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  1. dipstick

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    I look forward to die'n. No more pain anymore. I just hope I go quick like crashing my bike into a wall at 100+ mph. I've had a great life and have no regrets. I was born and raised in a very strict religious family. I don't go to church much anymore though. I think Religion and Politics discussions are always a bad idea, therefore I think a comp like this is also a bad idea.
  2. dipstick

    [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    This video maybe relevant to this discussion. Christian and religious symbols exposed
  3. dipstick

    Gears - released 22/08/2014

    Glad you liked it, coming from another gear head like myself. Gears really is one of my favorite PDN plugins.
  4. dipstick

    Gears - released 22/08/2014

    This plugin is simply brilliant.... No, this wasn't 100% PDN, but I must give credit where credit is due. I used this plugin in PDN to make the gears. Then I converted them to paths in InkScape. I then imported those paths into blender to make this animation.
  5. dipstick

    Happy Birthday Administrators

    Happy belated birthdays to BoltBait and Ego. The biggest problem for chainsaws (or any two-stroke engine) around here is the use of methanol in the gasoline sold. The 15% or sometimes higher ethanol can strip away the lubricating oil's effect and cause serious wear and damage to bearings and pistons. Not to mention dissolving the fuel lines and gumming up the carburetor.
  6. dipstick

    Photoshop Brush FileType (2017-05-22)

    Just want to say thanks for this file type plugin. Gimp can use .abr brushes natively, but the ones created with Photoshop 7 and up cause problems. I can load those same .abr files into PDN and save as new .abr using PS v6 and all is well. As an added bonus, I can delete the brushes I don't want. I can also created my own custom brushes onto each layer and save it out as an .abr brushes file.
  7. dipstick

    Circular text

    Good job XOD....
  8. dipstick

    Green eyed Lady's Gallery

    Might help if you posted the correct links? Edit: Fixed @Greeneyedlady's links from @dipstick's links ?
  9. dipstick

    HSL instead of HSV?

    That makes sense. So what's to stop you (or anyone interested) from fine tuning via opacity slider to get the same effect?
  10. Had to try out this drop site..... If you can't figure it out, here is a quick way to add bevel and lighting effects in PDN. This file will be deleted in 30 days: Bevel_ Light.mp4 ( 1.4 MB ScreenCast video)
  11. Yes, I will do that next time I need to post a file. I use Imgur for pictures and like it because I don't need to create an account. Any good file posting sites similar to Imgur where I don't need an account?
  12. Well what do ya know, someone went and deleted some of my attachments for me. Thanks... Here is the svg file I made. you'll need to create the beveled and lighting effects yourself. Being an svg, you can make it any size you want. Life_Hearts.svg.zip
  13. That would be great if I had a trash icon in my edit mode.
  14. Yes, I can delete the pictures, but the attachments remain un-deleted.