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  1. Goosebumps every time ... but got to be cranked up
  2. Awesome new images. Never nice to pick a favourite but out of this crop - Raindrops in Winter does it for me. Succulents have such tactile fleshy leaves that to change it into something very alien like is brilliant. I think succulents symbolise 'enduring love' and Winter Night's Dream gives that glow of passion. A very close second ... and of course would love to do a collab' - send me the pic πŸ˜‰
  3. An artist is an artist no matter how they come by the end result. And you're a top one Excellent work mate. Very real and very illuminating πŸ˜ƒ
  4. Great new addition to the Height Map arsenal ... although I should have read your answer to Pixey properly. One question - does the Texture Height Scale in TS need to be adjusted ? I did here ... more experimenting needed
  5. Family Friendly Forum ... that is damn good. My wife wanted to know why I was staring at it - the shadowing alone is superb, as is the whole atmosphere You and Woodsy are the kings of animation - should be an award here for it - it'll save someone getting gunned down in a mad rampage every year πŸ˜‰
  6. It pays to be in one. And thanks for the PDF ... and thanks mate me and clever don't go hand in hand too often
  7. Nor would I take any 😘 I share because I want others who may not know see what PDN is capable of ... plus I never charge friends in offline life so wouldn't the people I call online ones. Be it rebuilding an engine or designing a poster ... I'm happy to give my time for free when it's appreciated. And for those continuously repping my efforts, I can only say a big thanks. It's appreciated @dipstick ... Thanks. Great texture, it really sits well on there @Eli Believe me I've royally Skrewed Up too many times to be proud of so IT is good . Thanks Eli @MJW Total fluke, when my hand had a fibromyalgia electric shock and spasm when holding the mouse, and decided to run it to see what happened.πŸ˜” Thanks mate - but honestly I couldn't do these things without your intuitive plugins. It actually started out as a spark plug @toe_head2001 @lynxster4 @Pixey and @Seerose ... and everyone above - thanks for the reps - will be back with my own
  8. Love it. Dark. Moody. Thought inspiring. Not much more than that makes me happy. And great title sums it up perfectly I wish we lived closer - apart from sharing a coffee, I'd be your biggest customer. There's something really good about growing alpines and succulents together Will 'rep that when I've got some
  9. Belated Birthday Wishes ... sorry to read that. I hope it wasn't flare ups. Or nothing too serious. Look after yourself
  10. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This is an exercise in how using a few simple shapes and applying a few plugins can achieve very believable results It's very image heavy but not overtly complex. Some Filled Rectangle sizes give better results than others/ as does the amount of wobble The screw and bolt without textures can have textures laid over them and use Multiply/ Overlay - play with opacity. The usual drill plugIns: Wobble Texture Object Rounder Texture Shader BoltBait's Custom Shapes Untextured Screw Textured Screw Untextured Bolt Textured Bolt ------------------------------------------------------------------ And you've nailed it. Well, screwed it ... bolted it Examples It resizes well Thanks to @Ed Harvey @MJW and @BoltBait and everyone who has posted a plugin. Their work makes things easier/ possible for use mere mortals @Ego Eram Reputo ... some of the images are bigger - slap my wrist if you want me to change them
  11. Some interesting results and a nice compendium of textures. A few I knew but a couple are new to me and it's always good to learn. I'll give them a whirl over the weekend
  12. I'm impressed. I can't remember 11 digit phone numbers Give a big hand to the winner of this years Best Thief in Saudi Arabia Award ...
  13. πŸ™„ Seriously ? Constructive critique - I'll take all day no problem - but pedantic - keep it to yourself, it's better for everybody Not how well done the image is, even if the 20 on the flip lid is all wrong, or the shadow on the offset box isn't quite right... but the numbers are out of sync. Jesus H. Christ if that's all you found wrong. And could say. We could look at almost every new image posted on here and find something not quite right, but I'm supportive to all artists and want to encourage - your first inception image - smoke/fog poorly blended - was best not to say it ... so I didn't. And actually on the example I worked from, the numbers were like that. Some would argue the barcode could/should be horizontal I've more important things going on in my life to let you get to me, and I've too much time and energy invested in this board to say what I really want to
  14. Nice to meet another KONGOS fan 😊 That was strange but brilliant at the same time ... in fact so cool I pushed you back in front of me πŸ˜‰
  15. @Pixey ... nice Arnie impression πŸ˜‰ Thanks. I'm not happy with the filters ... but hey ho. thanks for the rep' @ReMake Version 2 would love a f a g' after getting stressed with this. The lighting drove me mad Next up, adding a zippo lighter and then some vape pens