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  1. @HyReZ! Really beautiful. Thank you so much.
  2. @Icegodes! Very entertaining and really very beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
  3. @welshblue! I'm not surprised, because you're a master. Thank you for sharing your results with us. 🧁
  4. @Vagabondi! Ooo... Do you like cats? Weel done. 🐱 Thank you for sharing. 🧁
  5. @TrevorOutlaw! Very well thought out. Thank you so much. 🧁
  6. @walisischblau! 🥇 Unfortunately; today some people become cold. There is enough selfishness, especially against the elderly. Excellent work. All pictures suitable. Even the picture title fits perfectly. Thank you for sharing with us. 🧁
  7. @Vagabondi! 🌷 Wonderful colours and beautiful composition, excellently made. Thank you for sharing your result! 🧁
  8. @TrevorOutlaw! 🚂 I like anything with trains. Preferably with steam engines. Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing your result!
  9. Congratulations to @welshblue and @Maximilian! Great works everyone! Thank you @Pixey!
  10. *ReMake Color Sketch-Photographed by myself
  11. *Red Ochre Cuboids-Photographed by myself.
  12. *TRs Croquis-Photographed by myself.
  13. Dear friends @Maximilian and Dear @lynxster4! I want to thank you both very much.
  14. Dear @lynxster4! I didn't understand. Whatever topic we choose?
  15. @Pixey! 🌸 Wow! More than just fantastic. Absolutely fine work. Thank you for sharing your result!
  16. @welshblue! @Pixey! @lynxster4 and @mamat! Congratulations to all winners! @lynxster4 Thank you for the hosting.
  17. @Vagabondi! 👍 Wow! New great pictures. "Soul" colors are so fantastic. Thank you for sharing this with us!