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  1. One of those tutorials with a lot of scope ... a few ideas brewing but the body isn't willing to play ball just yet ... shoulda' made separate yellow strands ... or a kid cut them out using a craft knife ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Interesting and very effective technique ... very good results from the tut' and peoples My choice of font was all wrong. Should have gone for a more rounded one But anyways ...
  3. @Pixey and @JulioCoolio ... much thanks for the kind words. Seems months ago Only about 30 % of PDN in Stem Cell I'm afraid ... the majority of it is Incendia and my head (Incendia is good - my head isn't when I start thinking too much) ------------------------------------------------------------ Devil's Pulpit This is a project that's been on the go since January. Slightly overworked (a lot)and if I don't post it now, I'll totally ruin it. Named after a local landmark and my wife reckons I'm more likely to see the pulpit rather than the pearly gates ...
  4. Sorry for the late comment ... my life - trippy, trippy trippy The first and second really drag you in (at least they do me) flashbacks to my past. Not easy making all those colours work ... but you did it in spades
  5. 2 nice new additions - not usually into pink as such, but the lightness into dark on Smelling Roses really works. Stunning shades of green in Aurora. Beautiful
  6. Some things can't but not bring a smile to even a miserable person like me. Totally love this. Creative beyond imagination. Love the flow of the whiskers Bravo
  7. Three Tigers and Witchcraft Kitty are great. The textures ... especially the contouring on Three Tigers is just awesome 2 pieces which show your skill as an artist
  8. I'm not saying FIFA is corrupt but offer officials enough money and your design will be at the next World Cup As for their sister UEFA ... Baku for a Europa League Cup Final ?? ๐Ÿค Only 12,000 tickets between both clubs for a 70,000 stadium and apparently half will be returned Definitely money over Football ...
  9. @lynxster4 @Pixey @MJW @Eli I just wanted to tell you guys how impressed I am with the renderings of the football - very very impressive - although GoalKeepers around the world will have nightmares about MJW's ๐Ÿ˜‚ (dimples and latex grip = shower and soap at times ...) I also remember having a ball like Eli's. Good days. Not sure why they went so quick tho' ๐Ÿค”
  10. Sadly this falls into the case of saving often ... especially before putting the computer to sleep mode Hopefully you remember the steps taken before re-start as its the only way to get your project back on track, as PDN can't open a file which essentially isn't there
  11. They'd better show that in the UK. I binge watched the series back in Jan/ Feb and have never been so frustrated at the ending of a series. Ian McShane - what an actor
  12. @BoltBait and @dipstick ... sorry to read that guys. Too many firms expect 'staff loyalty' but never reciprocate. Hopefully something turns up for you guys in your respective fields. I'll keep the fingers I've got left crossed. Not so sure it's safe when known sources are looking after it. My daughter went for a job interview with the Welsh Ambulance Service and the interviewer left hers and 9 other candidates information on a train. Copies of birth certificates, driving licences, bank statements, DBS checks and National Insurance numbers Very professional
  13. Same error message but I'm thinking it's maybe because Intel Celeron (and pentium I think) don't support AVX
  14. Ditto the best wishes. Speedy recovery x Unless someone has been through it ... well you can't imagine what it's like. I know if I didn't have a family I wouldn't be putting myself through combo' therapy again