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  1. If you are simply using the plugins in the manipulation of your images, you can pretty much use them without compensation and you are free to sell your images. What is strictly forbidden without specific permission of the plugin authors is to redistribute the plugins or to charge money for the plugins themselves. If you wish to promote someone's plugins, posting a link to their plugin thread is appropriate. Hosting the plugins on your own website, selling the plugins on a CD, or including them in a magazine is against the rules (unless you get specific permission from the plugin
  2. No, they don't. Yes, actually, they do. With your color docker window open and set to Primary, click on the color picker tool: Out in your image, right-click on a pixel to set your Secondary color. Notice that your color docker window is now set to Secondary.
  3. The last time the author of this plugin visited the forum was in 2013, so... unknown?
  4. Ok, @toe_head2001, youโ€™ve had your fun. But, itโ€™s time to get out of the ball pit!
  5. Maybe, but I haven't missed your birthday!
  6. I know you've always wanted to celebrate your birthday at Chuck E. Cheese!
  7. In the situation that no player can play, the player with the fewest number of dominoes in hand removes that many dominoes from the opponent's hand and then scores 5 points for each domino remaining. Looks like something strange is going on there in the first screenshot though. Show me your options screen so I can debug with those specific options. I'm not sure why it didn't see the 2:4 in your hand and allow you to play it on the double 2. As for the second screenshot... I see the 2:4 domino in your hand... lower left corner. Was there another problem?
  8. I know that feeling. I had the same thing.
  9. @Rick Brewster, can you move the enabling of that menu item off of the UI thread?
  10. @Oceana, is that you?! https://www.businessinsider.com/influencer-twitter-social-media-likes-man-woman-faceapp-robot-gender-2021-3 BTW, I hate filters.
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