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  1. Paint.NET is in a private repository. So, the best place to file bugs is right here on the forum.
  2. BoltBait

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    OK, fine. I'll tally up what I have today and post the results.
  3. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    I can't believe you mentioned... without mentioning the Stray Cats.
  4. BoltBait

    The Paint.NET users Film/Movies Club.

    Bad Times and the El Royale 8/10 A great thriller with an all-star cast. From moment to moment, I had no idea what was going to happen. Although Tarantino was not involved, the movie definitely had a Tarantino vibe to it. Mission: Impossible - Fallout 6/10 These are just getting old now. OK, we get it: Tom Cruise can do his own stunts.
  5. BoltBait

    Saving file creating disk error!!!

    It is not Paint.NET's fault that your harddrive is failing.
  6. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Besides Babymetal and Band-Maid, there's also Stereopony. Those are all Kawaii Metal (Cute Metal). There's also straight Japanese metal in the form of Loudness: They tend to mix English lyrics into their Japanese heavy metal songs.
  7. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Throwback Thursday... I saw them in concert MANY years ago. Here's a pic of me wearing a concert t-shirt: Of course, now that they've gone Country they're dead to me.
  8. BoltBait


    "Hardness" is a setting for the paint brush tool: It has no effect on scanning or printing. If you are having trouble with the built-in print capability of Paint.NET, I highly recommend checking out this plugin:
  9. BoltBait

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    OMG! I've had that before. Awful, awful stuff!!!
  10. Maybe what you need is the Level Horizon plugin in my plugin pack: Here's how it works:
  11. BoltBait

    Creating a circular array?

    Did you try the Clock Plugin?
  12. BoltBait

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    I always keep that confidential.
  13. BoltBait

    2018 Paint.NET Forum Awards Ballot

    Number of votes cast since I posted this message: 0.