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  1. Many thanks Scott! ... however, the zipped version was previously about a third the number of the installer version?🙄 I haven't tried editing that thread for years. Is it now possible for non-admin users to add buttons without BB code or html? Ah, I see it now is, blue or grey! 😊 Perhaps the CSS shadow or blur behind the size/downloads text should be removed for readability?
  2. 1. Many of the plug-in packs hosted on the forum no longer show the number of downloads? BoltBait's and EER's do. Pyrochild's, toe_head2001's and mine do not? I believe these packs are all hosted directly on the forum. 2. I also notice there are no spaces between the 'sig' competition entries in the voting/winners sections? Wouldn't a one line gap between images be less visually distracting and more attractive?
  3. Thanks both for the info. I may investigate further when the hosting fee is up for renewal (November). Though called 'hosting.co.uk' they use German based servers, I couldn't find a uk based one! Quite possible they'll flip the big switch anyway when the Brexit transition ends!😁 However they are relatively cheap (£24 p.a.) and I haven't noticed any down time but they're far from user friendly for a website novice like myself. In the initial account details email they sent me it said (verbatim): "Please ignore the non-trusted SSL certificate error, when you
  4. The self certificated SSL has expired and does not give an option to renew as self certificated - only to purchase.(using cPanel via hosting.co.uk) Self certificated will still show a warning to site visitors and seems pointless for a simple portfolio site. https://docs.cpanel.net/knowledge-base/security/guide-to-ssl/ Which free DV SSL certificate provider would you recommend? - Installing a 3rd party free one looks intimidating! I may contact my host when I've got a few weeks to spare... or change host in November... or just close the site.🙄
  5. You mean purchase SSL certificates for a site that does not do financial transactions?
  6. Reptillian said Strange? - they show up for me in Firefox, Edge & Chrome.
  7. Happy birthday🍰 - thanks for all the effects! - stay safe😷
  8. Sorry - I don't understand (my fault) but thanks for replying. I'll try another approach.
  9. Hello toe_head2001, I have installed these templates into VS19 successfully (thank you). However I've run into a problem after creating a project using the Effect<TToken> template. My copy of Pdn is in C:\Program Files\NEWpdn\ so I had to add missing references. I built the project successfully, opened Pdn and found the new effect (custom U.I. with slider), however when selecting "ConfigDialog.cs[Design]" in VS19 it shows this error: "The designer must create an instance of type 'PaintDotNet.Effects.EffectConfigDialog`2[[MyCustomUIEffect1.MyCustomUIEff
  10. Me too!... he's certainly not on the form he was last year. Hopefully looking forward to O Sullivan's come back tonight... though I wouldn't mind if Williams can get another World championship.
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