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  1. Hello Erakres, welcome to the forum. I'm not really sure what you require for a 3d model but perhaps these plugins could be of use: Woven photo - you could subsequently add a metallic effect. Any of the grid type plugins - Hexagonal grid could be useful as a starting point. There are various tutorials on how to create metal/chrome. The techniques could probably be adapted to mesh.
  2. Or...try typing "3D text" into the plugin index? It will return TR's Monolithic (3D Text Generator) found here
  3. Happy birthday Pixey! 🐱🎂😘 I hope you have a great day and happy and healthy new year.
  4. It's not always easy to briefly summarize all of an effect's uses. You do a good job!... for a mere human.😄 I was surprised that when the guidelines-for-publishing-plugins was updated there wasn't more on what should be included in the plugin thread. Plenty of sensible rules of what a plugin should not do but little on how the new plugin should actually be presented to users. Some suggestions: Plugin authors are politely asked to consider the following when publishing new effects and adjustments (possibly relevant for filetypes too). 1. The thread title s
  5. Come on - surely a google search would inform you? - sorry for using English words? Too confrontational? - it means a reliable, dependable resource.
  6. Ah! - I thought the forum plugin index search was somehow parsing the actual keywords included in the plugin, forgetting that a human being (I assume/hope😏), has to enter that data. I guess it's overkill to search and read the actual keywords? ... as the plugin browser does? ... completely understandable. Could further automating the monthly updates be an advantage?... some way of sticking a new effect in an approved 'database' that can read the keywords? Far beyond me! Reason for discovering this is that I actually included the term 'fishnet stockings' in Multispline (as a joke
  7. Type "archimedean" into the plugin browser!😉 - You'll see my 'Multispline 'Flourish' and MJW's 'Rectangle to Archiedean spiral' - as expected. The forum plugin index does not recognize these keyword phrases.
  8. Thanks for keeping the index updated! I notice that two word keyword phrases that work in the plugin browser do not work in the plugin index keyword search? Try "Archimedean spiral" - two correct results in the plugin browser and none in the index search? Nothing appears with just "archimedean" either. Some problem parsing the space between words prevents either term working perhaps? Just thought I'd let you know.
  9. Hello Roferli I often scan hand drawn images and wrote my Two tone threshold adjustment plugin to help with cleaning the background and making lines darker. You can also choose the black on a transparent background option which makes recolouring using Object2Colour easy. Once the lines are an 'object' they can be thickened using my Grow plugin set to 'Alpha - grow objects', or any of the other outline object plugins. The AAAssistant plugin may help to smooth edges too, once the lines are an object on their own layer. For Mandala type patterns I recommend shapem
  10. A very clever way of making the fir (fur?) trees in 'Cry, Wolf'! Happy Christmas.
  11. Hello 'Derpium', welcome to the forum. This is an upgrade of my 'Poster' effect. Use the 'Options' drop down and averaged colours can be written to the canvas. Hope it's what you're after? Poster update zip file hosted on my site (https now!) *! NOTE: It will crash if used in a selection smaller than the canvas - don't do that;-) 🤪 (I had intended to make the first 96 saveable as a palette but got stuck using TH's VS templates).
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