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  1. Fill in a Drawn Shape

    When drawing with the shape tool, be sure to explore the various options on the tool bar:
  2. TV Show Discussion Thread

    I think the latest episode of The Orville (s1e6, The Krill) is the funniest yet. The opening scene about eating things had me rolling on the floor.
  3. Fair warning: Microsoft HATES the fact that Rick has users putting code in the My Documents directory and may make him change that. That's what we're currently working with them about...
  4. I've already rewritten my plugin installer to work with the store version. I'm working with Microsoft to get it into the Windows Store. Once I've done it, I will be sharing my code with the other plugin authors so they can do the same thing. Just be aware, this is going to take a while. Microsoft isn't known for moving quickly on anything.
  5. Error resaving .tif as .jpg

    Can you zip up a tif image that you know will fail and post it here?
  6. What music are you listening to?

    I picked up this on DVD today. I have such good memories seeing them live.
  7. Happy Birthday....Pyrochild!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. File is open in COM Surrogate

    Are you using the Classic or Windows Store version of
  9. no screenshot in view

    Step 4 should be: 4. Go to Edit > Paste into New Image or hit Ctrl-Alt-V
  10. I don't think you can. For software development, I recommend the classic version.
  11. Are you running the window store version of My plug-in pack for the windows store will be coming out soon
  12. Try this: When using Image > Resize, select the "Nearest Neighbor" resampling method.
  13. The built-in printing capability of is pretty poor. Try this plugin instead: