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  1. You may also look into Gimp. It accepts python scripts to process images using built-in filters and/or other scripts. It comes with a python console.
  2. No, it's a texture pattern I downloaded long ago. I only reduced the saturation. Here it is if you want it.
  3. I originally made this chain link back in 2014, I just now made chains out of it. They are both the same chrome chain, I just used a color overlay to make the gold one.
  4. Shot this herring two weeks ago.
  5. Speaking of line art. I took this line art drawing and converted it into animated paths. I then used PDN to convert those 455 frames into a GIF.
  6. For something like this, it's better to turn the logo text into a path in something like Inkscape, then export as an .svg. This way you can make it as big as you want without loss of quality. You can also use "Shape Maker" in PDN to trace the text and export as a shape. I made an .svg out of it, if you want it, I'll post the file.
  7. Welcome to the club... I'm actually in pre-retirement right now, I like to call it practicing for retirement. I should be officially retired by the end of the year depending on how things pan out. You may have to lower your standards and get a job elsewhere. Good luck on your journey.
  8. Good that it worked out for you. FYI, if you want to change the color of the white background instead of the black lines, then use "Multiply" blending mode. For the record, this is just basic blending mode effects and has nothing to do with any s/w...
  9. An easy way to color line art assuming it's black lines on white background: 1) Add a bank layer under the image and fill it with color desired. 2) Change blending mode on image layer to "Screen" Example:
  10. dipstick

    Candy Text

    Really nice results Seerose, you definitely have this one down pat.....
  11. dipstick

    Candy Text

    Really good tut and excellent outcomes. This gave me an idea on some adaptations. The outcome is outstanding, but I won't post it because it was done in gimp. If anyone is curious, you can see it HERE.
  12. No idea what this is, but well done by all... Kind of reminds me of "Mr Bill" from an old SNL skit.
  13. I made that one in Gimp using an old script written by Graechan to convert an object into plastic effect. I also used a 3-D extrude on it, which is basically the same thing as Trails in PDN. The effect takes only a couple seconds to make using the script. Your method yields just as good results. Maybe someone could write a plugin to automate the steps need.