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  1. The built-in Effects/Stylize/Edge Detect will give you useable colour outlines. Many ways to then get greys or only black or white (or dithered).
  2. @JAA Hope you feel better soon. You can only really get something to look hand drawn if it is hand drawn. I suggest you print out a faint version of your 'artwork' on paper, (perhaps just outlines) then draw the hatching by hand, then scan the image. It will take time, patience and a steady hand but mistakes are so easy to correct these days - no scrapping off Indian ink with a scalpel when the pen slips! ... just correct that area on the computer and re-do it.
  3. Red ochre

    IRONs Shapes

    Impressive! - thanks for sharing.
  4. Effects written with codelab can call built-in effects such as Gaussian blur, however I think what you want is something like Scriptlab, unfortunately that is obsolete.🙁
  5. Hope that helps... I've found it better to use 'using' statements to ensure graphics objects get disposed of.
  6. Good result @Welsh Yellow Cheddar Cobweb: This draws lines (or stars) based on the direction of how the tone of the image changes (tone gradient)... Draws tangents to any obvious lines on the source image. Gossamer: This works in two stages - first it finds points (shown as red dots on a black background. Aim to get a recognisable image at this stage but not too many dots). Second stage (remember to check the box) will join these found dots with straight lines. The only way to really understand these effects is to play with them!. Start with something simple eg. a black circle on a white background. Good luck!
  7. Hello @MmmmMMMmMM The built-in line curve only has 4 control points, however the Shapemaker plugin here allows curves to be chained together and many other options too. It can be a steep learning curve but is well documented. My BeznCurve plugin is a simpler alternative with 6 control points. here
  8. I would recommend: 1. Camera lens distortion (kb_lens) to correct the camera distortion then 2. Quadrilateral Correction to make the poster rectangular. Both are normal zipped files that windows can decompress. (I use this method when photographing paintings slightly from the side, to avoid shine from the oil paint surface). Apologies to @evanolds
  9. 😄 Apologies @Pixey & @lynxster4... well it was both of you keeping both comps going!
  10. @Maximilian My condolences too. @Pixey Well done and thanks for keeping the SOTW going for so long.
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