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  1. Hi @masonh The version you mentioned was a work in progress version. I removed the broken DL link. You could use the step factor to go over the limits -2 to 2.
  2. I always have a look from time to time on the forum.
  3. Where could I download the updated version? CodeLab from BoltBait site still reverts the value to 0.
  4. @welshblue This isn't a bug. The sliders are linked eachother to be sure Minimum is always less (or =) to Maximum and vice-versa. Set the two sliders to max and move down the Maximun then Minimun will follow...
  5. @xod i looked at this code and made some changes to it: Amount3 is Double for more precision (Amount4 might be an angle chooser…) Amount5 added Both (new)Amount6 to draw the circle (may be add the external circle…) In DrawTextOnCircle: Added // Calculate the Start angle to have text centered.
  6. This makes me remember this tuto: It will be quite laborious too...
  7. The dropdown list is populated from the actual year… It means next year the last choice in the list will be + 1 (2033). edit:Perhaps a slider -100 <--- year ---> +100 would be better for a bigger range and will offer the possibility to key in the year... (Birth month of grandpa…)
  8. Hello, Updated version of the XYCoords
  9. @Eli thank you for the report. Fixed with new version 1.2.6. Added alternative choice for coords without X Y.
  10. Print white? Is your printer able to print with white ink ? On screen do you use background layer, if so make it every color you want execpt white (black, green, pink).
  11. Hi, You could use several recoloring Tools and plugins: Menu Adjustments/Curves... Menu Adjustments/Conditional Hue/Saturation... link : link : link :
  12. @Major Thank you. If you mean to have a frame outside the picture with a white gap between, like this: You could draw a white frame first and another frame smaller. But they still overlay a part of the original image. The idea of @toe_head2001 is the only way to keep the image intact. @Eli this is an issue I added to my todo list. Thanks for the report (the only one in 10 years!) The frame works well with no selection (full canvas).
  13. You could see some info at the bottom of the first post: Edited yesterday at 09:27 AM by toe_head2001 Fixed broken links