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  1. So increase Ambient lightning, Strength of Light and decrease Phong size. 3 minutes of work: 5 minutes more with additional layers and some blur effects: And one personal advice for you from an older one: The best way to learn something about image editing is to edit images, not to ask how to make it. Because there are more possibilities than you can imagine.
  2. Layer buttons confusion

    I think that sometimes everyone will click the wrong button. It was happen to me too. If you constantly choose the wrong, you have maybe a personal problem with left and right ...
  3. ... and any other image editor.
  4. It would be helpful, if we would know, what kind of "pictures" are affected. It doesn't seem to me, that they're normal JPEGs or PNGs.
  5. assembling two photos

    Together means WHAT? Side by side? One under the other? One blending over the other?
  6. If you're searching exactly this result, you will fail without additional plugin. You can repeatedly use noise, median, blur und resizing the image with different values for the options and may find something like this: or this: Bands are made with line tool manually.
  7. That's why EER said, you have to understand the relationship. DOTS per inch (dpi, printer) and PIXELS per inch (ppi, Display) are NOT the same - and moreover - aren't the same from printer to printer and from display to display.
  8. Maybe you should update to 4.0.19....
  9. That is maybe a misleading wording. If your original image is NOT a square but a rectangle, you have either to crop something (or adding a frame) or the aspect ratio is changing and the image will be squeezed or stretched. The only thing, that may stay untouched is the DPI resolution.
  10. Curious about Thumbnails

    I think, that's an problem with Windows Thumbnail Cache.
  11. How to make better Static?

    I don't know. I was never interested in such things und could only use Google for an answer and that can do yourself.
  12. How to make better Static?

    Getting admin rights is really basic Windows stuff. If your Windows HELP isn't enough, Google should provide tutorials as text and video. Because putting DLLs in the System isn't trivial for the security. Without plugins it is nearly impossible. You have to use the inbuilt effects and I'm afraid that this is not satisfing you.
  13. How to make better Static?

    You could combine some layers with different variants of MultiSpline plugin, edited by adding Local Noise. My fast test result: Adding PolyGlitch Effect "Pixel Drag":

    If you want to straighten an image with a slate horizon, try Level Horizon Spirit Level Photo Effect