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  1. When saving the png file, on the screen after specifying the file name, make sure to select a bit depth of Auto select.
  2. To get the right shade, you could use Effects > Blurs > Gaussian blur. Of course, you’ll lose all your sharp edges. So this will be a challenge. (You'd have st select all areas you want to be shaded first.)
  3. BoltBait

    What music are you listening to?

    Ska? More like Punk... but, I like.
  4. BoltBait

    The Sanctuary

    Sashimi makes me happy: I'm not normally one to take photographs of my dinner before I eat it, but damn, that was looking pretty awesome!
  5. Try updating your graphics drivers.
  6. OK, I'm not sure why you don't have this option: But, go into the Program Settings tab and specify this:
  7. I'm trying to use my ESP to read your mind, but it's not working... perhaps you could show us a screenshot of what you're seeing?
  8. NVIDIA control panel. → 3D Settings Management. → Selected graphics processor. Change to: "Auto-select
  9. What does this have to do with Paint.NET? I'll tell you: Nothing! Since this is a forum dedicated to Paint.NET and it is NOT a general support forum, I'm closing this thread. Go ask your question over at and I'm sure someone will help you.
  10. BoltBait

    Save All Feature

    When Rick said that he was planning to add it to 4.0, he means some time after 4.0 ships and before 5.0 ships. This thread is old, I'm closing it. Please read the forum rules (link at top/bottom of every page).
  11. If you're NOT holding down the Ctrl, Alt, or Shift... everything works fine.
  12. Please try this plugin and see if it works better for you: