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  1. The Image is all about the map i am working with.
  2. Hello guys, do we have an option to save files as .obj ? I'm asking because i want to make 3D animated object for my design "Fields of Colors". It's a map which i can put in it .obj files and build my place. So any advise in the subject will be welcome. Tnx in Advanced.
  3. Hello again, New Video. Background is real clouds which i upload to Pdn and played with the levels in the Adjustments. The Sphere is the fact of two spheres in 2 layers, 1 blue + 1 red. The blue sphere is moving to the left and the red is to right. I also used zoom color and glow. Enjoy.
  4. Very Nice Andrew, it's look like ancient gold from the 12 century
  5. Nice plug Red. well done! Ego, you know how to make us laugh
  6. After post on fantasy clouds i was thinking really what is the best way to create clouds !? The options were: 1. To create clouds from scratch. 2. Use Effect which is generate clouds from the BG. 3.Photograph from the Sky. So i was in the beginning trying to create from scratch and i was doing just fine but there was a feeling that something is missing. so i start to use the generator for clouds but still there was something missing. so i took my iPhone and started to photograph the sky in my area and the photos was so boring so i upload them to PDN and played with Blend Mode and found this combination between 2 layers which are two different photos from the real sky. i also played with the levels of the adjustments
  7. It's look very expensive bottle dear @Pixey. well to buy such as this one i will need to save money every month to the next year.
  8. i like the most the first one and the 3. the colors of image 2 is too radical for my opnion. nice work @Seerose
  9. As i said before: i like to visit your Gallery cause its so inspiring well today i just focus on the image of Einstain. and as a fan of the general relativity, you are really amaized me with that image. i was thinking if i ever write my artical on Einstain Relativity i will have to put your image as the subject and credit you my friend.
  10. Tnq @Maximilian. yeah this is perfect. Amazing result.
  11. Hooo, for that i didn't expect.film industry !? you make me feel the real dream dear @LionsDragon. Big Like for you respond. We can dream big, or we can have big dreams, because friends like you
  12. Tnq @Ishi for the information. I will wait for it.
  13. Tnq @Ego Eram Reputo. its good plugin. I played with it a little and the problem is that it can't generate one cloud. The best way to create unique cloud is what pixey recommended.
  14. and i can count on you my dear @lynxster4 you always put a smile on my face and warm my heart.
  15. @Rickhum the layers were in the beginning just clouds on gradient BG. i duplicate it and changed the Hue and the layer mode to Negation. that is how i got the dark clouds. the SpiroGraph is my try to create depth to the space of clouds. experimental video i guess. @Red ochre the cleaver as the perspective the more we can be efficient and effective i think. the more we try to see clearly our imagination the more we are moving the progress to our success. ( OMG - i sound so like philosophy teacher now ) @Pixey, Our beloved queen, i am so proud of myself to be next to you @Seerose - Love to see you loving Tnq guys for the company you shared with me -!!
  16. Tnx Rickhum. I searched the plugins and found them. And WoW, 180 frames. it's a lot of images. i think as animation fan, i always think how to cut frames and still get the best result. BTW, there is animation maker of PNG/GIF with all the tools you need. here you can find them : http://littlesvr.ca/apng/
  17. "Spyro Space" Effects used: Clouds + SpyroGraph + Noise = Sparkles
  18. Awesome, Perfect, wonderful and Inspiring. Love it. Please give the information which effects are used to create this great video.
  19. Congrats MJW. your entry really was perfect to Subject. Cheers
  20. Tnx Pixey. i tried the tut and played with it a little. and i came to this level by now. add some sparkles here and i tried the idea of Iron and Eli with the layer f the galaxy Here i add some more clouds and just played with the Zoom
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