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  1. I hope you're ok and happy birthday if you see this.âĪïļ best wishes.

  2. I like the new Quantize effect and save options - many thanks! And I've learnt that '#' (octothorpe?) is shorthand for 'number' in U.S. English.ðŸ˜ē #
  3. Once or twice a month my computer gets infected with a terrible virus! Laptop stops responding, programs (including Pdn) crash, extreme delays in mouse input, task manager takes an age to open. Then I remember... MS updates!ðŸ˜Ē Why can't MS revert to the previous system of showing a prominent icon in the taskbar letting me know that updates are available? I could then stop and update... No, MS think it's more fun to try to install updates whilst crashing most running programs and doesn't give me a choice!ðŸĪŠ I don't want to stop or pause updates. I'd just like a little clue before
  4. First example is in simple perspective (perspective lines converge at one vanishing point), Second example is oblique projection. Trying using MJW's 'Vanishing Trails' for the depth, where older tutorials recommend Pyrochild's Trail.
  5. ^ Refreshing! - Would love to have seen them live... something I could really dance to.ðŸĪŠ The Vindaloo video (second) is genius but makes more sense after seeing the preceding Verve one. (I'm not a football fan btw)
  6. Use Edit/Invert selection first? https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/SelectionTools.html
  7. ^ Great choice, brilliant album!... I love Heavy horses and Broadsword too.
  8. Hi MJW - have you tried using Shapemaker for your method of working? I suggest copying your image to the clipboard, open and maximise Shapemaker. Select cubic spline (2nd blue icon), snap to grid off and deselect path before starting another. (Other curves are available 😉) I recommend saving the shape but the 'draw on canvas' function is much better now than it was. Just a work-around if Rick's 'to do' list is too long!
  9. The cursor position is shown at the bottom right for both the lasso select and the rectangle select? (Just after canvas size). Zooming-in helps when accurately starting a selection and the keyboard up/down left/right arrows give more fine control over cursor position. Ellipse select is more complex but all the relevant info is shown at the bottom of the window.
  10. Happy birthday @ReMake. Have a great day!🎂🍚
  11. Layers/Import from file (choose 'details' in the top right of the pane then click on the field title to sort)... or more generally minimise paint.net and open file explorer.
  12. In Windows 10 file explorer click on the 'view tab' at the top and select 'Sort by' and choose the relevant field. Click it again and it will reverse the order. If you select 'choose columns' (at the bottom of the sort by list) you should be able to find a useful way to sort your images. Probably best to name your image layers in a logical, easy to sort way... 1,2,3, etc. Hope that helps and not patronising!😉
  13. If you use my Selection2 clear plugin it would save having to reselect your "eraser" shape each time. In my pack - link in Sig below. Unfortunately deleting selections tends to leave a 'pixelated' edge, so I avoid it when possible. Personally I would use the Furblur plugin to soften the edge of the grass but you could also explore using the Brush factory plugin. (You can easily create your own grass brush)
  14. It's good to see your gallery progressing. Echoing @Pixey, clever layout to the gallery too!
  15. Clever use of the Callicolour plugin and always interesting to see how you have manipulated your plant images too. Good work!
  16. Thanks @lynxster4, @Pixey and @barbieq25 for commenting. I'm glad you can finally see the new images!
  17. Some new patterns added to page one. Thanks for commenting @JulioCoolio and @Seerose... hope you're ok Seerose?
  18. Cool work with E.E.R's orgasmatron! 😉
  19. Love the leaves on the rose! Well done for getting your gallery started... it is difficult and confusing... well, I still find it so! As for finding sites and 'threads' you've uploaded images to - try to get used to using 'bookmarks'/'favourites' in your internet browser to get back to those 'pages'. It seems complicated and frustrating now but you'll pick it up!
  20. This may help Tone Gradient Magnitude Reduce background opacity and if needed you can subsequently adjust the opacity of the remaining lines using Alpha-threshold
  21. Congratulations to all that entered! I didn't vote because I like all the entries... too hard (for me) to judge. Thanks all, for giving this effect a go. I'm pleased you all understood the eccentric two stage way of using the effect. I can see the thought and time that has gone into these and even those with fewer votes look good to me. Many thanks to lynxster4, all those that participated and all those that voted.
  22. Hello misdirect, welcome to the forum. One way would be to install my 'Compogrids' plugin and run it on a transparent layer above the active layer.
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