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  1. BoltBait

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    No! Don't do that! I don't mind you guys building on what I post. Just be warned, when I put this into my plugin pack, it will be the version I posted.
  2. BoltBait

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    Man, pretty soon the UI will need a scroll bar... You all know how I feel about long UI's... (But, I can't control what you do with the source code I post.)
  3. There's your problem right there. Stop that! Paint.NET is designed only to run from the folder where you install it.
  4. You have Paint.NET installed in your Documents directory?
  5. BoltBait

    Setup wizard has stopped working

    Start here: Start with Step 4. Report back your findings.
  6. BoltBait

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    I have corrected the code and included red weekend option in v1.5. Enjoy.
  7. BoltBait

    image saved incorrectly (?)

    Maybe you saved it as a .PDN file with the extension of .PNG? Change the extension and see if it will load. If that doesn't work, try this plugin:
  8. BoltBait

    Calendar Creator v1.5

    You are correct! You'd think I would test this stuff before posting... but, you'd be wrong.
  9. BoltBait

    Export Each Layer to a PNG File

    Try this plugin:
  10. BoltBait

    Help with Gradient Tool

    Try this: Install my plugin pack (link in sig) Open Paint.NET Select the entire canvas and delete it. You should see all checkerboard. Use the circle selection tool to select a circular area Use the gradient tool to draw a gradient in the selected circle Use the Effects > Selection > Feather Selection plugin to soften the edges of the circle Here's another way: Open Paint.NET Draw a gradient Use the circle selection tool to select a round selection. Make sure the Anti-Aliased selection option on the toolbar is set. Press Ctrl+C to copy that selection Add a new layer and paste that selection to the new layer It will have soft edges.
  11. BoltBait

    Plugin Effect not showing

    I'm glad you like my pack, but Crystalize is not part of my pack. It is one of the built-in effects. In order to see the effects of Crystalize, you need to use it on an image. So, load up your favorite photograph and give it a try then.
  12. Lou, what version of Paint.NET are you using?