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  1. If you haven’t seen the documentary Sound City yet... go watch it! (It’s available free on YouTube.)
  2. I don't see the point in most of your posts... But, you don't see me complaining.
  3. I saw them live when they were known as The Scratch Band.
  4. Since Paint.NET only allows 1 copy to be open at once, and if a second copy is started it simply makes the first copy active... I assume that because Paint.NET is already running, just on a desktop that isn't visible, the second copy of Paint.NET fails to activate the first copy because the first copy isn't on the active desktop. I'm curious what the proper behavior would be in this case: Error message mentioning that it is already running, just on a different virtual desktop Activate the first desktop so that Paint.NET could be shown Silent fai
  5. Since we're getting close to the Halloween season... I was going to post a video by The Cramps... but, I really couldn't find a "family friendly" video... Poison Ivy ♥️ Candy Del Mar ♥️ can really Tear It Up, LIVE! Personally, I think Poison Ivy is a totally underrated guitar player. BTW, The Cramps originated in my home town, Sacramento CA.
  6. ♥️ 👍 I'm pretty sure I've posted the "Loudness" song "Esper" before in this thread... Anyway, I can't wait until Babymetal girls age out of the band and join the grand dads!
  7. Technically, if Alpha is 0, then R, G, and B are undefined.
  8. Have you noticed how few posts we get now asking how to install plugins? We used to get 10+ posts per day...
  9. You're using Microsoft Paint and not Paint.NET which is a completely different program. This message board is for support of Paint.NET. You need to go ask on a Microsoft Support message board. Closing this...
  10. Time to replace the batteries in your wireless mouse? Time to clean the inside of your mouse? I cleaned mine out 2 weeks ago... it behaves like a brand new mouse.
  11. Make sure you have updated Paint.NET to v4.2.13.
  12. More like my brain after looking at G'MIC scripts... they literally make NO sense to me at all.
  13. Here's my try: I made the text on it's own layer, then duplicated that layer. Next, on the middle text layer, I applied a render of clouds to it to give the text more variance. NOTE: I had to copy the alpha from the text layer back to the middle text layer as the Clouds render lost my alpha. Then, I used Point Blur (as others have used above) to make the trails. This looked good, but I didn't think it was prominent enough, so I duplicated the layer and merged down the duplicate into the copy. You can then adjust the alpha of the tra
  14. Until MS fixes their site, you can download the tool here: https://forums.getpaint.net/topic/116891-error-1603/?tab=comments#comment-574089
  15. Here is a picture I took of the dashboard after about 1000 miles on the trip. I had reset TripA for the purposes of measuring the MPG for my trip: Sorry for the blurriness of the picture, but I was driving at the time and had to take the picture with one hand... I cleaned it up the best I could. For those across the pond: 80 MPH = 129 KPH 1051.1 Miles = 1691.6 Kilometres 51.1 MPG = 21.7 KML 91*F = 32.8*C Official MPG of the Prius is 55MPG, so close. I did notice that it gets better MPG when using the cruise control.
  16. Or, you could use a different recording tool, like ShareX? I don't think Rick is going to completely change the way Paint.NET works just because OBS Studio has bugs...
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