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  1. This was the view from my house about a month ago. 😪 Maybe you've heard of the fires in California? I lost my house in the Caldor fire... along with 450+ of my closest neighbors.
  2. My daughter has an account... check the Show Yourself thread.
  3. As painful as the process is... it really keeps out the spammers and therefore we won't be changing it.
  4. Wait, did you just LIKE your own post?!
  5. Welcome aboard! Corel Photo-Paint is somewhat like CorelDraw! in that you can create shapes/text boxes and move them around, re-edit them later, etc. Paint.NET has that capability to a limited degree. The big change here is that once you've created a shape or text you get handles that you can use to move that shape around, change the shape's size, etc. But, once you're happy with the location/size/etc. you press the Finalize button on the toolbar and that shape/text becomes a bitmap and therefore can not be edited the same as before. The best way to learn Paint.NET is to learn how to use layers. Keep your objects on separate layers so that if you need to recreate something you can do it without affecting the other parts of your creation.
  6. This has been suggested before (many times) and shot down every time due to the reasons you've already discovered (image fidelity).
  7. While this is TECHNICALLY possible,* you might do better to translate the VB code to C# ** and use CodeLab. * No, before you ask, I do not have a template for this and CodeLab doesn't work with VB code. ** Not actually that hard to do it by hand. Plus, if you google, you may find a tool that can do the translation for you.
  8. Have you tried the built-in Ink Sketch effect? It is located under Effects > Artistic > Ink Sketch Just move the Color slider all the way down and adjust the Ink slider to taste.
  9. Yeah, when it works. CodeLab is a perfect example. I tried to do that with the update to my BBChart.dll plugin... it just didn't work. So, I'm 50/50 wrt merging.
  10. Rick plans to open up the plugin system to voice commands: Just kidding. I don't think he plans to open the plugin system up for cooperative drawings. You'd have to do this in a separate program, I think.
  11. Yeah, something I like to call a "rookie mistake!"
  12. Photochop of images found on GIS plus the Dream effect. Just a little something I've been dreaming about over the last month...
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