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  1. Thanks Lynxster ... as always very appreciated to receive your kind words A mis-spent youth lasting into my early 40's either killed or opened up some brain cells 😛 Aye. A generated text message yesterday from Welsh Government ... telling me continue shielding/ isolating until the middle of August ... No way. I'll go mad. I'd rather take my chances with the virus 'cos the wife has stopped chuckling and started growling and snarling at my humour ... so I need to get out and about for both of us Thanks for the rep @CsyeCok The Soldier
  2. Great to see your avatar on a post again ... as Pixey says, welcome home 👍
  3. Nice pixel art. Not something I've ever done but can still appreciate the work gone into it and the beauty of them
  4. I absolutely love this guy ... definite shock and awe moment 😂
  5. I must admit I like the Blur options - especially the effect the Motion Blur gives if uncentred ... that's quite aesthetically pleasing ... @Foxxey ... the jaggies once rendered are bad. Another suggestion is the option to just keep the shadow and not the object it's rendered on too ?
  6. Ahhh sorry. I instinctively added a new entry instead of editing my first post. Sorry
  7. You wouldn't know I was stupid enough to fall asleep for over 2 hours in the sun ... got real panda eyes now from the sunglasses
  8. Glad to hear that they sorted out what the problem was/ is. Hopefully now you'll start to feel as well as possible now in the circumstances and remission is just around the corner. Lockdown. I had to go out for the first time today in weeks and in the local garage someone asked me what are the chances of getting stopped by the police as they were from across the border from Shropshire ... they didn't seem too happy when I replied ... fairly good now I'm posting your number plate on the local police Facebook page 🤣 (They aren't to know I'm not on faceless book) Stupid, ignorant or arrogant ... I can't make my mind up which some people are Thanks for the rep' @Eli
  9. Love that @Djisves ... really effective text with that texture ... I hope you do jump into the competitions
  10. Congratulations to @lynxster4 and @Pixey. Stunning from both of you ... when I saw them I knew my winning streak was over ... it was just a case of which one did the coup de grace 😀 Thanks @MJW and thanks for hosting @Pixey
  11. I find the best for this is BoltBait's Fill From (Tiling - No Mirroring mode) ... but there's a but ... there's a lot of textures out there with seamless in the name but a lot truly aren't. You'll always see the join on them. The ones to use are the ones with the outer edges uniform in texture.