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  1. BoltBait

    installation problem

    Try rebooting your system and make sure you are all caught up with all of your Windows Updates. Then, try running the Paint.NET installer again.
  2. BoltBait

    Lasso Function

    He's talking about the "auto select" function shown at 8:36 in his video.
  3. Then, don't make it transparent. Problem solved.
  4. By definition, if you make something a little transparent it is going to blend with the background.
  5. BoltBait

    The Comedy Thread

    Kate McKinnon, Issa Rae and Sarah Silverman grace the cover of GQ’s new comedy issue, each with a few extra arms and legs, mercilessly mocking Vanity Fair’s epic Photoshop fail.
  6. You can't force just any plugin to run in a single thread. However, if you are writing your own plugin, there is an option to do this. For plugins, this is done at design time, not at run time. (Info about how to do this and a code example here:
  7. What are the dimensions of the PSD files and how many layers?
  8. BoltBait

    clone stamp

    Try reading this: If you still have questions... ask. BTW, the help file can be accessed from within Paint.NET by pressing F1.
  9. BoltBait

    Happy birthday Seerose

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Be sure your mouse is floating over the image (and not over a docker window or toolbar) when using hotkeys.
  11. When saving an image, be sure to select a color depth that has enough colors for the image. If you select a smaller palette size, Paint.NET runs your image through an algorithm to reduce the colors before saving. This is done to save the highest quality image for the limited palette.
  12. Paint.NET works in the RGB color space. There is not a perfect 1:1 conversion from HSV to RGB. The conversion is provided as a convenience.
  13. BoltBait

    Printed Artwork

    You have a pretty cool mom.
  14. BoltBait

    Human gait analysis software

    You and me both. 😂
  15. BoltBait

    Human gait analysis software

    You mean, like this? 😂