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  1. Go here and install the .NET framework FIRST. Reboot. Then, try installing Paint.NET again.
  2. Rule #1 when it comes to plugin problems: Make sure the plugin you're using is the latest version.
  3. Facebook is exactly like Mensa, but for dumb people.
  4. One more worthless post like this and I'm going to ban you for spamming.
  5. Paint.NET has always worked this way. When pasting into your existing image, ALWAYS use Ctrl+Shift+V to paste your addition into it's own new layer.
  6. You can continue to edit an open file without degradation. The loss happens in the saved jpg file, not in memory. So, as long as you don't close your file, you haven't actually lost any quality yet. You can still save a png file at full quality. You can see the loss when you open a saved jpg file.
  7. Well, sure. I never said his statement was inaccurate... just that those people are totally missing out!
  8. Maybe Ctrl+Shift+Up/Down to move layer. After all, you're Controlling and Shifting the layer's position? Ctrl+Alt+up/down makes me think you're switching to an alternate layer.
  9. If you don't want it to fill the new area with the secondary color, just delete the "Background" layer.
  10. If you're not using plugins, you're missing out on about half of what makes Paint.NET awesome!
  11. Until Rick implements this in Paint.NET, you can install my plugin pack and use the Effects > Flip in there. This is impossible. What if the top layer is the lighten blend mode and the bottom layer is the darken blend mode. There is no way to combine them and have the resulting layer behave like the two separate layers. What we we currently have is the best compromise. Now, for your specific example, you can easily get it to work the way you want by doing this: Insert a blank layer just below your bottom layer. Merge your bottom layer onto that blank layer. Then merge your top layer onto your bottom layer. Just delete the original Background layer and it does work this way.
  12. Um... If I want to listen to "Gregorian" music, I listen to Enigma: This is one of the albums that just doesn't sound good unless it's coming straight off the CD.