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  1. welshblue

    What's next for brush factory?

    Maybe this is possible now and I haven't worked it out ... but say you've got 5 folders of custom brushes - the choice/ ability to just delete one of them instead of clearing them all (when for me PDN becomes unresponsive for a while) Having a larger brush size than 500 would be brilliant for larger images especially as some of the brushes I download can be for example 1500 x 1500 or bigger But maybe PDN set up doesn't allow for larger brushes ? The 3 things you want to change sound really good additions/ features
  2. ... but it doesn't look nice with the text off centre <shudders>
  3. welshblue

    Optical Illusion Thread

    That's actually clever. One of those things you try to catch moving by looking straight at it only for the pesky thing to stop
  4. welshblue

    The Comedy Thread

    Being a bit of an amateur etymologist (sad I know) but technically both of them are true for the UK. Shakespeare can be partly attributed to the demise of the use of Fall in the UK, ( possibly Chaucer much earlier) When the New World was developing it fell out of favour here and it stems from the old english word Feallan Gonna crawl back into my box now
  5. welshblue

    Gold Metal

    That's the one you want. Types 1+ 2 + 3 on the tutorial refer to the steps on the corresponding layers. As T_H says they're controlled by the slider Each type has a different effect
  6. It's all horses for courses but personally I would use this technique Cutting Out Images if I was doing intricate curves I find zooming in and using the line tool much better for curves and a bit quicker but @lynxster4 looks mighty fine. Horses for ...
  7. welshblue

    OOTF#29 - Jack-o'-lantern - WINNERS.

    Congrats everyone. All of them were a testament of what PDN can do in the right hands. Capturing the theme perfectly Thanks @doughty ... I just looked in the mirror ? Thanks for the hosting @Pixey @MJW
  8. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    @Joshua Lamusga ... I dunno ... I guess music is like sports teams/politics - a matter of opinion. Personally I've always found them (along with The Beatles and Take That) over-rated. I'm not a Pink Floyd fan either but I can appreciate what they do As I say. Personal Taste. I like everything from opera to hard-core punk but some people don't float my boat (Marilyn Manson is a genius to me, whereas some hate him) Another person I would love to have a coffee with but a lot don't like the genre/ him ... the adam's apple didn't fall far from the tree here
  9. welshblue

    Happy Birthday pyrochild!

    Cold feet. Sure sign you're getting older
  10. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    That's cool ... bet they were awesome. I had a cup of coffee with Robert Plant once when I was doing some chainsaw work for him. Not so cool, not being a Led Zep' fan
  11. welshblue

    The Comedy Thread

    Don't you just hate it when you're singing along to a song and the artist gets the lyrics wrong ... ? At my age "Getting Lucky" means finding my car again in the car park When a woman says, "What?!" ... she heard you first time. She's just giving you a chance to change what you said
  12. welshblue

    Happy Birthday pyrochild!

    Happy Birthday Pyro' ? - Hope it's a good one