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  1. My 'Gradients Galore' effect can do elliptical gradients (in my pack, link in sig). So start with a selection twice as high as you need, then crop it after.
  2. Not really the place to ask @aijaz I suggest you look through the plug-in index here. My TGMagnitude effect may do what you are seeking, with background opacity set to zero. Additionally there are 'stray pixel' removers if it needs cleaning up.
  3. Really good to see you back on the forum... and with some fantastic new images too! Great creativity and humour as ever.
  4. Perhaps MJW's code at the bottom of this thread is relevant. (I'm not great with the logic of these rules 😉). https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/22046-tutorial-how-to-use-indirectui-rules/
  5. 27+ feet! - how big is your house?😄 Here we have both 'Acres' (the area a man and oxen can reasonably plough in a day) and Hectares (derived from the metre - but non S.I.), yet the media insists on measuring area using 'football pitches'?🙃
  6. Many thanks for the 'reps' and the feedback.🙂
  7. English only please! Liquify is good for this type of distortion.
  8. I've been playing with dragons and fire again. 😊 Clickable
  9. I agree with @Pixey - cool pattern on the red one too.
  10. False news - perhaps due to Martin's poor comprehension of the English language? ("red" - read, "sheeps" - the mass noun is sheep 😉 ) Companies will no longer be prosecuted for using British standard units. Nothing to do with removing S.I. units .BBC version It was ridiculous that pints of beer could not be sold in pint glasses and that grocers could go to jail for selling a pound of bananas. All due to orders from the evil empire (E.U.). The E.U. must be a terrible place now judging by the number of migrants trying to escape across the English channel.☚ī¸ I would have thought the death of Sir Clive Sinclair would have been a more relevant subject for someone claiming to have advanced programming skills? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-58587521
  11. Perhaps you have the selection mode set to 'Subtract' ? https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html
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