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  1. A useful thread for reading ideas now the shops are starting to re-open here. However I do like re-reading favourite books and often get more from them the second time. Fiction: Currently re-reading The lost World and other stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I love the Holmes stories too. The call of Cthulhu by H.P.Lovecraft - very dark - he obviously influenced Stephen King. Dracula by Bram Stoker - I've never seen a film/movie that does the book justice. Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household - brilliant. The Hobbit & Lord of the rings by J.R.R Tolkien - again film directors don't seem able to stick to the original story! Science: The book of nothing by John D Barrow. From the role of zero in mathematics to quantum vacuum energy. Fascinating and well written. A history of Ancient Britain by Neil Oliver The elegant universe by Brian Greene. Layman's explanation of string theory...enjoyed what I understood! Periodic Tales by Hugh Aldersey Williams. Blend of science history and travelogue. MCAD/MCSD Windows based applications with Visual basic.NET and Visual C#.Net (2002) - ÂĢ2.99 in a charity shop! - bought it to help with insomnia!ðŸĪŠ
  2. Happy birthday Rick and many happy updates (returns)🎂🍚
  3. Great ideas as ever - love the 'Goth' on the beach concept 😄
  4. Happy birthday, stay safe, have fun!🎂
  5. Thanks for posting the colourful image Eli! Wow, published 2011 - where does the time go?🙄
  6. I'm glad you are safe Seerose ... we were all worried about you!
  7. Great potential - thanks for sharing!
  8. Me too 😉 Interesting use of effects and some great results Vagabondi
  9. I'm glad you're finding it useful and thanks for saying thanks and posting the images... I like the sofa/picture regression concept!😉 Good luck with your website.
  10. Glad you're enjoying them Ice'😉
  11. Midora's unreleased 'peephole' lines tool
  12. I was writing some suggestions but I've clearly offended you both - sincerely not meant - I apologize! So not much point in giving feedback that will not be considered. Understandable, you have both invested a lot of time in codelab. Many thanks for your hard work.
  13. I very rarely use codelab these days (sorry!)... so my advice is very dated! (as are some of the tutorials I believe). I use VS19 as it can copy the output direct to Effects folder (when run as admin) - so no messing around with Bat files (I don't want Covid19!).😄 Also more control over the U.I. prop rules, intellisense refactoring suggestions, etc. I know you have put a lot work into making codelab more like VS but I wonder if it has become too complex for beginners? - perhaps consider a 'code lab light' for those with zero C# experience. It's easy to forget how daunting coding a simple effect is the first time.