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  1. Time for some "back in the day" pop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-dxAxfkmvk
  2. Many thanks @dipstick for your help 😋
  3. Long story short. I have an old PC running windows 8. not connected to the internet for any update to 8.1(not WiFi or other means of internet enabled) I am in need of shape 3D that can run on PDN V3.5.9. I do know that this forum is not a place for old version requests etc.. But if any kind soul has a copy of said plugin i would be very thankful. I don't fancy trying to download a non official (and possible virus infected version) I did have a folder of plugins for earlier versions of PDN, but heyho, lost in time. Thanks in advance. 😊
  4. I pay £34 per month for mobile, Galaxy S10 (26GB / unlimited calls & Text) and £36 per month for broadband (200GB) i no longer have sky / bt or any other subscription service due to rip off prices. @welshblue I'm not 100% sure, but goggle photos lets you share images / generate links, you just need to make a new album (Though I haven't tried it)
  5. Happy birthday @DragonsLion Hope you have a top day.
  6. Happy birthday to you @nitenurse79 Hope you have a great day. 👩‍🦰
  7. Happy Birthday @Seerose Hoping you have a great day.
  8. Following on from @lynxster4 I executed the same technique to create this result. Top plugin @ReMake
  9. Congrats @BoltBait, well done all other placers and entrants. Thanks to @lynxster4 for the hosting
  10. Thanks for looking into it all the same
  11. I did that first, I called it folder, I even resized and renamed the images within to 1,2,3,4 etc..
  12. Thanks, I will make a new folder and report back New error and it still thinks the folder is empty ?