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  1. Happy Birthday Nitenurse79

    Happy Birthday L ... hope it brings you loads of nice things
  2. Metallic Marble Text

    I just don't want people getting fed up and thinking, "oh no, not another one" I love your rendition of this one. You've really made the texture glow and sing Thanks for the rep, and @MJW @xod and @ReMake. A small bit of appreciation make the 10 hours of so, experimenting and writing it worth while This could be the next one if enough people are interested ? 40 odd hours to get to thinking I've maybe, possibly cracked glass ? Impossible without @MJW's plugins and pointers along the way
  3. Happy Birthday Iron67

    Happy Birthday Iron' ... hope it's been a good one.
  4. Metallic Marble Text

    This is a translation to PDN of This Tutorial... all credit should go to the original author. PlugIns Needed: Alpha Mask Splinter Texture Shader I used Riot Squad font from HERE but any similar fonts will do. The Tutorial: Using a larger font will give the diamond more definition/ clarity. Any ideas to improve the diamond welcomed. Just worked out this is my 30 + tutorial. I think I'd better stop after the next one
  5. What music are you listening to?

    ... just had a row ... the kitchen was shaking ...
  6. Pixey's Gallery ~Let it Shine~

    That is so true. I'm sure I spend as much time if not more on backgrounds because they can make or break. I had a happy discovery today when I was writing a tut' and a lil' experiment yielded a a really nice background texture method, that hopefully some will find useful in the future
  7. Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I've got to grips with Texture Shader, will have to practice with Texture Merger because the ferrule is excellent. Was playing with Texture View Skewer earlier ... made a passable slate/ stone texture but I think I'm using it wrong Thanks for the insight @MJW
  8. Seerose's Gallery -Metallic Marble Text- 2018

    I agree with Pixey about the pink one really popping out of the screen. A real day-glo effect. Even I'm liking ppppink in this one Would be interesting to see what it looks like if you copied the Hibbert effect layer, ran trail on the bottom one, then set the Blend Mode of the top one to Screen
  9. A Gallery (Speedsketching - small update)

    She'd believe you. But then she also know I'm all mouth no trousers, these days
  10. A Gallery (Speedsketching - small update)

    I can't see any sort of fail. 2 very interesting images. Sort of pop art but with raw emotion thrown in ... I'd have the busty blonde one hanging on my wall for sure. Thanks for the share ... great to see how you did them
  11. TV Show Discussion Thread

    The latest series of Will & Grace had me laughing for 3 hours today. Excellent scriptwriting delivered beautifully by a great cast Has anyone watched Young Sheldon ? Is it worth downloading
  12. Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    @MJW ... possible tut' ? Gotta be one of the most realistic ... as in really realistic ... things I've ever seen done with PDN It should be pencilled in for the Galleria
  13. Pixey's Gallery ~Let it Shine~

    That's where they went. I knew I'd lost mine Very pwetty. Awesome colours ... the plate is a triumph with the reflections but the way you've done the shadow is what pulls it all together for me Not so sure about the rays but that's neither here nor there on a great image
  14. Porcelain Text with Variegated Coloring

    Thanks @lynxster4 ... you've shown me the power of the Object Rounder plugin. Didn't quite follow the tut' to the end as I got lost playing with different blurs but I love the whole gist of the technique in the method Certainly opened up a few paths in my head now I don't need a pick axe to clear the way to clearer thinking Thanks heaps