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  1. I was listening to a little jazz last night while driving in the rain...
  2. We are happy to help you understand how to do things in Paint.NET. What have you tried so far? We are NOT here to do your work for you.
  3. I think this is Christian Bale’s best performance since The Fighter, where he won the Oscar. EDIT: I’m about to see it again. This time with my son.
  4. Laugh if you’re a good one. Act confused if you’re a bad one. (I don’t get it, why can’t they?) Bad bosses often hang Dilbert strips up on their walls not knowing that they ARE the pointy-haired-boss.
  5. You are wrong. Both answers are acceptable (according to the setup). Eventually, the questions will be changed. But, we're all too lazy to change them. So, don't hold your breath.
  6. IndirectUI doesn’t have a horizontal separator control.
  7. Rick doesn’t add features strictly by popular vote. He prefers a lively discussion that results in a well thought out design. Also, you should be aware that several people in this thread also have the ability to contribute to the source code... so, be nice.