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  1. Select what you want to keep: Click the crop tool:
  2. Ok, show us a screenshot of your Effects folder (including address bar) showing the files installed there.
  3. Click gear โš™๏ธ, click โ€œPlugin Errorsโ€... Is anything listed in there?
  4. First, read this: Second, have you been able to download other plugins and get them working?
  5. I think you are lost. This forum is about an image editing software called Paint.NET. We don't know anything about actual paints and canvas around here. Sorry. Closing.
  6. Once you run ^THAT^ program to remove all traces of Paint.NET from your system, download and install Paint.NET again.
  7. This is exactly why we want v6.0 to live for a long time so we can have time to update all of the outdated tutorials. I'm glad you found it. Yes, that's exactly it. Just be sure to fill out the form completely before pressing that button so that the info on that form makes it's way to the new project.
  8. I'm amazed at how much has changed in the 39 years since that song was released. And, by "amazed" I mean "saddened" of course because NOTHING has changed. It's still my favorite Devo song though.