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  1. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    @TrevorOutlaw ... thanks mate. Yeah good spot. It got to the stage where I'd rather put the work into the foreground ... and they reckon recycling is good for the planet @barbieq25 ... many thanks. I wasn't sure about adding a bit of grunge, but I guess that's my style ... and it looked a bit sterile all too shiney. Plus a bit of darkness hides many a mistake @LionsDragon ... RE laverbread ... in my opinion seaweed should only be used as fertiliser or body scrubs ... not for eating. Many thanks for the comment on the new piece. @Pixey ... many thanks. A man cave in space ... wouldn't that be cool. As for composition of the images ... they always start of as something else, then a moment of madness kicks in and they grow. Things added, things taken away maybe for use in another image. At the start of this piece the central point was the doors to the left, but they got shifted and the window took over. This image took 2 weeks, 10 different files and if I had to hazard a guess, all in all including every blur, drop shadow there must be over 400+ separate layers ... if not more because the console is at least 40 layers, with 8 separate layers of shadow around it. And that's not counting the cameo appearance from an old piece which was 150 layers. Mad eh when I get paid to make something with only 5 - 10 layers on it ? But it's all good fun ... and I enjoy making PC killers. It's all in the challenge. And I like a challenge The different stages mapped out below Thanks for taking the time guys ... feedback always inspires other ways forward
  2. What music are you listening to?

    He makes it look so easy when he's explaining ... his Superstition cover is great too. Thanks for the link
  3. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    @LionsDragon The only Welsh bread I can think of is LaverBread ... and it is vile. At least to me. yuck -------------------------------------------------------- Out There on pg.1 Weirdly displaying larger than it was saved. Some parts don't look as good BIG Strangely Window Picture Viewer is showing it a big too when it's saved as 1320 x 615. I dunno Anyways ... Out There.
  4. Pixey's Gallery - Murano Glass.

    I've watched too many antique programmes ... I actually recognise murano glass. Very Venetian Nothing wrong with 'glass again' when you do it so well. It's actually got the appearance of being a heavy piece. The red is very Murano Beautiful image
  5. Trevor's Gallery - NEW! <Elegancy>

    Very subtle but still empowering mate. For me the wire frame effect brings it all together very nicely. Even the pink works for me ... damn I'm changing
  6. Lynxster4's Art Gallery-**NEW - Cat Serenade**

    Doing or Smoking ... ? A pleasure looking back through your Gallery. Some reminded me so much of Possum Roadkill meets Dug meets Helen. But with your own unique twist Always amazes me of any art programme how so many people have access to the same tools ... but invariably put their own spin/style
  7. "Free Form" Gradients

    You're not the first and won't be the last. I still do it sometimes . Glad you're getting it sorted
  8. "Free Form" Gradients

    On the transparent gradient point ... You may have more control using a radial gradient set to transparency mode rather than a linear gradient. Right click on the mouse and make small 'nibbles' at the part you want to fade Daft question possibly but are you saving as PNG to preserve transparency ?
  9. Make a Jet Turbine

    OK ... safety concerns and blagging my way out of a big mistake over ... ... I actually think it look better ?
  10. ~ WelshBlue ~ Out There 22/8/2017

    I'm stumped too . Not sure why I said svelte when I meant Spelt Bread ... it's certainly not elegant. @Seerose ... you gotta get your kicks on Route 66 Thanks. I may finish the image off. I did do a different version of it years ago that I posted, but I can't find it.
  11. What music are you listening to?

    @nitenurse79 ... I've been offered a ticket to see them in Bristol in September. Unfortunately I can't go, something more important on
  12. Make a Jet Turbine

    When I put screenshots in for the regular techniques it's usually so that I don't get confused And that's easily done these days I'd forgotten about the Advanced Planet tut' ... still it beggars the question of how to make a revolver cylinder cheerful if I do decide to post it. Looking at it again Depths is pretty dark @jayj ... many thanks. I wouldn't rush to get to any kind of 'level' ... have fun learning from tutorials ... or your own thing ... but make what you're happy with and if it doesn't work, send it to the big recycle bin in the sky. Whatever you bin you'll take something from it into another image somewhere along the line. Ahhh my safety. As I said to Eli in my gallery ... <geek> Newton's third law etc. <geek> You can't see the liquid oxygen/helium/ hydrogen tanks hidden in the the fuselage OK that's blagging it ever so slightly a lot. I think I'll have to put a nose cone on