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  1. To true to be funny, but here it is...
  2. You're fine. Rule #2 is really just so people don't START threads in the plugin forum asking questions about plugins or requesting plugins, etc.
  3. So what this utility does is run an MSI reinstall operation with a flag telling it to only replace missing files.
  4. You can verify that there is no loss of data by doing the following: Open your image, and load your modified image in a separate layer... change that layer's blending mode to XOR. All changes will be highlighted in white. If the resulting image is solid black, there are no differences between the two layers (images).
  5. It depends on the resize method used. If you use the "Nearest Neighbor" method of resizing up and use it again to resize down, YES it is safe--you won't lose any information.
  6. Yup, my daughter does the same thing to me.
  7. Step 1: Install my plugin pack Step 2: Select your sprite Step 3: Use the flip plugin, Effects > Flip Horizontal or Effects > Flip Vertical
  8. Rant: this past week, due to the snow storm, my power was out for 4 straight days. Then it was on for a day. Now, due to the 2 new feet of snow we got yesterday, the power is out again. AND I couldn’t drive to my house tonight because the roads hadn’t been plowed and a huge tree had fallen across the road to my house!
  9. No. But, this plugin could help you:
  10. Try one of the feather plugins in my plugin pack on the arrow layer before merging layers.