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  1. You can duplicate the layer and apply Gaussian blur to top layer, then change blending mode to overlay: Alternatively you can resize up 200%, followed by resize down 50%:
  2. Make a Helmet

    For those that may not know, a "Brain Bucket" is an acronym for motorcycle helmet. The line of thinking is that your helmet acts like a bucket to keep your brain from spilling out during an accident. Helmets are sometimes called "Skid Lids", but Brain Bucket sounds more dramatic. Nice job on your helmets Pixey and LionsDragon.
  3. Beveled Metal Circles

    Another way to do this (with texture), is to use Red Ochre's "Object Edge" followed by his "TGAngle". It works great on text too.
  4. Make a Helmet

    My new "Brain Bucket"......
  5. Make a Helmet

    Awesome tut, welshblue. Thanks!
  6. SOTW#171 - A Snail on a Salad Leaf - Entries.

    No snail on a salad. How about Snail on a Motorcycle? <snip>
  7. Wood Texture with Realistic Grain - Amendment 1

    I made a pdf on this tutorial a few years ago. Here it is if anyone is interested: Wood Texture with Realistic Grain.pdf
  8. Realistic Roughcast Metal

    Going through my old files, I found a pdf (I made from original post) on this tutorial. Here it is if anyone is interested: Realistic Roughcast Metal - Text Effects.pdf Welcome back welshblue!
  9. Lynx, I believe I shot one of those trees, but didn't know what it was.. Anyway, digging back through some old photos, I found one of my old faithful friend that I had to use with this filter.....
  10. Lynx, what is a 'smoke' tree? Is it just a tree that he smoked under? Yeah, this two option rep count is very confusing. I'm not sure which one to click on and usually click both.
  11. Outstanding...
  12. Simply awesome Red! The best InkSketch yet..... Thanks!!!
  13. You can make track mattes for video in Paint.net, but animating them would be much easier to do in a Video Editor/Compositor.
  14. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17)

    You're probably right Red. I'm a big fan of your "Object Edge" filter, so I will go to it whenever I want to darken (or brighten) the edges of an object for whatever reason. Plus it needs to be compatible with PDN v3.5.11 since I'm running Linux and use PDN under wine. Many new filters just won't work, so I don't bother testing them....
  15. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17)

    Applying Red's "ObjectEdge" filter to text, then running Tone-Gradient-Angle results in a nice Chiseled Text effect...