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  1. Very Nice Andrew, it's look like ancient gold from the 12 century
  2. It's look very expensive bottle dear @Pixey. well to buy such as this one i will need to save money every month to the next year.
  3. i like the most the first one and the 3. the colors of image 2 is too radical for my opnion. nice work @Seerose
  4. As i said before: i like to visit your Gallery cause its so inspiring well today i just focus on the image of Einstain. and as a fan of the general relativity, you are really amaized me with that image. i was thinking if i ever write my artical on Einstain Relativity i will have to put your image as the subject and credit you my friend.
  5. Tnx Rickhum. I searched the plugins and found them. And WoW, 180 frames. it's a lot of images. i think as animation fan, i always think how to cut frames and still get the best result. BTW, there is animation maker of PNG/GIF with all the tools you need. here you can find them : http://littlesvr.ca/apng/
  6. Awesome, Perfect, wonderful and Inspiring. Love it. Please give the information which effects are used to create this great video.
  7. Sorry to hear that Drew. I lost my father 5 years ago I just want to say : be strong, Life goes on.
  8. You Know @Red ochrehe was 19 years old when he wrote this song. Genius. and this band below i found yesterday on 4:00 in the morning. i was in my sleeping time when the rhythm woke me up. i have sensitivity to Jazz i guess.
  9. Feel sorry for your loss dear.? and happy for your new born.?
  10. great work with sun man. and the last was between the tiger is very good.
  11. This one for all the days with you guys. i love all the "waves" we make together. even there no words between.
  12. Tnq Anthony. it's very useful tool. and fun too good luck
  13. @toe_head2001 the description is fair enough
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