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  1. Happy Birthday sir @Rick Brewster Have a beer on me
  2. Look at the number of posts you and I have@Manc Now look at the number of posts these grandmasters have. That's what determines the title
  3. Hi @sashwilko Like most software, the forum software got an update. Or it's a feature that has been activated to provide more details about the forum members. My guess is the former. 😉
  4. Happy Birthday @lynxster4 Bottle of wine or keg of beer? Cake for sure!
  5. Badges! - I don't need no sticking badges!📛
  6. Hello @NANZ On the home page look for https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/52-help-files-paintnets-online-documentation/
  7. Hi @R T A I played around a bit and came up with this Because of the dark colors I wasn't quite sure if this was what you were trying to achieve. One layer is the brown, next is a satin texture generated by G'MIC_QT , then motion blurred, then a small gingham pattern generated by Paint.Net using some dark colors. Blend Modes of each layer played a factor as well. Hope this helps.
  8. @Ego Eram Reputo, @Marilynx Have you seen this map generating website? https://www.redblobgames.com/maps/mapgen4/ Perhaps @Ego Eram Reputo can convert it to a Paint.Net plugin. I read that it is open source and posted to GitHub. May be a daunting project though. Reading his web page, he refers to 3 other websites I have yet to look at.
  9. Thank you all for your votes. Thank you @Pixey for your kind words. Know this is the first competition I have ever won. Playing all these years finally pays off Thanks @lynxster4 for your hosting and the lucky coin toss. I'll try to make the next one a real challenge.
  10. @Plagoonaba If you are referring to the checkered pattern, it cannot be removed. It is only a indicator that the image is transparent. If you don't want to see the transparency reduce the size of the canvas to the size of your object.
  11. Do they really make music like like this anymore? From 1971
  12. The biggest classic from the 60's children
  13. Hi @philesq Interesting observation. On the User guide help site https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RectangleSelectionTool.html it explains how to select a rectangular area. What it doesn't explain is that below the "Rectangular Selection Tool" is the "Move Selection Tool". This tool allows you to move the selection by any of the nubs surrounding the selection to adjust size without moving the image selection. Let us know if this answers your question.
  14. Hi @Erakres I am curious about how you made the rings around the microphone. Care to share?
  15. Hi @LITMirror22 Can you add RAM to Microsoft Surface Go? Answer: No, you can't! all Microsoft Go models come with dual-channel LPDDR3 soldered memory and there is no additional RAM slot for expansion. Mar. 18, 2020 @toe_head2001 you're fast
  16. Hi again @Marilynx Pic Updated as requested. Help file for planetoid is included in the plugin. Once you start playing with it, you will find it quite easy. The authors are still around to answer any questions you might have. If you run into any difficultly, the forum surely will have an answer. A search for "Pern Map" on google provided several examples.
  17. Hi again @Marilynx I was going to suggest NickPicHost but for now their service is suspended. I also use Deviant and Postimage.io. I remember losing my pics on Photobucket for awhile, but they did come back with some fancy code I can't remember at this time. I just checked. They want 5$ per month to upload, but all my old uploads are still there, About Paint.Net plugins to use to create your map. There is really only one to satisfy your needs and of course it is It has a 2D option that allows you to create something like this (Close to what you want). @Pixey Let me know if the image is too big. I can't tell what size its displaying as. The host site is making it difficult to create a link. What I mean to say is usually they provide thumbnail links, but not anymore. 2nd edit - changed the size and uploaded to different website.
  18. Hi @Marilynx I remember that series from many years ago. I remember enjoying them as much as John Carter of Mars,The Land of Xanth series, and of course Lord of the Rings. Hope you don't run out of memory for your project this time. This is the kind of project I like working on to keep me busy, Enjoy the task (kind of like a puzzle). Because your original files are PCX, it should make segregating into layers very easy. Do you not know about web hosting sites that you can upload your images to?
  19. Happy Birthday @sashwilko Hope your day made you smile 🤣
  20. @BDP Being able to download one plugin and not another does not make sense. Are you receiving any kind of message when you click on the link to download clock.zip? Perhaps persistence is required. It too downloads fine for me.
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