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  1. I wished for a certain member be banned from the competitions and, voila, his entries have disappeared! I feel like Bruce Almighty! Now I'm off to tackle this virus thingy...
  2. A very challenging competition. Congratulations @lynxster4, @Ego Eram Reputo and all who took part. Yes ALL WHO TOOK PART, including @welshblue, whose entries seem to have disappeared 😄😄 😄 Thank you EER, the next round is on me 🤣 Seriously, I thought Welshy's metal entry was the best by far.
  3. I think you're missing the point. Your workflow can be improved and things can me made a lot easier if you use transparent layers. 1. Draw your lines/eye on a transparent layer. 2. Zoom in and select around the object (line or eye) you want to move. You can select the transparent pixels around your object, do not have to be very accurate with your selection. You only need to be accurate if and where your "object" touches other "objects". For more accuracy, use a zoom of 800% or more. 3. CUT your selection and PASTE in a NEW LAYER. The transparent pixels you have cut and pasted
  4. I understand you don't like using plugins and prefer to have tools built-in the PDN application. Whether one agrees with you or not, this makes sense. I also understand that you prefer to use two other apps to do things rather than use PDN plugins for the same task, because "the plugins have a tendency to add an extra window". Unless the other apps do not run in a new window, this makes no sense to me.
  5. @Rosie J, assuming that you draw your lines on an otherwise transparent layer, before using the Magic Wand, run @Red ochre's Alpha-threshold plugin to get rid of near transparent pixels. (Part of Red ochre plugin pack 10.1). But I would not do it your way. In this situation it is far better to use any of the other selection tools, i.e. rectangle, lasso, eclipse. Given the shapes of the lines in your example, the Lasso selection tool would be my first choice. You can get much cleaner and more precise selections if you avoid the Magic Wand.
  6. Nice. I suppose the usual three entries maximum allowed, or not? I also have to ask: Who will choose the winner? Will there be the usual voting process or what?
  7. I may not have understood correctly, but just in case: The .exe file is the installation file. Only download the .exe file if you have the free version of Paint.NET. Extract the .exe file from the zip you have down loaded to your desktop. Don't copy the .exe file into the Effects folder. Keep the .exe file on your desktop. Double click the .exe file to install the plugins. If you have the store version, download the Zipped DLLs files on the forst post and follow the instructions
  8. It would if you change the blending mode to Overwrite.
  9. Thank you @lynxster4 for your troubles, even though only seven people bothered to vote. Does this mean there are members who entered but did not vote? I agree with @lynxster4 that we had great entries this time, so congratulations to all. Special congratulations to @Pixey and @barbieq25 who got 5 out of 7 possible votes! A landslide by any measure. I'll just revel in my 28.57% of the vote 😁
  10. Until the Text tool receives the love it certainly deserves, I just want to make sure @HCGS and everyone who happens to stumble upon this, is aware of the Spaced Teact plugin.
  11. I combined two tutorials by the champion tutorial writers in this forum, @yellowman and @welshblue, to get cobbles of concrete.
  12. I have tried a few times in the past and never been able to apply two commands to one frame. I have not found anything to suggest that it can be done, so I gave up and accepted that it can't. If you wish to have only the background visible for a specific time before the animation cycle starts, you need to copy the background to a second layer above and rename the copy layer from "// background" to "// 3000ms".
  13. Thank you @pascal for the new version. This post will let everyone know there's been a change, so that they download the new version. You should really make a new post when you update the plugin, otherwise users will have no way of knowing. I was only alerted to this because of your posts on the General Discussion forum. Also, it's better not to use the plugin version number in the name of the DLL file itself. If the file name of the newer version is not identical to the previous version, it will not replace the older one in the Effects folder. This will result with t
  14. It looks like the OP got his answer and is happy about it. However, the title of this topic will direct here PDN users looking for a ways to tile an image. In addition to the @Curtis plugin mentioned by @Pixey above, images can be tiled using the built-in Layers Rotate / Zoom in the Layers Menu, also using @Red ochre's Aardvark tiling effect plugin.
  15. @lynxster4 noticed that the given image is larger than the size allowed for the OootF competition. Perhaps @Pixey, as the host, can confirm that we not need to resize before we post, or do we? I don't know what to make of this new twist in the competition. It'll really be my first try colouring a 3D object, so I'll decide if I like @Ego Eram Reputo or not after I post my entry 🙂
  16. Please don't. Half the fun of the competitions is trying to measure up to your entries. I too like @MJW's entry. But then I'm prejudiced because his idea was similar to mine.
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