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  1. Happy B'Day @pyrochild Have a great Day.
  2. Hi @LuNaTiC @BoltBait just beat me. His way will work. Another way of doing this; Use the rectangle select tool to size the area you want to keep. Hit Ctrl-C to copy the image. Select file new (It will be the same size you selected) then Ctrl-V to paste. I think this will better address your needs. Just another way of doing the same thing demonstrating the flexibility of Paint.Net.
  3. Joined by Eddie Money. He won't be alone tonight.
  4. is what your change created. Windows The Forum software may not like the "+" in file names.
  5. The original post was named Align.Zip which opened to reveal align.dll Your latest post may have the label Align# in the code, but the DLL file is still named which opens to Align.DLL and overwrites the old one when placed in the effects folder. Hope this clarifies for @Seerose
  6. It does indeed. Another option for capturing photographs.
  7. We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found.
  8. A long time favorite of mine. Reminds me of this classic
  9. @welshblue Just installed the latest update KB4511555 and found no ill effects in Paint.Net. Perhaps it is just you Version 10 Home 1903. OS Build 18362.10014
  10. Friends, thank you so much for the kind words on my birthday! I really appreciate the well wishes as I slowly climb over the hill. No matter how old we get, we’ll always need the support of our friends.
  11. Another fellow Virgo! Happy Birthday @MadJik
  12. Happy Birthday fellow Virgo. Sounds like you really enjoyed your day. Best Wishes
  13. Happy Birthday @doughty Have a great day.
  14. Happy Birthday @LionsDragon ! No Hot Dogs for you today. That's for sure. Birthday cake and chocolates only
  15. nice way of saying Hot Dog. Mustard (Hot) is what makes it complete. Mostly found in Amusement parks, County fairs and Circus food stands.
  16. Welcome to the next year of your life @Red ochre! Hope you had a cake you could sink your teeth into. They won't be around forever Happy belated Birthday
  17. Alternate suggestion. When opening the Manage Palette Menu - Have the default selection be the currently loaded palette (highlighted of course to make it easy to see what is loaded). I think it might be easier to implement. Since we are on the subject - Mouse wheel functionality for the list of palettes would be appreciated as well. I recall asking for that in the menu structure due to the long lists of plug ins. One of the updates (4.1) implemented that functionality.
  18. Welcome to the next year of your life @Rick Brewster. Looking forward to all the improvements you will make over the coming year. I will be watching and waiting with anticipation. Have a Canadian beer for me (Better alcohol content)
  19. @Seerose ! Happy Birthday. Strudel I hope.
  20. @ishani Successfully installed but ...... At 1360 X 768 the plugin does not fit the screen. No save or exit buttons displayed. The only way out is Task Manager. I can move the screen beyond the edges but the buttons still do not appear. running Win10 1903.
  21. Sat and binge watched the first 7 seasons of Game of Thrones. Everything a mini series should be. 10/10 @BoltBait A few surprises and tears to be sure. 9/10