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  1. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Don't you follow this thread? Check out page 137...
  2. BoltBait

    Unfinished plugins

    Your "vertical" line has a "horizontal" gradient.
  3. BoltBait

    I can not install Paint.NET

    How is it not helping? The tool is not designed to fix the problem; it is designed to give detailed error message so that someone here can figure out what's wrong. You need to run the tool and post the error log so someone can look at it.
  4. BoltBait

    Brush and tool size

    Ha! What you're asking for would require rewriting the way Windows works.
  5. Worst idea ever. Service Pack 2 actually includes code that Paint.NET needs to run.
  6. BoltBait

    Lost Data after Blue screen.

    Nope. If Windows blue screens, Paint.NET won't be in control... it can't do anything to save your images... You need to work with Windows to solve the reason for the blue screen. Only then will you be safe.
  7. This forum is for Paint.NET, the free computer paint program for the Windows operating system. We know nothing about real paint. Closed.
  8. The first thing you might try is to switch to dark theme. I find it much easier to track the cursor when using the dark theme. Click the gear then select the dark theme.
  9. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Generally this is something you would see played on the piano. It looks equally complicated on the guitar:
  10. What at do you expect to happen? Currently, the selection is displayed in the control so the + is constrained to the selection. BTW, 125% is an evil abomination that shouldn’t exist. Only 100 or 200 should be chosen.
  11. BoltBait

    Cropping Single Layer Crops All Layers

    In Paint.NET, unlike Photoshop, all layers are the same size. Therefore, if you crop one layer, all layers are affected. If you simply want to make all the non selected pixels transparent, press Ctrl+I (to invert the selection) and Del (to delete the pixels).