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  1. Reptillian 4.0.21 is now available

    The only difference is that gray/white bar.
  2. Reptillian

    Error diffusion dithering

    Artistic effect or compatibility with very old games/softwares. Some older games have limited palette, and to reduce banding, dithering is used. If you are modding say Ultimate Ride Disney Coaster, you'd note that dithering is the only way to reduce banding in menu images. Some games are reduced to 256 colors, and dithering helps the issue of banding. For artistic effect, amiga images achieves have some very nice images of how low color and dithering can give a oil feel that is somewhat rough. But, I do agree that for modern softwares purpose, for all intents and purposes, dithering isn't very useful, and there's no point to it unless you have a taste for it or you specialize in pixel art. Indexing still have use in separating colors for generating effects though. Threshold filter has some very useful niche usage for example.
  3. Pictures can be in layered form, and arguably in vector forms. TIFF can store layers, and support high depth along with color space like CMYK or LAB. But, I get what Joshua means.
  4. Paint.NET does not have unbounded layers, so you're always going to have to expand canvas size.
  5. Increase PPI in output or use a vector software.
  6. It eliminates the blacks within the flower. I'm actually trying to find out a solution without that issue.
  7. I keep some of the old features via having to download apps I mentioned here. I never really use the new features that much. Bluetooth is a fine addition though. Helps keep away from having to use USB. I would actually be interested into seeing actually useful feature like the ability to copy and paste folder into multiple folders via GUI. And, I don't remember having link folder, and that is something I use. Link folder are just folders which are linked to another folder, and every time you drop to that folder, you are manipulating that folder. I downloaded something for that.
  8. Reptillian

    [Wishlist] New Layer from Visible

    It requires significantly more force on the pinky finger (if you're on a thick keyboard), but feels more natural than having to use 2 finger for cntrl+shift. To be honest, besides autohotkey, there isn't a real solution on my end.
  9. Reptillian

    [Wishlist] New Layer from Visible

    For softwares that have this features, I assign the shortcut Shift+V to duplicate from visible. It's a little easier on my hand. I do find it a little uncomfortable to hold cntrl+shift, and move the finger from c to v (this is the part that makes it uncomfortable while holding down). Comfort is another reason for this idea.
  10. Reptillian

    [Wishlist] New Layer from Visible

    It's easy, but if you're working with 100+ layers requiring duplicates of visible data, it'd be less fatiguing to have a one shortcut that does that in comparison with two. I sometimes have worked with 500+ layers on other programs, and small improvement to improve that sort of workflow is always appreciate-able. Plus, not everybody have functional motor skills meaning it would be a lot harder for them to use to do that, but that's another topic for another day.
  11. Reptillian

    [Wishlist] New Layer from Visible

    It would work for those who use Paint.NET as their main software, but that's not my case. Some find it a little bothersome to have to download a software for that one task.
  12. As I was trying to use Paint.NET for glitch art, there's a small idea that would improve the functionality of Paint.NET. Instead of having to use keyboard shortcut, or having to use multiple click, I would suggest implementing a one-click approach as it would improve Paint.NET. Right now, 3-step isn't much, but it can really stack up when it comes to having to use 50+ layers for example. New Layer from visible is basically 1-step version of copy merged and paste into new layer.
  13. I don't get these messages. I changed the start menu with classic start menu and I use Free Launch Bar. To me, it is easier because of the small things such as task view on taskbar, ribbon bar, quick access toolbar, and so on. I know Windows 10 is badly designed in some way like the start menu (which is an abomination). Plus, Windows 10 offers better hardware support for more modern computers. There's also better of things support under Windows 10. There's just no reason for me to switch back to Win 7. If it were up to me, I'd use Linux really, but the main issue that stops me from using it is the lack of applications. At least Paint.NET can be ran under Linux, but it's not quite easy. As a matter of fact, I remember the author of G'MIC tool actually used Paint.NET with plugins under Linux to try to mimic effects for his G'MIC tool.
  14. Secure is controversial as it is the most targeted OS for malware because of usage level, but it is definitely stable and well developed. I'm not a fan of Microsoft, but it is what it is. But, that being said, Windows 10 is recommended over Windows 7 now. Development has prioritized for Windows 10, and by all means, it is better than Windows 7 in terms of usability.
  15. These are usually done with vector softwares as it's easier to cut out shapes with vector softwares, but if you insist on using raster softwares, you could use Shape Maker plugin, and follow some of Joshua's advice. You aren't going to get the flexibility of vector graphic softwares. It's also possible to combine vector graphic software with raster graphic software.