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  1. tRump: “He's rich, but you can't see his assets. He's smart, but you can't see his grades. He's got a plan to fix everything, but he's not going to share it with you. Everything is amazing, but if it's not...that's something Obama did. He's in incredible shape, but you can't see his health report. He's innocent, but no you can't talk to anyone about that. He hires only the best people to run our country, which is why there are so many job openings and definitely not because they all keep getting arrested. He has a better and more substantial network of informants than the FBI and CIA combined, but no... you can't see where he's getting that information from. I really wish I had a punchline for all of this. But this is just life now, I guess.”
  2. Good luck on your speech tonight! I wish I could be there to support you.
  3. If you are not using the new beta build of version 4.2, try that and report back.
  4. Why so worried? They don't each much...
  5. I just followed the instructions for my iPhone. Oh, and the reason it is blurry, the wind was blowing hard that day. Less than ideal conditions, I know, but I wanted to try it.
  6. OK, I prevented that crash... removing the Stacked Bar graph type.
  7. There's one in my plugin pack too.
  8. Toy Story 4 - 8/10 (all four of my kids rated it 10/10) Good, solid movie. Very emotional. It was nice to see Bo Peep become a strong character. Also nice to see them cover new ground of toys created by kids--funny stuff in there. Stay for the credits, all the way until the end. The Rest of My Review...
  9. I’ll prevent that error in the next build. But, I’m traveling for the next few days. At least you know how to avoid the error in the mean time. EDIT: I just started digging into the code on this issue... ugh... this might take a while. I will probably take out the preview on the data entry screen.
  10. Text must be on its own transparent layer. Fatter text works best.
  11. This happened because you added a data entry row, but didn't add any data on that row. Like this: I'll fix this later.
  12. Ah, I see, it is happening when you try to sort the rows of data by clicking on the column title. This happens because there is a blank cell in that column. EDIT: @xod This error is now prevented. Redownload.
  13. No. Paint.NET is not designed to be used this way.
  14. Try this plugin:
  15. BoltBait's Charts and Graphs Plugin v0.2 (Prerelease, Test Build) I quickly slapped this together because of this request. (There are probably issues. Give me feedback and I'll see if I can fix them.) It looks like this: You'll find it in the Effects > Render > Chart menu. Instructions: First, choose your chart type. Then, click the "Enter Data" button to enter your chart data. On the data entry screen, you can click the colors to change them and you can right-click on column titles to change those. Finally, tinker with your other options and click the OK button to finalize your chart image. Important: Remember to click the "Save Data" button to save a copy of your chart data to an xml file. This file can then be used later when clicking the "Load Data" button to restore your chart options and data. This is the only way to save the format of your chart if you wish to come back later to make tweaks. Once you click OK, your chart is now a graphic and can't be edited. Limitations: This chart control is not designed to work with selections. I might add that later if users think it is important. The resulting chart is scaled to the size of your canvas. So, before running, set your canvas size to the size of graph you want and press Ctrl+D to close any selection you might have active. Download: Click the button to download the zip file which includes an installer. Download the zip file to your desktop, unzip both files to your desktop and run the installer. If successful, you can delete all the new files from your desktop. Download Once all the bugs are worked out, I'll be adding this to my plugin pack. Source code: I can't take credit for all of this... lots of it was written by @toe_head2001 and Microsoft for another project... but, I did get it working for Paint.NET.
  16. I’ve actually been working on one. I’ll see if I can finish it tonight.
  17. I was in a coffee shop today, when the waitress screamed.."Does anyone know CPR?" I shouted.."I know the whole alphabet!" Everyone laughed. Well, except for this one guy.