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  1. @Seerose .....I agree with have been busy!! I love all of them, but am partial to the colored folders. I make custom icons and you've done a wonderful job! Thank you for showing them.
  2. Thanks, @Pixey .....I miss you and the forum as well. I've been attending to my dad's affairs and cleaning out his house so I can I can get it on the market. Very exhausting work! Almost done! Hope to join everyone soon. Thank you for asking....
  3. @BlastWave....all your images are truly impressive! Love them...
  4. @LionsDragon...I love your dragon's progression thru the various stages of development. She is soooo cute! Well done!
  5. Very nice cityscape @AndrewDavid. Nice use of the tut and nice coloring!
  6. @Pixey....another truly wonderful perfume bottle! I think it would be something 'light' and 'feminine'. Beautiful work!
  7. @BlastWave....very informative tutorial! I will try this. Thank you!
  8. Thank you, @toe_head2001 for the latest update!
  9. Thank you for this, @MJW! I can see many uses for this plugin.
  10. Great technique @hippiechos! I would have never thought of highlighting and shading this way. I'll have to experiment. Thank you!!
  11. Very nice snowglobe @Anybloodyid! Just wish it were bigger so I could see more detail. Great job!
  12. @Maximilian, @Seeroseand @LionsDragon.....thanks much for the beautiful comments! Hope everyone's holiday was great!
  13. @toe_head2001, @hippiechos and @Pixey....thanks so much, glad you like it. I felt like 'coloring' yesterday!
  14. Thanks, toe_head for another great plugin!
  15. Wonderful bleeding heart image @Anybloodyid. We all have a 'first image'. Keep at it and keep posting! And, welcome to the forum!