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  1. ImageMagic or G'MIC. Both can work for batch processing.
  2. Never mind, please close this. I been able to convert the Strange Bulger Kaleidoscope PDN filter to G'MIC form, and will be adding new features to it.
  3. Since I am unable to use codelab to test changes to the code, I would Iike to understand how the code works and de-kaleidoscope it. Any idea?
  4. I'm just gonna show off what I have here. I converted the quaddro bumperoo/inverto into g'mic code, and mixed them, and extended them with the option to use and,or operation instead of xor. Sample Image Generated from this code - rep_binaltquadtex 10,6,99,2,0 % 361 {w},{h},1,1,1 {w},{h},1,1,1 a c hsv2rgb Note: rep_binaltquadtex is not available yet. rep_binaltquadtex is separated from the % 361 as I want the option to use it as a coordinate map like I did with spiral matrix. As you note, rep_binaltquadtex is one channel only.
  5. 18 new palettes and more Nebulous fixes have arrived. A double multipler for disturbance level is needed for precision purpose. Also, I created a option to link x and y factor with disth and disty for flexibility purpose. - Palettes changes - amiga7800 ntsc/pal series is now just amiga7800. C64 palettes now has two interpretations - Colodore and Pepto. So, their cli code is pal c64_colodore and pal c64_pepto Fornax Void palettes, 2 autochrome palettes, and popular user palettes like nature embrace 55 been added. --- What's coming? Rewrite of construction texture, asmageddon tools with 3 boundary condition and interpolation. I already recreated strange bulger a and b(Merged), and sinusoidal shaking.
  6. For PDN users, you could use Krita to convert files since it supports just about every blending modes in existence in v4.2(other than lazpaint, Krita is the only one that supports every pdn modes as xor do not exist in ps or affinity or gimp) and PDN users aren't likely to get them soon. Plugins don't solve issues with PDN blending modes. The latest ora allows for interchangeability(w/ shortcomings) but it really is best to have a filetype plugin for this purpose.
  7. This is something that can be done via g'mic plugin. Only problem is that it is a clumsy solution as it requires loading gmic-qt and not to mention coding(I prefer to code other filters). Your other option is to code up a pdn plugin. It's one or the other, either are clumsy. For the OP - You can use this quick solution (not simplified) to type in variable (Untested) for code series under Various in G'MIC Q ----- nrw=$1 nrh=$2 nrxp=$3 nryp=$4 Red=$5 Green=$6 Blue=$7 Alpha=$8 $nrw,$nrh,100%,100%,[$Red,$Green,$Blue,$Alpha] resize. {w+$nrxp},{h+$nryp},100%,100%,0,0,1,1 blend alpha ----- Replace $Number with your variables
  8. 6 new palettes has been added. It was pushed by gmic maintainer 6 hrs ago Name ; ID - Amiga 7800 M.E.S.S palette ; amiga7800mess - Amiga 7800 NTSC ; amiga7800ntsc - Amiga 7800 PAL; amiga7800pal - Sam Coupe ; samcoupe - VGA; vga - Deluxe Paint; deluxepaint Their number id details here - Type in "pal {palette id} k." in code global/local to verify There are now 143 palettes for G'MIC ------- I am near at a point where I’ll be rewriting the Concrete Material Texture for new features altogether, besides the seamless issue, I believe I could use several different ideas. As many as possible. But then again, I might work on true autochrome stimulation, though it’s one or the other at this point. Here’s on my backnotes - Color Blending Factor - Forces the result to stay within a certain colors A-B Contrast - Lower Contrast means less blue and/or yellow and/or less red and/or green. And higher contrast means more saturation on blue, yellow, green, red. Fix seamless-ness Local Contrast Some ideas I just thought off Minibumps- This just add a mini bumps surface over the concrete material.
  9. I have to agree with that. Now to share this, I'm not a fan of metal, but her voice is soothing. One of the only two musics of her that I like
  10. Now, I have successfully fixed all issues with my Grouped Pixel Axis-Based Shift which is extended version of @MadJik Gravity filter. Should here shortly. By the time you read this post, it's probably here. If it say 2019/5/14 , then it means it arrived. For proof! Original No change to above image. Axis=Horizontal, Influence is between 0-1, position is between 0-1 With the new changes I commited to g'mic-community, lines don't break anymore. ------- Filter update has arrived. Also, I made scintilate as well. This one works on YUV color space. iw={w} ih={h} is={s} mini_square=20 large_square={ceil((sqrt(w^2+h^2))/$mini_square)*$mini_square} 2,2,1,1,(x+y)%2 r. {$mini_square*100}%,{$mini_square*100}%,100%,100%,1 r. $large_square,$large_square,100%,100%,0,3 rotate. 62.5,1 r. $iw,$ih,100%,100%,0,0,.5,.5 r. 100%,100%,1,$is,0 *. 255 split_opacity.. rgb2yuv8... f... "abs(i#0-i#2)" yuv82rgb... a[^-1] c k.. Paste that into code[global] or code[local] and see what you get. You can also change color space, but use 8-bit color space. See G'MIC reference. You can edit mini_square and numbers next to rotate. On second part of rotate, 0 = nearest, 1 = linear, 2 = bicubic
  11. Some of you might not be a fan of Gregorian, but this is a soulful music for me What with the jpeg-like preview?
  12. Ok, just uploaded the change of one sided backdrop instead of two to reduce distortion when using influence factor. Not perfect, but it works better than two sided backdrop. Now to wait since I don't have access to merge request. It will be for G'MIC 2.6.2. Also, did fixed a nebulous bug.
  13. It'll come shortly. Anytime that Krita and GIMP has the latest version as a option, Paint.NET will follow soon. And we're at that point. David_Tschumperle announces the latest version release from time to time in forum. You can also visit the to find out the latest version, and if it doesn't match the PDN version, you can see it'll come shortly.
  14. Now, you can test my filters as G'MIC 2.6.2 has been released for Paint.NET. Image #1 Shift Position = -1, Axis=Vertical, Influence Factor=.5 Shift Position = 0, Axis=Vertical, Influence Factor=1 Influence Effect isn't perfect though as in some cases there will be pixels that are detached. Don't know what to do about that, but this is my best attempt for the scope of this filter.