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  1. Chop Up and Save (Tools Effect)

    Thank you, lynxster4 and ERR, you are very kind
  2. Chop Up and Save (Tools Effect)

    Unfortunately, this link isn't working anymore. Is there any chance to get this plugin?
  3. Radial Fade

    Dear Seerose, you're welcome
  4. Radial Fade

    Thank you for this wonderful plugin, Rei! It's easy to use and I had a lot of fun in trying out. As usual, I made a short video - but in German only Radial Fade on YouTube
  5. Thank you - Andrew, xod and Seerose! It's just great, dear Seerose to see your immediate result of my little plugin tutorial. It makes me happy
  6. Thank you BoltBait for this wonderful plugin. It reminds me of the good old picture postcards. On YT, but in German only: Sharpen Landscape
  7. Great idea, toe_head2001! I would like to provide the German translation. What exactly do I have to do?
  8. Thanks again to you, toe_head, red ochre, Remake and Seerose!
  9. Radius Corners v1.5 (Sept 10, 2016)

    Thank you toe_head, eli and Seerose! You're all really kind here in this forum.
  10. Rubber Stamp v1.0 (April 15, 2017)

    Dear Seerose, thank you so much for the wonderful picture and your kind words! You're always soooooooooooo nice And you already discovered the video about Rubber Stamp on YT, although I didn't post a link here ...
  11. Radius Corners v1.5 (Sept 10, 2016)

    Thank you very much, toe_head for the work you put into this plugin! It's now also on YT, but in German language only, sorry (lack of time). Radius Corners on YT
  12. Although TR hasn't been here for a while, I want to say thank you for this excellent plugin! Despite that TR has a YT channel of his own, I made a video about this plugin, but in German only. TR's Edge Fader Extreme on YT
  13. <3 Hello! Dear @ingwer
    That's nice to see you again. 1212.png

    1. ingwer


      Thank you, Dear!!!<3:cake:

  14. Saturation RGB effect

    Your're welcome! And I admire your work as well. I'm neither a photographer nor an artist, just an average user and I still find the various effects surprising.
  15. Saturation RGB effect

    Thank you very much for this nice plugin, ReMake! It's really fun to play around with it. Saturation RGB on YT (German/English)