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  1. Stamped Metal text

    Your tutorial is Awesome welshblue. This is off topic, but thanks to this thread, I've discovered that Planatoid is a great texture generator...
  2. Stamped Metal text

    I can't run Texture Shader on my system. The best I can do is with Engrave / Emboss.
  3. The way I see it, you have three options. Use a colorize computer algorithm like I did in my post. Paint it yourself like welsh's excellent example. Send your picture out the the (fictional) show CSI to see if they can do it with their super powerful computer.
  4. Merry Christmas 2017

    Thanks for the compliments LionsDragon, Eli, Pixey, Lynxter4 and Seerose. Merry Christmas to all in PDN land and have a happy New Year.
  5. I made this cool effect and thought I'd share.
  6. Yet another reason making an all-in-one installer is a very bad idea.
  7. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    I must say, those are very "Pro Quality Designs" Lynx. Well done indeed!
  8. Optical Illusion Thread

    Here's a couple I did a while ago...
  9. The first Mustang is what's referred to as a "Pro Street" car and has a highly modified small block with a Weiand 6-71 supercharger and dual-quads. The second Mustang is basically stock and has a 351 Cleveland engine. Here are some interesting engines. This Roadster has a very rare and exotic 427 SOHC engine. The engine alone is probably worth $80,000 USD... Here is a Legendary 426 HEMI engine in a 70 Dart...
  10. Ahhhh, good old American muscle... This one reminds me of my old 67 Mustang GT with a 428 CobraJet and 4-speed....
  11. Optical Illusion Thread

    Don't know where you find these SeeRose, but they are very interesting...
  12. Quick Sand & Imprint #1

    Thanks Welsh. That foot print in the sand does look soooo realistic, yet was all done with PDN. I also saved the sand texture (large resolution) for future projects. Thanks for the ideas in this tutorial.
  13. Was going to recommend DropShadow, but welsh beat me to it...
  14. Slenderman.

    Speaking of stupid, here is slenderman before and after eating too much chocolate cake...