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  1. Just COPY it in the right Paint.NET Subfolder, in most cases: EFFECTS. By the way:
  2. Texture Object Rounder

    Really nice and useful, if you only need a tiny but high-quality single object and you don't want to install and handle a complex 3D-application like Blender.
  3. In the last months I used for this purpose No registration needed.
  4. Hi Tantrimo and welcome here. First a tip: Don't put a whole question in the TITLE. The title is for description of the subject. "Glowing effect" would be better. And exactly for "glowing" there are some plugins you can find in the Plugin Index. Unfortuneately the download is broken, but I think, some members here can help out or fix it. A very basic an simple solution without additional plugins: select the bright gauntlets, copy and paste them in a new layer and use a BLUR effect. If you play around with luminosity and contrast maybe you can find a solution for "blackout".
  5. Nice thing! So many possibilities ... for example, along with some blur
  6. Simply load the second file as a new layer in the first file or - if already open both - select the entire file, use copy (ctrl + a, ctrl + c) and paste it in the other file AS a new layer. Then you can change the layer properties... it's absolutely simple and standard. Tip: Use HELP (F1) in Paint.NET, if you has no clue about the program.
  7. Nope. Photobucket has changed his rules. As long as the maker of the tut not react and put his images on another hosters server, you can do nothing.
  8. Sharpen blurry pics

    Yep, but in most case the model is sharp even if the picture isn't
  9. Sharpen blurry pics

    Read it again. You missed the important part.
  10. Just RENAME the file from xy.agif to xy.gif in your Windows Explorer or something like that.
  11. How do I open

    The Mediaplayer? What kind of file exactly (name and extension) you have downloaded? It should be You need to unzip the archive (inside is This EXE is the Setup-program that you must start to install the application. First you have to INSTALL the program, then you can start it like any other.
  12. Toli's Effects (v2.0.2, 20 Jan. 2008)

    Then you have a serious problem. Instead of writing novels about your feelings and effords you should read careful the given instructions an follow them more then one time. Once again: Toli's Effects v 2.0.2. is DEAD. It was recompiled for PDN v 4.x and you can find it HERE.
  13. Toli's Effects (v2.0.2, 20 Jan. 2008)

    Nope. I say: Keep calm and be careful with your words.