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  1. When you read that - it should make everyone realise just how ridiculously cheap the Store version is for the work that goes into maintaining/ improving it Also a measure of Rick as a person for not capitalising on it and still releasing the Classic for the good of the programme and users Not forgetting the plugin writers who make it what it is too. I'll be buying the people I rely on a decent coffee when my next commission cheque comes in
  2. You can also use Object2Colour ... this has the added benefit of instant colour that you want
  3. I hope that day never comes. A couple may possibly be better there ... but Black & White+/Transparency/ Curves+ /Conditional Hue - Saturation/ TwoTone Threshold ... just naming 5. Definitely Adjustments
  4. In this instance it'll be quicker to make the selection on your layer ... Ctrl + C to copy ... Ctrl + shift + V to paste into a new layer ... uncheck the layer you copied from ... play with your copied selection (By copying the selection and then unchecking the layer, it's still there if you want to make any changes) I'm a fan of Fill from File/ Clipboard but in this instance it'll save you playing with the placement sliders to position it inside the selection correctly
  5. All the times I've used Rotate/Zoom I've never thought of that If the OP comes back (they asked for a video by PM and never came back to view it) ... just remember you'll have to still rotate the object manually before using Rotate/Zoom
  6. Once upon a time I would have said always ... but now, not when someone is cleaving my head in with an axe like the past few days 😢 She got mad skills. The neighbours thank you for the respite ... actually I do too ... enjoyed that
  7. One of the best modern old school punk bands out there IMO
  8. The head can finally taking something with a decent beat ... ... don't get ill it spoils your music enjoyment
  9. Lordy it's been years ... pretty chronic looking back Ummm I did it to the end of your video and got this: Alpha Mask doesn't always play nice any more, so the only thing different to the tutorial, I used BoltBait's Switch Alpha to Grey plugin on the Alpha Mask layer ... then copied to clipboard>>> then Alpha Mask >>> then did it exactly the same as the tutorial Hope you get it sorted
  10. ... that horrible dialing sound. Then you finally connected to a website and somebody would want to use the 'phone. 😐 Or the inevitable click as you were randomly disconnected. The good ol' days of MSN messenger and it's dodgy rooms Does it make Baby Boomers/ Generation X's appreciate it more - or do we take it all for granted like some youngsters do
  11. Sadly another great writer/ singer fell earlier this month
  12. Out of curiosity - how big are they and how long did a model take to print ?
  13. I don't think dpy has a blur plugin ? Could be wrong. There's also Jesse Chunn's Soften Edges
  14. Hey Drew' Unfortunately it only generates a link to the full size image ... the last thing I need is EER kicking my < no swearing > for posting big images