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  1. welshblue

    What about change?

    I can only speak for me, but I usually have 2 or 3 copies of the same project on the go and knowing that any copied layer/ object goes exactly where it was when pasting it into another file; is vital
  2. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    ... because it's unadulterated ? Rawness and based on roots is why I like it Digitising more vinyl. Hard to believe this is 48 years old ... pretty hard to head-bang with a shaved head ...
  3. welshblue

    Seerose's Gallery -Winter- 2018

    I was cold before I looked at this - now I'm even colder. You've captured a chilly, snowy day perfectly
  4. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    Aaron Lewis of Staind This song (the original) saved a lot of things. Relationship. Life. 7 years sober today. Proud not ashamed ... 7 years. I think I'll have a 🍺 to celebrate 🤣
  5. Use one of the selection tools and the Transparency plugin from here to get the opacity you want
  6. welshblue

    Need Help removing backgrounds

    The images are mostly straight lines. I'd be tempted to zoom in, use the Rectangle Select Tool and the Move Selection Tool to cut out the black. Once happy with the cutout duplicate the layer ... on the bottom layer use Trail Blur ( but i guess motion blur will do it) and a touch of Gaussian Blur Both those took a few minutes. But could be better
  7. welshblue

    SOTW#195 - Winter Scenery

    100 % PDN ( Turned out better bigger)
  8. welshblue

    What music are you listening to?

    Same as. I watch about 10 hours of TV a week but listen to about 40 hours of music ... when I worked in the Forestry Industry I even rigged up the earmuffs on my helmet to have headphones in. Health & Safety would've loved me if they'd found out Great thing about this thread is I've been introduced to bands I didn't know about Currently into these guys. Sort of 80'ish but with a touch of indie
  9. welshblue

    Mastering Paint.NET - ebook

    Just to clarify ... there was a post above mine (between mine and EER's)... so it's not just some random rumbling from me 😀
  10. welshblue

    Happy Birthday, LionsDragon!

    ... hope he's spoiling you rotten 🎂
  11. welshblue

    Fit layer with rotate

    I'd recommend using Distort This Showing the UI settings
  12. welshblue

    Mastering Paint.NET - ebook

    Ever heard of the saying ... If you've not got anything nice to say ? I find totally bad spelling annoying but keep it to myself I read this again the other week and still found it just as informative for people to learn things