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  1. New Filter! - Chirikov Additional comment: Right now, I would say that this is practical for use though preview isn't always accurate. This is based off Chirikov Standard Map, and I have implemented the symmetry modification after reading a paper made by Artur I.Karimov, Denis N. Butusov, Vyacheslav G. Rybin, Timur I. Karimov within Department of Computer Aided Design at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University. Furthermore, this isn't limited to square ratios, and you have so many different ways of coloring. Just a note : Coloring based on last image is a TODO
  2. Decided to try to generate Chirikov-Taylor Standard Map. A preview $ rep_chirikov_taylor_map 5000,20000,pi/3,3610,1 n. 0,359.999 +f. i?1 . . *. 255 a c hsv2rgb r 500,500,100%,100%,5 For plugin authors:
  3. If there isn't a plugin or filter within plugins, then it needs to be coded. This does not look too hard to do, but wouldn't do it myself.
  4. Why is it making a interactive filter takes so much more time to code than a regular code regardless of programming/scripting language? Like, a small feature requires taking in several different conditions, and you need to factor into those. Geez.
  5. On Krita, you do have the option to use plenty of filters that are very similar to plugins for Paint.NET by using G'MIC-QT. If you could name a couple, I could find you similar filters over there, and some has the same names such as Nebulous. A good filters of mine are already based on PDN plugins.
  6. New Age it is. Searching that gets me the music bands I listen to. Enya, Enigma, Gregorian, Shinnobu...
  7. Took me a while to find another enigma style or new age music
  8. If you updated the filter now and see nothing, check by a day. Otherwise: I added Fill Tool to Non-Isometric Tiler filter. Please read instruction to see how to use it. I have not enabled the fill for symmetry mode just yet and probably won't do so for some time. In most cases, you don't need to fill with symmetry conditions, and the current painting with symmetry mode does that job anyway if careful.
  9. New Filter! - Tiled Zoom It's pretty much only a slight upgrade to @Ed Harvey Multiview plugin. You can change the width and height independently. It doesn't have boundary option of original, etc because you can already do that with none and the existing layer, so it's pointless IMHO. I figured out how it works when I thought of the theory to have repeating row and column gradient that goes from -v,+v, and to use j which means offset away from current x,y within for x,y loop. To expand: Snippet of rep_tiled_zoom: ix=(x+iox)%"$sqr_w"-cx; iy=(y+ioy)%"$sqr_h"
  10. In addition, GraphicsGale is a program specifically designed for pixel art. So, just in case you're looking for pixel art tool, there isn't a good solution to that right now.
  11. I had created another new filter. @MJW did a existing filter called Posterize in HSV space. So, I coded it my own version that allows for indexing in HSX color space or posterize using mathematical operation. It'll come tomorrow. I can't really say it's interesting, but it's a good exercise to work with 3 dimensional cube with 3 color channel per pixels. To clarify: $hb,$scb,$lub,3,[floor(360/($hb-1))*x,y/($scb-1),z/($lub-1)] $hb = Hue Band $scb = Saturation Band $lub = Luminosity Band 3 is the number of channel on that argument [] defines t
  12. New Filter! - Pseudorandom Noise The advantage of this version over the Regular Noise Texture plugin is that it's far easier to use, and some bugs are addressed. There's also way more variety that is possible. I will say that the colors are not the same because of the underlying mathematical difference within c++,c# in context of float to int. Note: There is a bug on the filter with double pixel axis mode, but single pixel axis looks better anyway, so I wouldn’t be so pressed about it. I will fix that bug when the time comes. It probably shows up with a specific dimensi
  13. Needless to say, the new code looks by far more understandable than the old code.
  14. New Filter! - Diffusion Limited Aggregation I’m finished with the filter. Finally, that was difficult to make. Check by in a hour or two if it haven’t arrived after refresh.
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