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  1. Happy New Year HyRez - no better training than E.E.R's Documentation (F1 while in Pdn) in my opinion but always useful to see other interpretations... but if they are happy to promote stolen virus infected sites they might not be the best teachers??? Yes my Commodore 64 still works! ... but too much work to flip out the low res and write fun stuff.
  2. You're probably going to have to decide on on black (or whatever colour you want) and magenta (deemed as transparent), that means the edges will look jagged but, unless I'm wrong - could well be, the only option is to divide the image into opaque or transparent?
  3. It looks unlikely that the Garmin bmp/magenta hack has levels of transparency? - binary...either opaque or clear(signalled by magenta)? If that is the case? (ToeHead will know) then few options. Possibly, set Secondary 'color' to magenta and use 'Two tone threshold', with the sliders together to get the best outcome? There are probably many other ways - but it seems unlikely you will get smooth edges - but it's a 32px icon - no-one notices!;-) ... There is probably a better answer waiting.
  4. For <No cursing.>'s sake HyReZ!... they link to the MEGALO pack? Sorry for the bad language and happy new year everyone ... I'm sure users will be more offended by downloading a virus than by me using a naughty word!
  5. Thank you very much for remembering me ReMake - very kind of you and greatly appreciated. E.E.R., Eli, Seerose, Lynxster, Pixey and Maximilian, many thanks for the good wishes, images and Gifs.
  6. Nitenurse - A very moody scene, could be drawn in charcoal. Excellent work! Sasha - That it is beautiful. I love walking on the beach at low tide and watching the ripples. Clever original photo taken from a low vantage point to emphasise the perspective and the clipwarp frame looks like a mirror. D.S. - Your dog looks happy there, out walking his master. The background foliage has come out well. LionsDragon - That's really brought out the texture of the mane. Glad you've been experimenting with both effects. Many thanks to all that have posted images, comments or awarded reps (or whatever they're called now ). I seem to have spent all mine again, I will catch up eventually.
  7. If you give a rep/like but you have used your daily allowance the rep doesn't register (as expected) but there is no notification that it hasn't registered?
  8. I just noticed that the upvote/like thingies have stopped working for me . Presumably I've spent my daily allowance but I only noticed the rep hadn't registered after I had logged out? So apologies if I missed anyone - will try to catch up.
  9. D.S. Thanks for the compliment and images - That's a great looking bike!... and the young lady is very attractive too. Seerose - Very effective use of the effect, thanks for posting the images. Lynxster - Great results on your Dad's tree and the flower arrangement. Many thanks. Pixey - Your flower image has 'watercolour' feel to it, that I like...and the leopard has new spots. LionsDragon - Thanks for saying thanks - just dive in and experiment. I'm sorry I don't know the difference between a 'like' and an 'upvote'?
  10. The typo in the U.I. has been corrected (outlines not oulines) - thanks Remake.
  11. Thanks for your hard work restoring tutorials Pixey!
  12. Great work Lynxster! Thanks for your enthusiasm for TGA. - I hope I clicked on the right button for reps
  13. Tone Gradient Magnitude (new July '17) Name: TGMagnitude (Tone Gradient Magnitude) Description: Shows the magnitude of the tone gradient giving various outline effects. Menu: Stylize Original release date: 22nd July 2017 Author: Red ochre (John Robbins) .dll name: TGMagnitude Compatibility: Tested on Pdn3.5.11 and latest paint.net4 version (4.0.17). The code for this is closely related to TGAngle and also makes use of MJW's ideas (Thanks again!). It creates outlines in proportion to the change in tone, giving results superficially similar to the Artistic effects 'Ink sketch' and 'Pencil sketch'. I have added the ability to lower the background opacity, hopefully making it useful as a mask to isolate objects. This also means you can place any background you wish on a layer below. I've had good results using it on photos but if you find other uses please do post. My example images should be below and I'd love to see what you can make using it.