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  1. 1. Duplicate object layer. 2. Use Rotate/Zoom+ on new layer. 3. Duplicate new layer 4. Ctrl+F (repeat last Effect) 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 as needed.
  2. Search "rotate" using the Plugin Index. There's a few options available. I often use @dpy's Rotate/Zoom+.
  3. Welcome to PDN to the forum @melikeVr. It's obvious the tutorial instructions are wrong. To help the community, it will be nice to point us to the tutorial, if it is on this forum, so the author or a moderator can correct the instructions. In general, it's better to ask questions about specific tutorials on the tutorial topic. This way you get answers specific to the topic and help better to improve the collective knowledge.
  4. Congratulations to @Pixey, @Ladybug, @Manc and especially to @lynxster4. The winning entry stands out as a beautiful idea, design and execution.
  5. I was genuinely surprised that an eMap I made from a photo (and then I used said eMap to create the shine in my Bishop) broke the rules. I did comply with @Pixey's decision immediately and uploaded a new image; I even said I was going to in the same post I expressed my surprise. I'm not nitpicking and I find the reaction to my post a bit over the top. The idea is fine, the wording is fine, the rule is fine. I like it and I vote to keep it as it is. I understand this competition is to showcase what can be done using PDN alone. I just wish that everybody follows the rules.
  6. Fixed it! All by myself! EDIT: Here's the "homemade" eMap for anyone who may have need for it
  7. Yes I used "the bean" which I've turned into an eMap (and offered somewhere in this forum). Is this how far the "no photos" rule applies? I'll replace it then using a new eMap that I've made myself. EDIT: I've found the Bean here.
  8. So, why is it still in D&Q and not back in the Plugin Packs section?
  9. No, I couldn't tell. Now I do, it's totally worth the upvote 👍 About his time last year I made plans to travel to Rio. I was supposed to fly over next Sunday, for eight days. Carnaval is the mandatory salt in my wounds to teach me not to make travel plans so far ahead...
  10. I like shiny things so much that my wife is certain I was a woman in my previous life 😁
  11. Thank you @ardneh for the information. It's usually me who gets the wrong end of the stick; some copywrite owners cannot be bothered with a market as tiny as Cyprus. @BoltBait's post of The Runaways above is the latest example (but he still gets my vote because I like them anyway 🙂 ). I listened to Van Morrison's latest album Three Chords & the Truth a few times yesterday. I just got the playlist going again. Here's a sample:
  12. I replaced my entry in the Chess Piece competition. I apologise to all who upvoted the previous image.
  13. Yes, YouTube does that sometimes, depending where you access the videos from but it's usually me who can't access the videos. I'm curious where you are accessing YouTube from. Is the playlist I linked to also unavailable? How about the Fleetwood Mac channel? One more, hopefully viewable by most
  14. This tutorial shows how you can use @Sepcot's Clouds plugin to render noise with control on noise size.
  15. Thank you @ReMakefor reviving this tutorial (and thank you @m2lucky for the original!) Clever use if @Sepcot's clouds as alternative for noise with size control. A couple of things I think you may want to amend in your instructions: - In step 6, the yellow colour hex value should be given as FFFC00, not FFFFC0. - In step 11, set the secondary colour to black, not white.
  16. Woke up to this, this Valentine's day... (... and currently listening to the whole album playlist).
  17. I do have two monitors but not of the software mentioned. Like I said, it's not a big deal for me because I know my PC is getting old (plus I have many plugins installed) and I can work around the problem. I would not have mentioned anything if it wasn't for the the report by the OP. In any case, here is my diagnostics report. I hope it helps.
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