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  1. We need specific error messages.
  2. We'll need the exact error message after step 5 in order to help you.
  3. Read this thread: Start on step 5 and report back the results of each step.
  4. Read this:
  5. I wouldn't worry about it. Just let the compression happen each build. It only takes a second.
  6. What you are asking for is not too hard. Open your project in visual studio. Right-click on your project and choose "Open folder in file explorer" Put this copy of "Compress.exe" into that folder. This build of "Compress" allows command line compressing. In visual studio, open your project properties screen and choose "Build events" In the "Pre-build event" section, place the following DOS commands: cd $(ProjectDir) compress help.rtf This will compress "help.rtf" into "help.rtfz" before the build begins. As long as you have "help.rtfz" included in the project as an "embedded resource" everything should work fine.
  7. True. But, you can design something in ShapeMaker and OUTPUT the geo code using the menu File > Export Path Geometry.
  8. Piotr has a history of trolling the PdN forum. He likes to compare to other tools (always in their favor) and post links to tutorials and plugins for other tools. I haven't banned him yet, but I have warned him.
  9. You need to do this: Download THIS (.NET Framework v4.6.2) and install it. THEN try installing again.
  10. Fixed.
  11. Read this thread: Starting on step 4, follow each step and post your progress here.
  12. Thanks, @AndrewDavid, that was exactly right.