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  1. Color palettes disappeared

    When I first switched to the Dark Side Theme I had to reload my custom palettes back into the palettes folder. Hopefully you kept a copy of any .txt files you used
  2. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    Too late. Got it and hating it. Give me Fibromyalgia pain any day. I still haven't found the bus that hit me (at least it feels like one has) Did it affect your eyes ? Mine are awful so apologies to anyone I need to reply to Glad to hear you've gotten over it. I should have locked my wife and son in the shed when they had it ...
  3. What music are you listening to?

    RIP Dolores O'Riordan. Your dulcet tones will be missed
  4. LionsDragon's Gallery--Fear

    Anxiety isn't a weakness, and requires continuous strength to battle through sometimes A fitting image. I'll never forget my first panic attack. Totally came from nowhere in a non-stressful situation ... I honestly thought I was dying. Thankfully with the help of a brilliant GP and some secondary help, even if I'm not cured I've coping mechanisms in place You're strong. Posting that makes you even stronger
  5. Resizing bug

    Something is only annoying if you let it be. Just set Quality to Nearest Neighbour as a work around for now It's not as if it's totally unusable and Rick is aware of it, so jumping on his case won't get it done any quicker. As a wise man named Master Po said, " Patience Grasshopper"
  6. Resizing bug

    My biggest worry is how out of control my hand is at the end of the video, with the shakes Would be interesting to see what my driving is really like
  7. Resizing bug

    Good point. If you switch Quality to Nearest Neighbour the resizing is OK
  8. Resizing bug

    @Eli ... Real Madrid fans would like to see parts of Messi missing (The greatest Footballer in the World IMO) I'm with Eli and Garchompula. If you don't choose the Expand Canvas option the larger image is cut off when you resize it. The overlap part of the image is no longer there. Totally gone. It never used to be like that A short video to show what happens https://youtu.be/-OrgSabIZEg
  9. Space Art. (and my other work's of art)

    It's always your choice but personally I think the axe head would look better/ more realistic if you did AA on stuff It's a shame really if you stick by liking the 'jaggy look' as your work is really improving, as the latest axe shows
  10. What music are you listening to?

    Ditto. Just saw it on the BBC site.
  11. lynxster creations - **In Loving Memory**

    So very sorry to read about your losses. Sincere condolences to you at this difficult time It's a lovely memoriam piece.
  12. paint.net 4.0.20 is now available!

    I didn't - but my son did. I'm not posting again ... just change my custom titles to Twonk of The Year 15 times I closed and opened PDN before you pointed out the obvious
  13. paint.net 4.0.20 is now available!

    Not sure if I'm being dense again ... but a New Image was always 800 x 600 but whichever way I open a new image ... File >>> New Image / Ctrl + N or the icon for a new image, it opens up the dialogue box as 800 x 599. No big shakes to click it up one, but was just wondering if this by design
  14. paint.net 4.0.20 is now available!

    My big mistake. Not sure why my brain wasn't engaging, when the steps are something I've done 00's of times over the years Duh
  15. The 2017 Paint.NET Forum Awards Show!

    A few days late to the party but just wanted to say Congratulations to everyone and thanks for the nominations ... Howard Hughes ... who wants to be normal. It's boring. Pauly Shore ... those who nominated have got something in common with my wife ... Sports Guru ... my main involvement with sports these days is shouting at Football Referees and losing money on accumulators (although if Tondela score again tonight it would be a nice lil' earner) Teacher of The Year ... thanks. The writing of the tuts' is my small way of passing it on. And a pleasure ... and @Pixey, I'm so glad I gave one of the votes to you. A worthy winner. Thanks BoltBait