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  1. An absolute pleasure to be working with these guys again - Rollo / Sister bliss & Dido. I'm really looking forward to going back on the road with them again. Enjoy the tune.
  2. Plugin never used before: Distorting mirror by @MadJik Other pluging used: Trail by @pyrochild Objectedge & Clipwarp by @Red ochre Also used a few blend modes and curves+ by @pyrochild Picture self taken view from the front of house mixing tent of Faithless Live 2010.
  3. Top class enties from all well done to @barbieq25 & @Pixey for your placings too, quite humble to be in third place to some amazing tallents. Thanks @lynxster4 for excellent hosting duties as always.
  4. I had my first jab on Sunday (March 28) the Oxford AstraZeneca dose, no side effects at all, slight arm ache for a couple of hours after, but all is good.
  5. So when did this thread suddenly morph into the Rants *enter at own risk* thread? Can people kindly keep this a Covid-19 based topic only please! No one really cares about your views on what is or isn't the best / most informative news outlet. I didn't create this thread for soap box politics to rear it's ugly head. Thank you.
  6. Self taken image of one of my own "boards"
  7. I get my first vaccine on March 28 and my second one on June 13. Let's hope some kind of normality can resume again. I'm itching to get back on stage again.
  8. You can only gain any kind of immunity against any virus is via a vaccine. Close contact (herd immunity) with others doesn't make you immune and the human race are not guinea pigs, no matter what some "expert" claims. 14 months back no-one even knew about this virus. Having said that, time will tell wether the vaccine actually works, all it will take is for few people who have had both shots, to catch covid19 and once again the world will be back to the drawing board. There are now a few new strains of Covid19 out there, are the current vaccines suitable ? Also differ
  9. Perhaps also common sence works too. The UK has one of the (if not highest?) rates in Europe, currently standing at 4.1 million cases and 120.000 deaths, our supreme leader Boris Johnson was late to respond to warnings from other countries around the world and almost a month after Italy locked down. Ignorant / stupid people in the UK failed to take heed and follow guidelines and when lockdown eventually came (March 23. 2020) most folk went on with thier normal life with day trips to beaches and parks, visiting friends and relatives, essentially making a very dangerous situation even worse
  10. @Ladybug Looking good young lady. @nitenurse79 Pro photo indeed, for a washed up musicians 2021 Callendar
  11. Just remember that the current vaccine is not affective with the new variants of Covid19, even with vaccination program in full swing in the UK, we are not home and dry yet. People still need to keep social distancing and keeping within thier own "bubbles". Vaccine does not mean immune.
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