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  1. Bricks bug fix has arrived. Only the offset bug remains, but I don't feel like fixing it any time soon.
  2. I just got a idea to try to make realistic brick though this wasn't made with Paint.NET. I made it using Krita 4.3 Beta with the latest G'MIC.
  3. Brick filter has arrived though there's bugs in it. The bug fix will arrive in a few days or so. You can however test it and give me some feedbacks except for bugs.
  4. He didn't make those filters, he just made g'mic accessible. Check the Testing Section, those are the vast majority of filter creators, and including myself. I made ~30 filters myself.
  5. I guess there isn't a good workaround to the issue of multiple images i.e more than 2 images. That being said, @Eli wanted a better brick solution. I made this. It doesn't have the disable top or left or right or bottom outline, but that can be done later (I'll have to update some filters later on with more features, but adding features is time-consuming as it is). EDIT: Removed code as it isn't needed here. Also, GUI is finished.
  6. @Eli @lynxster4 Letting you two know that I have finished my solution. I'll release it when I have the gui version finished. Not going to post the g'mic code here, it's going to my thread.
  7. This is a thread over 10 years old so he probably never will update it, but the brick effect is something that I can definitely do. It doesn't look too hard to recreate and expand.
  8. I'm not so sure if I can manage to make this new filter works with Paint.NET, but it needs to be asked though. Is there any way one can create pictures side by side from videos and import into This new filter is basically z-depth render where you use a clipboard image to determine which frame to render. The above shows the effect of the filter with conical gradient. As you can see, there are 3 images, and the conical gradient determines the time.
  9. Filters that outputs multiple layer is not going to work on PDN because filters are restricted to one. @G'MIC David, could you offer a workaround for PDN users via export?
  10. I can do that, but I'm thinking this would imply that either I should fill with nearest nonexisting colors if number of areas exceed a palette, or refill it with the current palette, or to do with random colors. It would take some time for me to implement, but right now I'm having bad case of insomnia, so it might not be possible any time soon on my end. That, and I do have some plans to fix my filter or implement a new filter.
  11. Thorny Fractal - Secant Sea filter is on G'MIC. Also, I wanted to share this. That was made with the Thorny Fractal - Secant Sea filter. Here's the setting Escape - 1000000 Loop - 353 Subsampling Level - 8.929 Distortion X Formula - Petallian Distortion X - 7 Distortion Y - -8.3 Random Color Map - Colours - 6 Seed - 2116 After that, it's just modifying the color. I did applied it to a much bigger picture though.
  12. Thorn Fractal - Secant Sea Filter is coming soon - Pull Request : Some images of the filters - It's basically a different version of Strange Attractor made by @MadJik
  13. I have a question for you, do you plan to leave comments for other programmers using other programming language or software to understand how your filter works? As in, leaving note on the source codes you're planning to release? Something like a base documentation and how the underlying math works, so that other programmers can find the most effective route if there's a way to simplify them.

    1. Xhin


      I wrote an article that does some of that:



      I would like to make a longer more fleshed-out article whenever the polar group of plugins is more fleshed-out.

    2. Reptillian


      Okay, thanks. I'll be using that article when I do finish some of the filters I need to fix.

  14. Deleted because it's not necessary anymore.