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  1. Really?! Since when? This is always how I’ve opened web sites before… 🤨
  2. That’s easy: With the current picker, you only have access to H and S but not V. The diamond shaped picker allow access to all three.
  3. Open your start menu and type "Mouse settings" Run that. Click the link in the upper right corner, "Adjust mouse & cursor size": Scale your mouse cursor:
  4. No. You need to run your Windows Updates. And, keep doing that over and over again until it tells you that you are up-to-date. THEN try to install Paint.NET. This is the only support you will receive on this message board.
  5. Usually this message only comes up when you are behind on Windows Updates. Apply all Windows Updates and try again.
  6. pro·gram·ming /prō'ˌɡram iNG/ 1. A pastime similar to banging one's head against a wall, but with fewer opportunities for reward. 2. Similar to solving a Rubix Cube starting with a blank sheet of paper. 3. The most amount of fun you can have with your clothes on. 4. The least amount of fun you can have with your clothes off.
  7. @AndrewDavid What was wrong with OutlineGradientText.dll? I also have a similar plugin (with fewer options) in my plugin pack. Can someone test BBOutlineGradientText.dll in my plugin pack?
  8. So I made a spelling error. If it bothers you that much... don't use it.
  9. https://wegotthiscovered.com/tv/disney-reportedly-rebooting-joss-whedons-firefly/ They better not screw this up!
  10. I know I'm YEARS late to the party, but I finally went through all of my DVD/Bluray's and went online and entered all the little digital codes for online movies. Even though many of the paper slips said they expired, they actually still worked. I only ended up with a handful of movie codes that actually did expire. My vudu account now has 136 moves and 5 tv seasons. If you have extra digital movie codes you don't want/need, PM them to me along with the site needed to redeem them. I use MoviesAnyware and Vudu. I still have 9 movies that need to be activated through iTunes... ugh... Anyway, if you have Vudu and don't have the movie The Martian, with Matt Damon, I have an extra online code. PM me and I'll pass it along.
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