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  1. Just RENAME the file from xy.agif to xy.gif in your Windows Explorer or something like that.
  2. How do I open

    The Mediaplayer? What kind of file exactly (name and extension) you have downloaded? It should be You need to unzip the archive (inside is This EXE is the Setup-program that you must start to install the application. First you have to INSTALL the program, then you can start it like any other.
  3. Toli's Effects (v2.0.2, 20 Jan. 2008)

    Then you have a serious problem. Instead of writing novels about your feelings and effords you should read careful the given instructions an follow them more then one time. Once again: Toli's Effects v 2.0.2. is DEAD. It was recompiled for PDN v 4.x and you can find it HERE.
  4. Toli's Effects (v2.0.2, 20 Jan. 2008)

    Nope. I say: Keep calm and be careful with your words.
  5. How to curve a font?

    You could use the Text Formations Plugins by dpy. Circle Text Spiral Text Wave Text
  6. Well, then it isn't a problem of anymore but of HTML and CSS.
  7. Dysfunctional Forum Features

    Thx for the quick reaction @Ego Eram Reputo
  8. Maybe the simplest way is good enough. Put the red chair-shape as a new layer over the background image (black chair) and play with the Blending Modes in the layer properties.
  9. Just add the second image as an additional layer and change the layer properties in the form you need them. Use F7 to toggle the layer window.
  10. I've always wanted to disable email notification for new private messages. Unfortunately, that is not possible. Now this notification is even more senseless than before, because when clicking the link to a PN the following error message appears: Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2S136/C Please fix that or enable the possibility to disable email notifications.
  11. Now I've got it. Your step 4 was misleading. Zagnas video shows not 1/4 but 3/4 of the scale.
  12. Tested again but I can't confirm it anyway.
  13. Nope. All fine here. What version of PDN on which Windows version do you use?
  14. PDN tooltips

    This has never been noticeable to me, but it is true. This also happens here.
  15. You have to put it in a NEW layer. If you confused about the checkerboard: your'e completely new in image editing, right?