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  1. Spam Forge 7.0 is released

    Filter Forge is a standalone program and a plugin for Adobe Photoshop that allows you to build your own filters. It costs between $37 and $350. I'm locking this as spam and warning the user.
  2. lagging/delay

    When does it "lag/delay" 3 seconds, when starting up? If so, try reinstalling it. More here:
  3. I don't understand this..

    You don't make the rules around here; I do. Deal with it or get banned.
  4. Transparent Brush

    Try using the Eraser tool Adjust the amount of the eraser by adjusting the opacity of the primary color.
  5. PixelCounter 2

    That's a little strong. But, yeah, we're not psychics, we need to see what you're seeing in order to help.
  6. Plugin downloading

    If you are searching for plugins, everything you need is right here:
  7. Just use a metadata editor. Here's a list:
  8. grid plugin

    There is one in my plugin pack: Effects > Render > Grid
  9. Happy Birthday BB & EER

    Time is relative. At this stage of my life a year goes by quicker than a 3 month Summer vacation did when I was a kid.
  10. Happy Birthday BB & EER

    Thanks, everyone! Let's see if I can finish all the cake before EER shows up!
  11. I'm trying! Seriously, I'm working with Rick and a team at Microsoft to design a solution for this.
  12. Nope. I travelled by bus from Sacramento to San Bernadino just for the concert. I am also a big fan of Chinese food. I will be eligible to retire in 3 days. (Not that I would--I can't afford it unless I was to die in the next several months. )