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  1. I really need to get a life... this has been bugging me all day. Like @Pixey I was thinking. Cobweb ... but then you need a starting image to run it on Random Lines is the only one I can think of to get something like the example But then your forefront lines have got edges to close it in to make a square 😐 @dherr are you definitely sure you only used one plugin ?
  2. Madjik's Polygones or BoltBait's Polygon/Stars ? Both have similar line patterns and the ability to rotate like your example Edit ... maybe not as by their nature, they're not square like your image
  3. All of Kris's plugins I've got installed are working correctly in Win 10 - both Paint.net versions. 4.2.8 Store and Beta 4.2.9 Drop Shadow e.g. you can understand not working if an object isn't surrounded by transparency but the ones in the Adjustment or Blur menu ? Hmmm this is above my pay grade
  4. What version of paint.net are you using - Classic (free) or the Store version ? Plugins go into different places depending on which version Maybe you've read this ? https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html All Kris's plugins are working in both versions for me
  5. ... I haven't grown up yet. 😋 Just wanted to say thanks and also to say I thought @Pixey train and building blocks were great for different reasons (the mouse also very clever) and @lynxster4's Etch a Sketch was inspired. All 3 would be worth seeing 'full size' ... if Lynxster' wouldn't mind me copying I'd like to try that too Thanks for hosting
  6. Love it love it love it. (Even if you have got one of my most hated songs in my head 😋) Very enigmatic and very sensual. Great manipulation of textures ... I love touching velvet but will refrain from stroking my screen. Great job on her 'drops' too. Really nice piece
  7. When I first saw this, I was like ... mmmm ❔ Two hours later the punchline hit me - that's very clever and very funny unless you're a dinosaur 😁
  8. It all depends how elaborate you want to get. Pleats around the top, holes for the leather thong etc. (Which would make it a more believable draw string pouch) In my limited capabilities I can't think of a quick/ easy way. Shape 3D could get you part of the way. Below is literally a 5 minute rendering with S3D and Liquify. It's rubbish, but just a quick play Grid Warp with lots of squares to manipulate could possibly get pleats in there. But then you need shading ... Shape 3D on cylinder settings. Ball mode activated on the back end, Depth setting lowered right down to get the flat appearance