.getpaint.net/download.html
  3. You can upload your screenshot image to a host site, like Postimage.org for free and then embed the URL code into the thread here. Also, don't forget to tell us what OS system you have.
  4. Hello and Welcome to the forum. You may as well calm down, as this could take a while. You will need to give us more information. What kind of system do you have? Are all your updates current from Microsoft? Any screen shots of the error may be helpful.
  5. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    Thank you @welshblue so glad you like it . I love watching those antique shows too. @lynxster4 thanks so much . Great to have you stop by and comment @barbieq25 . Dear @Woodsy you are very kind . @LionsDragon That pen you had sounded very precious indeed. Thank you for the nice words . @Seerose A big hug and many thanks . Thanks too to @ReMake and @toe_head2001 for the Reps
  6. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    Oh wow ........ the latest one on page 1 - A man cave . It's so shiny and picturesque and I have to ask you when you make images like this, do you: 1. Make every individual piece first, and then add them to make the scenario, or, 2. Do the whole thing at one sitting? (This is just a silly aside ....... I tried to make point 1 as an = a) but when I tried to make the point 2 into a b with the bracket it becomes a smiley with sunglasses, like this .)
  7. MadJik'All Art... Bubbles 2017

    Wow! Really cool new images .
  8. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    And now - for something Italian - sorry, it's glass again .
  9. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    @welshblue - Thank you so much . 'Tis funny - I didn't notice the ear until you pointed it out. And ....... so it does flop from side to side. I think I must have made an ear a slightly different shape on one of the layers (I had to make 8 different positions) and it ended up like that. A case of - if I'd tried for that it probably wouldn't have worked .
  10. Roblox

  11. The Introduction Thread.

    Hello @jayj and Hope you enjoy using PDN as much as the rest of us and I look forward to seeing what you make .