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  1. Try 'Bez n curve' for 6 control points? (crude but still works in a very limited way). It was written as a 'stop-gap' but I realize Rick has plenty on the 'to do' list!😱 Midora's 'Path tools' didn't make a full release unfortunately. Shape-maker isn't really the ideal solution either.
  2. Possibly add an offset angle chooser and a '% of Max distance offset slider. Use the offset angle added to the angle to the edge pixel (sine ... or cosine) to multiply the % distance (so always smaller than max dist) and subtract/add that from the max distance divisor for the shading? ... Just thinking out loud ... quite possible that approach wouldn't work with the fast algorithm! Hope that made some sense? Good luck MJW. Was thinking about multiplying all distances by 255 then adding the object edge pixel alpha before dividing by 255, to get smoother results too? Just ideas to try .. if MJW hasn't explored these already.
  3. Apologies Xod - my mistake! Thanks E.E.R. for making Xod's post clearer.😎 I did not know it was possible to link directly to that download without access to the forum HTML (id attribute?). M.J.W. - Feel free to release your version of 'edge shader' with the super-quick code. (The original idea would have been to detect the distance to the nearest edge AND the distance to an edge in the opposite direction. The idea being that this would automatically set the 'distance' between edges for the shading. That's just too complicated!... and cannot use your much quicker code.) May I suggest, if possible: 1. A choice of what an 'edge' is. Object edges are currently used in your beta (very useful for text) but an edge detect algorithm using abrupt tone or even hue changes can be useful too. I have an unpublished version using my slow code that does this. 2. A threshold slider for what is and isn't an edge then becomes very useful. For objects this is just alpha. If using Tone Gradient Magnitude (T.G.M.) to detect edges the threshold would exclude less defined edges. 3. It is useful to have a 'show edges' mode to show which pixels will be treated as an edge before rendering the effect. Simply red for edges, black for not. I've used this idea in my unpublished version of edgeshader and in my 'Gossamer' effect. 4. Primary/Secondary colours at 100% effect blend should be the default but it might be useful to include an option to output a height map which could subsequently be manipulated with your Texture smoother effect? Only suggestions! and thanks again for your help with 'Aardvark' - I find I use it a lot.
  4. Hello 'Xod', Thank you for your Align plugin. I didn't see the need for a plugin like this but since you (& MJW) created it, I have found it very useful. Well done & thank you!😎 May I ask you, please, to remove the direct download of my plugin pack from the Object Bevel thread. I note that my pack currently has 22,900 downloads and yet another 9,000 in your downloaded then re-uploaded version on the Bevel object thread. I'm sure you were only trying to help but a simple link to my plugin pack download page would have sufficed. Please consider how you would feel if I included your (excellent) plugins in my plugin pack? (I won't). Reasons: 1.If I ever decide to update my plugin pack there will be an old version hanging around on the forum. 2.The download numbers for my pack are false. 3.I know you are trust-worthy but as a precedent there is ample opportunity to insert malware into my plugin pack and distribute it with my name on it. Obviously I don't want that. 4.You will free up your own Pdn upload space. Yours Sincerely John Robbins (a.k.a. Red ochre).
  5. Happy New Year HyRez - no better training than E.E.R's Documentation (F1 while in Pdn) in my opinion but always useful to see other interpretations... but if they are happy to promote stolen virus infected sites they might not be the best teachers??? Yes my Commodore 64 still works! ... but too much work to flip out the low res and write fun stuff.
  6. You're probably going to have to decide on on black (or whatever colour you want) and magenta (deemed as transparent), that means the edges will look jagged but, unless I'm wrong - could well be, the only option is to divide the image into opaque or transparent?
  7. It looks unlikely that the Garmin bmp/magenta hack has levels of transparency? - binary...either opaque or clear(signalled by magenta)? If that is the case? (ToeHead will know) then few options. Possibly, set Secondary 'color' to magenta and use 'Two tone threshold', with the sliders together to get the best outcome? There are probably many other ways - but it seems unlikely you will get smooth edges - but it's a 32px icon - no-one notices!;-) ... There is probably a better answer waiting.
  8. For <No cursing.>'s sake HyReZ!... they link to the MEGALO pack? Sorry for the bad language and happy new year everyone ... I'm sure users will be more offended by downloading a virus than by me using a naughty word!
  9. Thank you very much for remembering me ReMake - very kind of you and greatly appreciated. E.E.R., Eli, Seerose, Lynxster, Pixey and Maximilian, many thanks for the good wishes, images and Gifs.
  10. Nitenurse - A very moody scene, could be drawn in charcoal. Excellent work! Sasha - That it is beautiful. I love walking on the beach at low tide and watching the ripples. Clever original photo taken from a low vantage point to emphasise the perspective and the clipwarp frame looks like a mirror. D.S. - Your dog looks happy there, out walking his master. The background foliage has come out well. LionsDragon - That's really brought out the texture of the mane. Glad you've been experimenting with both effects. Many thanks to all that have posted images, comments or awarded reps (or whatever they're called now ). I seem to have spent all mine again, I will catch up eventually.
  11. If you give a rep/like but you have used your daily allowance the rep doesn't register (as expected) but there is no notification that it hasn't registered?
  12. I just noticed that the upvote/like thingies have stopped working for me . Presumably I've spent my daily allowance but I only noticed the rep hadn't registered after I had logged out? So apologies if I missed anyone - will try to catch up.
  13. D.S. Thanks for the compliment and images - That's a great looking bike!... and the young lady is very attractive too. Seerose - Very effective use of the effect, thanks for posting the images. Lynxster - Great results on your Dad's tree and the flower arrangement. Many thanks. Pixey - Your flower image has 'watercolour' feel to it, that I like...and the leopard has new spots. LionsDragon - Thanks for saying thanks - just dive in and experiment. I'm sorry I don't know the difference between a 'like' and an 'upvote'?