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  1. Happy Birthday LionsDragon

    I always get Male - Female mixed up. Makes going to public toilets a lot of fun Hope you're feeling better soon. Could be worse ... could be Man Flu
  2. Happy Birthday @LionsDragon ... hope you have a great day and the Dragon' spoils you a lot
  3. pyrochild plugins (2017-12-04)

    It all makes sense now. Saying what plugin would have helped greatly Great detective skills Hercule @lynxster4
  4. USB not recognized

    Gives "Do you want cream on that ?" a whole new meaning
  5. pyrochild plugins (2017-12-04)

    ... but when you click on the plugin, no UI pops up ? Again, for example - Gradient Bars <<< that doesn't come up when you click on Gradient Bars ? I can't see there being any problems, but with Paint.net open, press Alt + X ... click Plugin Errors. Anything there ? Only asking these things to pave the way for those above my pay scale aka ... people with more understanding ... 'cos I'm stumped
  6. pyrochild plugins (2017-12-04)

    Ok a process of elimination Are you using the Store Version or Classic Paint.net. Are you installing via the Installer or Manually I'll use the Install Manually option 1. You've downloaded the Install Manually .zip on Pg 1 2. You've extracted/ unzipped the .dlls 3. You've installed the .dlls as per https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/InstallPlugins.html 4. No plugins are showing - or are plugins showing ? Eg. Effects >>> Render >>> Gradient Bars
  7. What music are you listening to?

    That it is. I like how it's fresh but still retains the old ABC style- Kiss Me Goodbye a good example. Prince. A very talented musician/ singer ... I like some of his stuff but wouldn't class myself as a big fan On a bit of a Brythonic Celt kick tonight as I read some history books
  8. lynxster creations - **MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!**

    More chance of the former than the latter sadly ( god, I'm getting really cynical) but 2 beautifully made images. Love the background on Peace on Earth and the way you've done both sets of text. Merry Christmas to you too
  9. Unfinished plugins

    Me too. I currently link to KrisVDM's Object Align for tutorials and this will give another option for Store version users as the installer isn't working currently I chuckled at this
  10. I thought it looked like a vector drawing. And recognised it Does your friend go by the name of mystcART ? https://mystcart.deviantart.com/art/Roaring-Lion-vector-mascot-logo-581413155 If so, maybe they coloured it in Paint.net but didn't draw it with PDN To do similar you could find a vector silhouette and look for a tutorial by @Pixey that shows how to colour in an image. I can't remember where to find it ...
  11. Picture to Polygons?

    and you could try this great tutorial ... https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/111371-polygonal-gossamer-image/ (but maybe not after looking what Polygen does)
  12. SOTW#177~Woven Photo~ WINNERS.

    Congratulations @lynxster4 ... very illuminating and imaginative (good book choice too) Congratulations to @Pixey @Seerose & @nitenurse79 so true. was a hard choice Thanks for hosting @Pixey
  13. pyrochild plugins (2017-12-04)

    Clicking OK on the UI should commit the changes done by the plugin to the canvas. Cancel or the X won't (not wishing to insult your intelligence by stating the obvious) ... if you're clicking OK is it happening on a specific plugin ?
  14. ~ WelshBlue ~ 125 05/12/2017

    @lynxster4 ... many thanks. The bulls eye goes at 5 foot 8 " . Sorry to hear about your Dad and happy that memories are good. Darts is such a great game. I never miss a tournament on TV @LionsDragon ... many thanks. Join the club (again) I'm permanently boggled Darts is the only sport I can actually still play for a little time I working on a newer version, more metally wire, trying to smooth out the few jaggies that keep catching my eye and metal looking darts, not plastic Thanks for the feedback and support