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  1. Quick Sand

    Thanks, I had forgotten about Yellowman's Sand Text tut. I made a PDF on it a few years back if anyone wants it... Sand Text (how to write on sand) - Text Effects.pdf.zip
  2. SOTW#176 - Winners ~ Tattoos.

    Congrats Pixey and Welshblue. Really good entries here...
  3. Quick Sand

    I don't have the plugins that Welshblue used, so I winged it with clouds, blur and emboss.
  4. Quick Sand

    Interesting concept, thanks..
  5. Woven Photo

    This looks like a great plugin and the examples posted are excellent. Unfortunately I can't test it because it won't run in PDN v3.5.11, which is the latest version I can run in Linux. Fortunately I've found a similar Weave filter in G'mic that has very similar outcomes.
  6. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    My condolences to you and your family Pixey.....
  7. The Comedy Thread

    Love that Rhino clip Pixey. I have a funny Rhino animation I made, but posting it would surely ban me, so I won't.....
  8. Import mockup.psd into PDN, Edit to your liking and export to new mockup.psd. Done....

    Maybe the OP want's to straighten a button?
  10. SOTW#176 - TATTOO on skin/hide - Entries.

    Skin is from site Madjik linked to (also reworked) Roadrunner is a custom shape I made a few years ago..
  11. SOTW#175 ~ WINNERS ~TR's Line Tracer.

    Here's the full sized version: https://imgur.com/AysvNxt
  12. SOTW#175 ~ WINNERS ~TR's Line Tracer.

    Must admit, I really dig that inverted line-art on that bike. To be truthful, I never intended to win this or any comp, hence the reason I never bother'd to vote. Since I'm asked to pick the next theme, here it is. TATOO. Must be embedded onto skin/hide. No other rules. Enjoy............
  13. Paint features

    Yes the Laplacian Pyramid Filter is a real gem. One of my favorite filters in PDN.