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  1. Well done @NSD very impressive! ⭐
  2. Welcome to the forum MagicSponge123! Have you accidentally turned on the 'pixel grid' button? (the icon below the word Effects)
  3. Looks good! I'd not heard of Mookaite, but Google is a wonderful thing!😉
  4. Unfortunately it is not possible for plugins to show guide lines 'between' pixels when zoomed in the way that the built-in pixel grid does. However you may find Compo Grids useful. Perhaps set line width to 1 and run it on a layer above your image at a low opacity - this should at least help line things up?
  5. That was the easiest way to create a radiused inner and outer curve to connect the two rectangles.
  6. @lynxster4 - I did experiment but was too lazy to upload an example 🙄+ got distracted trying to make the pipe shape in Shapemaker and gave up!ðŸĪŠ I think a re-useable shape might benefit @Hodor but arcs of circles joined to rectangles are trickier than I remembered!😄
  7. Happy birthday @pavlik1307 🍚
  8. I don't use twitter, but found this fascinating illusion. I'm not sure of the correct way to link or embed it here, so I hope this works. Well worth seeing! 'Contrast latency' seems to be the trick to fool the brain. Twitter link I hope
  9. Happy birthday from me too - wishing you all the best! 💐🎂
  10. Happy birthday Leanne. Best wishes for a great day 🍷💐ðŸŦ . I hope you have fully recovered from Covid now?
  11. Hello Dan - welcome to the forum! You could also try one of these plugins: 'Distort this' or 'Quadrilateral Reshape' here.
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