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  1. I see no comments. I see no original variable names. Method names and method parameters names are of course retained; even on private ones.
  2. All the important details are missing in your screenshot. Please copy and paste the actual text of the crash log.
  3. I'm having a difficult time understanding that vague description. Does that mean it makes shapes with rainbow colors?
  4. @XenoCow, can you try installing a slightly older version of GhostScript? or if you need 32 bit:
  5. According to the image I posted, I clearly did.
  7. Ok, but it takes like 3 seconds to zoom-in, adjust, and zoom-out again. Not even exaggerating here. Not to say that being able to type in the number wouldn't be useful.
  8. Sorry, but you've come to the wrong place. This forum is for the Paint.NET software program.
  9. Looks like there may be an issue with your UIAnimation library. Please run the sfc utility. Let us know how it goes.
  10. Sounds like it might be an issue with the PDF file. Are you able to share the PDF file with us, so we can investigate? Several people have reported the same issue, but none of them have supplied a PDF file.
  11. Your current installation has become broken. You can use this utility to remove the broken installation: Afterwards, you can install anew.
  13. Paint.NET uses many Direct2D features that only became available in the Windows 7 Platform Update.
  14. If Aero is no longer working, perhaps your graphics driver is out of date, and you need to update to a version that's compatible with the Platform Update. Anyways this really isn't a tech support forum, so unless your issue is directly Paint.NET related, we may lock this topic.
  15. One way to avoid the 'Save All' menu item would be to start using the keyboard for more things! Ctrl+Shift+S for Save As. It's faster too. If you're using Templates, you really ought to make those files read-only. That will protect them from being overwritten.
  16. So what happens when you attempt to open Paint.NET without rebooting? Do you see error messages? Does the process simply die? Does the process show up in the Task Manager? Can you try opening Paint.NET multiple times while in Windows Safe Mode? That will rule out any interference from third-party programs.
  17. You need to update Paint.NET to the most recent version. We don't offer support for older versions.
  18. You were able to download MadJik's from your phone, and then transfer the downloaded file to your computer? But you can't transfer a bit of text from your computer to your phone?
  19. Looks like it may be an issue with the .NET Framework itself. Please reinstall .Net Framework: Let us know it goes.
  20. What's the Hardy pack? Can you provide a link to it? When that dialog box appears, you need to click on the button that says "Error Details". Then copy and paste the Error Details into your reply.