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MadJik' all plugins (last updated: 2018-04-07)

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Actually the colon was there, but the head of the URL was malformed in other ways.


I fixed it ūüėä

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Hello.  First time poster here.

I'm running an old Windows 7 64bit laptop.  I downloaded this plugin pack today and Microsoft Security Essentials flagged it as "not secure" so I let it delete the download.
I don't think that's ever happened before with a download from this site.  Has anyone else had this issue?  Can I get this plugin pack safely?


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I've not seen this issue before, so I downloaded & scanned it with Windows Defender. Zero threats found.


Its great that you're being cautious, but this download appears fine.

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24 minutes ago, Reptillian said:

Might has to do with old service. Win 7 still is supported?


Yes, Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7 will continue to receive signature updates until 2023.


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