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  1. Indeed fully vaccinated people may get a milder version, but that doesn't stop them transmitting it to someone who has either not had both vaccines or those who are too young to be vaccinated and either make them extremely ill or even die. Sadly the problem here in England, is those who think because they are double vaccinated, they can now go about life as if everything is back to normal and not giving any care, consideration or distance to other people.
  2. Here in the UK everything is open again, even music festivals have begun to take place once more, there have been reports in the online media that positive lateral flow tests have been found among the trash at some of the outdoor music events, football matches are almost back to capacity crowds, beer gardens and pubs are as full as they was before the pandemic hit.. When are people going to learn that this is not over yet? My son currently works for the NHS test and trace service and he tells me that he is ringing to speak to parents of children as young as 8 who have caught covid. He has even rang double vaccinated adults who feel almost on deaths door with the virus. So be aware, double vaccine doesn't put you at less of a risk than a person who has never been vaccinated. Yes we will have to just live with this virus for many, many years to come, but only common sense from everyone across the globe can prevent the infection and death rates continuing to rise.
  3. Gradient, Crystalise, Dents, Relief, Curves.
  4. I vote for the double prezzies too as long as I only advance 1 year ahead each year
  5. Well done one and all, I have messaged @lynxster4 with an idea.
  6. Happy Birthday @barbieq25 Enjoy the day.
  7. Will this be available eventually for us store users of pdn ?
  8. Image from my own archive stash of Feltham train station 1995. Manipulated using Gmic dream smoothing filter and one or two blend modes.
  9. Thanks @Scooter Better late than never Sir.
  10. Thanks everyone, I had a top day and a lost weekend. All good fun in the process of ageing. @Red ochre August 6th.
  11. Well done one and all, top class entries from all involved. Once more thanks to @lynxster4 for the hosting duties.
  12. Second jab for me was last Sunday (13th) Slight arm ache for a couple of days, but nothing else.
  13. A combination of both. I'm on bass in the video, but in the studio I was part of a team that programed and played synthesizers / drum machines for the pre recording sessions. An excellent opportunity to work with a poet that I admired. Anne Clarke was a unique and tallented artist who knew what she wanted and the exact direction she wanted her ideas to become. A fantastic learning curve.
  14. Happy birthday @lynxster4 I hope you are enjoying your day.
  15. @nitenurse79 Thanks Leanne. So kind of you to remind me how many years have gone behind me Time sure flies. Around the same time I was also working with this lady.
  16. Source image was of my Ford Torneo.
  17. Thanks @Pixey I didn't even think of U tube.
  18. Hi @Pixey Yes, 3rd dimension, it opens / runs, etc but I can't remember how the dang thing works, I just end up with some bizarre mesh shapes and nothing else
  19. No matter what I do, I can't get this plugin to work anymore and I used it many times before. Good luck all.
  20. @sashwilko Fantastic and far superior version than the original. I doubt even the powerhouse of Jon & Vangelis could have got Lionel Richie, Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Brenda Russell, Christopher Cross, Dyan Cannon, James Ingram, Kenny Loggins, Michael McDonald, and Stevie Wonder to provide the all star choir you hear on this.
  21. My eyes don't normally water when i listen to a song, but.... A 2020 Lockdown live performance from seperate homes. An excellent song, fantastic vocal performance, nuff said. Enjoy.
  22. Talking of David Gilmour, here's a timeless classic from 1987.
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