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  1. Sounds like your file became corrupt. ☹️ Your best bet would be to restore it from a backup. Locking this.
  2. If you're missing wiaaut.dll , you need to run the SFC command.
  3. and Inkscape use incompatible data types. uses raster images, and Inkscape uses vector paths. It's like trying to load a electrical schematics file into a 3D modeling program; they're two very different things.
  4. It's filtering out fonts that don't support every font style. Just a way to prevent GDI+ from potentially crashing with incomplete fonts.
  5. You can download a newer version of Windows 10 from Microsoft to make a more up-to-date recovery disc.
  6. It uses Windows Update as the source. So, is your Windows Update not working also? Ok, for a last resort option, you can install the .NET Framework v4.8 preview. Since it's a pre-release, it's not generally recommended.
  7. Regardless of the results, does run now? If not, run this command: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth and then run SFC again: sfc /scannow Let us know how it goes. There's still one more last resort option after that, if needed.
  8. You'll need to repair the .NET Framework. Since it's built into Windows 10, you'll need to use the SFC utility to do that.
  9. Photobucket still SUCKS! Last I heard, they discontinued their "extortion" (i.e. blocking images), but it now appears they're are starting to break (return 404) images that have ~original at the end of the URL. That was a workaround to bypass the extortion blocking. Granted, that workaround is no longer needed, but now a ton of tutorials are going to break all over again, and will need manual fixing... again. I'm going to watch the situation over the next few days. Thanks to @Woodsy for reporting the initial broken image. Since he reported it yesterday, several other images in the same tutorial have become broken too.
  10. Seems like this whole forum topic was created to subtly advertise an online training course. If you were really enrolled in a course, they'd be teaching you all about MVC, and you wouldn't need to ask about it on an unrelated forum. Link removed.
  11. Can you please post the entire text contents of the crash log? We need to see the full details. PdnRepair.exe is not available with the AppX (Microsoft Store) version.
  12. Sorry, there is no way to change the Key bindings in
  13. Can we a get some clarification for the Bon Bon? It should be a single Bon Bon candy, right? Not a package of many Bon Bons?
  14. Video codecs get to "cheat" in this regard, as they don't have to encode the full image in every single frame. They just encode the differences compared to the previous frame.
  15. Because needs to read what's in memory. Compressing and decompressing memory would just tax your CPU, and cause slight delays. Correct. Yes, that would be ideal. That's how Photoshop does it (if I remember correctly).
  16. Your image has 20 layers. I haven't seen your image, but I know the layers in my images are mostly transparent with just a few object/elements. Lots of transparency equals lots of opportunity for compression.
  17. Indeed, which is why I called it a "high level" example. In any case, it doesn't change the facts laid out in the example. Serialization and compression cause file sizes to be a lot smaller. Why do you doubt that? Can you provide some source that says otherwise?
  18. When an image is saved to disk, two things are used: Serialization and Compression. Here's a high level example: A solid white image that's 10,000px X 10,000px can be less than 100KB. Instead of storing full Bitmap data, the data is serialized to a text representation, such as "255,255,255,255" Since the example is solid white, you don't need to say "255,255,255,255" for every single pixel. (10,000px X 10,000px = 100,000,000 pixels) You can just say something like "255,255,255,255 100,000,000x". That is compression. But when you open the file, the data is decompressed and deserialized, and the full Bitmap data has to be stored in memory.
  19. Tutorial restored from the graveyard. Thank you @ReMake.
  20. should use the memory if it's free. How large are the files? Dimensions? Number of layers?
  21. uses the basic 'Print Pictures' wizard that is built into Windows. If you right click on an image file in Windows Explorer, and select the 'Print' menu item, do you see the same error messages?
  22. uses the basic 'Print Pictures' wizard that is built into Windows. If you need more extensive options, like printing actual size, you can use the Print It plugin.
  23. Your current installation has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: Afterwards, you can install anew.