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  1. What music are you listening to?

    Imagine playing all parts of Metallica's One on one guitar at the same time... Well, no need to imagine it, watch:
  2. Maybe the OP means like this:
  3. safe in .jpg

    From the FAQ:
  4. This post is 6 years old. Let it die. Please review the forum rules, specifically #11: RULES
  5. [FORUM]

    Photobucket is holding people's images hostage and demanding HUGE amounts of money per year. No one that I know is paying. That's why you see the above image. It is taking the authors some time to move their images to a different host. Please be patient. Thanks.
  6. Crashing on startup

    Well, I totally misread that! That's what I get for playing poker in one window and posting in the other... Well, Rick, why is the system running out of memory then?!
  7. Crashing on startup

    Your system does not meet the minimum system requirements to run You have only 4MB of RAM and you need a minimum of 1GB of RAM. You are running out of memory just trying to create the default canvas.
  8. Malfunction - "Paste Alpha"

    OK, I tested the code and it works well. I have updated my "Paste Alpha" plugin with the new algorithm. Download the updated plugin as part of my plugin pack version 4.7+ here:
  9. Update to the plugin pack today! Version 4.7 Features: Object > Paste Alpha - added a "Paste Method" choice to handle different types of alpha masks. Photo > Combined Adjustments - Replaced sharpen function with shadow recovery function. Plugin Installer is now a Plugin Manager Checked items will be installed Unchecked items will be uninstalled When the installer first runs, it updates the check boxes to what's currently installed. However, if nothing is installed, it automatically checks ALL the boxes (figuring the user would like to install everything). For high volume network managers: Plugin Manager has a silent install function... for more information: install /? Enjoy!
  10. The Plugin Browser v1.2.0.3 (Aug 5, 2017)

    Good luck getting permission from all the plugin authors for that!
  11. Try this:
  12. Malfunction - "Paste Alpha"

    Thanks! Just looking over the code, I think it would work.
  13. Malfunction - "Paste Alpha"

    In your example, you've created an invalid alpha mask because you've specified an alpha value for pixels that don't exist in your target image. The problem is in how you are using the plugin, not in the plugin itself. I may be able to modify the algorithm to accommodate your misuse of the plugin--but, for that I'll need a good algorithm. The Paste Alpha plugin is quite useful, when used correctly.
  14. Malfunction - "Paste Alpha"

    It is, if you know how to create an alpha mask.