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  1. Seerose....thank you so much! You brought a huge smile to my face!
  2. BoltBait has (2) bevel effects...the one I'm referring to is Effects-->Object-->Bevel Object, not the Bevel Selection plugin. And yes, I used a bit of paintbrush at 0% Hardness and Percent 05 Fill. You have a very good eye, thank you, Beta0!
  3. Aaahhhhh.......thanks so much Pixey! You're just the best! (rep later)
  4. Thanks Max, I appreciate that! Thank you, Beta0! No, believe it or not, I used BoltBait's Bevel Object with opposing colors, no image. This image has 10 layers to it, with various blending modes used. Thank you, AndrewDavid! Well, you know I love making shapes and every once in a while, one colors up very nicely.
  5. Just fooling around again, testing some new shapes I made and came up with this. I think it looks very much like a cheap plastic suncatcher from the dollar store. Please enjoy my 'Cheap Plastic Suncatcher'
  6. I really like that @AndrewDavid!! Great work!
  7. Nice Lambo @electrohock777! You need to flatten and 'save as' Pixey said....then we can all enjoy your wonderful picture.
  8. Get well soon Woodsy!!
  9. Classic Eagles!!! Takes me back....very nice @AndrewDavid!
  10. I've just tested new version. Alignment issues seem to be solved and thank you @Eli for posting image for the issue...I couldn't get to it. But, alas....I've found something else. The AntiAliasLevel slider works at default (2) and 3 and 4. As soon as you slide it (or use 'up' arrow) to 5 it goes in endless green progress loop, and if you think you can fix it by sliding back to 4, it crashes PDN. If you try and adjust the slider (from 2) to more than 5, it crashes immediately. Maybe you could look into it @simmetric. Thank you!
  11. More colorful wonders from @Seerose! Just beautiful! I'm particularly attracted to the third one...
  12. Thanks, dip!!
  13. Congrats Drew and Pixey . All entries were well done. Thanks to Pixey for hosting!!
  14. Great job @Maximilian! Both are worthy renditions!
  15. Just tested the revised version. Did the same steps as didn't crash...which is good. The only thing I see that is not working properly is the text alignment after you have spaced the it doesn't recognize that you've expanded the text. Other than that, good job!