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  1. Sorry, but not all fonts are compatible with the plugin. The plugin requires fonts that are compatible with GDI+ (the graphics library that I'm using in that plugin). Those fonts include TrueType, but not OpenType or PostScript fonts.
  2. That’s why they pay me the big bucks! I’m glad you got it figured out.
  3. You should not have 2 of the same frames. Delete one of them.
  4. ^^ I was hungry for dinner and pulled into Islands Burgers (surfing themed burgers/tacos). There was country music playing on the house sound system... I almost walked out... ugh. Anyway, the waitress sat me in a booth, I ordered a drink and she asked me if I wanted anything else and I said “turn the country music off?” She laughed and walked away. When she brought my food I noticed that Green Day was playing. She got a good tip.
  5. Season 2 really well done. S1 & 2 together tell a full story. I’m not sure where S3 will go, but I’m looking forward to it.
  6. In Paint.NET, when working on a single layer, you can move transparent pixels just like you can move opaque pixels. MS Paint can’t do that. It is a serious limitation. The point is, if you want to move transparent pixels and don’t want them to affect the pixels below them, they must be on their own layer. Don't fight it... just learn the power of Paint.NET.
  7. Paint.NET has always worked this way and MS Paint has always worked the other way. So, either you’re mixing them up or you’ve forgotten how to utilize layers in Paint.NET.
  8. The best way is to create your image at 200% or 400%. Then, when finished, scale it down to the contest size.
  9. It will only follow if it is docked.
  10. You may share a link in your first post. However, if your link is commercial in nature (spam), you will be banned.
  11. Instead of clouds, try Effects > Noise > Add noise (no color saturation). Then try the radial blur.
  12. Thanks! Things have been really tight for a long time, but they're starting to turn around. If my luck holds out, I should be OK soon.
  13. I finally got this on DVD... It is everything I wanted to end the story. @welshblue, I think you’ll like this one.
  14. Season 6 was kind of a let down after the exciting conclusion of season 5. I seriously hope season 7 is better...
  15. I finally got around to watching Westworld Season 1... Wow, brilliant stuff. I’m looking forward to season 2 and beyond. 9/10 I almost danced a jig when I saw the old gun slinger from the original movie in the background of one scene. Nicely done.
  16. Are you expecting it to return to the exact same image? Thats never going to happen unless you are scaling x and y by the same amount and you’re scaling by 100 increment percentages. (That is... scale up to 200% then down to 50%.)
  17. Try turning off hardware acceleration in Paint.NET settings. I’m curious if that will stop the behavior.
  18. Sounds like a PEBCAK. Bruce, be sure you’re using the Effects > Flip effects... and, remember it only works on a symmetric selection.