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  1. Try the first 15 pints in 9 years after watching Wales beat Hungary, and then the head not processing things straight. Mainly because A. the lager B. the wife bending my ear when I got home and then hitting it. A few times. It's going to take days to recover I meant what @TrevorOutlaw says @HyReZ ... thanks for the information but a bit like teaching a grandmother to suck eggs about brushes. πŸ˜‰ They were one of the main reasons I used PhotoShop for so long (4 years) and the only thing I miss now I'm back using Paint.net. A brush into an eraser is a wonderful tool to have at your disposal. No disrespect to the programme but just having a round eraser doesn't always cut it
  2. Brushes ? As in hopefully, maybe, possibly being able to create Layer Masks ? If that's a yes, @lynxster4's beating heart ? ... mine will explode with excitement Workarounds are OK but the real thing, there's no substitute for that Thanks for the continuing improvements
  3. When did Keane turn into The Killers πŸ™„ Or is it just me ?
  4. I'm not one for cat videos, but even I feel sorry for them having their heads messed with.
  5. Welcome back Limon. Definitely shiny and glassy. Tile Refection is one of the most underused effects I think, with the right starting image it produces some great results. Like yours. A warming glow
  6. Welcome back @Wither ... if I remember correctly, it was your drum kit in Paint.net that was one of the things that inspired me to see what I could do in PDN
  7. Thanks @Pixey it was an exercise to see about getting the 'metal' right. Took ages. I'm glad I didn't give up You sound like my better half. She gets nervous when I'm around sharp things that rotate. I don't know why. From a chainsaw I've only lost a thumb, an index finger and got a 4 inch scar on my left knee and a 6 inch scar on the same thigh ... plus lost the end of my pinkie to a blade like above. She worries for nothing. Although the one on my thigh ... 2 inches to the right and my daughter wouldn't have been conceived 😬 To anyone who uses a chainsaw ... if you cut your right leg you're using it all wrong. Always cut your left ... then you're a professional @Seerose ... thank you very much as always. I'm glad you said that ... and not ... A fiddler with all things ...you get locked up around here for that. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for heads up ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- EER pointed out my rotation was all wrong. Amended below
  8. It wasn't until @Pixey linked to this; that I realised how shockingly bad it was in some ways. Updated with better results. Less steps. I'll add the steps for 'folded' paper tomorrow @Ego Eram Reputo ... I'm loathe to get rid of the first PDF for sentimental reasons. Woodsy and all that. It'll be OK to keep that and add a new one, yeah ?
  9. I must admit I'd be tempted to go @Pixey's route. Grid Warp can technically do it ... this took 5 minutes with a grid size of and zoomed in . It could be fine tuned again by reopening Grid Warp and changing the Grid Size. I guess it's a case of how finessed you want it, how much you want it ... and how much soul you've got left to destroy ... This made me realise a mouse and keyboard function combined, would be great in Grid Warp. Then you could get it pretty much spot on. Cut it into segments and Tube Oblique doesn't do a bad job. Loses a lot of quality tho'
  10. @AspiringArtist. EER is @Ego Eram Reputo ... our resident carpenter @HyReZ is correct in his observations - in this case my work wasn't always like this. I was definitely a pre-schooler. Looking back through folders, I've produced some pretty crappy early stuff. Time. Practice and lots and lots of aborted projects. Then you start get to grips with plugins etc. There's something for everything My best advice to yourself and anyone starting out, an image off the internet is all well and good as a reference image ... in the case of objects there's no substitute to having the real thing in front of you. Moving it to see how it bounces light etc. Look at the different textures. Feel them even, as it helps to get 'realism' onto the canvas. Looking at the blade again ... could have possibly been lighter at the top I'm lucky in that my working career I was surrounded by all types of metal/wood and machinery of all types so I concentrate on what I know. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not Thank you for your kind words ... and yep send me your email address and I'll link to some .xml files Thanks too to @ReMake @lynxster4 and @HyReZ for the rep points
  11. πŸ˜‚ My guilty secret is I don't mind a bit of old school country. Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Don Williams being the 3 on repeat offenders that usually has my wife shouting to turn down that neck stretching rubbish * (replace * with 2 swear words) Fair play your waitress was more accommodating than the ones around here. They'd have either turned it up or left a present in the food
  12. Congratulations on hitting 4000 rep points @Seerose (I like round numbers) Deserved for your kind words for everyone. One of the nicest people I've met on a forum 😊
  13. One of the usual things is a gap in any drawing, but seeing as it's circles and rectangles ... It may sound a silly question but are you using the PaintBucket on the right layer ? (we've all done it) Can you select the object with the magic wand and fill it ?
  14. ... any petrol heads have to drive one. Seriously good fun. Like driving a dodgem on the open road. 80 feels like 150