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  1. welshblue

    OOTF#24 - Kitchen Knife - Entries.

  2. welshblue

    The Sanctuary

    Really happy to read that @Pixey ... so very glad for you. I know what a daunting thing it all is and currently being in limbo myself with the same thing again, how sapping it is. Huge congratulatory hugs from here
  3. welshblue

    Seerose's Gallery -Gradient Bar Rainbow Sig- 2018

    I think they're Echinaceas (coneflower) but could be wrong Fantastic works since my hiatus @Seerose ... what you've done with the glass text tutorial is remarkable. Really made it your own. All the other works are top drawer too. Bravo
  4. welshblue

    OOTF#23 - Empty Vase.

  5. You could try Effects >>> Noise >>> Median It leaves a slightly different colour where 2 colours meet as MJW says but using his method of colour picker and paint bucket sorts it out. Your second image as an example *** I was too lazy to crop your screenshot hence the strange effect top and bottom of the image
  6. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    Big Bang and Raising Hope actresses amongst some of there roles if my mind remembers correctly. Funny stuff. I'm a big fan of Stephen Lynch 'cos his songs are really funny/ clever as long as they're taken tongue in cheek How big would this guy have gotten if his last hit hadn't been a sudden stop ... ?
  7. welshblue

    Happy Birthday ReMake!

    Belated Birthday Wishes @ReMake ... nice way to celebrate your birthday with a young mind to keep yours fresh
  8. OHHH Great. I thought I'd be clever when writing tutorials and save all the links to NotePad ... but that's not going to work now After a tumultuous few weeks I thought I could take things easy but nah got to redo all these Think of a swear word and I've just said it. Fricking hours of work lost and the same to do again. I'm too old for this Anyone know of a reason or have a thought why this has happened ?
  9. welshblue

    SOTW#183 - Red ochre's Fur Blur

  10. Well I never knew that. That is going to save having so many unmerged layers on big projects.
  11. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    In memory of one of the greatest kids I ever got to meet by being privileged enough to work with troubled teenagers through teaching graphic design to help them express themselves in a non destructive way to their being. Her only crime was to be pretty and clever. Sadly she let them win. What a waste because of some skanks
  12. welshblue

    Glass Text Tutorial

    Me too, mate. Me too ... especially from someone as headshot as me cool new animation. Definitely in all our futures sometime
  13. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I agree that @Pixey should laugh it off. And take it as a compliment. I remember some PM's I used to get ... and still wonder years later if they the doubters and haters ever trawled through the files I sent with 100's of layers just to prove that I didn't need to plagiarise when you've got a head as messed up with chemicals like mine is Some people can't get their head around the fact that some people will put the graft into making an image. Is why I spent so long on my latest tutorial. To try and give the best possible outcome back to the community ... or maybe they just want Pixey to walk over them in those heels. People can pay good money for that. Allegedly ...
  14. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    More banjo music and a great cover again
  15. welshblue

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Does it have to be a stiletto shoe or can it be a boot ? Like a rock chick sort' thing