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  1. MadJik' all plugins (last updated: 2018-01-10)

    Can you update the download location for the plugin. Its links are blocked in my country.
  2. Happy Birthday. @welshblue
  3. Just for sake of history of reporting bugs I am quoting it here. boltbait's reply. I coded a fix for this. It will be in the next release of CodeLab. Basically, it will ignore any commented out lines. If you use the UIBuilder, when you click OK, those lines will be deleted.
  4. Help with Stripe Plugin

    Yup, you were right. after changing its value now stripes start from Primary Color and end with Secondary Color. I was feeling something is miss because both side doesn't matching to primary and secondary color.
  5. Help with Stripe Plugin

    @MadJik Thanks for your help, my code is done and it run and build successfully. ( You solved it. ) But I want the stripes left start from zero and right less This value makes the last right shade equal to secondary color, while first left shade not equal to primary color. g1 = (PrimaryColor.R *(n - i) + (i)*SecondaryColor.R)/n But I prefer that first left shade to be equal to primary color, (RHS can be different) so I had used this code. g1 = (PrimaryColor.R *(n - i) + (i -1)*SecondaryColor.R)/n That should I need to do to achieve that
  6. Hi @BoltBait @toe_head2001 , I am trying to write a plugin in codelab. When I run the code in Codelab, it works perfectly. but problem is When I try see see preview some error happens. And I am also not able to build dll. PFA below the my script and icon file for dll. The effect is not complete but work in progress. I will be happy If you can find out what went wrong and how to build dll. I need this effect for some important work. ( I need to draw stripes on canvas with any specified number.) // Name: Gradual Stripes // Submenu: Render // Author: Pratyush // Title: Gradual Stripes // Version: 1.0.0 // Desc: Draws stripes with gradual change in shades // Keywords: Stripes|Grayscale|Lines // URL: // Help: #region UICode IntSliderControl Amount1 = 9; // [0,64] Slider 1 Description #endregion void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect) { // Delete any of these lines you don't need Rectangle selection = EnvironmentParameters.GetSelection(src.Bounds).GetBoundsInt(); int CenterX = ((selection.Right - selection.Left) / 2) + selection.Left; int CenterY = ((selection.Bottom - selection.Top) / 2) + selection.Top; ColorBgra PrimaryColor = EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor; ColorBgra SecondaryColor = EnvironmentParameters.SecondaryColor; int BrushWidth = (int)EnvironmentParameters.BrushWidth; ColorBgra CurrentPixel; for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++) { int n = Amount1; int[] A = new int[n+1]; int i; /* initialize elements of array n */ A[0] = rect.Left; if (IsCancelRequested) return; for ( i = 1; i <= n; i++ ) { A[ i ] = (rect.Left*(n - i) + i*rect.Right)/n; for (int x = A[i-1]; x < A[i]; x++) { CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; //int p = PrimaryColor.R; int g1,g2,g3,g4; g1 = (PrimaryColor.R *(n - i) + (i -1)*SecondaryColor.R)/n; g2 = (PrimaryColor.G *(n - i) + (i -1)*SecondaryColor.G)/n; g3 = (PrimaryColor.B *(n - i) + (i -1)*SecondaryColor.B)/n; g4 = (PrimaryColor.A *(n - i) + (i -1)*SecondaryColor.A)/n; CurrentPixel.R = (byte)g1; CurrentPixel.G = (byte)g2; CurrentPixel.B = (byte)g3; CurrentPixel.A = (byte)g4; dst[x,y] = CurrentPixel; } } } } MyScript_2.cs
  7. Hi @chris100100 Please update to latest PDN version 4.0.21 . This defect of introduced in 4.0.20. Rick has just released the patch i.e. new version for PDN. The new version has been uploaded in Microsoft store .
  8. Yeah. I agree that's stupid. Seriously What was I thinking that time.
  9. From here to here. How far codelab has come. May be someone can review it. EDIT: *May be someone can review Codelab as a tool
  10. Presets for Gradient Mapping

    @ReMake Thank you for making compilation. I was thinking to put together all of post related to presets, since you are listing them together, I can freely concentrate on making preset post.
  11. Edge Blur RGB

    Once support period for windows 7 (i.e. 2020) is completed will we have some chance for new new blend mode in PDN. Since all of the person will have option to upgrade to v4.0.
  12. Photobucket sucks.

    I was wondering why EER signature said that, until I found this post, I had no idea about it as I have always used imgur.
  13. Good , that it reverts back to how it is in the code editor once preview is closed. It would be very annoying if set values changes in editor to anything arbitrary after running previews. But one can find it useful if there is an seperate option in file menu (or whichever menu indentation option is) to use functional UI to set or change value variable in Editor.
  14. Hey Bolt, does that mean we can change sliders (of UI) to change values in editor dynamically while working in codelab? EDIT: Once I reach home I will test that.