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Fractal Curly Tree NEW!

This effect uses a fractal algorithm to draw a curly tree.





@Ego Eram ReputoCopied/paste from spoiler it appears as a spolier too but I can't see nor remove it. Help please...

Edited by Ego Eram Reputo
Rescued you!
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Hi Madjik


I have downloaded your superb plug--in pack.

I have tried out "Donut.dll" in the latest version of Paint.Net, however it does not appear to work.

Perhaps I am using it incorrectly? Or does it not work with Paint.Net 4.2?


Kindest wishes

Roger the Dodger😊

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Hi @MadJik!  I see you haven't been on in awhile and I'm hoping you'll check in soon.


I'm seeing a small problem with your Kaleidoscope plugin.  It no longer cuts out the background when that option is selected.


See below.  Possible fix?  Thanks!  :D




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I hear ya @welshblue.  Did it always work this way?  I seem to remember it differently.


Oh well, your suggestion works, so I'll use it.  Thanks!  :D


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11 minutes ago, welshblue said:

It was.  Digging out an old image from an old tut' ... the UI has changed




EDIT: I just found a working version. v1.4, cuts out the background without messing with the radius amount.

I'm glad I archive some old plugins.


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Actually the colon was there, but the head of the URL was malformed in other ways.


I fixed it 😊

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