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  1. Reptillian

    wrapping two images together

    You might want to use a 3d program for this kind of task. If you have a height map, use that as a displacement map, and use your flag as a diffuse map. Then adjust perspective, and then render your flag over a mountain. With 2D programs, you're pretty much forced to guess how to wrap around.
  2. Reptillian

    Desaturate Plugin?

    Actually, I guess this is something I can code now to try to understand more about coding in general to improve on open source projects. C# is the programming language for Paint.NET right? I'm more accustomed to C++.
  3. Reptillian

    Desaturate Plugin?

    I'm more interested into selecting one of those option, and then the hypothetical plugins leads me to one of those result.Tried the Black and White+, but the sliders aren't exactly what I want to be seeing. There is an application where I use pixel sort to figure out gradient mapping of a image which involves applying grayscale operation to figure out how it was mapped. Some people use luminosity to map, and other use lightness, and sometimes people use one of the channel to map.
  4. Looking for quick searches, I am not looking at any plugins that will allow me to convert a color to black and white to the following : Lightness based on the HSL model (Can't be done with gradient map reliably. Close sometimes, but not always) Luminosity (Default Black and White) (Looks close to ITU-R BT.709) Value(Not sure) Average of Channel (Not possible) Min Channel (Not possible) Max Channel (Not possible) The issue with the current one is that I need Lightness based on the HSL model, and Paint.NET has yet to have a plugin like that. And this raises another question. Why is luminosity on the default black and white different than luminosity in plugins? In plugins, it's using the HSL *L.
  5. Reptillian

    Levelling destroys image

    So, dimensions are apparently 16-bit restricted? Am I correct? That means maximum dimension are 65,335 x 65335 pixels.
  6. There is no such thing as that in Paint.NET, and the author of Paint.NET will not be support CMYK for Paint.NET. So, you have to convert your PDN file to a CMYK program compatible software, and if you're looking into editing without paying a cent, there's only Krita. Scribus only offers a straight conversion. Plus, .ora is one way of transferring information from PDN to Krita. PSD is another. .dll is just a installation file, put it in plugin folder to install. The reason why CMYK to RGB results in less file size because 4 channels require a more information than 3 channels in general. Haven't tested LAB vs RGB vs CMYK file size to confirm. I know LAB requires more info than RGB just by the nature. LAB covers the entire human range spectrum, and that means colors RGB can't be used to display.
  7. Krita has convert Image Color Space option, and convert layer color space option. You can use 8-bit integer, 16-bit integer, 16-bit float, and 32-bit float. You have CMYK, RGB, LAB, XYZ, and Grayscale color space as an option in Krita. To use Paint.NET exclusively, and have CMYK document option with free programs. You need to download .ora plugin for It'll allow you to retain layers in, and use it as a file layer in Krita, so you can keep editing in Paint.NET while it can be automatically converted to CMYK in Krita. That's your best solution for CMYK while using Paint.NET for about everything except CMYK end result. .PSD is fine too, but .ORA is easily more interchangeable here.
  8. Reptillian


    The problem here is that pixels just ain't scalable like that. He probably used non-destructive indexing filter with a vector layer.
  9. Reptillian 4.0.21 is now available

    The only difference is that gray/white bar.
  10. Reptillian

    Error diffusion dithering

    Artistic effect or compatibility with very old games/softwares. Some older games have limited palette, and to reduce banding, dithering is used. If you are modding say Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster, you'd note that dithering is the only way to reduce banding in menu images. Some games are reduced to 256 colors, and dithering helps the issue of banding. For artistic effect, amiga images achieves have some very nice images of how low color and dithering can give a oil feel that is somewhat rough. But, I do agree that for modern softwares purpose, for all intents and purposes, dithering isn't very useful, and there's no point to it unless you have a taste for it or you specialize in pixel art. Indexing still have use in separating colors for generating effects though. Threshold filter has some very useful niche usage for example.
  11. Pictures can be in layered form, and arguably in vector forms. TIFF can store layers, and support high depth along with color space like CMYK or LAB. But, I get what Joshua means.
  12. Paint.NET does not have unbounded layers, so you're always going to have to expand canvas size.
  13. Increase PPI in output or use a vector software.
  14. It eliminates the blacks within the flower. I'm actually trying to find out a solution without that issue.
  15. I keep some of the old features via having to download apps I mentioned here. I never really use the new features that much. Bluetooth is a fine addition though. Helps keep away from having to use USB. I would actually be interested into seeing actually useful feature like the ability to copy and paste folder into multiple folders via GUI. And, I don't remember having link folder, and that is something I use. Link folder are just folders which are linked to another folder, and every time you drop to that folder, you are manipulating that folder. I downloaded something for that.