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  1. Download still problematic. The server delivers a file without file extension, so you have to manually add the extension ".zip" to handle it correctly. Happy New Year btw.
  2. You know, that I help, if someone need some help. But I have zero tolerance for someone, who asks for solutions instead learning to work with a software he has installed.
  3. So you want to make a simple Color Gradient? You have never used any Image Editor? Learn it! Read the manual, learning by doing and "try and error" may work.
  4. I had never to do with such a WebP file and maybe I'm not the only one here... I don't know, how it looks like, when you load the file in Paint.net, especially the Layers Window. Please give us a link for the original file and not a final JPEG.
  5. It's the Rotation Center for a new or selected object and can be pulled somewhere else. If done, you see a button with a blue arrow. If you click it, the Rotation Center is back in the real center position. See: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html ROTATION
  6. Well, it's clear, that if one image is smaller than the other and both loaded in seperate layers, the final size is dictated by the bigger image. I never use it in such way. If I want combine two image like this, I would first load the image with the man as background layer, adding a new layer, loading and resizing the ball in a separate image, so that it would be smaller than the main image, copy and paste him into the new layer of the men-image, and then I would finetune the size. Your basket ball must be in the uppermost layer.
  7. 0. Where do you have downloaded this outdated version? Actual is 4.0.21. You should really update because many bugs are fixed and features enhanced. 1. Select the image part with the Rectangle Select Tool or (Ctrl + A) for the whole image, choose Move selected pixel , hold Shift key pressed and drag one of the 8 nubs on the edge to resize or go in the menu Image -> Resize, check the Checkbox "Maintain aspect ratio" and choose a new width or height. 2. What have you done to load this image? Do you have paste it in an empty new layer? 3. Please read the Online Manual. https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RectangleSelectionTool.html https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MoveTools.html https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.html
  8. Not necessarly. The display of the message may faulty because of the ongoing error, but independently a log entry may be written.
  9. I only know, that many software installations produces logs somewhere and sometimes, even without error messages you can find the errors in those logs. So it may be here too. I don't believe, that this would work. Some parts of the installation includes changes in the Windows Registry Database too and that would be a problem for your idea.
  10. So the installation failed obviously. Maybe there's somewhere an installation log, but in this case Rick Brewster or someone else should know, where it has to be.
  11. Just edited my post. Please notice the last lines...
  12. Just to be sure: C:\Program Files\Paint.NET4 doesn't exist? If you take a look in your list of installed programs it doesn't listed too? Because the searchstring paint*.* isn't really good. PaintDotnet.exe would be better
  13. You have multiple choices. You can select (global, low tolerance) one color with Magic Wand Tool and use Paint Bucket to fill with new color. You can select (global, low tolerance) one color with Magic Wand Tool and use Adjustments -> Hue/Saturation or Color -> Color Replacer or some other Recoloring Plugins. You paint your own camouflage freehand and use Pixelate+ (see image)
  14. Coincidentally, I noticed that one of my plugins (Gradient Mapping by pyrochild) was displayed twice under "Adjustments". When hovering the mouse over the list, it was shown exactly the same DLL name and version number for both entries, which seemed strange to me. Only when I checked in the Windows Explorer I could see that the names were different (once with spaces) and also the version numbers differed, so that I could delete the older version. Apparently, PDN only reads this information once, rather than separately for both files.
  15. Nothing is broken and there IS the normal working way. Normal citizens should simply READ the given instructions.
  16. Additional note: You don't really need the BAT-file. It only make it easier to put the DLL on the right place for lazy people (I even can't use BAT files because I deactivated the normal behaviour because of security reasons) You can rightclick the DLL on desktop (that is in fact a directory/folder on your harddisk), choose "Move to folder..." and select the Paint.net Effects folder.
  17. @Pixey I've understood your question about shortening the path maybe wrong. You just have a problem with the display including optical signs like arrows instead a backslash. Two solutions: 1. Click in your Windows Explorer behind the displayed path in free space and the display should change to normal text, that you can copy (works for me with Windows 7). 2. RIGHTclick on your file in Windows Explorer. Under your mousepointer pops up a contextmenu. Choose "Properties". A new window appears and shows some tabs with data. Look in the first tab "General" unter LOCATION. You can select this text with your mouse, rightclick again and choose COPY. For both (1 and 2): Now you can paste this text for Codelab and add behind an additional backslash the filename.
  18. Look in the menu on BLENDING MODE. Maybe you use "Additive", "Color Dodge", "Difference", "Negation", "Lighten", "Screen" or "XOR" and then clearly Black doesn't work.
  19. Maybe you try to type text outside of a active selection or your computer may have a serious problem if that happens in other software too. Which Windows version and Paint.NET version do you use?
  20. What exactly you trying to do? Picking a color in the Colors-Window or using Color Picker for selecting a color directly in the image?
  21. Could you tell us, wether your computer fullfills the basic requirements shown here or not, what other software is running at the same time and how is the status of your RAM during this? And do you really use the current actual version 4.0.21?
  22. With all the new Blendmodes this Plugin could become one of my favorite ones for image editing. Good job, @ReMake !
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