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  1. What music are you listening to?

    I haven't heard that in years. Nice share. My wife is cursing you ... wait until Yellow Magic Orchestra come on ... they're gonna drive her mad
  2. JulioCoolio's Gallery - Echo: 10/15/17

    Yep. Serene too. Like you want to drift towards the light. (< I think I've fried too many brain cells over the years) Perfect colour combo' with the effect ... personally I much prefer it to the original
  3. Images by Woodsy

    Is that video new ? If not how did I miss it. Love it. Ingenious and testament to your artistic and animator capabilities. I wish I was still of a mind to do doughnuts like at the end ... freaking front wheel drive spoils a lot of fun. I miss the old days when we drove cars and they weren't like space shuttles in the cockpit ... but I digress Love the
  4. Paraphrasing Shakespeare: I guess the course of publishing apps never did run smooth Bummer for you's ... hope it's not too much work if things need changing ...
  5. I've just been playing with it ... between yourself and @toe_head2001 you've both created some great perspective transformation/ distort plugins. Kudos to you both
  6. You're welcome ... I'm glad Eli saved me time I also hope French Connection don't go after you like Sainsbury's did with this shop https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/jun/27/corner-shop-becomes-morrisinghs-after-sainsburys-legal-threat ... no sense of humour some people Pob lwc
  7. My type of flag Play with Distort This or Quadrilateral Correction linked above and they should get you where you want to be
  8. As @Eli says it could be distorted ... but wasn't so much with a thinner line You want something like below ? I used Quadrilateral Correction
  9. What music are you listening to?

    I'll stick with Drew' ... never did get into the Rolling Stones Having a Suede morning but had to listen to this too
  10. I'm presuming that anyone who has made the transition to the Store version has copied across the plugins from the old effects folder etc. Will these still work when plugins are offered in Store ... or will a Store version of plugins be needed ? (That may seem a silly question ... but like a lot of things ... it makes sense in my head)
  11. There's a big one ... providing a little bit of give back for all the time and effort gone into providing PDN I gave up doing that. All my plugins were duplicated in the free version and I couldn't live with that. It drove me jittery ...
  12. Do you want to manipulate a square already drawn or just draw a parallelogram ? If it's the latter, use the shapes tool and there's a parallelogram there (remember to draw it on a New Layer) If you want to transform an existing square you could try Distort This or Quadrilateral Reshape from here
  13. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    I never did believe those horrible things Thanks
  14. Make a Goblet

    @dipstick ... wouldn't that be cool. Currently I use other programmes for that sort of thing but if someone ever wrote a plugin like that ... the Nobel prize would be the least they deserve Shape3D mated with the 3D Object plugin could possibly produce offspring I'd like to see (Not that I have a clue what I'm talking about)
  15. Object of the Fortnight - Discussion thread

    It is as well I know what's happened ... when I made the edit I didn't re-size it because I was getting my head pecked about being on here, and the initial image was 600 x 600. My fault. My bad. In the interests of rules I think you should be strict ...