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  1. Now, I had pushed a new version of Diffusion Limited Aggregation. Changes according to commit log:
  2. I think I know of a solution to do exactly that at the code level. Would that work?
  3. I had fixed a bug with Construction Material Texture, now butterwoth bandpass will work. Also, the useless background color option has been completely replaced with seed.
  4. Here's something you can do with Rainbowify: 1. Load or create a image to use as base for Rainbowify. 2. Duplicate the image twice. 3. Desaturate the top two image. 4. Rainbowify the first layer. 5. Set the middle layer into Multiply Mode. 6. Set the top layer into Glow Mode. You'd get something interesting here.
  5. @Panchdara : Strange... I'm not seeing anything to indicate something is up here via VirusTotal. Downloaded just fine via Firefox Mobile. Can anyone else confirm the report made by @Panchdara ?
  6. This plugin converts the average of RGB channel into Hue Range, and then add a gradient, and finally wrap it around to [0-1) range. Inspired by Rainbowify effect made by Jonathan Frech. There are three parameters: Hue Shift, Angle, and Gradient Scale. Self-Explanatory. Output of Effect: Installation: Plugin Files -> Rainbowify.zip 1. Insert the .dll into effect folder of paint.net installation 2. Find it under Artistic. I want it under Stylize though, but this can do. Source code: PDN C# G'MIC
  7. Added a new filter - Rainbowify. It's not much a filter, but it's something.
  8. 2.9.8 has been released. The big part of this release is AI capability.
  9. I had just updated code above. Even left some code sample to be used for HSI palette being the base for coloring the Lyapunov Fractal. Though, just from this, I find that the code is really slow. I know this is because that it is single-threaded. Doesn't look like there's much I can do about certain issues besides going into making it a gmic-pdn plugin though I prefer to avoid that route unless there's not a choice. Issues: 1. Slow speed because of it being single-threaded. 2. Lack of random HSI palette mapping. 3. The C percentage gui element cannot be grayed out if there is no 'c' in abc-string. 4. Lack of anti-aliasing. 1,2,and 4 is solved by the gmic-pdn route. 3 isn't solve-able though @midora might have an answer to that via option-based library.
  10. I might or might not finish this though. I'm working on Markus-Lyapunov as a C# plugin. If I decide not to finish it up, then I'll be leaving this for others to complete. Random option is just a gradient of random color, and double palettes there mean two gradients.
  11. @HyReZ Welcome back!

    1. HyReZ


      Thank you!

  12. Ok, now I'm curious. Any descriptions? And should we have obnoxious gif in our profile? Just kidding on the last question.
  13. How's the rewrite going?

    1. midora


      I'm working on PER_MONITOR_V2 support and dark mode for an other project and will transfer this later to PDN.


      There is really a problem for me to send messages inside of the forum. After pressing 'submit reply' the button changes to 'saving' and that's it. I have to repeat it again and again and after hours it works for a short time.

  14. Still more work into the Lyapunov Fractal. This time this use 2 custom palette arguments. Also, palette can be generated via images.
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