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  1. Here's a photo manip. I just love this pic of the's a wallpaper from a collection in the Windows Store called "Life in Lavender'. Original: Painting on Canvas: Watercolor: I had fun doing these....shows you how a few plugins and tweaks can change a picture so drastically. Hope you enjoy!!
  2. Ooohhhhh...this looks like fun. Thank you @MadJik. I'll give it a whirl! That was fun!! Used fractal attractor and your shapes plugins. Added image
  3. Never watched the show @LionsDragon, but she looks quite dead. Good job!
  4. Very nice fractals @MadJik. I especially like the second's calming.
  5. @AndrewDavid ....Wonderful animation! I love it!! (Big Star Trek fan!)
  6. Thank you @hippiechos! I'm so happy you like my stained glass creations.
  7. Love them both @barbieq25! I'm always partial to flower pics. You always do such interesting things to them so they really stand out!
  8. Those are pretty cool @MadJik. I like them a lot.
  9. Thank you @Red ochre!! Your comments are always welcome!
  10. Thanks dear @Seerose! Glad you like it! Catch you tomorrow on rep.
  11. Lovely image @AndrewDavid! I'll catch you tomorrow for a rep!
  12. Thank you, @MJW! I'm sure this will be useful...I'll try it out!
  13. @LionsDragon....thank you so much LD....I'm glad you liked it! @Maximilian....thank you for your magnificent comment! (pssst....where's your gallery? Nag #1) @Pixey....thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it.....I WILL!!!! @Woodsy....thank you! I'm always trying to find new ways to render the effect...glad you like them all! @barbieq25....thank you for commenting on both! High praise, indeed! Yes, you are looking for the eyes! I neglected to include them because I was so focused on the outline! @Rickhum....thank you so much for the rep points on this and previous images!
  14. Here's another in the genre of Stained Glass (my obsession continues...) This is a rough texture glass piece. Watch out, don't cut yourself! (haha) Please enjoy!
  15. Welcome to the forum @OverraughtEnclave. Some very nice pieces you have presented, thanks for sharing!