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  1. The YouTube algorithm is working well tonight...
  2. Social isolation music: This time with Greenday... OK, dad, we did it. Can we have our iPhones back now?
  3. Oh? Why's that? Because of this... My latest shadow plugin crashes previous versions of Paint.NET because of the bug and he runs the Store version.
  4. Paint.NET is not a batch editing tool. Sorry. But, if you open all 45 images, you can lighten one image, then switch to the next image and open the Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast effect and it will have the same settings as before... so that will save you a little time.
  5. At 255 your opacity is set to completely solid... for every other software on the planet. That's why you need to ask at a forum dedicated to the game in question. Obviously, they're using something other than normal opacity to determine how solid their textures are. We don't know what that is... and until we know, we can't help you.
  6. Different games use different methods to modify opacity. Which one do they use?
  7. I recommend asking on a message board dedicated to modding the game in question. This is not a Paint.NET question... until you know exactly what needs to be done.
  8. This is 2 separate issues. Make sure you've selected the proper menu: This works differently than Photoshop. All layers of an image in Paint.NET are the same size. Therefore, if you crop one layer ALL layers are cropped. Hope this helps, BoltBait
  9. CodeLab v5.4 has been released to support this version of Paint.NET. Enjoy. 😎
  10. CodeLab 5.4 Released This is only for Paint.NET 4.2.11+! Small (but important) update today... Changes: ▪ Improved suggested variable names (toe_head2001) ▪ Improvemens in Autocomplete and Intellisense (toe_head2001) ▪ Generate Type Definitions on F12. You can now see definitions inside of libraries. (toe_head2001) ▪ Remember scroll positions (and other things) when switching tabs (toe_head2001) ▪ Rewrite File New Template for up to 2 Scratch Surfaces, also bug fixes and better code (BoltBait) Grab the CodeLab DLL here: File New Template Improvements: When I completely rewrote the File New Templates in CodeLab 5.0, I was under the assumption that it was OK to use the DST surface as a scratch surface during the calculation of your final results. This is OK under some very narrow circumstances, but generally this should be avoided. (This could cause your effects to have different results when previewing your effect and when clicking OK to finalize your image.) In this release, I have removed this capability and replaced it with a second scratch surface called AUX. So, now you have access to the source surface (SRC) which is your layer before any changes are made, a working surface (WRK) to use as a scratch surface if necessary, a second working surface (AUX) to use if necessary, and of course the destination surface (DST) where you store your final calculated pixels. In previous versions, the blend modes had the top and bottom layers swapped--that's fixed in this build. The code generated should also be easier to understand. (This is the last update before toe_head2001 rewrites the entire compiler section.)
  11. Nope. Sorry. To be fair, Paint.NET did try and warn you that you hadn't saved yet... next time go a little slower, read the messages, click the appropriate buttons... (Yeah, happens to me once in a while too...)
  12. No, sorry, that's just the way Paint.NET works.
  13. When in Paint.NET, pressing Ctrl-N to open a new document, it defaults to the size of the image on the clipboard. Maybe that's what's going on here.
  14. If you're running the store version, you need to put them in a different place: C:\Users\xxxxxx\Documents\ User Files\Effects Hope this helps, BoltBait
  15. HAHA!!! Thanks, I needed a good laugh today.
  16. Don't do that. I used to think it was ok. Now, I don't. Currently CodeLab allows you do design plugins this way using the File > New templates... I will be correcting this for the next release. Do not use DST as another scratch surface. Stuff doesn't work right when you do this.
  17. I will listen to anything Cyndi Lauper sings... ♥️