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  1. Happy Birthday @Seerose Hoping you have a great day.
  2. Following on from @lynxster4 I executed the same technique to create this result. Top plugin @ReMake
  3. Congrats @BoltBait, well done all other placers and entrants. Thanks to @lynxster4 for the hosting
  4. Thanks for looking into it all the same
  5. I did that first, I called it folder, I even resized and renamed the images within to 1,2,3,4 etc..
  6. Thanks, I will make a new folder and report back New error and it still thinks the folder is empty ?
  7. I alway think @Pixey is an all round good girl.....Oh wait different spelling, damn English-GB
  8. @AndrewDavid & @Reptillian found it thanks, but get an error (see screenshot) Also when selecting a folder to mosaic my image layer, there is no images in the folder (even though I know there is)
  9. Latest version of G'Mic installed, checked for updated filters, still showing same amount of filters (516) no sign of Mosaic.
  10. Excellent tute @lynxster4 thanks for taking the time to share Leather logo anyone?
  11. Many thanks @Pixey Indeed that's the one, I even think I have used it before. Age & Memory never work in harmony these days
  12. I know that I should know better / know by now. But I want to add scanlines to a photo for a desired effect and I'm almost sure there was a plugin at one time (search shows up nothing though) I am aware of the 2D image plugin, but this enlarges the image beyond what I am needing. So the question is - How can I easily create scanlines to a photo. Any help welcome