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  1. Do you want to fade white color into transparent white? If so use primary color as opaque white and secondary color as transparent white while using gradient.
  2. Pratyush 4.0.21 is now available

    When new update is expected? Is it something big as it took four and half month wait 😊?
  3. Pratyush

    Plugin Index

    How many plugins this month?
  4. Pratyush

    Splitting text color

    XOR blending mode can do similar. Black with XOR is pass through White with XOR is invert color.
  5. Hi, can tabs be supported in Codelab? if there would be 3 or 4 tabs, it would be quite helpful in copying and testing different versions together.
  6. Use this plugin. Import all images as layer. and 'save as' sprite with option as 1 column. Then reopen through recent files. This will save files as vertical sprites. If you want to do that horizontally 1. import all images in through layers menu. 2. rotate 90 degree through edit menu. 3. save as sprite-sheet with option column 1. 4. go to file menu, and open the new file from recent files. 5. rotate 90 in opposite direction from edit menu. 6. save
  7. Pratyush on Mac? for Mac is not going to happen. Quoted from FAQ: (1) Will it ever be ported to Mac OS, Linux, or any other operating system? (2) What about Mono support? Wouldn't that be really easy? We will not be doing any work to directly support Mac OS, Linux, Mono, or any other platform. We are doing this in order to focus on the best quality and support for the platform that we develop on: Windows with .NET. Also, we simply do not have the resources or expertise to do any of this work.
  8. Pratyush

    Happy Birthday Nitenurse79

    Happy Birthday @nitenurse79, Have great day.
  9. @toe_head2001 Why do you need visual studio for plugin browser(As Madjik said)? Doesn't plugin browser works for all created plugins?
  10. What is plugin browser ? what does it do?
  11. I must admit that I have come to like Codelab more than Visual Studio, because how fast and easy it is see the output of a code using preview option.
  12. Pratyush

    Kill Color Keeper v 1.2

    Versions 1.2 Updated UI to select Color.
  13. Thanks Madjik. It did work. I am still not sure what was happening but I'm happy that it is working. @ReMake Thanks for help.
  14. Hi Everyone, Being a beginner I know next to nothing about programming and I am trying to achieve something. Here, I wanted to make amendment in UI for Kill color Keeper like this. This was to include dropdown from Jotaf's original plugin. Previous UI was. In UI region I Added, #region UICode DoubleSliderControl Amount1 = 1; // [0,20] Color tolerance: ColorWheelControl Amount2 = ColorBgra.FromBgr(0,0,0); // [PrimaryColor] {!Amount3} Select Color CheckboxControl Amount3 = false; // [0,1] Use specific Values to Select Colors ListBoxControl Amount4 = 0; // {Amount3} What Color?|What color?|Primary Color|Secondary Color|White|Gray|Black RadioButtonControl Amount5 = 0; // [1] Functions|Keep Color|Kill Color IntSliderControl Amount6 = 0; // [0,255] Consider transparent any alpha smaller than: IntSliderControl Amount7 = 255; // [0,255] {Amount5} Consider transparent any alpha greater than: #endregion And for assigning input color value I updated this line ColorBgra color = Amount2; into this block of codes. ColorBgra color; if(Amount3) color = Amount2; else //selecting things from dropdown switch(Amount4) { case 0: // Primary color color = (ColorBgra)EnvironmentParameters.PrimaryColor; break; case 1: // Secondary color color = (ColorBgra)EnvironmentParameters.SecondaryColor; break; case 2: // White color = ColorBgra.White; break; case 3: // Gray color = ColorBgra.Gray; break; default: // Black color = ColorBgra.Black; break; } So, In UI output is as expected, for the drop-down & Color-Wheel are enabled and disabled and working as expected. But somehow the selection of color is not working at all. i.e. The behavior is I am seeing. When checkbox for "specific values" is checked, Dropdown is enabled as expected, I can choose color from dropdown but Output for the selected Color from dropdown doesn't reflect on Canvas. When checkbox for "specific values" is unchecked, ColorWheel is enabled as expected, I can change value for color but Again output for the selected Color from ColorWheel doesn't reflect on Canvas. UI is eternally struck on Primary Color which is default value. If I comment the whole "if else and switch" block of new code, and replace it with simply "ColorBgra color = Amount2;" every thing starts working again magically. How to make the it work? I am at my wit's end and I can't understand what is happening here. . Here is the full code. Code: Thanks and Regards.
  15. Pratyush

    Plugin Index

    :facepalm: Why didn't I thought of this. I have made a comment in that discussion.