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Shapes! Doh!!  I should have put them in too. :wtf: Aw for cryin' out loud....


Yes. Yes you can! PM @BoltBait and I'm sure he will be happy to guide you through it.  Ah. You've figured it out...


Remember, the installer is all down to BoltBait. A lovely bit of kit isn't it?


It is a beautiful piece of work, I agree!   :D   This would definitely 'clean up' my first post (I ran out of upload space anyway and had to continue in a later post).   =O


Well, just make a revision to your plugin pack version.... ;)

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23 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

All of the plugins in my pack have been updated. Some because they were old, and others to improve functionality. Some were simply updated to make them compatible with the Plugin Browser.


:) Enjoy!



EER....You still did not include your shapes!  =O   :lol:    (laughing silently to myself...)

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5 hours ago, Djisves said:

Not a fan for the installer that seems to be the latest craze.


I'm curious why you are not a fan.


While not the first person to use an installer for my effects, you might say that I started this craze.  I did it for a reason: if you haven't noticed, it has cut down plugin installation questions on the forum to near zero.  As a mod, this used to be a huge part of my day.  Now, I can enjoy just answering questions and making art.

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@lynxster4 you're right. That will be my next major addition. Sometime in the near future.


@Djisves: BoltBait"s installer makes creating and maintaining a plugin pack very easy. There are also virtually nil problems getting users to install everything in the right place. I'm a big fan of the installer and won't be offering an alternative. Sorry.

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I understand the reasons for the installer and I certainly respect the right of creators to distribute their work as they see fit, especially when they do it for free.

No complaints. On the contrary I'm grateful to Rick, all the plugin authors, the tutorial writers, all the mods and everyone offering their time, help, ideas and work on this forum.


It's just that I am used in dealing with individual dll's and that I make a habit of saving individual dll's of all the plugins for possible future use. Of course there is always the option of installing everything and then cut-paste the dll's in another folder.

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