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  1. https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/2135-pcx-plug-in/
  2. Please continue development. I would actually like to see some of the capabilities built-in to Paint.NET, like tabs. Perhaps you could work with Rick to port some of your code directly into Paint.NET so people like me could enjoy tabs and other things.
  3. Oh, and here's some David Gilmour... playing drums?!
  4. Sorry, not available in USA... Here is some Badfinger: Day after Day
  5. This whole mess is why I will never use the Option Based Library in one of my effects.
  6. You are still running v3.0 and the fix is in v3.1.
  7. Creative Text Pro always renders text with a transparent background (to facilitate adding shadows, etc.). So, when you select and copy the text, be sure to use Ctrl+Shift+V in order to paste the text on to your favorite background. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+V (instead of just Ctrl+V) will paste into a new layer. That way, you can manipulate the text (like moving it around or adding shadows to it) before merging the layer down.
  8. Have you considered using an actual 3D program, like SketchUp?
  9. @Chuck I released build 3.1 of Dominoes on my web site: https://BoltBait.com/Dominoes Let me know if it fixes the problem for you.
  10. Sure enough, there was a simple "cut-and-paste" error in the routine that checks to see if you can play. I will put out an update as soon as possible. Unfortunately, after updating my compiler, I'm unable to open the installer for the game... researching...
  11. So, of course, someone asked... I can't believe it, but somehow I've found a band that sounds better backwards than forwards. Let go your mind, relax and float downstream... INTO HELL.
  12. Wow. That's really weird. I've played hundreds of games with those exact same options (except I always play to 250) and I've never seen it make a mistake like that. I'll check it out though. Thanks for the report. The options screen shows that you are playing with multiple spinners, but it looks like the game thinks you're playing with single spinners. Maybe change that option, then change it back? EDIT: Nope, that can't be it. You'd still be able to play your 5's. Although, it is true that the computer can't play and should have passed. Looks like the computer is hol
  13. My I present to you... The Shaggs quite possibly the worst band ever. Both Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain considered Philosophy of The World by The Shaggs to be one of their 5 favorite albums of all time. They felt this way because The Shaggs don't sound like any other band--they are truly original. The Shaggs are probably the best example of something called "outsider music". Do yourself a favor and research The Shaggs and learn about their incredible story. Give this post a like if you actually made it all the way to the end of the song.
  14. After making your first selection, hold down the Ctrl key while making your second selection.
  15. That button is Ctrl-I What that does is invert your selection. It is impossible for an effect to change pixels that aren't selected. So, simply invert your selection, run the effect, then you can invert your selection again to select the originally selected pixels.
  16. This is due to Paint.NET feathering the edges of your selection. You can turn this off here: Change to "Pixelated selection quality".
  17. Go here: https://forums.getpaint.net/forum/44-plugin-packs/ Look for the plugin packs that are pinned in that forum.
  18. Everyone's path is different. Life is not a competition, it is a journey. When I need my hair done, I go to a professional (someone like yourself), I don't try to do it myself. I'd just make a mess of it. That said, if you want to compete with someone... compete with yourself!
  19. I am a computer programmer. I have been professionally programming computers since 1982. I have a BS in Computer Science and an MS in Database Administration. I have also owned several businesses along the way. I was a partner in a scrap yard where I learned A LOT about recycling scrap metal, car parts, and car batteries. I was a partner in a tutoring company where I tutored kids in Pre Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, and Calculus. I also spent 12 years in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserves where I learned a lot about how to look
  20. Be careful. Finlay is a thief. He is illegally redistributing plugins. If you want my plugins, it is best to simply download them from HERE as they come with an installer. The plugins he's distributing are outdated.
  21. @ProjectNorilsk If you only want to make your canvas smaller, you can sort of do what you want like this: 1. Press Ctrl-A to select your entire image 2. Press M M to enable the Move Selection tool This shows the handles you're looking for. 3. Drag the handles to the canvas size you want. 4. Click the Crop to Selection button on the toolbar. This will result in the canvas size you want.
  22. Just so we know what we're dealing with, please do the following: Go to your setting screen () Click the Diagnostics tab Click the Copy to clipboard button Come here and paste that text into a message on this thread. That may give us some clues. Also, tell us about the typical size of your images. How many pixels wide, pixels tall, and number of layers.
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